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Our TOP 12 Witchy Blogs On the Web 2024

I don’t know about you, but I love how easy it is to access information on witchcraft these days. Open your phone’s browser and enter your favorite witchy blog’s URL and BAM. Witchcraft resources at your fingertips in the blink of an eye! If you’re looking for new witch blogs to add to your repertoire, here’s our top 10.

How to Know What Witchy Blogs are Legit

With the internet being ruled by Google and its algorithm, it seems many of the witchy blogs that used to hail the first pages are harder to find. Unfortunately, I see more and more “rip off” blogs that have stolen from other websites to “create” their own. I use quotation marks there because you’re not truly creating something that you’ve stolen from someone else. I can think of one particular popular witchy website that steals quite a bit from others…including mine.

In addition, AI is being used by charlatans to build entire witchy websites like witcheslore.com. The entire site looks like a robot created it. Much of the information seems duplicated or repeated…and feels awfully un-authentic. Another problem are website builders who claim to be witches and then outsource their writing to overseas writers who are not practicing witches. I’ve caught a couple witchy “bloggers” in this act. And yet again, we have these “writers” who rip content off from other witchy blogs and think they’re not getting caught.

So how do we know what’s truly written by witches and what’s not? What is an authentic witchcraft blog and what’s false? Vet your sources, first of all. If you notice a blog that seems awfully new and is pumping out all kinds of articles in a short period of time, this is a red flag. If there’s no contact information or author biography anywhere on the website, this is another red flag. And if the information seems repetitive and is rife with misspellings and grammatical errors, this is another red flag.

On to the BEST Witchy Blogs on the Web, 2024 Edition

1. Magical Recipes Online

This is one witch website I’ve been following for ages and it never disappoints. From daily astrological updates to witchcraft topics and every occult concept in between, if you want an awesome witch blog to subscribe to, go to Magical Recipes Online.

2. Flying the Hedge

For all you hedge witches out there who want a go-to hedge witch blog, check out Flying the Hedge. I found this wonderful witchy website on Pinterest, and I continue to visit on a regular basis. Willow, the founder and hedge witch in charge, never disappoints with her blog posts on herbs, budget witchcraft, hedge witchery and so much more!

3. Witch of Lupine Hollow

If you’re looking for a fresh take on modern witchcraft and spirituality, I highly recommend checking out the Witch of Lupine Hollow. First, I have to say, TC Stewart is an all-around sweet lady and an insightful cottage witch. She offers courses and recently started a new YouTube Channel.

4. Penniless Pagan

I often hear witches asking for more information and resources on affordable witchcraft. Look no further than Penniless Pagan! This blog shows witches and pagans how to have a robust spiritual life and magical practice without spending a fortune. One of my favorites is the Matchstick Spell.

5. Raina Teachings

Raina Teachings witch blog offers a more new age, wide approach to spiritual awakening and magick. Ever heard of Enochian magick? Want to know the difference between high and low magick? Raina Teachings offers information and solutions to meditation blocks and all manner of spiritual questions.

6. Green Witch Living

A friend of mine and an all-around free spirit is Feather of Green Witch Living. A green thumb and folk herbalist mix fluidly to bring the witchy community a shop of herbal alchemy and magical supplies. Not to mention her informative blog! In addition, she provides wonderful videos to the public on herbal magick and green witchcraft as well as classes.

7. Mumbles and Things

This witchy blog is a fun one! Mumbles and Things offers witchy education on tools, the sabbats, meditation, and crystals. She also offers courses and printable educational materials. And hey, if you want to guest blog on her website, there’s a submission page for that too!

8. Spirit Nest Blog

The Witches Nest is a well-known witchy FaceBook page, but did you know they also run a shop and blog? The Spirit Nest blog is a great place to acquire some beginner witchy tips on altars, magical beauty, simple routines, and more! And (shameless plug) it’s a blog in which the Otherworldly Oracle has guest blogged a few times.

9. Allorah Rayne, Wayfaring Witch

One of our own resident bloggers, Allorah Rayne, has her own witchy blog over at the Wayfaring Witch. She’s an experienced tarot reader, poignant writer, and does quite a bit of traveling which she is working into her blogging for witches who also travel. Check her out and show some support!

10. The Hoodoo Witch

If you take your magick with a Southern folk twist, you might enjoy The Hoodoo Witch blog. Mixing Hoodoo and witchcraft isn’t always done flawlessly, but the folks at The Hoodoo Witch do a damn good job. Learn how to petition saints, craft Four Thieves Vinegar, and draw money to you on one of the best witch blogs on the web.

11. Eclectic Witchcraft

A blog that I’ve been reading through lately on my personal time is Eclectic Witchcraft. The writer (or writers, I’m not sure) at this blog know their sh*t. This information is authentic AND unique. Quite a few of the articles are original and can’t be found elsewhere online. I’m truly enjoying reading through all the info on Lilith and how to work with dark goddesses.

12. The Peculiar Brunette

One witchy blog that is researched and well-written is the Peculiar Brunette by Amanda. I’ve noticed her website quite a bit on my Pinterest feed and her videos have become popular on YouTube and TikTok, with good reason. A lot of her content mirrors my own, but I don’t mind because typically she has something new and exciting to share on each topic.

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