Ancestor Prayer Tutorial: Calling on Ancestors for Help

Ancestor Prayer Tutorial: Calling on Ancestors for Help

A key aspect of my spiritual practice is my ancestors. Ancestor worship is common all over the world, particularly in China, Vietnam, parts of Africa, Mexico, and with certain indigenous American tribes. Some pagans are beginning to see the benefit of ancestor veneration – it connects you with your heritage and offers further spiritual growth and blessings.

Often people are confused on where to start with ancestor worship. I say start with ancestor prayer, including calling on ancestors for help with healing, protection, and comfort. And, guess what? Praying to the ancestors isn’t as difficult as you think. They are quite literally a part of you, which is something easy to tap into. So even if you think the ancestors are somewhere floating around in space or have reincarnated, etc. it doesn’t matter. They are totally reachable because of that inseparable link – your bloodline.

Ancestor Prayer: A Few Ways to Pray

Ancestor prayer can be done in a few ways, depending on what your most comfortable with. First, you can formally pray to the ancestors like you would pray to any other god or goddess. If you like to start your prayers with “Dear God”, then start your ancestor prayer with the same “Dear Ancestors”. You can also say “Blessed Ancestors” or “Beloved Ancestors” as an opening statement. Then continue with your prayer. Whether you are asking for help in a certain area or giving thanks for their presence in your life, either way – it’s okay! I typically start my ancestor prayer with a statement of gratitude then proceed to request things I need. I will also close my ancestor prayer with something like “so be it” or “so mote it be” or “and it come to pass.” 

Some people feel uncomfortable praying to ancestors in such a formal way. Maybe it reminds them of a religion that they left long ago. This is fine, too! Ancestor prayer can also be more of a general conversation with a friend or family member. Keep in mind, your ancestors are your family. So talk to them like you would a mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. You don’t have to have a formal opening statement, nor do you have to close it with “amen” or “so be it”, etc. Close your ancestor prayer in a friendly way by saying “good night” or “that’s all for now!”

But what if I was adopted or estranged from family?

You don’t have to know your ancestors by name. Again, your ancestors are a physical part of you. They live through you. Praying to the ancestors is as simple as addressing them as “ancestors”. So even if you were adopted and don’t know anything about your ancestors, you can still pray to them. They are still there to guide and protect you. Are you estranged from your family? Same thing applies. 

What if I didn’t get along with a specific ancestor, do I still have to pray to them?

The simple answer is no. You don’t have to pray or honor any spirit, ancestor, deity that you don’t want to. Your spiritual practice is your own. Now, you may hear other practitioners and witches telling you this is disrespectful to “skip over” certain ancestors. But the truth of the matter is, not everyone is a good person in life and some aren’t well even after death. So why would you seek out a bad person in the spirit world just because they’re your ancestors? You wouldn’t and shouldn’t. If you’d like to pray to a specific ancestor that you knew in life and loved, do so.

But, how do I know my ancestors can hear me?

Trust that your ancestors indeed hear you when you call – either out loud or in your head. If you want some confirmation, just ask. Ask your ancestors to send you a sign that they heard your prayer and will help you any way they can. Remember, your ancestors have been human, so they may not be able to do everything you expect they can in the spirit world. So be patient with them and the sign will come. More frequently than not, my ancestors will reach out to me in a dream or through some sign in daily life. Some of those signs include songs on the radio, repetitive angel numbers or symbols, and even animals.

Ancestor Prayer Tutorial: Calling on Ancestors for Help

Rhyming Prayers

I used to say rhyming doesn’t matter when it comes to prayers and chants. But in all honesty, rhyming helps focus our intentions and raise divine energy. Rhyming prayers don’t have to be said all of the time, but they are helpful when you are focusing on a specific intention. And they can be repeated easily. If you want an ancestral healing prayer, try writing one yourself. Even if you’re the “worst writer”, eventually you’ll come up with a poetic ancestral prayer that you can memorize and use any time you’d like! The ancestors appreciate when extra effort is put into communicating with them. It’s kind of like writing a poem for a family member – wouldn’t you be flattered if your family member wrote a poem for you? It’s communication and appreciation in the highest regard!

Ancestor Prayer for Protection

Ancestors within me

Wild and free

Guide and protect me

For eternity

Ancestral Healing Prayer

Blessed Ancestors hear me this night

Grant me your love and healing light 

Ancestral Abundance Prayer

Money flow freely to me and my family

Money flow freely

For the highest good of all

Ancestors make it be.

Calling on Ancestors for Help

It’s as simple as what I wrote above. Calling on ancestors for help doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or fancy. It is nice to remember your ancestors appreciate gifts. Set up a small ancestor altar to honor them or even start an ancestor wall or scrap album. If you have pictures of your passed ancestors, hang them up. Display them on your ancestor altar.

Leave offerings your ancestors might have loved – food, beverage, jewelry, stones, cigars, whatever! If you know your great grandfather loved smoking tobacco – leave a bowl of tobacco as an offering. If you know your grandmother collected packets of sweet n’ low – put some of those out for her to stuff in her “purse”. Calling on ancestors for help will always result in a positive outcome – but remember they like to be thanked for their blessings, too!

Ancestor Prayer: Full Tutorial

38 thoughts on “Ancestor Prayer Tutorial: Calling on Ancestors for Help

  1. Hello my name is raymond elijah griffin from edgefield sc USA asking for prayers for me and lynnwood priester please pray for protection against witchcraft and lack of money please pray for our health issues please pray for the evil leave my house things been going on every day please pray

    1. Our spirit guides and ancestors will only aid you to the best of their abilities from the spiritual world. But much of what happens to you in your life is up to you and you alone. You have the power to change it.

  2. Every spiritualist I see for family issues says am from the water,that am full of luck. Now the problem is dis luck doesn’t work for me, only for the men that come into my life . Every time they get a turning point they leave me for another to spend the wealth goten from my luck with . What do I do

  3. I have been related to an sangoma she was the mother of all mothers. She passed away in january 2020. I thank her for leaving me some work behind to do. She thought me a lot. She healed people now so i can heal people too.

  4. Thank you for posting this powerful and enlightening information in connecting with your ancestors. It’s much appreciated!

    1. My mother is a Sangoma & my sister is up next. I’ve never felt like I was on the same page spiritually. But I’ve been seeking to deepen my spiritual practice as well as my relationship to my ancestors. Thank you for this. ♥️

  5. I hear songs in my mind different ones repeatedly.. I feel forced to sing them out loud..once i do then it’s stops in my mind.. it would be on songs.. I would sing them to my mom.. and she would ask how do you know that song.. I tell her it would just pop in my head.. then she would say that was your aunts favorite aunt of coursed has past on to the other side. Or I would see my past away family in dreams talking to me. Lol I have a lot of stories.. but I did find out my grandmas great aunts was witch’s worked with neighbors

    1. Whenever I call my Ancestors my ears feels like ,its going to burst with throbbing pain ,and when I call the higher powers an the universe my body gets cold.

      1. Rebecca – I think you need to do a full cleansing on yourself. Look up how to take a cleansing spiritual bath. Or learn how to smudge yourself. Sounds like some negative energy is trying to block you from your ancestors and the divine.

        1. I am having the same issue. I am currently doing sea salt baths with eucalyptus oils & lighting palo santos sticks & white candles- with an alter to my ancestors. Still trying to get out of this hole I feel like I’m in.

          I’m new to all this but it is intriguing to me. I’ve heard my name called clearly in the past & I see 4:44 on my clocks, receipts, car tags, etc. My kids says I’m crazy but I feel a vibration going thru my whole body every month or 3. It feels like a washing machine isn’t balanced & it shakes my inner core. But I’ll be alone with no washing machine running. I can’t figure that one out. I’ve heard ppl say they get vibrations but nobody described theirs like mine are. It freaks me out.

          I feel like I’m crazy some days but I have a feeling someone wants to tell me something. I’ve had a really bad year so hoping it gets better after doing all these monthly salt baths & ancestor alter sacrifices. 🙏🏻♎️🕯
          So be it⚖️⚜️❤️

    2. I have been having dreams where I find myself fighting with people that I know, and I had a dream an old man came to me with R50 and gave me a name to call him with, i believe it is a calling but I need to be sure, and my ears are itching

  6. Fantastic! I had no idea where or how to begin connecting with my ancestors but now I have a great guideline! Thanks for your help!

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