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19 Crystals for Anxiety and Panic Attacks PLUS How to Use Them

So many of us deal with anxiety on a daily basis. And even for the spiritual ones, we sometimes get lost in the haze and forget we can turn to our spiritual practice for relief. We allow ourselves to get caught up in a negative worry cycle. Crystals are one way of relieving this anxiety. Here are our top 19 crystals for anxiety and panic attacks PLUS the best ways to use their energy.

First, How Do Crystals Actually Work?

Some people believe in the power of crystal healing and some don’t. And that’s okay. But I look at it like this – the earth gives us the tools to heal ourselves. That includes herbs, crystals, food, and experiences. Crystals are some of the purest earth energy you will find, and many spiritual people have used their energies to heal themselves for centuries. The use of crystals magically dates back thousands of years, we even have evidence from ancient Egypt.

Here’s how crystals work to relieve your anxiety. By simply holding the crystal in your hand during meditation, before falling asleep, or by wearing it, you’re allowing the crystal’s energetic vibration to radiate into your own person and space. Everything on earth is made of energy. And everything that is energy vibrates. So do crystals. And so do you. And sometimes we need other vibrations to help us heal. Sometimes crystals will help relieve our stress in surprising ways.

And Now, Our Favorite Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

1. Rose Quartz: Soothing Crystal for Anxiety and Self Love

One crystal everyone should have on-hand is rose quartz. Quartz with a light to darker pink color, rose quartz has a soothing, calming vibe. During a panic attack, this crystal will help calm your nerves while exuding loving vibrations. Carry it in your pocket, purse, or wear it daily! It’s also well known to help in self love and care…opening up the individual to even more love from others and the Universe.

2. Malachite: Transformation Stone

Malachite is a transformation stone. It helps clear negative energy and bad habits while aiding us to focus on the positive. You are able to overcome anxiety when you identify the root of the problem. Malachite helps us with this deep aspect of healing.

There are so many crystals for anxiety and panic attacks.

3. Black Tourmaline: Negative Energy Absorbent

Anxiety comes from a place of fear – fear of the unknown. And fear is negative energy. Moreover, black tourmaline is a crystal that relieves anxiety and panic attacks by absorbing negative energy in one’s aura and environment. I keep a piece on my nightstand to grab after nightmares AND a piece by my computer. It’s also helpful to carry one on your person if you’re going somewhere that you know causes you a certain amount of anxiety.

4. Blue Lace Agate: Peaceful Anxiety-Relieving Crystal

Any light blue stone typically has a soothing vibe. Blue lace agate is no exception to the rule. When I hold blue lace agate, I feel an immediate sense of peace. If you’re emotions are high and your head feels chaotic, hold a piece of blue lace agate as much as possible!

5. Moonstone: Lunar Healing Crystal

Moonstone is connected to the moon itself, therefore it carries healing lunar vibrations. The moon rules over emotions, and when we’re anxious our emotions need balance. Moonstone brings stability and calm. It’s a great crystal for anxiety and full blown panic attacks.

6. Amber: Ancient Crystal for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Amber is considered in the stone family; however, it’s actually a fossilized resin from prehistoric trees. It’s vibrations are great to relax and soothe one’s nerves. It draws pain and negativity from one’s body, mind and soul making it a perfect crystal for anxiety and panic attacks.

7. Smoky Quartz: Fear Lifter

Smoky quartz lifts fear and clears negative thinking patterns. Quartz is a clarification stone, and smoky quartz in particular helps us to identify our problems so that we may work to solve them. It’s also known to lift depression.

8. Garnet: Love Stone

Garnet is linked to the heart chakra as it is a stone of love and passion. A crystal that’s wonderful for anxiety, garnet aids us in working through anger towards ourselves. Often, this anger results in anxiety. Wear garnet to allow more love into your life including self love.

9. Amazonite: Chakra Balancing Crystal

A pretty green stone, amazonite is linked to the heart chakra. It’s the perfect stone to balance chakras and clear out negative energy from the aura. Place it around the bathtub when taking a relaxing bath to soothe anxiety and calm your nerves.

10. Jade: Self Love and Anxiety Relief

Jade is an ancient stone with healing and protective powers. When worn on the body, jade works to relieve anxiety, balance emotions (particularly during a panic attack), promote love and serenity. Place around a green or pink candle in self love rituals to promote self acceptance.

11. Peridot: The Joy Stone

Are you sensing a pattern with the green stones? Peridot is a light green crystal for anxiety and panic attacks. It brings joy and growth within one’s heart and mind. Peridot helps us break through personal blockages, including cyclical anxiety and emotional instability.

12. Obsidian: Grounding, Root Chakra Stone

One of our all-time favorite crystals is obsidian. Particularly black obsidian is beneficial for anxiety and panic attacks. Why? Anxiety is an emotion that gets us all up in our heads – in our higher chakras – making us flighty. To ground ourselves, we need to get down into our root chakras. Obsidian helps us align our root chakra and ground all that extra flighty energy that comes with anxiety.

Having crystals for anxiety includes having crystals for balancing one's chakras.

13. Citrine: The Sun Crystal

I’ve almost always owned a piece of citrine. Citrine is yellow and is linked to the sun’s vibrant energy and our solar plexus chakra. Anxiety can stem from a place of low self esteem or lack of self confidence. Citrine helps boost our self confidence and connects us with a burst of positive, solar energy.

14. Labradorite: Conscious Lifter

Want a crystal that raises one’s consciousness while subsequently relieving anxiety and cleansing negative energy? Then you want labradorite! When we’re anxious, we’re wrapped up in the illusion of fear. What’s going to happen if? What will he say? What will she think? But what if? Labradorite breaks through the illusion of the future and reminds us to live in the present – relieving anxiety.

15. Blue Aventurine: Speak Your Truth

Blue aventurine is connected to our throat chakras, helping us speak our truth. When we hold onto our true emotions and don’t speak up for ourselves, our throat chakras become blocked. In turn, our other chakras are thrown off balance and this can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Blue aventurine, when worn or used in ritual, works to balance our chakras, break through selfish habits, and prevent anxiety before it happens.

16. Green Calcite: The HEART Stone

Green calcite, or what we like to call the HEART stone, is an effective healing crystal in many ways. But it is particularly powerful when it comes to relieving heartbreak and worry. Which means, it’s a helpful crystal in relieving the symptoms of anxiety. It has a soothing, light green color that links it to our heart center, which is essentially the source of our emotional wellbeing. Simply having green calcite around you if you’re feeling anxious or fearful will provide some instant relief.

17. Amethyst

YES amethyst is known as the psychic stone for a reason. But another lesser known fact is its also helpful in relieving frazzled nerves. Particularly at night, right before bed. If you find your mind racing and your worries sky-high when you lay your head on your pillow at night, keep a piece of amethyst under your pillow or on your nightstand. Then see what happens.

18. Selenite: The HIGH Vibing Crystal

This has been one of my favorite crystals for many years. Selenite is high vibrational, which means it’s connected to the Divine and has a pure, almost angelic energy. It’s so high-vibing that it self cleanses and can even be used to cleanse the items near it! In addition, if you’re feeling disconnected or stressed out, holding it and meditating with it will calm your nerves.

19. Caribbean Calcite for Anxiety Relief and to Decompress

I’ve recommended this stone more than once before. But Caribbean Calcite is something fairly new and special. It’s blue and teal tones are connected to the ocean and act as a soothing energy for anyone feeling anxious. Hold it in your hand while relaxing or meditating, or wear it as a pendant to keep your nerves calm. A very healing stone for those who are having a rough time emotionally.

How to Use Crystals to Relieve Anxiety and Panic Attacks

There are many different creative ways to use crystals in daily life. Here are just a few ways you can use these crystals to relieve or prevent anxiety and panic attacks:

  • Wear jewelry with crystals to relieve anxiety
  • Keep the crystal in your pocket OR purse
  • Place crystals and stones around the house to clear negative energy and exude positive vibes
  • Place around the bathtub and take a relaxing, anxiety-relieving bath
  • Put in mojo or intuition bags or bottles to prevent anxiety and promote self love
  • The BEST way to use crystals to reduce anxiety: simply HOLD the stone in your hand and let it’s energy calm yours!
  • Hold during meditation
19 Crystals for Anxiety

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    Thank you so much i am 17 yrs old and i had a test today i knew to get an Amber crystal to use during the test.

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    This is very helpful. I am definitely looking for some of these to help me with my anxiety

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    July 27, 2020 at 1:11 am

    Wow, some crystals on this list that I never had considered for Stress – but upon reading your article I have decided that they are great choices – like Malachite and Garnet! Thank you for these new and great ideas – as usual!

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