Bastet Altar: How to Set Up An Altar for the Egyptian Cat Goddess

Bastet Altar: How to Set Up An Altar for the Egyptian Cat Goddess

Bastet is the Egyptian cat goddess who blesses her children with protection, prosperity and good health. If you’re a devotee of Bastet and you haven’t set up sacred space for her, now is the time. Here I’ll show you how to set up a Bastet altar mostly using things around the house, plus provide you with her most-beloved offerings.

How To Set Up Your Bastet Altar: Step by Step

Don’t worry about what altars look like online. Don’t even worry about what altars look like in your mind. When you first set up your Bastet altar, focus on the energy you put into it. Yours will be unique from the rest…because it is yours. And Bastet will be happy to have a physical place to visit you.

1. Decide on a Bastet Altar Surface

As you can see, I decided on a small wall shelf as my Bastet altar surface. But you can choose any flat surface you’d like: a nightstand, a book shelf, the corner of a kitchen counter, even a basket under the bed if you’re in the closet about your beliefs. Don’t go out and spend a lot of money on a table. Use what you already have.

2. Gather Your Tools & Supplies For Your Bastet Altar

I always first recommend using the tools and supplies you have on-hand. You can build onto what you have as you move along in your practice. First, gather a bowl and/or a cup for liquid offerings. Most of us have an extra glass cup and/or bowl in the kitchen that can be repurposed for your altar. Next, an image or representation of Bastet is essential. You can find a picture of Bastet online and print it out or a cat figurine works well, too! In addition, an incense burner and incense is useful. As are candles.

I anoint my Bastet altar with oils once every month.
Myrrh oil used to anoint Bastet’s statue and as offering.

3. Cleansing Your Bastet Altar

Once you’ve decided on a surface and gathered your supplies, it’s time to cleanse your Bastet altar. Decide on your cleansing method. I prefer to smoke-cleanse Bastet’s altar using a rosemary or cedar herb bundle. But frankincense and myrrh are also appropriate. If you can’t smoke-cleanse, wiping your Bastet altar and tools down with moon water, holy water, or a lemon-infused water is also effective. While cleansing, visualize divine white light illuminating the entire Bastet altar and supplies.

4. Set Up Your Altar & Dedication

After cleansing, it’s time to set up your Bastet altar. Make Bastet’s image or representation the focal point. Put her at the center and place all other objects around her. Or set it up however you feel called. After the set-up, dedicate your altar and all tools in Bastet’s honor. Say, “may this be a sacred place for Bastet, the Lady of the Ointment Jar. May all offerings and objects here be dedicated in her name, please her, and be for the highest good of all. So be it.”

5. Provide Offerings

Once you’ve set up your altar, consider providing offerings right away. Burn incense, spray perfume, provide a cup of wine, etc. Bastet enjoys creative offerings as well including song, poetry, and dance. I’ve found she particularly likes frankincense and myrrh (incense and oil), red wine, beer, water, catnip (loose leaf herb & tea), candle flame, prayer and chamomile oil. Traditionally, kyphi incense was also given to Bast.

How to Maintain Bastet’s Altar

Once every month, I cleanse Bastet’s altar. I usually do this on a New or Full Moon. I take everything off the altar, dust, then place everything back. In addition, I charge the altar by re-dedicating it to Bastet and inviting her presence in. I refresh her offerings including a small basket of homegrown catnip, burn incense, burn a candle and spray perfume. If I don’t spray perfume on her, I anoint her statue with oil. Either myrrh or chamomile oil.

Altars aren’t just for looks. Talk to Bastet when you need her. But also include her in the good times. She LOVES a good party, so include her in the festivities and always give her a bit of whatever you’re drinking. She was known for her wild parties, particularly women celebrating with wine! Rituals and spells may also be cast at her altar when you are in need of her aid.

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A video showing my Bastet Altar.

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  1. I just started setting up her altar and ordered a few pieces for her. She has my top shelf space as I know cats love high areas. I have been burning dragon’s blood incense and spraying some of my favorite perfume around her altar space nearly every day. I can already feel a powerful but loving presence take hold in my home. I am forever grateful for her divine love and blessings.

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