Kitchen witches and witches on a budget take heart! You have so many magical tools and ingredients already in your house just waiting to be used. I’ll bet you keep a dozen eggs in your house at any given time. And guess what? Eggs have a long history in witchcraft. Here’s 13 ways to use eggs in your magick!

First, What is an Egg and Why Is It Powerful?

It’s kind of a silly question to ask, right? What IS an egg? But when we actually think about the definition, it opens further understanding of an item that we often take for granted. The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines an egg as, “an animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum together with its nutritive and protective envelopes and having the capacity to develop into a new individual capable of independent existence”. I don’t know about you, but that definition literally blew my mind! Basically, this tiny round thing comes from a female’s body. It’s covered in a protective and nutritive layer and allow it to potentially form it’s own independent life!

Knowing this, what does an egg represent and why is it so powerful when used in magick? An egg represents reproduction…LIFE itself! There would be no new animals, no new humans, without the EGG that life began in. In addition, the egg also represents protection and nourishment. Specifically as it relates to the feminine and motherhood. Did you know, if you hold an egg in your hand and try to break it with just your hand, you won’t be able to? Try it!

Egg Magick and Witches: Fun Folklore

First, we have to talk about the connection between witches and eggs. It was commonly thought in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period that witches could use empty eggshells to “fly” to their sabbaths. Eggshells were also thought to be used as vehicles for the fairies, so it was highly encouraged to destroy your eggshells before such magical beings could put them to use. Eggs symbolize fertility, birth/resurrection, Spring, nourishment and protection.

Save your eggshells and make egg magick with the powder.

Ways to Use Eggs and Eggshells in Witchcraft

1. Cascarilla (Eggshell) Powder

If you’ve ever studied American folk magick, you might have heard of cascarilla powder. Cascarilla powder is simply eggshells ground down into a fine powder. This magical powder is used for different magical purposes but mainly for protection. Wash out your eggshells, let them dry, then grind them down in your mortar. Save the powder and use in protection rituals and spells. Sprinkle it around candle workings, to mark magic circles and sigils on the ground, in witch’s bottles and spell bags, to dress candles, and more. Also useful for fertility spells. Learn more about the magick of Cascarilla here.

2. Egg Divination

The eggs from the grocery store aren’t the best for this form of egg magick, though it may work with some creativity. Farm fresh eggs or if you have your own chickens, eggs with spots can be read for messages from the Divine/gods. Look for patterns, symbols, clusters of numbers, etc. Also, you can crack an egg open, break the yolk, and read the swirls. These are old school methods of divination.

3. Egg Magick Healing

Using eggs in healing and cleansing rituals dates back centuries in American and Mexican folk magick. Today people call it an egg cleanse. By taking an egg and rubbing it all over your body from head to foot, it’s thought the egg itself will absorb negative energy and/or illness in the body. Then crack the egg open. If there’s blood in the yolk, malevolent forces may have been at work (Pow Wow). OR you can read the pattern of the yolk, it’s colors, etc. to determine the cause of the illness (Mexican).

Decorating eggs and leaving them as offerings is an old time honored tradition of egg magick.

4. Decorating Eggs

Eggs are a symbol of the Spring and henceforth Easter and Ostara. The tradition of painting and decorating eggs pre-dates Christianity and spans multiple cultures. To appease the gods and the spirits of Spring, decorate and paint eggs, then leave them at the foot of trees as offerings. Decorating and hanging the eggs on an ornamental tree indoors is an old Easter German tradition still upheld today. Decorated eggs in the home in Spring ensures abundance and health in the coming months.

5. Magical Baking with Eggs

If you’re a kitchen witch and love to bake, then you’ll understand how important eggs are to bakers. Nearly every cake and dessert calls for an egg or two. By simply acknowledging the egg(s) being used in your baking, you are adding magick to the dish. Next time you crack an egg into a bowl, tell it what you want it to do. “An egg to increase fertility and increase my chances to conceive,” as an example. “An egg to protect all who eat this cake.” Etc.

Bake with magical eggs to increase fertility and protection in the home.

6. Burying Eggs in the Garden

An old school superstition, which we all know is actually magical in nature, is to bury an egg in the garden in early Spring. This ensures an abundant crop and appeases the nature spirits present in your garden. You can also spread or sprinkle eggshells in the garden for the same purposes.

7. Egg Magick on the Roof

While I don’t necessary condone throwing a bunch of eggs on your roof, one egg or eggshell thrown on the roof of the house can protect you from another witch’s hexes. You can also place them in the threshold of the door or in windowsills to guard against evil magic.

8. Cook with Eggs

Obviously one of the BEST magical things to do with eggs is to cook with them! Make them for breakfast, yes, but you can also make them for lunch and dinner. I adore egg scrambles with various veggies, cheeses, and herbs for any time of the day! Eat more eggs to boost your fertility, not just for making babies but for “birthing” new ideas and goals!

Egg divination can be done by reading spots on eggs or the yolk itself.

9. Magical Warding with Eggs

In a past article, Allorah Rayne taught us how to lay magical wards to protect our homes. A simple alternative to using stones as warding elements is to use eggs in the four corners of your property. Obviously the eggs will have to be replaced at least on a monthly basis, but eggs are protective and work well in warding rituals and spells.

10. Make a Cleansing Egg Wash

In the Long Lost Friend, an old Pow-Wow book, eggs are used to “remove mortification”. The recipe is to hard-boil the eggs in hot ashes, then fry the yolks, then use this as a “plaster” to remove mortification. I don’t fully understand the Catholic/religious concept of mortification but I translate this in modern times as a cleansing method. And instead of calling it a “plaster”, it’s an egg wash. The recipe also says to add rue to it, which is a super potent cleansing herb. Add a bit of this to your bath or floor washes, etc.

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11. Eggshell Candles

By saving your eggshells, you can make them into tiny magical candles! You’ll need a wick, wax, and the clean eggshells, plus a fireproof container to hold it up. This is a fun craft to do in the Spring for Ostara or Easter. Perfect for candle spells geared towards protection, resurrection, healing, abundance, and fertility.

12. Magical Easter Egg Tree

During the Spring Equinox (Ostara) season, eggs serve as food, craft, and decoration. In Germany, it’s traditional to have an Easter tree to celebrate the Spring season. This is the same thing as a Christmas tree, except it’s for Easter. And if you’re pagan, call it your Ostara Tree. Purchase hanging eggs online, in stores, OR make your own. Purchase miniature wooden eggs at a craft store and paint them. You can even add magical symbols and words to each egg.

13. Fairy Egg Offerings

When I leave offerings in the garden for the faeries, I typically like to leave biodegradable items. Eggshells are a perfect offering for garden fairies…but particularly when you clean them out, cleanse them, and use them as tiny bowls. Fill the eggshells with wine, beer, milk, and miniature cakes. I’ve also found the garden fairies love miniature muffins offered in eggshells. Whole eggs are also a great gift for the garden fae.

14. Perform an Egg Cleanse

Using an egg to cleanse yourself or others of negative energy is referred to as an “egg cleanse”. It’s a tradition in folk magic that dates back centuries and is extremely powerful in removing hexes and bad luck. It basically consists of rubbing an egg all over one’s body with the intention of allowing the negative energy to be sucked into the egg itself. The yolks are typically read following an egg cleanse to glean more information on the person’s state. Learn how to do an egg cleanse here. Or watch the instagram reel below:

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