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15 CHEAP Witchcraft Supplies at the GROCERY STORE

Many witches come to the craft and want to know where to get the best witchcraft supplies and tools. Often they search Etsy and other online metaphysical shops for supplies and end up spending a ton of money that they didn’t need to in the first place. In this article, we teach witches new and old how to find cheap witchcraft supplies right at your local grocery store!

Magick In the Produce Section

Did you know you can make magick with potatoes? Lemons? Limes? Have you ever walked through the produce section and thought, “I can totally use that watermelon in my witchcraft.” Start thinking this way, because it’s true! Witchcraft isn’t about fancy tools (unless you want it to be) – it is about being resourceful and creative. Just like our ancestors.

1. Lemons, Limes and Oranges

Lemons, limes and oranges can be used in candle magick in many different ways including filling them with oil and making them into candles! You can also stick a taper or bell candle into a lemon or lime, load it with herbs and oils and burn the candle this way. Squeeze the juice out of lemons and limes and use in your cleansing baths, floor washes, sprays, etc.

2. Potatoes and Onions

Potatoes can be loaded with herbs and buried or thrown into a river to rid yourself of enemies and negative energies. Same with onions. Also, cut an onion in half, pop into a brown paper bag and put under your kitchen sink to absorb negative energies. Can also be placed under the bed to soak up illness.

3. Garlic, Ginger, Fresh Herbs

There’s always fresh herbs in the produce section that can be used in your magical cooking and to make teas, concoctions, elixirs, of all kinds! Ginger and garlic are effective in magick and medicinal teas, as well. All affordable witchcraft supplies.

Cooking Oils, Vinegar, Wine As Witchcraft Ingredients

4. Cooking Oils

Another aisle you don’t want to pass up for witchcraft supplies and ingredients is the cooking oil aisle. You’re going to find vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil and more here. Sometimes in bulk. What to do with oils? Oh so much! Infuse them with herbs. Then dress candles, anoint your altar and tools, add them to baths, use in your kitchen witchcraft, etc. Coconut oil is literally good for everything including as a natural skin moisturizer.

5. Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those old school witchcraft and folk remedy staples every witch should have in her cabinet. Great for warding off colds, stimulating hair growth, and down-right cleansing negative energies out of the home. And talk about affordable – a few bucks and you have a big bottle of magical vinegar! Also used to “sour” in folk magic traditions.

6. Wine

While maybe not the cheapest item in the grocery store, wine has an ancient history both magically and medicinally. Infuse herbs into wine for medicines. Offer it to your gods and ancestors as special libations. Or drink it after rituals with your coven. You’ll spend anywhere from five to thirty dollars, depending on your budget and taste.

Affordable Witchcraft Supplies in the Baking and Spices Aisles

7. Sugar

Sugar has a long history in folk magic including to “sweeten” one’s favor or a tough situation. Add rose petals or other edible herbs to your sugar for baking and teas. Sprinkle around candles to sweeten the spell even more. Cheap – a few bucks per bag!

8. Herbs and Spices

I shouldn’t have to tell you the spice aisle may be the witch’s favorite spot in the grocery store! In addition to your regular McCormick spices, there’s usually the specialty spices where you can find things like whole nutmegs, bee pollen, linden leaves, and more! Again, you’ll spend a few bucks to five bucks tops on witchcraft herbs from all over the world. No need to allow online shops to high-gross you on cinnamon sticks!

9. Pie Tins

Don’t have a silver plate or fancy candle holder to burn your spell candles? Aluminum pie tins work just as well! Cheap and recyclable, too. PLUS you can add all of your other ingredients to the candle and around it and not make a mess. I got this idea from The Witchy Mommy.

10. Salt

Salt is one of those ingredients that nearly every witch uses. It’s been used for centuries in purification and protection rites. Find salt at your local grocery store and do yourself a favor – experiment with different kinds of salt in your witchcraft. I’ve tried my hand at magick with Himalayan pink salt, sea salt (coarse and ground), kosher salt and regular table salt. But there’s also fleur de lis, Celtic sea salt, black salt and more. Learn more about salt magick here.

Candles at the Grocery Store?

11. Candles

Yes, there are candles at the grocery store that work just as well as candles purchased online or in a metaphysical shop. 7 Day Candles, with saints or plain colors, are typically sold at the grocery store for a dollar to two dollars a piece. They’re easy to dress and charge with your intentions. Read more here. Also, the glade candles work, too! Don’t forget birthday candles burn quickly and are super cheap for a full pack.

Coffee and Tea Magick

12. Coffee

Coffee has many magical uses! Can you believe it? In addition to giving us a much-needed boost of energy when we drink it, it can also boost the energy of your spells. Coffee also serves to quicken a situation. By adding coffee to your ritual baths, it acts as a cleansing agent and rids one of negative energies and spirits. Ancestors also enjoy a good cup of coffee from time to time.

13. Tea

Don’t have chamomile for that particular spell you’re wanting to do? Can’t find chamomile in the spice aisle? Guess what? You can find it in tea bags in the tea aisle! Cut open the tea bags and pour out the chamomile, voila! Same goes for mint, lavender, green tea, etc. Each of these has their own magical properties. Drink it as a magical cup of tea, use as offerings, or (as previously stated) cut open and enjoy loose leaf herbs on the cheap! I’ve even heard that pyramid-shaped teabags can be repurposed and used as floating lanterns.

Dairy Aisle and Witchcraft

14. Milk

The dairy aisle has no shortage of magickal ingredients and witchcraft supplies. Milk is one of those ingredients – pour it into a bath for nourishment to the skin and soul, to soften your anxiety, etc. Provide as an offering to deities who are linked to cows, Mother Earth, and motherhood.

15. Eggs

While not a “dairy” product, eggs are typically found in the dairy aisle. There’s SO much you can do with eggs in your witchcraft! I discuss this in detail in our recent article on Egg Magick here. But a few include making cascarilla powder out of eggshells, egg divination, and egg cleansings.

Grocery Store Witchcraft: 14 CHEAP Ingredients for Spells, Ritual, Etc.


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