Ley Lines and Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites & Pagan Places: How to Find Ley Lines Near You

Ley lines are straight tracks or lines, essentially energy grids, that stretch across the earth in every direction. The ancients were said to have marked these lines with stone monuments and pagan temples. This definition makes sense but doesn’t provide the whole picture of what ley lines truly are. Our ancient ancestors could feel the magic and power emanating from these energy lines, and so they marked them. They set up natural sanctuaries and called the intersections of ley lines their sacred sites. But are these ley lines still in existence? How do these ancient ley lines affect us in modern times? How can we find local ley lines and harness this energy?

Sacred Sites of the Ancients: Ley Lines Origins

If we look at some of the world’s most important ancient sites on a map, we can draw straight lines between one to another. These lines form a grid-like pattern across the globe. Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids of Giza, and Machu Picchu are sacred sites that connect to other sites via lines, including landmarks like Mount Everest. You won’t find these lines on a geographical map nor in your typical history book. Ley lines are mostly recorded in folklore and occult books, the comparative concept developed by a man named Alfred Watkins in 1921. Watkins believed so strongly in ley lines he organized a club. The club gathered in England and walked the countryside in search of these powerful ley lines.

Corpse Roads, Fairy Paths, and Ley Lines

Spirits travel the earth in straight lines – ley lines. In Britain and throughout Europe, there’s something called a corpse road. A corpse road was a path taken by a funerary procession to move the dead to its burial place – a churchyard, typically. Terrifying stories are told of otherworldly creatures on corpse roads. A headless black dog, ghostly lights known as corpse lights, and soul-sucking wraiths have all haunted these terrifying trails. Is it no wonder these corpse roads run along ancient ley lines?

“Imagine a fairy chain stretched from mountain peak to mountain peak as far as the eye could reach…” ~ Alfred Watkins, The Old Straight Track (1925)

Fairy Pathways

Fairies, also known as the “wee folk” and “sidhe”, are known to travel along specified paths as well. There are many tales in the British Isles and Ireland that point out fairy pathways leading into hills and traveling over fairy bridges. These paths also happen to follow ley lines. Folks are warned never to travel a fairy path during twilight hours -dawn or dusk. Or at night for fear the fairies might carry them away. So, we have the dead, wraiths, and fairies all traveling along these ancient energetic grid-lines. But why?

Ley Lines Today: Why Are They Important?

So why should we care about ley lines? How do they affect us? Though it seems an outdated idea, ley lines affect us now just as much as ever. If you’re a believer in energetic vibrations, if you believe Mother Earth is a living being, then you’ll understand why ley lines are important. I like to think of them as Mother Earth’s veins – sacred sites where the earth allows us to easily tap into her essence. If you feel revitalized after taking a dip in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, or dipping your feet into a creek, then you’ll feel the potency of being near or on a ley line.

Ley lines affect our daily lives in many ways:

  • If your home is on a ley line, it may make the energy more intense or chaotic
  • You may not be able to relax or sleep
  • Your home may experience paranormal activity including ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, and visits from the faeries and elementals
  • If your business is on a ley line, you may find an increase in energy. That energy may be increased amounts of positive OR negative
  • Your business may be “haunted” or experience supernatural activity according to employees/customers
  • When ley lines cross or intersect, if a building or home is located on that intersection, energy is constantly flowing and may be chaotic
  • At ancient sites on ley lines, you’ll experience spiritual enlightenment, visions, feelings of peace, etc.

How to Find Ley Lines Near You

I recently went on a quest to find my local ley lines. I had no idea how easy it would be until I began researching. First thing I suggest is to think of your local area and if there are any significant historical landmarks. If you live in Europe, there are literally thousands. This should be the easy part. If you live in the United States, I recommend looking specifically at Native sacred sites like caves, manmade mounds, burial grounds, etc. The ancient Natives were in-tune with nature and knew of ley lines intimately. 

In addition, consider local sites with well-known hauntings and other paranormal or odd legends attached to them. Places with lots of paranormal activity are typically close to or directly on a ley line. For example, Gettysburg PA is on a ley line. Washington DC (and all capitals of all 50 states) are located on ley lines. So, if you live near or in a state capital in the U.S., you live on or near a ley line!

How To Find Ley Lines & Ley Lines Maps in YOUR Area

When I began looking for local ley lines, I first thought of a local Native burial mound located in Safety Harbor, FL. I had a feeling it was built by the Natives on or close by a ley line. Then, I simply googled “ley line maps + United States” and BOOM. There are dozens of maps accessible online. Please don’t ask me to provide you with a map. It’s as simple as a Google search. Once you have a ley line map, print it out and lay it on top of a local map to see where the lines travel and intersect. 

Following, I looked up the historical mound on a map of Florida. Then I compared this map to the ley line map and found a match. One particular ley line that converges with others just off the Eastern coast of Florida also runs directly north of Tampa and straight through the sacred site of the Tocobaga Indian mound in Safety Harbor! I was shocked and thrilled to discover my guess was correct!

NOTE: This ley line map is by no means inclusive of all ley lines in the United States. Please research further in your local area to discover ley lines near you. Also, I don’t believe we, as humans, have the full understanding of where ley lines are located or even how they work! Google images is your friend.

Ley Lines in the U.S. How to find local ley lines

Take a Trip to Confirm

After finding your local lines, it’s time to take a journey and confirm in person. This is a sacred journey and you should prepare as such. Take a cleansing shower or bath before traveling to these sacred sites. You can also smoke-cleanse beforehand. You want to be as spiritually pure as possible so the energy from the ley lines is easier to sense. Ideally, you’ll take a pendulum with you. Once there, be open to every sensation. Do you feel nervous? Excited? Like you’re about to meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in years? This is how I felt when I visited my local ley line. I had relentless butterflies in my stomach.

You can use a pendulum to dowse and find certain areas at the site that have a high energetic charge. Stop in places where you feel energy the strongest, then hold your pendulum out and still. Let the pendulum swing or circle on its own. If it does nothing (which I doubt if you’ve found a ley line), then move on to another spot. I guarantee you’ll find the pendulum swinging vigorously, as mine did. This is a form of dowsing, which is a method that’s been used for years to find ley lines. Use your pendulum to also communicate with the spirits traveling the ley lines. Don’t forget to cleanse the pendulum and yourself after any spirit work

My Pendulum Session at the Tocobaga Mound

The mound is beautiful – luscious greenery and centuries-old trees dot this man-made hillside that overlooks the Bay. Walking to the top of the mound, I received flashes of the Tocobaga tribe that once inhabited the site. I saw a woman wearing a necklace of shells and tree fronds on her clothing. The hustle and bustle of an entire civilization of people traveling up and down the mound. I chose a park bench on the front side of the Tocobaga Mound, as far away from the other park visitors as possible. It was quiet and I made it known to the spirits I was there in peace and just wanted to connect to better understand. I stated aloud clockwise motion meant yes and counterclockwise motion meant no. I asked the spirits if they were nature spirits, they confirmed. Then I asked if there were native spirits there, they confirmed. When asked if the spirits there were angry, they confirmed.

At this point I got a little uneasy and asked if the spirits were angry with the people on the mound today, the pendulum moved counterclockwise (phew!). I made an educated guess and asked if the spirits were mad at the Spanish men who came from the water. They confirmed. You see, on the same site there was turmoil between the Spanish seafarers who landed there in the sixteenth century and the natives who had been there for centuries before. The Spanish were slaughtered but today there are historical markers commemorating them. 

Sacred Sites in the U.S.: Tocobaga Indian Mound & Ley Lines
This is the view from the top of the Tocobaga Burial Mound where a Ley Line crosses. Copyright 2018

Ley Line Magick

In addition to speaking with spirits at local ley lines, the energy of ley lines can be harnessed to aid in manifestation. Enlightenment is number one. This should go without saying that a journey to local sites will give you divine insight. Healing is another form of ley line magick. While there, ask Mother Earth to send healing vibrations up through your feet and throughout your body. Stand still for a while and feel the healing energy pulsing up from the earth. It is truly amazing. Other forms of ley line magick include: drawing love to oneself, abundance, grounding, and cleansing. Have a ritual that needs a particularly strong amount of energy? Perform all or part of it at your local ley lines and see what happens!

If you live in the United States, here are some of the sacred sites located on ley lines: 

  • Montana Megaliths
  • Pryor Mountains Megaliths, MT
  • Bighorn Medicine Wheel, NY
  • Sedona, AZ
  • Serpent Mount, OH
  • Mount Shasta, CA
  • Mount Denali, AK
  • Tocobaga Indian Mound, FL

All Over the World

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world – there’s a ley line close to you. Think of your local historical sites and of the natural landmarks. England has dozens of sacred sites and pagan places that converge on one particular ley line running southwest to northeast. There’s a line that runs directly through Easter Island in the Pacific. A huge intersection of ley lines is found in northern Egypt. And another runs over Dublin, Ireland. Wherever you live in the world, look up ley line world maps and start hunting! I promise the journey and magick will create a profound impact on your spirituality and life.

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78 thoughts on “Sacred Sites & Pagan Places: How to Find Ley Lines Near You

  1. Fascinating exploration of ley lines and their significance. It’s incredible to consider how these energetic grids have influenced sacred sites and folklore across the globe. Thank you for sharing your insights, I plan to use some of it for a project about sacred sites I’m working on myself.

  2. I have tried repeatedly, and cannot seem to find a leyline map of Ontario, Canada where I live. If anyone can help direct me it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Right, except on the map above there are no ley lines near Mt. Shasta….? Not sure who made that map but it doesn’t seem to be accurate at all.

      1. an can u leave ur body to go to other dimensions an still feel the magick on ley lines
        an can u leave ur body an go to other dimensions while at a ley line crossing an still feel the magick in the other dimension

  4. I live where several ley lines cross, …literally on my land where my home is. I’m trying to find out what kind of effects that causes for humans living here. I do know that I’ve reopened spiritually very much. I saw spirits as a young child and since moving here and also having Meningitis from West Nile that side of me is further opened (which I’m fine, the spirits don’t scare me). Our house is near an old coal town, now a ghost town (Gebo, WY) and our foundation is right on top of where the whore house was, near the old coal RR and where a segregated boarding house for black RR workers lived. Lots of Native American history and hot springs here too. 12 miles north of Thermopolis, WY.

    1. It’s kind of odd that one town is named after a rune, don’t you think? Especially the rune that’s a cross X. Gebo.

    2. Yeah, my home is on an intersection too. In arkansas . The lights flicker, often, especially if I walk under them. They will flicker room to room with me. I hear voices . I hear a humming noise constantly , and the earth vibrating. It’s definitely interesting. My bus and died a few months ago and the first few nights after he died I kept hearing his foot step coming up the porch steps. It was clearly the sound of his boots…. Sigh

    3. I live in Cody and very much want to explore ley lines across WY and MT. I have to travel to Lander once a month and every time I make that drive my energy feels pulled in every which way, which makes more sense now reading your comment. Thermop is beautiful, I love making the drive from Cody to Lander and getting to see the canyon in every season 😍 I will comment again as I venture to New spots, and will definitely be making a stop during my next trip to Lander.

  5. I was taken to a mound by a friend a few years ago near my city. This mound isn’t listed on the maps (Alberta) like the other ones are. I didn’t know much about spirit mounds/medicine wheel back then, but enough to know they’re sacred and to be respected. I had an experience there that was just surreal, didn’t expect anything like that to happen aside from a regular mundane day of traveling the back country. I came to learn later on that what myself and my friend saw were Sylphs. White fluffy and whispy clouds that were changing shape, seemed like it was a way of communicating. They were touching the ground at times btw, and this is in the middle of summer on a nice warm beautiful day

    1. I have a number of leys in my book “ley lines of the UK and the USA” – just a few – all of the capital cities in the USA aligned to volcanic plugs and the Federal Triangle, a right-angled triangle based on several volcanic anomalies.

    1. Okeechobee was very bad for us. We went to a festival. Everyone was fussing at each other, the lights on the trees were a sick yellow . I looked up and the branches were twisted and looked like a small imp or gremlin. It was holding on to the tree looking down at the people at the concert. I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he saw it right away. It was leaning down w a hand n his knee. Scared the shit out of me. Also, guy had a bad seizure, people lost things, cops were bad. The vibes were awful. I ended up having a reaction to something and my lips swelled up. Never go back. EVER. Drugs eye NOT INVOLVED LOL.

    2. I live in Palm Harbor I just recently started to get into these late lines 3 years and 3 months ago I started to become aware and it’s spelled broke where I see everything for what it is I just turned 33 coincidence right I don’t know but can you please tell me delay lines or what you were speaking of here in Florida where to visit and what to watch out for please I’m trying to figure out my higher self spirituality everything and once I seen your comment it just boom locked in for me to message immediately I take it as a sign no coincidence I don’t believe in that no more everything’s for a reason what that said please and thank you I really appreciate it

    1. Exactly. There’s a big map of North America.
      It’s a mess. lines on top of lines. No lines are numbered no names. That info was just as good as no info.
      The only line I’m interested in is from Miami Florida to Chicago Illinois.

    2. go to google an put it in an either right under or right above the question you put into google their should be a option for images click that an then just scroll thorgh the images an look very careful an u should come across a map or 2 on it

  6. what is that location of a major lines intersection on the border of arizona and mexico, i can’t find the exact location name

    1. molly try google earth ley lines and superpose it over
      where you live.
      also i think the lines are around 13. 4 km ( pie) wide

      1. Is it possible to get a copy of the map? Trying to pin down the significant places in Mississippi and this is the best map I’ve seen. Thanks 😊.

  7. out of this world fact .
    I live in Australia
    all ley lines and energy lines are one and the same as well as old Australian travelling song lines.
    on all Australian ley lines cross over uranium deposits ,gold deposits, crystal sites and many more coincidences or is it
    more likely the same goes around the world.
    all cathedrals, pyramid Stonehenge and so many other ancient sites and many government project are on ley lines STRANGE
    early 1800 Burke and Will cross australia following the major ley line from south australia up to the golf .How could they know how to find it??? or is it an other coincidence.
    stay grounded fellow human or are we???
    and now all those small village have an airport.
    Tesla use ley line to produce free electricity.

    1. I have done work for years and have lived here my whole life…..and am in the middle of a battle, I feel,. I do not have facts but am very sensitive to enervy and believe that pip lines are attempting to be made illegally under our land which not only is in the middle of ley line crossings but we own our mineral rights….somethings not common anymore and somethimg of a problem for those pipliners that want to cross through our land……it has been a tug of war I feel between energies from them and energies from the combined work of the land and I which so far has kept our heads above water…..literally….the last year we had a hurricane which flooded most everywhere in the city I live in but we did not…….also just a month ago another tropical storm flooded everyone again….wr did not. I hope the land and I win this battle for I am trying with everything I have in me but really do not know how much longer I can hold on. Thank you for this post. I needed to read it…it wad uplifting for me.

      1. Do not give up on you land, she will reward you for the care that you show her. But I can tell that that is an exhausting battle. I will send good energy your way. You and your land are not alone. Forget pip lines, love your ley lines.

  8. I been told recently that old churches are built in may lines and where I live there are like a dozen historical landmark churches in a line all along route 19 for about 3 miles or so.

    1. Folks, ley lines on maps simply mark out the tunnel system that exists underground. These churches and other buildings built on ley lines were built there to give access to the inner earth. Jeffrey Epsteins properties have these inner earth accesses. So does Trump and Clinton, and a boat load of others.
      THE ELITE ARE shutting down these earth accesses, the Bahamas is proof. Epstein island went down because of its access, the the island of Bahamas was erased, due to its being a major hub of underground tunnels. Check out a ley line map and you’ll see.

    2. if you can joint a minimum of 3 churches one the same strait line then you have a ley line .
      how ever it does not have to be churches only so push your line out side you state.
      best of luck.

  9. Very interesting. I have always been interested in the Ley lines. I do not know why I never thought to see if there were a map f them available. I am going to go and check out some map now, I would like the chance to go and visit some! What an amazing blessing and experience.

  10. Lovely article. Thank you. I too live in Florida in the East Coast. The land here is so sacred. I call it the Land of the Flowers, ”Flora”ida (I believe that is how the name is derives!). We are truly blessed to live here. There is a Ley Line that runs right up the coast here (in Daytona), and I feel such Atlantean energy within it. Your article is inspiring me to take the next steps in the Light Grid Work I feel I am doing. Thanks, friend! 🌺

  11. Have you been to the mound in Crystal River FL? It is amazing, and in my opinion, has much more powerful energy than the mound in Safety Harbor. (I also live in Pinellas).

    1. No, but I want to go! Plan on going in the next few weeks or so. We are lucky to live so close to a ley line and such magical sites.

  12. This was so incredibly cool to find and read! I live not far from you, and also near an Indian Mound in Central Florida. Now I’m looking all over the place for detailed maps of ley lines. Just subscribed, too, and feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit.

  13. I am a third generation dowser and have been interested in ley lines since I first read about them. I have been able to find water and pipes but I have never been able to find nor confirm a ley line. Do you have any advice?

  14. Blessings to you , i enjoyed your
    Info ✨
    I’m in the south west of the Uk my nearest city is Chichester once ruled by the Romans
    My home sits on a ley line
    When the summer solstice sun
    Sets it sits just above my roof in perfect alignment….. here is where healing and grounding are in abundance ♥️
    Sherry gewitzke

  15. Thank you, for an interesting read. I live in the north of Australia. I currently live in a small rural town.
    At one time I lived in a rural area our climate would be similar to Florida.
    We have the opposite climate to the northern hemisphere when you have snow we have heat and lots of rain.
    I noticed one day driving the water running down the road side drains were going in different directions one side was normall running down hill the other side was running up hill. I puzzled over this until I remembered my Grandad talking about lay lines a very long time ago.
    I believe we lived very close to a ley line at that time.
    My kids didn’t believe water ran up hill until I managed to take them for a drive after a big rain.
    I did explain about lay lines then both are very sensitive to anything magical so it wasn’t a problem.

    1. If you could tell me the county that was in. I’m trying to do lay lines myself from here in South Carolina an all help would be awesome.

        1. I live in Pinellas county as well & will most certainly visit Tocobaga this week! Thank you for this most interesting article!

        2. Brother your in Pinellas County me too in Palm Harbor ? Plz send me all info I want to go to all of them or check them out and let me know which one you think is the best and the highest energy

    2. Yes there is a small mountain or large hill about two hour drive from where I live where cars literally roll up hill I couldn’t believe it till I saw it with my own eyes…. Now I am wondering weather or now it is on a ley line!!!

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