8 Ways to Practice Witchcraft While Recovering from COVID

8 Ways to Stay Witchy (And Sane) While Recovering from Illness

When we get ill, we often feel terrible all around. Not just in our bodies, but in our minds and hearts. And there are many reasons for that, but one is that we are forced to take a rest and allow our bodies to heal, while most of us have other things we want to be doing. Or need to be doing. The truth is this – sometimes we get sick in order to slow down and rest. Sometimes our bodies, minds, and hearts need down time. Unfortunately, it makes us feel like we aren’t “doing enough” or that we aren’t “enough”. But you are. In the meantime, while you’re sick and in bed, here are a few ways to stay witchy and sane.

My First Experience with COVID (2020)

If you’re wondering what my symptoms are like, I’ll tell you. It started with a mild sore throat and nasty post-nasal drip. Then the headaches started. I didn’t have a fever in the first week, which made me believe I wasn’t sick with COVID. DON’T MAKE MY MISTAKE. Not everyone gets a fever with COVID. Also, you can take tests in the first week of incubation and they can read NEGATIVE. But you could still have the virus and could still be contagious. 5 days after exposure with a negative rapid test doesn’t mean you don’t have COVID. Be smart. Quarantine the entire 10 days after exposure. Isolate from your family too, if at all possible.

Following the headaches, sinus congestion, and sore throat came the fatigue, mild body aches and loss of my sense of smell and taste. On day 10 after exposure, I tested positive for COVID. So did my husband. Now my entire family has it and is struggling to recover. It’s not an easy virus to recover from. And during my recovery time, I’ve found myself feeling disconnected from my spiritual practice. From my craft. From the very thing that makes me ME. But I’ve re-centered, grounded, and am slowly recovering from the virus and staying witchy. Here’s how I’m doing it, and how you can too if you (gods forbid) ever contract the virus.

8 Ways to Stay Witchy (& Sane) With COVID or Any Illness

Keep in mind that all viruses and illnesses affect people differently. You might get hit harder than I have or have an even milder case. Only do what YOU can do. Your spirituality should be part of your daily activities, not separate. Particularly when you are ill. Your energy should go towards healing your body, not appeasing the gods or ancestors, etc. Your health is TOP priority!

1. Read Something That Nurtures Your Soul

While sometimes all I want to do is lay on my couch and stare at a TV screen, there are brief moments when I have the desire to do something other than binge Netflix. And for those brief moments in time, I try to pick up a witchy or spiritual book. Even if only for five to ten minutes. I am currently reading A Modern Guide to Heathenry as my spiritual read and The Vampire Lestat as my fictional fun read. Not only does reading feed your mind, but it nurtures your soul.

2. Healing Affirmations Help Relieve Fear from COVID and Other Illnesses

I won’t lie to you. There have been moments and might still be moments when I feel weak, defeated, and even scared. COVID gets inside our bodies and into our fears in many ways. But we can’t let it defeat us. And this is what I tell myself when I’m frightened or down: I AM A WARRIOR. I’ve survived much more than this! Here’s a few powerful healing affirmations you can try:


3. Night Time Prayer

Prayer is universal and knows no religious boundaries. You don’t have to be Christian to pray. I am pagan and I pray to my gods and ancestors any time I feel the need. Since having COVID, sometimes the only thing I have the energy to do is pray. Before going to sleep at night, I pray to Odin. I pray to my Goddess and to my ancestors. I express my gratitude for all I have in my life, including my beautiful family members AND my health. And I ask them for their presence, healing, and strength. It always helps me feel better!

4. Walk in the Sun

In the first days upon contracting COVID or the Flu etc., you might not want to leave the couch or your bed. That’s completely normal and acceptable! This virus really takes the energy out of you. So don’t force yourself to do anything your body isn’t ready to do. However, when it’s been a week or two OR whenever you’re feeling a little more energetic, try to get outside. Even if it’s just a small walk to the mailbox. Being in the sun and fresh air truly helps. Mother Nature has a calming, healing effect even in the midst of a pandemic.

5. Attitude of Gratitude

And yet another witchy trick when I’m feeling sick, down or scared, I practice having an attitude of gratitude. At night when I feel my worst, instead of dwelling on the negative, I list all of the things in my life that are positive. This almost always elevates the vibrations in my body and around me. I simply say to myself, “I’m thankful for my beautiful children. I’m thankful they are healthy and with me. I am happy for the roof over my head. I’m thankful that I’m recovering from this virus. I’m thankful for my comfortable bed. I am thankful for my loving husband. Etc.” Eventually, I fall asleep with a positive mindset.

6. Pull One Rune or Card

There were days when I didn’t have enough energy to make my bed let alone nurture my craft. My energy still waxes and wanes on a daily basis. The other day I was finally able to put fresh water on my ancestors’ altar…and I was super happy to be able to do it! Yesterday, I was able to pull one rune from my rune bag. That small act of magick in and of itself made me feel more connected and solidify I’m on the path to health and wholeness. If you prefer Tarot, when you have the energy, pull one card and meditate on its message.

7. Binge A Pagan or Witchy Themed Show

When you have COVID or another virus, your body needs all its energy to fight it off and recover. If you’re able to lay around and watch TV all day, DO IT. Take naps between shows if you want. But in order to feel more witchy and connected? Choose a show that is witchy or pagan themed. The shows I’ve been binging while recovering include The Last Kingdom and Outlander on Netflix. But there are literally dozens out there to choose from.

8. Magical TEA

When you’re recovering from COVID or the Flu, it’s best to drink lots of fluids. This keeps you hydrated and helps flush out the toxins. Water and gatorade are important but hot tea is essential. Even if you’ve lost your sense of smell and taste, hot tea has a magical way of making one feel comforted and better. It soothes sore throats and helps open your sinuses. PLUS who doesn’t feel witchy drinking hot herbal tea? Stir clockwise for your health and vitality. I choose tea like chamomile, mint, lavender, butterfly pea and elderflower.

One Last Note…

If you can only do one of these things or none at all, that is PERFECT. Take care of yourself in whatever ways you can. If all else fails, JUST BREATHE. I wish all of you health and vitality. I pray that all of my readers, oracles and friends stay healthy through this pandemic and hopefully never come in contact with the virus. And if you do, I pray your gods, guides and ancestors protect and heal you!

8 Ways to Practice Witchcraft While Recovering from COVID

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5 thoughts on “8 Ways to Stay Witchy (And Sane) While Recovering from Illness

  1. I’m really struggling with this right now. I am three weeks in and just when I think I’m getting better, I’m not. I had a full scale emotional breakdown last night because of all the things I’m not accomplishing from deadlines to parenting and this article was a huge help.

    1. Hi Martina! First, I hope you feel better soon. Give it time. I promise you’ll beat this. Be patient and do what you can but care for yourself first! Breathe and know this will pass. xoxo

  2. I LOVE this article! After coming down with Covid I did most of these things and they helped me reconnect to me since I was feeling so disconnected and recovered!

  3. What a great post! My dad and I probably had COVID 19 back in March. I mostly binge-watched witchy YouTube videos and crocheted. Luckily, I haven’t gotten sick again.

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