Pagan Music for Witches and Heathens

Pagan Music: Our Top 30 Favorite Songs for Heathens and Witches

When someone asks for the best pagan music, what comes to your mind? For me, it can be a variety of genres, bands, and songs. However, I think it comes down to the vibe and lyrics, and the reason the music was made to begin with. The artists’ intention is what makes it truly pagan. And while many of these musicians may not claim their paganism out loud, a heathen at heart feels the spirituality in each drumbeat, each horn blast, each enchanting lyric sung. Without further adieu, here is our favorite pagan music (in no particular order).

Norse, Celtic and Germanic Pagan Music

1. In Maidjan by Heilung

Heilung is definitely one of my top favorite pagan music bands. I admit, the first time I listened to Heilung I was a bit put-off. However, the longer I listened the more I felt myself drawn in. Their music is unlike anything else you’ll hear. They call their music “amplified history”…and it truly is. In Maidjan is one of their best songs, in my opinion, featuring a Norse war motif. Not to mention, the runic chant in the middle of the song that literally puts me into another world.

2. Kvitravn by Wardruna

I’d venture to say Wardruna is probably the most popular pagan music band today. Their songs have been featured on TV shows like Vikings and in the popular video game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Enchanting and powerful lyrics, drumbeats and music inspired by ancient Norse and Nordic traditions, Wardruna is one band you need on your pagan playlists. Kvitravn, meaning White Raven, is one of their newer tunes and one that will transport you through the nine realms.

3. Temple of Odin by Danheim

Personally, I don’t think Danheim gets enough credit. I adore his music. Particularly the song Temple of Odin. One night, I danced in a trance in my kitchen (while cooking LOL) while listening to this song. You may notice in the beginning a woodpecker’s knocking. I danced in honor of Odin. The next day, two woodpeckers graced me with their presence during my walk – one large pileated woodpecker and one small woodpecker on the roof of my house. It’s a magical song, folks.

4. Alfadhirhaiti by Heilung

If you’re a child of Odin, Heilung’s Alfadhirhaiti will quickly become one of your played-out songs. The Allfather has many names, and Heilung does a wonderful job of expressing at least a dozen of those names in this song. After all, Alfadhirhaiti means “the names of the Allfather”. This pagan music is perfect for ritual, meditation and invoking the Runemaster.

5. Wolf Blood by Adrian Von Ziegler

If you’re into Celtic flutes and fierce drums, you might love Adrian Von Ziegler’s music. Wolf Blood is a pleasant combination of ferocity and magic. I keep this song on my playlist for Odin and on my pagan music playlist. It pulls up emotions of long-gone heroic battles and is great for working with Celtic and/or Germanic ancestors in protection rituals.

6. Valhalla Rising by Nytt Land

Don’t pass up a chance to listen to Nytt Land’s tunes. Valhalla Rising graces the playlist that I’ve built for Odin and won’t be leaving any time soon.

7. Helvegen by Wardruna

There’s no other pagan song that makes me cry like Helvegen. Written by Einar Kvitrafn Selvik of the popular pagan band Wardruna, Helvegen is referred to as an Old Norse funeral song or death song. But don’t let that deter you from listening. While that might sound off-putting to some, it’s actually a beautiful concept: of singing to those who are on their deathbed to help ease their transition to the afterlife. And if Wardruna’s version doesn’t do it for you, check out Kalandra’s haunting version of Helvegen and tell me you don’t love this pagan music.

8. The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennitt

We’ve talked a lot about Norse pagan music so far in this article, now it’s time to introduce some of my favorite Celtic music. This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Loreena McKennitt at least once. The Mystic’s Dream opens the scene in one of my favorite movies The Mists of Avalon. It’s an enchanting, haunting Celtic-style song that whisks you away to the ancient lost Isle of Avalon.

9. Running from Wolves by Shireen

Shireen isn’t a musician you’ll see come up on most pagan music lists, which is a shame. I listen to her entire album Matriarch while casting spells and reading oracle cards. My favorite song of hers is Running from Wolves, but you should try out her entire collection. Shireen mentions The Fates (or The Norns) in Running from Wolves and there are markedly pagan themes throughout her discography.

10. Outlander, The Skye Boat Song by Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough

If you’re a fan of Outlander the TV series, you’re probably familiar with the opening song The Skye Boat Song. If you’re not, time to wise-up. My Scottish sisters and brethren will surely add this pagan music to their playlists. It literally whisks you away to a time when the Picts ruled Scotland and stone circles were their meeting place. Perfect for a Celtic or Scottish pagan playlist.

11. The Last Kingdom by John Lunn and Eivor

If you haven’t watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix, you’re missing out. Not only on a fantastic show with Viking/Saxon pagan themes, but also on a powerful soundtrack. Check out the song The Last Kingdom composed by John Lunn and sung by Eivor. This entire soundtrack is played at my house when I’m cleansing and consecrating and when doing past life meditations.

12. Summoning the Gods by Trobar de Morte

The first time I heard this pagan song, I wasn’t quite sure what to think about it. Then again, I felt the same way listening to Heilung for the first time. After giving it a few listens, the weight of the message and energy of Summoning the Gods sunk in…and didn’t leave.

13. Volva by Vinnie Camilleri

My friend and co-host of the Otherworldly Oracle Official Podcast introduced me to Vinnie Camilleri’s music. He’s not well-known in the pagan music industry yet but I predict he will be. His song Volva, in particular, while mostly instrumental will have you swaying or even dancing to the music. Beguiling and entrancing, Volva will become one of your favorites. This artist has other songs in this realm of music too.

14. Fehu by Wardruna

I don’t know how many times I’ve played Fehu while casting prosperity magic. Countless times. I will beat Wardruna into your head if it’s the last thing I do. Put Fehu in your rotation of ritual music, especially when you need to draw money and prosperity your way. Trust me.

15. Traust by Heilung

Heilung claims they are “amplified history”, and their song Traust proves it. The lyrics are actually taken from verses in the Merseburg Charm, which are Old High German incantations from a 9th century spellbook. Pretty bad @ss, if you ask me. And what’s more, they combine these powerful words with incantations from the Galdrabok, an Icelandic grimoire dating to at least 1600. If I could listen to and sing ALL of the ancient and old charms, I would. This song puts you into another time and place.

16. Vega by Danheim

Admittedly, I’ve danced wildly to Vega by Danheim in my kitchen on more than one occasion. You see, I love dancing, singing and cooking simultaneously. Danheim makes music that makes me want to move. Vega is probably the best for busting a pagan groove. Not to mention, Vega means “move” or “movement” in Old Norse language.

17. Running With the Wolves by Aurora

If you love haunting female vocals, Aurora is your girl. My favorite is Running With the Wolves, but you should also check out her song The Seed. She’s toured with Wardruna before and truthfully that makes her a shoe-in in my book. Plus, you can tell how magical and free this lady is by her lyrics and tone.

18. Krigsgaldr by Heilung

Do you want war-mongering music? You want to get pumped up before a big brawl? Just kidding. But seriously, Krigsgaldr gets me riled up a bit. Heilung does that to me overall.

19. Uruz by Wardruna

The rune Uruz is a symbol for the ancient, now-extinct species of cattle called the Auroch. Much of our Norse and Germanic ancestors lived off the meat of aurochs in the old days. So Uruz is a sacred rune and reminds us of survival in harsh times, virility, strength and movement. We had to move with the herd in order to be fed and clothed. Wardruna’s song Uruz is a perfect portray of this nearly-forgotten concept.

20. i Tokuni by Eivor

Eivor. I can’t recommend her music enough. Witchy and pagan all wrapped in one. And while she doesn’t sing in English (in most of her songs), there are English versions of her music. But, honestly, I prefer her songs in her native Faroese and Danish tongue. i Tokuni translates to Into the Mist…and the entire song pulls you into that supernatural place.

21. Norupo by Heilung

Another Heilung recommendation. They’ll keep coming. I can’t stop. Check out this video too because it will keep you hooked!

22. The Mummer’s Dance by Loreena McKennitt: Celtic Pagan Music for Spring and Summer Sabbats

In The Mummer’s Dance, McKennitt reminds us of what it was like to dance during the ancient sabbats – Midsummer or Beltane. This song evokes memories of past lives we didn’t know we lived. Or perhaps we already knew.

23. Wytches’ Brew by Omnia

Many pagans love Omnia. They are different from Heilung and Wardruna, in fact I’d call them a bit more lighthearted and whimsical. Wytches’ Brew is a fun Omnia song.

24. Lupercalia by Faun

I liken Faun to Omnia in many ways. Lupercalia speaks of the ancient Roman fertility festival that’s today known as Valentine’s Day. A fun, whimsical tune to add to your playlists.

25. Trollabundin by Eivor

Trollabundin by Eivor is my last recommendation. Who doesn’t love a song about being spellbound by a wizard? Exactly.

26. Edge of Night (Pippin’s Song) by MALINDA

As a pagan, I tend to gravitate towards music that fills me with images of far-away places and magical beings. Anything related to the Lord of the Rings will always be included in my playlists. But one specific song has a pull on me lately – MALINDA’s version of Edge of Night, which if you recall, was Pippin’s haunting song during a sad scene in the LOTR series. Check out this version, I promise you’ll enjoy it.

27. Tenet by Heilung

YES, another Heilung song will be suggested here. Since originally publishing this post, Heilung has released a brand new album called DRIF. I was lucky enough to see them LIVE in Atlanta last October 2022 and they are phenomenal. Truly an otherworldly experience. Listen to one of the songs on Drif called Tenet. It’s inspired by an ancient palindrome: Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, Rotas. No one truly knows what the words mean but scholars surmise it’s a protective charm.

28. Beltaine by Beltaine

If you’re craving a more Celtic vibe in your pagan playlist, add Beltaine by Beltaine to your repertoire. This song always sucks me in and I play it frequently when working with my Celtic ancestors and gods. Plus, it’s the perfect song for your Beltane sabbat rites. For obvious reasons.

29. Hrungnir (Cyantist Remix) by Danheim

This one is way different than our other recommendations here. The song is Hrungnir by Danheim, but it’s a techno remix by dj Cyantist. This is an AWESOME song, y’all. Cyantist takes a masterpiece from Danheim and spins it into something truly unique.

30. Moon by Omnia

The perfect song to dance under the moon to is Omnia’s song Moon. Omnia has such a way of setting the tone of magic and mystic with their music. I truly recommend Omnia for ritual work, sabbat background music, esbats, and divination sessions.

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  1. I loved all of these! They sound so beautiful- and they are perfect for any time you want to spice up your craft, dance, or just wanna listen to AMAZING music. Thank you so much- though Jonna Jinton’s The Wolf Song is lovely as well!

    1. Oh yes! Absolutely! We actually found your music while searching for material for our Norse witchcraft podcast. Love your work!

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