The 13 BEST Witch Movies of All Time!

BEST Witch Movies & Shows of All Time: 20 of Our FAVORITES

Who captures the imagination and enchants us until we laugh and cry? Witches, of course! There’s nothing like a good witch story, or in this case, movie or show. Here’s the BEST Witch Movies and TV Series of all time! NOTE: some modern witches get offended by certain themes in these movies and shows. Here’s the thing – the “witch” of Hollywood isn’t the same as the witch next door. The Hollywood witch is a character…a fairy tale. So enjoy it and keep it separate from what witchcraft looks like in real life.

1. Hocus Pocus: Why is it the best witch movie of all-time?

When I was a little girl, Hocus Pocus was just released in theaters. The first time I saw it, I was hooked. My friend and I memorized every. single. line. And watched it hundreds of times. It has to be one of the best witch movies of all time because a. Bette Midler and b. corseted witches on broomsticks. Today it has a cult following that goes beyond the size of a cult – it might be more appropriate to call it a religious following!

2. The Craft

Another witch movie I was absolutely obsessed with was The Craft. A much darker witch film, for sure, but the way witches were portrayed in that 90’s grunge style was addictive. One of my dark confessions is my favorite witch in The Craft was Nancy. There would be no movie without Nancy and her walking on water scene.

3. Practical Magic

Yet another of the best witch movies of all time has to be Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. I particularly enjoy the mixture of comedy, romance and the supernatural in this film. Witches are portrayed as a little good and a little bad and VERY entertaining. Can anyone say Midnight Margaritas?

4. Witches of Eastwick

The 80’s and 90’s produced the best witch movies and Witches of Eastwick is one of them. With Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeifer as witches AND Jack Nicholson as the Decil, what more can you want in a witch movie? There are curses, voodoo dolls and all kinds of magical fun to be seen in this classic witch flick. Not a film for the kids though, by any means.

5. Salem

Talk about the best witch show on TV – Salem was my favorite. The first and second seasons were the best. This witch show takes you on an adventure back to the time of the Salem Witch Trials and puts you smack dab in the middle of a Colonial witch war. The period costumes are gorgeous and the magic is dark. You’ll love it.

6. Harry Potter Series

While more on the epic fantasy side, we can’t talk about the best witch movies of all time and not mention Harry Potter. Some people think this series is for kids – I’ve got news for you…I’m an adult and completely obsessed! A few channels play the full series back to back over the weekend at least twice a year. So check your local listings for a Harry Potter marathon.

7. Witches of East End

A show that kept me wanting more was Witches of East End originally on Lifetime. If you love Julia Ormond (of Mists of Avalon fame), you’ll love her as a witch in a small secluded sea-town fighting evil and keeping her magical family safe from harm. Unfortunately, there were 2 seasons produced before being cancelled. But this witch show is totally worth the time!

8. Charmed

While I was never a big fan (don’t hate me), most of my witch friends would kill me if I didn’t add Charmed to the list of all time best witch shows. Three sisters living in an old Victorian house fighting off evil – what could be a better witchy plot? The original show is much better than the re-make, according to many.

9. Sleepy Hollow

There’s something about a good Tim Burton flick that leaves me wanting more. Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci provide us with a gothic Colonial setting, supernatural plot, and witchcraft twists. One of my favorite witch movies of all time and particularly to watch around Halloween.

10. The VVitch

The movie The Witch was a hotly debated film when it came out. Some witches loved it, some hated it. Some were offended by the “evil” stereotype pushed in the movie, while others defended the producer saying he was inspired by and based the movie strictly off of early American folklore. I found it to be frightening and entertaining. Worth the watch and one of the best witch movies (stereotype or not), IMO.

11. A Discovery of Witches

I’ve only just begun watching this show, but A Discovery of Witches is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Based on a trilogy, the main character is a woman with suppressed powers who unexpectedly comes across an ancient grimoire. Which in turn puts her in the path of an ancient vampire clan. Not to mention, the cinematography is quite impressive.

12. Stardust

I’m one of Neil Gaiman’s biggest fans, and Stardust is on my Gaiman favorite list. Stardust the movie is based on Gaiman’s book Stardust, and is one of the best witch movies of all time. The story is so fun and the actors are enchanting. Claire Danes plays a fallen star, while Michelle Pfeifer plays an evil, soul-stealing witch. With otherworldly beings and other dimensions, Stardust is entertaining and fun for the family.

13. AHS Coven

Some people will argue with me, but one of the few seasons of AHS I actually enjoyed was Season 3 – Coven. A coven of witches living in New Orleans, mixed in with Voodoo and serial killers? That’s my kind of witchy movie. Did I mention Marie Lavea and Madame Lalaurie are featured characters? Gruesome and terrifying in some parts but worth the watch.

14. Lovecraft Country

A new and popular series on HBO, Lovecraft Country brings us an all African American cast, with amazing actors, terrifying scenes, and lots of magic! There’s secret magical orders, vampiric monsters, ghosts and much more. The perfect witchy show. And also sometimes terrifying.

15. True Blood

While not seemingly witchy in nature, the longer you watch True Blood on HBO, the more magic you’ll find. Vampires, yes, but also shapeshifters, covens of witches, fairies and much more. Plus the eye candy doesn’t hurt!


16. The Skeleton Key

I love Kate Hudson and she does a bewitching job in The Skeleton Key. The plot goes something like this: an in-home nurse is hired to help care for a dying man. But there’s some sinister sh*t going down in the old Louisiana house, and the man’s wife might be to blame. While not “witchcraft” related, there are elements of Southern Conjure or Hoodoo throughout.


17. The Love Witch

Set in the 1970’s, a beautiful witch is obsessed with love and goes on the hunt for a husband. Using magic and murderous intentions, the Love Witch gets her way. For a time. I specifically loved this movie for the dark humor, vintage decor and for the 70’s wardrobe!


18. Suspiria

From the YouTube description: A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the artistic director, an ambitious young dancer, and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up. Are there witches at play??? Warning! This movie is horror and has gore.


19. Mists of Avalon

I was introduced to this made for TV movie in my teen years in the early 2000s. The first time I watched it, I was hooked. What is this Isle of Avalon and can I be one of the priestesses living there, working with the elements and herbs? This series is based on the books by Marion Zimmer Bradley, and while the author herself has inspired much controversy, the series has lots of mystical and pagan elements.

20. Outlander

If you like time travel, women who work with herbs to heal others, and hot men in kilts, then Outlander is the witchy series for you. While it’s not specifically focused on witches, there are many magical parts as well as witchcraft accusations throughout the seasons. The main character, Claire Fraser, exhibits so many witch qualities that she’s often considered a white witch and healer.

21. The Last Kingdom

Some folks might argue this isn’t a “witch show” necessarily; however, I would argue there are witches and magical moments throughout. In one season, we meet a Volva, a woman of Viking bloodline who claims to “see things” and casts spells. In pretty much every season, we hear about pagan beliefs and gods like Odin and Thor. So, while the show isn’t focused on witches, I still count it as a favorite witchy series.

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  1. Try Lost girl on Netflix. An orphaned girl finds out she is Fae, a Succubus, and must decide to be light or dark.
    Contains the Morrison, Sirens, Vamps, Blood King, Devils and Valkyrie . Great storylines

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