Witchy Podcasts: 8 Favorites on Myth, Paganism, Lore and Magick

Witchy Podcasts: 11 Favorites on Paganism, Myth, Lore and Magick

Recently, I realized I was running out of music. You read that right. I am in the car at least 2 hours and 30 minutes daily. That’s a lot of music over time. So much so, that Spotify told me I’d listened to three straight weeks of music in one year. SO, I started listening to podcasts. What I found is that there truly aren’t many that are authentic and interesting enough to hold my attention. However, I did indeed discover some diamonds in the rough. If you’re looking for witchy and pagan podcasts, you’ve come to the right place.

Witchy and Pagan Podcasts on Magick and Spirituality

If you’re specifically looking for witchcraft podcasts produced and published by acclaimed modern witches, here are three of our favorites. Note: we may be partial to two of the suggestions, as they are produced by Burning HallOWS Productions (aka Otherworldly Oracle and Wayfaring Witch). BUT we think you should at least give us a try. Wink. Wink.

1. Hippie Witch

Joanna DeVoe has been writing and producing the Hippie Witch podcast for years…long before podcasting was even a legit thing. So, in my opinion, she is truly one of the witchy podcast pioneers. Her energetic spirit and open-mindedness makes her a unique and powerful force. Her show is worth listening to – not just for her quirky anecdotes and knowledge but also for the amazing folks she interviews in the spiritual community. Some of her recent episodes include Finding Purpose in a Daily Practice, Everyday Magick with author Deborah Blake, and An It Harm None with Casey Giovinco.

2. Otherworldly Oracle Official Podcast

Okay, people. This is going to be our shameless plug. We officially ended Season 6 of the Otherworldly Oracle Official Podcast and couldn’t be happier with our listeners! If you like learning about witchcraft, witchy lore, mythology, and all things magick, check out our podcast on your preferred podcast app. We are on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and RadioBreak (to name a few).

Here’s a few of the topics we’ve covered over our 7 seasons: gods and goddesses like Odin and Bastet, witch’s tools like the grimoire and cauldron, myth and lore, famous witches like Crowley and Isobel Gowdie, sabbats (the entire Wheel of the Year and more), familiars, spirits, and liminal places. Among many more!

3. Mimir’s Well Podcast

Mimir’s Well is a Burning HallOWS Production and sister podcast to the Otherworldly Oracle Official. With ONE glaring difference – witchy co-hosts Allorah Rayne and Kitty Fields don’t hold much back in this show. They cover mostly taboo and controversial topics in the witchy and pagan communities including Closed Vs. Open Practices, The Dark Side of Yule, and even The Dangers of Cults. Not suitable for children or for work. But perfect for authentic wild witches. Find Mimir’s Well Podcast on your podcast app or check it out on Allorah’s website here.

4. Rune Soup

Probably the only true “pagan” podcast I listen to regularly is Rune Soup with host Gordon White. His shows are never boring and the content is almost always unique! What other podcast have you listened to that talks about tarot deck creation, Bigfoot, cancel culture AND curses from outer space? Gordon is knowledgeable and an eloquent interviewer. Plus he brings on some very intriguing guests. And I love his trademark question, “were you a weird kid?” Find his podcast on most podcast apps or on his website (where he also has a prolific blog on all things magical and pagan).

Witchy Podcasts: Our Favorites on Folklore

While most of these podcast hosts and creators might not consider themselves witches or their shows “witchy” necessarily, we find folklore and dark taboo history to be PERFECT to satisfy our witchy podcast craving. I don’t know about you, but much of my magical practice centers around folklore and fairy tales. Whether this is you or not, you’ll enjoy listening to these for their educational factor.

5. The Midnight Library

My teenager and I have been addicted to this witchy podcast for the past few weeks. Again, while not necessarily a “witchcraft show”, the folklore and dark history presented in these fifteen to thirty minute episodes will satisfy your auditory yearnings. I found this podcast on Spotify, but it’s also on Apple and other apps too. A few of the topics covered in this delightfully dark, entertaining show: Dracula, Poison Gardens, Haunted Castles, Cursed Ancient Books, Krampus and more! Seriously, I’m addicted to this one.

6. Lore

From their Spotify description, “Lore is a bi-weekly podcast as well as a TV show and book series about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history.” This is also not a show that’s necessarily good for young children. You can find their TV show on Amazon prime. Some of my favorite topics discussed include The Tale of Bridget Cleary, The Jersey Devil, and other superstitions and terrifying tales.

7. Fabulous Folklore with Icy

Perhaps my favorite witchy folklorist online is Icy Sedgwick. If you haven’t come across her blog, now’s the time to go explore here. In addition, she hosts her own folklore podcast which has become a mainstay on my Spotify rotation lately. Not only does she study and explore mythical creatures and entities, but she also goes into some very witchy topics like divination. Go give her a listen!

Mythology Podcasts

If your spiritual practice involves god pantheons OR you just enjoy a good myth, add these pagan mythology podcasts to your list!

8. Mythology by Parcast

While this podcast is admittedly rather rehearsed and sometimes over-dramatized, I have found myself enjoying more than one episode. Namely, I enjoyed the episodes on Odin’s Quest and Ra’s Story. The myths alone are powerful enough to keep you coming back for more. Again, this isn’t a true pagan podcast, but it’s helpful for pagans who honor certain gods and goddesses or who just want to learn about mythology in general. Find this one on Spotify.

9. Nordic Mythology

This is a podcast I just started listening to. So far it’s pretty darn good. Norse pagans and heathens alike should try out Nordic Mythology with Daniel Farrand and Matthias Nordvig. Matthias Nordvig has his doctorate in Nordic studies from the University of Colorado and Daniel Farrand is the co-owner of the Horns of Odin. In this exciting podcast, these two have a chat about all things from the Viking Age and, obviously, Norse mythology. Find them on all major podcast applications.

Paranormal and Cult Podcasts for Witches

While listening to paranormal podcasts doesn’t make you a witch, I’ve found most witches have a fascination with the paranormal. And so, paranormal podcasts are great entertainment and food for thought for us.

10. Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

My daughter and I particularly love Supernatural, a paranormal podcast on Spotify with Ashley Flowers as host. This show goes into deep dives on alien abductions, hauntings, demonic possessions, disappearances and much more. It definitely provides discussion material between my daughter and I AND gives me topics to consider for research and writing purposes.

11. Cults by Parcast

Don’t ask me why. I’m not quite sure of the answer. But I’ve always been a little obsessed with reading and hearing about cults. Why do these cult leaders do what they do? How do they manipulate dozens, sometimes thousands, of people to bend to their will? One of those taboo subjects that many witches find fascinating is wrapped up into a professionally narrated show on Spotify called simply – Cults. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the modern cult NXIVM. But a forewarning here – there is some graphic content in these shows not suitable for young witchlings.

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