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10 SIMPLE Daily Evening Rituals for Witches and Pagans

It seems everyone’s talking about daily morning rituals. I don’t know about you, but as a mother, my mornings are pretty busy. So my quiet spiritual time is typically in the late evenings. Are you ready to add more spirituality and magick to your evenings? Here are our favorite daily evening rituals for busy witches and pagans.

1. Nature Walk

Don’t have time in the morning to get outside for a quick walk? Try taking a nature walk in the evening. After the dinner rush and everyone’s homework is done, get outside during the dusk hours and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you can catch the sunset, even better! It’ll relax you, provide exercise, and help you connect to your pagan path (pun intended).

2. Altar Time

If you’re anything like me, I’m too busy in the mornings or during the day to spend a few minutes at my altar. So I typically add my altar time to my evenings. I light a candle or incense and refresh my offerings to my ancestors and gods. I might also say a quick prayer. Tailor this daily evening ritual to fit your needs and preferences.

3. Water Your Plants

If you have a garden, the evening is a wonderful time to water them. Again, it gets you outside and connects you with the plants in your garden. Plus, the water is more likely to soak into the ground rather than evaporate during the hot summer months. While you’re watering, check for new growth, new wildlife, etc.

A special tea or beverage ritual in the evening is relaxing and connecting.

4. Daily Evening Tea Rituals

One of my favorite daily evening rituals for witches and pagans involves a delicious cup of hot tea. Heating the kettle, selecting the herbs, and brewing the tea is a ritual in and of itself. Then hold the hot cup in your hands and curl up in your favorite chair for a relaxing moment.

5. Draw a Card

Another great daily ritual is to do a one-card reading for yourself. This can be tarot, oracle or even runes. Whatever divination you prefer. Ask a question, pull a card, and meditate on the answer.

6. Ritual Bath

Isn’t it nice when the kids are in bed, the pets are fed, and you can take a relaxing bath before bed? Yes, one of my favorite daily evening rituals is a long ritual bath. Add some herbs, salt, crystals and candles. Pop open a book OR set your intentions while bathing. Ritual baths can be used for: cleansing/banishing, healing, drawing love to yourself, self-love, drawing money/success, and of course rest. I also enjoy listening to relaxing music and having a glass of wine from time to time.

7. Read a Book

Before bed, it’s best to turn off the electronics. Electronics such as TV, smart phones or tablets often trick our brains into thinking it’s still day time. This means it’s harder to fall asleep at night. SO exchange the TV time for reading time. Choose a witchy or pagan book as part of your daily evening rituals to grow your spirituality. And you’ll sleep better!

Read a pagan or spiritual book in the evening instead of watching TV.

8. Mindful Meals

We live in a world where everything is rushed. Many of us even rush through cooking dinner, eating it and then cleaning up after. Instead of rushing, when you have time, take your time. Put thought into the ingredients you use. Sit down and have a meal with your family, together, with the TV off. Have the whole family clean up after the meal is over. This is a great daily evening ritual to bring everyone together and bring more love into the household.

9. Essential Oil Diffuser

I keep an essential oil diffuser in my bedroom next to my bed. At night, before going to sleep, I diffuse lavender or eucalyptus oil for peaceful, relaxing vibes. It eases me into sleep and makes me feel extra witchy! It’s the perfect daily evening ritual to end my day. You should try it.

10. Prayer & Gratitude as Daily Evening Ritual

Before falling asleep at night, pray to your ancestors or gods. Thank them for everything you have in life. Even if you just lay in bed and think of all the things you’re grateful for, you’ll be a happier person the next morning! This is a free, simple daily evening ritual anyone can do.

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10 SIMPLE Daily Evening Rituals for Busy Witches and Pagans


  1. Anonymous

    April 27, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    I’m a new witch who started out on my birthday with a friend, we can’t do much as we have to do everything in secret, so only everyday items are avilable, so this list has really helped!

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  3. Eleanor

    August 4, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    I love this list. I’m new to the witchy world and I can’t wait to learn more..

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