15 Signs Your Deceased Loved One is Trying to Contact You

Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You: 15+ Signs

Have you ever felt like a deceased loved one is trying to contact you? Maybe weird things have been happening all around you lately, but you don’t know what to make of it. In this article, I’ll break down the 15 signs your loved one is reaching out to you from the other side. 

15 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Trying to Contact You

Sometimes when we lose someone we want so badly to have them back. Unfortunately, we all know that death is the end to that person’s life BUT it’s not the literal end. Life goes on after death, for us and for them. There is a spirit world and I believe people can reincarnate as well. So don’t despair and think you’ll never see them or hear from them again. In fact, sometimes our loved ones reach out to us from the other side. Sometimes they send us signs and messages. We have to be willing and open to receiving them.

1. Dreams

Have you been having dreams of your deceased loved one lately? Dreams are often the first way a deceased friend or family member will try to reach out to you. Sometimes we are more attentive when we are asleep and our minds and bodies aren’t moving in every different direction. Pay attention to your dreams in which a loved one shows up, or when you just feel their presence in the dream. They are trying to make contact. 

Listen to our Dreams Podcast, in which we talk about visitors in our dreams:

2. Familiar Aromas

Another common sign is getting a whiff of a familiar scent. Did your grandmother wear Coco Chanel? Maybe your grandfather smoked a cigar. Food aromas are also common. For instance, pancakes and bacon, coffee, things your ancestors or relatives made or loved in life. Whatever aroma you associate with a deceased loved one could reappear as a means of your deceased loved one trying to contact you. This could also just be a sign of their presence being near. Please note: some strains of COVID cause people to lose their sense of smell or to smell strange things. Please make sure you’re not ill if you begin smelling odd aromas. For me, it was burnt plastic and electrical wiring. For my friend, she kept smelling rotten meat and old perfume. If this isn’t the cause, you could likely be receiving a message from your loved one instead.

3. Hearing Your Name Called

Feel like you’re going crazy and hearing your name in random places? Your name is called out and drifts towards you on the wind but no one seems to be around. You hear your name spoken right before you wake up in the morning. This is the time when many of my ancestors and spirits in general contact me. That phase between sleep and waking. This is a sign your loved one is calling to you from the beyond. 

4. A Deceased Loved One is Trying to Contact You If You Keep Finding Feathers

A feather falls in your path. Sometimes you’ll begin to notice multiple feathers falling in your path seemingly out of nowhere. Feathers are signs from the heavens – and more than likely the feathers you are finding are your deceased loved ones way to tell you they are safe and they have a message for you. Depending on the color of feather and what bird it came from, you can determine a message. Click here to learn more about feather symbolism.

5. Nature Signs

In addition to feathers, deceased loved ones will send signs to you through nature. Typically this is through an animal or plant you associate with this loved one. For instance, if your grandmother loved robins you might start seeing robins everywhere. Not just in nature but also on the TV, in books, on clothing, online, etc. It’s folk magic in America that says cardinals are often your ancestors visiting you, as well as white moths. Pay attention to these signs.

6. Songs Coming On Repeat

Whenever I hear a particular song come on the radio, I know it’s my aunt reaching out to me to say hi. Any song you related with your deceased loved one can be used by that loved one to contact you. You’ll particularly know if the song is an oldie that isn’t often played on the radio anymore. Or if it plays somewhere unexpected.

7. Random Memories and Flashbacks

Sometimes random memories seem to surface from somewhere deep in your subconscious. Things you haven’t remembered in years will pop up. These random memories are indicators of your loved one trying to reach you from the afterlife. Pay close attention to them. 

8. Hearing Their Name

You might be hearing your name called by a deceased loved one, or maybe you keep hearing their name in passing. Maybe someone at the grocery store had your beloved aunt’s name. Or maybe a conversation turned up the name of your recently departed friend. These are signs you’re loved one is trying to get your attention. 

9. Flickering Lights & Flames

Spirits have the ability to use electricity to their benefit – they can make the lights and appliances flicker as well as turn on and off. Spirits of departed loved ones are typically more gentle in their approach and use flickering to contact us. You might also see a candleflame flicker rapidly without any explanation (no drafts, AC, etc). 

10. Feeling Their Presence

It should go without saying that if you’re sitting or standing around and feel your deceased loved one’s presence, they are there with you in spirit. For me, it’s a warm, comforting feeling like a mother’s embrace or grandfather’s hearty laugh.

11. Weird Phone Calls

Sometimes after a loved one passes, we receive strange phone calls from numbers we don’t know. You pick up and there is a lot of static or the person sounds far away. This is your loved one reaching out to you. You might even get a call from the deceased loved one’s old phone number!

12. Seeing Them

Walking down the street and you see a glimpse of your deceased loved one walking up ahead of you. You call out their name and they turn around only to vanish a second later. Or maybe you were visited at night by your loved one. Seeing your loved one is a clear sign they are trying to contact you.

13. Deceased Loved Ones Contact You Through Pictures Falling

When a picture of your deceased loved one falls off the wall or table, this is a clear sign they want your attention. You might also see a book they once loved fall off the shelves. 

14. Mentioned in Conversation

Similar to hearing their name in passing but a little more personal is having your loved one brought up in conversation, unexpectedly. This might be a phone call from a friend or other relative who brings up your deceased loved one out of nowhere. Pay attention to subtle signs such as these.

15. Comfort & Healing

At your worst times of illness and desperation, you call out for someone to help you. Your loved one will swoop in and provide immediate feelings of comfort and healing. All you have to do is ask. 

What’s My Deceased Loved One’s Message?

Maybe you’re received one or more of these signs telling you your loved one is trying to get a hold of you from the beyond. But now you’re wondering what is their message, exactly? Start writing down the signs you receive. Write down any you’ve already received. A pattern might start to emerge. Sometimes our loved ones have specific messages for us, but other times they might just be saying they are okay and that they love you. Be calm and know you are loved and your loved one is well on the other side.

What if I keep asking for a sign and I receive nothing?

I get asked this question a lot. And there’s truly no simple answer. The first thing I usually say is, but are you OPEN to the signs? If you’re living your life on auto-pilot, getting up going to work coming home going to sleep and getting up and repeating, you’re disconnected. And you won’t notice when the signs are coming at you. Consider meditation, going out in nature more, and grounding yourself. Becoming more attune with yourself and the world around you.

Secondly, if you ARE open to the signs but still feel you’re not receiving any, this could mean that your ancestor isn’t available on the other side. As heartbreaking as this may seem to some, there’s reasons for it. A. your ancestor or loved one could have simply already reincarnated. or B. it’s possible they are working on healing themselves in the other realm and don’t have the capability to communicate with you at this time. And that’s okay. It’s your responsibility to allow them to heal and make their otherworldly journey.

15 Signs Your Deceased Loved One is Contacting You From the Beyond

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  1. I used to feel my deceased dad all the time, even saw a medium and she instantly told me my dad was my guardian angel watching over me and she knew nothing about me. Since my mom has passed I don’t feel him, but I have comfort knowing they are together again.

  2. My mom died 2yrs ago, of a very painful cancer, on the 4th of August 2020. Before she died, she planted a Christmas cactus..it was very small, but i kept it, and have been taking care of it since. It never budded and bloomed before, except once, on the ONE YEAR anniversary of her death, just one little bud bloomed!! and then, no more buds grew again, UNTILL NOW, two days before the second anniversary of her death, only this time, many little buds are popping up, now to see if any will bloom on the 4th of August?? I should also mention, her birthday was the 24th, of December! 🙏🎍❤️

  3. I am her to share my experience. When my brother passed I was going to bed and less than 30 seconds after I closed my eyes, I saw a glimpse of his teeth. I was shocked and open my eyes and knew I was not asleep because I just got in the bed and I closed my eyes again and saw his hand. Since then my mom passed this year and I am normally the most sensitive sibling and I turned to the strongest instantly. I was going to sleep one night and closed my eyes and saw my couch and floor which i think my mom was giving me a confirmation and i opened my eyes to know that I was not asleep and closed them again and saw mom lying in her bed as i saw her after she passed but it was only the bottom portion of her. Here is another experience…..I was at work this week and it appears to be a tiny cloud type pass me and i knew i was alert and i thought to my self “WHAT WAS THAT?” but i then realized it had to be my mom connecting because that same hour or two i saw the last 4 numbers of my old home address as a child and the last 4 numbers of my cell phone as i was working. These numbers were just something i was working on at work. I welcome these experiences and I say out loud often “MOM , I KNOW IT IS YOU AND I WANT TO SEE YOU MORE”. I do not share this often because i think people will think I am loosing it but these things has definitely happed to me.

  4. My wonderful dad died in 2012 and I miss him every single day. He was a quiet, kind and gentle man and I hear him call my name at times of distress when I am waking up in the morning which makes me feel reassured. I was much closer to him than my siblings were and I am the only one he has come back to speak to.

    1. lost my aunt in 2004 sad to say havnt really heard from her since i hope shes free amd happy where ever she may be scares me sometimes that shes not free id do anything for her

    2. Hi Amanda, Yours is the first post I have read on this site. Surprising my name is also Amanda (Mandy) and my wonderful dad also died in 2012. He too was a kind and gentle man. I was much closer to him than my siblings were. I loved him more than life itself and miss him daily. I dream about him and hear him call my name when waking up in the morning quite regularly. I feel him around me all the time and know hi soul is with me. Take care, Mandy x

  5. My sister passed away on September 17 2021,the cell phone she did the most strangest thing. it would send me a ringtone on the notification but when I check for notifications there was nothing on notification. I figure it was her trying to communicate.

  6. my pop passed on the 31st of may and ever since then I have had a shiver down my spine and hearing my name a lot and no one is there with me and no one I know is there so I don’t know if its my pop

    1. I had a dream, I could smell my husband’s cigarette, then I felt something on my arm and when I reached to touch my arm I felt an electrical shock. Why?

  7. My husband died on July 26, 2020. I have been having a rough time ever since. I had no one but the two of us. My family is not supportive. I have a recording of him singing my name on my cell phone. There is no connection to my land lines. I have a land line with three receivers. I received two calls on my home phone with my deceased husband’s name. I thought my phone was being spoofed. Then I saw that I had a new voice mail. When I played it, it was the recording of my husband singing my name. As I said, no connection between the phones. I want to believe it is a sign. I am shattered by his loss and have no one to talk with. You can only call your own phone to get voice messages–the phone won’t ring. Yet I got two rings and one voice mail. What does this mean?

    1. Hi, I’m Jesika . I lost my husband in 2017 , I got chills reading this. I’m in a similar situation but with our two baby girls. I received a voicemail from him not to long ago. I’d like to talk privately if we can . I don’t want to share too much personal stuff and feelings for everyone to see on here . But please know you’re never alone k

    2. Hi, Ronnie,
      You sound like me. I lost the love of my life, my family, my best friend, my companion, everything, everything to me. Our blood relatives on either side are useless and worthless. I felt so all alone but I kept calling out and I did ask God and Jesus for protection, blessings, and guidance in talking with my loved one. I promise you your husband is with you, watching over you, trying to help you every step of the way. Your husbands spirit will be subtle, but it will be there and close to you. I now realize I am not alone and that if you truly love someone you never lose them. Their body fails after awhile, all of ours do, but the true essence of the person you love, their thought, mind, emotions, personality, everything which is not the body is more alive after they depart the body than ever before. You remember my words and God Bless you.

    3. Hi Ronnie
      Just sending a huge Hug and wishing you all the love I can send to you I the hope it makes you feel stronger . My hubby died a year ago and I’m on my own like you, family just don’t bother do they. I have decided that I will make new friends . One at a time at a pace I can cope with. I have started Tai Chi class. Its v gentle with gentle people – perhaps you could do similar… it does help a bit at a time. Huge hugs xxx moni

  8. My maa passed away on 30.4.21 due to covid. I am in unbearable pain and emptiness but i know she is around. She had suffered a lot in her life and i just want to know from her that is it peaceful now? Are you free from all the pain maa? I hope she come and gives a sign to me. Although i had kept her phone for backup and i was crying on the bed with her photo on my phone close to heart asking if she is in peace now and her phone had a notification beep. not sure if it was her saying yes. but I hope i get a very clear sign from her. I love you maa.

    1. I had a friend pass away about a month and ago and I was in my kitchen and my dads lunch box fell onto the ground I don’t know what it was but could feel it was him trying to talk to me.

  9. My sister will be gone almost 6 years..i miss her so and i talk to her all the time.iam always looking for a sign but iam not sure ive ever got one..i wish she would send me a sign,, how long after they pass will they send a sign…

    1. Last night something odd happened. I was on the phone with my bestfriend and looking through music, I saw a playlist centered around Frank Sinatra and thought about my mom, since she had a song in her notebook by him. I looked down at the floor and saw what looked like a picture but it was turned over so I didn’t know til I turned it over. When I did, the song a cover of the song “Fly me to the moon” (aka the song that is in her notebook) started playing, and the picture was of her but the thing is, I’ve NEVER seen that picture before in this room. Then today I found another thing on the floor, it was one of those papers you fill out and then mail in of a remembrance ring, the ring on the paper is engraved to say, “Until we meet again” in cursive and below the ring in quotes it says “Remember Me”
      Wtf. Like, I’m glad she’s trying to communicate with me but at the same time, why would she? She’s been gone since 2012 and nothing like this has ever happened to me before either.

  10. My mom past. June 2,2019, I took care of her and would do it again, she never came to me ,but I mourn for her often,.Last night I had a dream of her, and Im so happy, but not sure if that means anything

  11. My husband died a few weeks ago but i dreamed of him a few nights ago and he said goodbye before he died again in the same way, what does it mean

    1. He wants to ay goodbye to you because he might never had a chance to say goodbye to you.
      just five minutes ago I heard a little tap in my room. I was searching up things to know about the knocking and i saw your comment so i thought i might reply to you as it has happend to me before!!

  12. My partner passed away more than 8 months ago and I’ve been trying to make contact without any success. I tried meditation, reading up on the subject, talk to him, praying, even went to a tarot reading (who told me he left me for another woman and was happily living with her) . And nothing. Any suggestions? Thank you

    1. hey there VERNY,,,,,stop trying so hard because its already happening, one thing to ALWAYS REMEMBER AND NOT FORGET IS… the moment your partner pops in your head,, this is definitely contact which also means love is there to the point that you connect but its not as before due to you being in physical form ( still here on earth , going threw earth school and they have basically, finished earth school, and graduated but you me and any one here is soul which never dies), my advise to you is simply ,,, when you think of your partner, they are there and instead of all the doubt your in, tell your partner how you love them ( this will lift them in spirit and allow them to not be earth bound,) and lifting them w love instead of doubt will certain in return calm you…. i promise ,,the saying…. have a party , dance, drink, laugh when i die? well baby doll ,, that holds so true. you will be ok and in time, you also will be in spirit and with them.. best of luck . hope this helped.

      1. My dad passed away 1.5 months ago, and we were very, very close. We could read each other’s minds. I miss him dearly. I asked him yesterday to send me a sign he is around. And to my surprise, something strange woke me up this morning. I felt and heard tapping on my side of the bed. It woke me up because I heard it and I felt my bed moving. I thought it was my husband doing it but he was in a deep sleep. Could this really be my dad!

  13. I often see the digits of my deceased grandma’s date of birth. Sometimes I don’t see them for months, but sometimes it’s four times in one day. On different random things, not connected to each other.
    When I see the digits, I always say her name, thank her, and ask her to help me with stuff.
    But I never know what it means. I know she’s trying to show her presence, but I never know what to understand from it.
    Does anyone know the meaning that or maybe had the same experience?
    Thank you

    1. Yes i see my deceased mothers dob or dod everyday on the clock i wish i knew what this means or what she’s trying to tell me

  14. So the other day I’m out driving with my mother. My grandma (her mother) passed when I was in the 3rd grade (I’m class of 2020) and we was heading home and we was listening to music and I ask my mom out of no where “can we listen to ‘Hello Darlin’” and she said “yes” the song finished when we pulled on to our road to get to our house and told her “to be honest I didn’t know that song it came to my head out of no where. I’m a 100% sure that it was Grandma reaching out to you through me” she looks down and back at me and said “it had to be her cause we listened to that song way before you was born”. I had to share this cause major of my family’s deceased members get attached to me and I’m currently being attached by 3 deceased family member 2 from one side and 1 of another and they all have changed my mood multiple times specially when driving

    1. You need to get a compassionate spirit releasement, because these relatives had a problem going on on their own and need help to get where they need to be and there can be health problems because deceased relatives or anyone else that’s attached need energy to stay in this reality after the death of their physical body and are getting that energy from you. This can cause all kinds of health problems for you. Please act on this information for your own sake and theirs.

      1. what is that? I cry everyday now that my grandson has died he was my best friend. I feel at times he is with me? I quickly saw an image of him coming out of the bedroom he stayed in once? It scared me to death I really saw him? What happened?

  15. hi it’s been weird the last few years my dad passed away when I was four years old. but anyways some weird things are happening in are house and I don’t know what to think about it because I’m not sure if it’s my dad Carlos or my grandma Lupa but before I just wanted to say this is NOT A JOKE OR A LIE. it all started to happen 1 year after my dad passed away. it was a Saturday morning and I was home alone and happened to get bored so I decided I was going to start to clean my room and organize it as well. but anyway I was cleaning my room a few minutes have passed And I just got done with my room when and I seen that my trash can was full so I started to walk out to the hallway to get a small trash bag to empty my trash can that I had in my room when I heard 3 or 4 nocks on my wall and I thought it’s probably someone nocking on the door so I went to the front door and opened it but no one was there so I just thought I was hearing things and I didn’t think much about it so I went to my room and I emptied the small trash can that was in my room and walked to the garage and put the trash bags down and I went back inside but on my way back in I noticed that the Chandelier was moving back and forth and I knew something was happening and It probably wasn’t going to be good I tried to ignore it but I could because stuff started to get worse I started to smell a sent and it smelled familiar like I smelled it before but I couldn’t make out what it smelled like or where it was coming from . and for some reason I felt sad and very emotional but I didn’t know why.I remember the room being very cold but when I looked at the temperature thing that was on the wall it said it was 75°
    in the room. 3 weeks had passed and things went normal well that’s what I THOUGHT but I was wrong it started up again but a little different this time it was in the middle of the night when I woke up because I felt like something or someone was touched me kind of felt like something was poking me but when I looked around know one was up that where all sleeping I didn’t tell no one about it because I thought that they where pranking me in some sick way and that they wouldn’t believe me and take me seriously even if I tried to tell them they would just laugh and call me crazy so I kept quiet like the stupid kid that I was and still am. one night I woke up to get some water form the kitchen and every thing was going good intil I heard something go flying like someone or something through of counter where all the cups where and a glass cup was broke on the floor I can’t remember what happened a few minutes after I do remember I was in the middle of trying to clean the glass up before my mom woke up BUT IT WAS TO LATE
    I woke her up she waited a few minutes before she scared the living SHIT out of me I remember I had this funny look one my face it (was the ooh crap face ) the face you make after you do something you are not supposed to do (or the face that a dog would make when it was gulity the face that they would give u it’s the (I just fucked up big time) face . I had only 2 choices #1 tell her what been happening and have her think I’m lying and I’m crazy OR #2 lie to her and say I was trying to get something to drink and the floor was slippery and u tryed to grab something to help u so u wouldn’t fall but u dropped the cup and it broke .after that somethings went down hill and things happen, after a few years things where still happening. it stopped for about couple year and a half intil my grandma Lupa died on Easter in 2019 thats where things started to happen with things in the kitchen things will fly off counter, cupboards would open up randomly and close, things will be put in weird places in r house where we never go but ya that is all I remember so far I will post if something weird happens ok but for now I got to go

  16. When I was 8 maybe 9 years old I lost my paternal grandfather, a man with whom I shared a birthday. I don’t remember much about how he died, but I do remember when I found out that he was dead.
    My family, consisting of my mom, my dad, my sister, and my 2 younger brothers, had driven from Coarsegold to Simi Valley and had arrived at my grandparents’ house at night. I was excited to see my Grammy and Grampy (mainly my Grampy), and that I was back in Simi, a city I had been raised in since I was 3 (we had moved when I was 6). We got out of the car, one of my parents held my youngest brother, Christopher, who was several months old. I followed my parents inside the house knowing that dad would unload the luggage tomorrow morning. When I walked into the living room my Grammy was comforting my Aunt Jeana, my dad’s sister, who was crying on the leather couches. I was confused, why was my Aunt crying? Aunt Jeana sat down her brother and her sister-in-law and began to explain that my Grampy had died from a heart attack in his sleep.
    I was devastated as I listened to this news. Of course, because I was only 8 I didn’t know what a heart attack was, all I knew was that my Grampy was dead. At the funeral, I cried as they showed us a video of all his memories.
    Anyway, I’m 14 now, 15 in 8 days, but when I was about 14 1/2 I started hearing my name being called, I thought it might have been my parents or one of my siblings, but whenever I asked they would give me a confused or weird look and deny calling my name. Only recently I have considered that it might be him calling my name, and if it is my Grandfather who is calling my name, what is it that he wishes to tell me?

  17. I was born on my mom’s bday on may 12th and shes been gone going on 7 years I miss her alot I hear her name alot and smell her alot and me and her had a song together and now me and my daughter both sing it

  18. I don’t know if this is a sign or not but…some weird things happen and it creeps me out. My grandma died just before Easter 2019, we all visited her at the hospital for a couple of days cause she had something wrong with her veins cause she been smoking for over 60 years anyway, she was sleeping and My mum, nan, Aunty, dad, 3 of my little cousins and me were the only ones in the room…anyway my Mum brought up something about her dreaming about like weird stuff that could lead to signs about stuff, I can’t remember. But then my Aunty said that she went to a fortune teller or psychic I think it was a psychic and was saying how the lady said that someone old and close to her would die she thought it was her other nan or Aunty or something. While we were talking about that my grandma had been asleep for the whole day, not dead though but asleep. But my nan said that she was awake in the morning for a little while but then fell asleep. My dad put a fit bit on her with a heart rate monitor. I remember me keeping a eye on it it was like 80 to 96 to the most I think was 120. Later I just ended up sitting on the ground, later my Aunty left with her kids and my mum and nan said they would stay the night and me and my dad were gonna go soon at like 10:30pm. But I asked my dad way later at around 11:00pm if we could go and he said in 10mins. We were all silent for a couple of minutes and then it happened. I’m pretty sure my nan checked her heart rate I can’t remember but anyway she start yelling but not that loud that she was changing colour and she stopped breathing. And that’s when it hit us she died so peacefully…she decided to die when everyone left because a lot of family visited her and my theory is that when we went quite she must of heard my dad say that we were leaving and she waited until my mum and my nan would be the only ones in the room but what she didn’t know was that we were both still in the room. I watched her die right in front of me it traumatised me for a while every now and then those images and memories of the days of e visited the hospital pop up and play. But we all knew she would die, the doctors said they couldn’t help her, they could of did a surgery on her but there was a huge chance she would of died during the surgery. They also said her heart was like a ticking time bomb it would explode in her insides so we wouldn’t see nothing. But even though we knew my cousin said something that I didn’t care for at the time but when it happened it hit me. He said she would die in a couple of days and he said mostly likely at night time, when I realised afterward I was confused…he guessed it right and that was weird. But that wasn’t the only sign, my mum has had a couple of dreams about her, one was that she was standing with a man next to her. We guessed it was someone she knew very well and the thought for me wondering more and more. Another time was that i once has this dream where my dream flashed and then zoomed in onto one off the photos we have on the wall and that terrified me, another sign was my Aunty (a different one, her sister) anyway she was her the person who looked after her for like 20 years or less I can’t remember. But she brought a web cam and when everyone that lived in that house went out it recorded everything, but the web cam was oils move its direction if it was focusing on someone but no one was home at the time. Apparently the camera did move and my grandma had a recliner chair just for her and the web cam followed it to her chair and later it followed to the front door, my grandma used to smoke a lot out there…so it was a sign or that we thought it could have been a fly or something. But one more sign I’ve had well maybe not one… but I used to have a feeling that someone was there I don’t know why even before she died like when I was not focusing out of the corner of my eye I though someone or something was there it’s weird and at night, I never used to be afraid but recently I have been, I always feel like someone is there watching me or is gonna do something bad to me like kill me or hurt me….it scares me and it happens every now an then but a bit after my grandma died I feel like someone is pulling my bag. Let me explain, I go to school (I’m in year 7) and I now walk to my sisters school it’s like 20 mins or less but anyway there’s 2 ways to get to the school but there’s a short cut that a lot of people use and it’s open so there’s like roads and the short cut has a walk way… when I don’t use that way I rarely get the feeling like someone is pulling on my school bag but the other way I do, it happens a lot. Even at school when I have my bag on my back I get the feeling that someone is pulling on my bag and if there’s a friend near me I would tell them to cut it out and stop if they did it the first time. They would be like no (most of the time) and that’s were it confuses me like I’m not hallucinations but yet I feel someone a 100% for sure that someone is pulling on my bag once the pull led me to the right end of the path nearly on the road. But the pull always pulls me to the right which is even more weird but confusing. I had the ability to see people who were dead when I was younger I recall 2 people I used to see and get a lot of déjà vu’s like crazy but I don’t know what to think but yeah


  19. My sons father pasted about a month ago we have a 3 month old baby I have had two dreams of him since one where he came back to life right in front me. The first on he kept saying sorry. What does the second dream mean when he comes back to life?

  20. Hi I Lost m’y mom 4years ago I haven’t gotten a sign from her I am so mad at her I took care of her for.5 years why won’t she give me signs or pay me a visit thank you

    1. She most likely has.. Ask God to help you to start remembering your dreams.. Why would you be mad at her??? You picked her for your mother to learn whatever lessons you come to earth to learn. Thank her.

    2. Marie, for r you to be angry does absolutely NO good !! I was the person who took care of my Mom has not visited me except shortly after my Mom passed and that was over 20 years ago. The last time I spoke to her was when I about to head home. My Mom wanted a cigarette before I left and I got angry with her because of damn cigarettes are so addictive and as a result of her smoking she had lung cancer. I said “No.” That was the last I spoke to her while she was alive. I am still angry for NOT taking a few to moments to tell her how much I LOVE and how I HATE smoking. That filthy, stinking habit took my Mom from me. YES, I would love to hear. from my Mom too but I am not angry at her ….I am angry at myself for leaving her that night to go home. I can’t bring that day back and change it. All I want is to see my Mom again. I love her so much !! Don’t be angry . It is a waste of time !

    3. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. Please don’t be mad. If you don’t see your Mom at all, it truly means your Mom has already been fully liberated from this earth and is being in Heaven with God. Please be happy about it.

    4. Same with me and when she finally showed up it was to block my path and had ulterior motives I learnt after her death that her love towards me was conditional. Fortunately when she showed up my brother who had passed on +20years before her was on guard together with a team of great greats. It could be that your mother was not a good person and didn’t wish you well.

  21. I cared  for my mom for several months and was by her side 24 -7 then she passed. This was really hard for me. As I am #10 of 11 children and I wasn’t as close as some of my siblings were to her. I think it’s because we both were so much alike. However I grew closer to her each day appreciating my mom even more. She never complained through her final days having kidney failure. Prior to my mom passing I noticed that she kept looking towards the ceiling and calling out mom. I did ask her if she see’s her but she never answered me. That evening when I was laying in bed it drew very cold and I felt like there was something in the room. I had my covers to my eyes and something inside me said look at the corner of the room and there was a dim light? Mind you that the room had no lights on but It was the same area my mom was calling for her mom. I looked at my mom whose in her bed next to my bed n I still see was awake looking at the same area. The room got colder n I felt like I was watching her deceased family calling her home. Now from the side of my eye the light was getting closer to her and she was smiling. The light stayed there for a bit and I felt in my heart it was my dad “he passed away when I was 5 years old”. But the light disappears and she closed her eyes and fell asleep and yup the cold air disappeared. I knew her time was coming soon. The following day I cleaned her up brushed her hair and she was unable to see anymore and barely spoke and unable to see she said to me thank you and I love you. I felt so happy but yet so sad.  I told my mom I wouldn’t have done any other way. She passed that afternoon. I returned back to my home a week after which it’s a 40 minute plane ride away. I sat in my bed and I cried so much that I fell asleep and dreamt about her and she was telling me to go get her a plate and I kept telling her I cant find it and when I finally got her a plate she was gone and I got up to a cold kiss on my right cheek and blamed my husband for applying something cold on my face. He was way across the bedroom and said hun I wasnt near you and you fell asleep so I let you rest because you needed it. She’s always around because when I take pictures especially when the moon and clouds combine there’s her face plain as daylight on the photos. She is always up in the sky looking down upon me. I share it with my family and they can’t believe what they see. 

  22. I was holding my dads watch, he loved that watch. He passed 3 weeks ago. I was watching the second hand, it went around twice then just stopped. I feel like it was a sign from him.

  23. My mother lived with me for almost 2 years and she passed away a week ago today. I was with her as she passed, which was unexpected. She had a pulmonary embolism or at least that’s what they think. She was 68 years old and a heavy smoker, so an autopsy wasn’t performed. I told them the events leading up to her death and I was told “more than likely, it was a PE”. My sister has already said out mother has visited her and I haven’t had a visit nor a sign from my mama. Why won’t she visit me? I took care of her daily for the last years of her life, I feel like I deserve a visit too. I miss her so much!

    1. My mom passed away on March 5, 72 years old. I believe she’s contacted me a few times, one dream and a tingling feeling on my scalp. Since spirits have energy they use it. If something happens and you have to think twice about it because instantly you wonder….then it’s most likely her.

    2. She will visit you at a time when you need her. My mom came as a monarch butterfly immediately after . She just stayed right in front of me the next day at a chili fest 100s of monarchs flew in out of nowhere and my fiance of 18 years died last year I was waiting for him and nothing until 2 nights ago he spoke his name quite loud. Of course that’s all but it was a beautiful moment. I’m still waiting for my brother and my dad whom also died last year. You will know don’t search you’ll get confused just be patient in some form at some time she will be there and you will have an experience like nothing you’ve ever had. I feel because you were by her side guiding and helping her through a difficult time shell do the same for you. Sending love

    3. Hi, you could be so deep in grief that your not noticed anything yet, before my husband died, I had him in my dreams all the time, maybe for me cos he was dying slowly,
      I wish you well and love and light xx

    4. my mom passed away in October from several Pulmonary embolisms. She was 39, didn’t smoke. We are not sure what happened. Many life situations added to this, I’m sure of it. I’m 16 and my mom was my best friend, still is. Anyways, I wanted to say that I am with you and it sucks not being able to recognize the signs. I’m wishing you the best of luck, she will come, maybe not yet, but she will. Maybe she senses you are not ready yet.

  24. my brother died almost a year ago i swear around 2 am theres a spooky feeling an i seen something. But i dont know what its too fast the same photo of him falls to ground is it possiable hes haunting me

      1. Hi I Lost m’y mom 4years ago I haven’t gotten a sign from her I am so mad at her I took care of her for.5 years why won’t she give me signs or pay me a visit thank you

        1. Maybe she’s not giving you a sign because you’re mad at her? Also, you have to be open minded and look for the signs with an open heart. Often the sign is there but we are missing it.

    1. He probably wants you to know he’s with you in a non threatening way …not trying to scare you or make you afraid

    2. Loved ones don’t haunt and you shouldn’t be spooked hes trying to let you know hes there especially the picture. They come back for reassurance that there ok, or some message
      Search for meanings of messages from deceased loved ones. Next time say his name let him no you love him. Usually a wonderful feeling is experienced with this but not if your afraid. I’m still waiting for my brother. Much love

    3. No he would never haunt you, just showing you, that he’s around and watching over you and just letting you know he’s letting you know that he’s still around, haunted, I think is a horrible word xx

  25. My wife passed in Nov. 2014. I immediately started to have visitation dreams. They were few and far between. But recently she has come to me in dreams and feeling her presance. It has been very comforting. She stays with me for a short time, and then I feel her leave me. It is sad when she leaves, but the sensing of her with me even for a short time is gratifying. I tell her I love her, and can,t wait to be with her again.

    1. Hi Ralph. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like your wife loved you so much that she does indeed visit you. Cherish her memory but don’t forget to enjoy the life you’re living too.

  26. Both my (dead) parents expressed their dislike of me in many ways. When they passed i thought i would finally be rid of them. Not so! Occasionally i will be hit with a smell so foul it’s actually made me sick on occasions. It’smells like decaying flesh, feces and rotting garbage. i associate this with father, who was a miserable old bastard, he died of Leukemia although the mother and the siblings kept this from me. i was not welcome in hospital to see him, i had been banned. when he died i was expected to miss the funeral so i could manage the caterers. my husband and i decided to go to a baseball game instead. the hag mother was dead four years before i found out, and i could have cared less. she invades my dreams and i wake up with scratches on my face, where she used to always scratch me. our little dog does not sleep with us and we have no other animal. Sometimes when they reach out to me i feel impending doom or become very ill. oh, i am so happy i found this site, now i can finally take hold of what i truly am and embrace it! Blessings !

    1. How can someone that ends a comment with “blessings “ describe her parents the way you are doing?
      If this is what you think pagan, wicca, or whatever your path is..
      girl , my advice to you( and i know you didnt ask for one) is read, educate yourself first.
      I believe that no one should be as disrespectful as you are, going around and say that this is her or his path.
      For what i’ve read and see from other people in this path. I have not seen anyone use the word you are using to describe anyone, none the less the parents.
      *admin- if you feel my comment is incorrect please, correct me if i am wrong.
      My beliefs are based on respect. Not the other way around.

      1. I’ve used worse words about my parents. It seems as though your opinion comes from a life that wasn’t filled with abuse and horror every single day. It’s easy to act like she’s horrible for saying those things when her doing that isn’t even close to the awful things they have probably done and said to her. Like my parents have done to me. As soon as I don’t have to look at a big cigar burn on my arm my dad out there when I was 10, then I won’t talk about them like that. It’s rude for you to say she’s the bad one.

        1. I don’t think anyone can judge what another person’s been through in life. Lilith – I am sorry you had to endure such abuse especially as a child. May the Gods bless you.

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