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7 EASY Ways to Cleanse Crystals and Stones of Negative Energy

So you just received an order of crystals in the mail and rip through the packaging. There lies the most gorgeous amethyst you’ve ever seen. There’s also a zebra jasper palm stone crying to be held. Your brand new crystals should be ready to use, right? Wrong! Spiritually purifying any new stone or crystal is a must. Here we explain why it’s important to cleanse your crystals and provide 6 EASY ways to cleanse crystals and stones.

Why It’s Important to Cleanse Crystals and Stones

Manufactured crystals and stones have gone through mining AND processing. This includes passing through machinery, buildings, transportation, and dozens (possibly hundreds) of different hands and energies. Crystals give off their own energy and vibrations, but they can also absorb energy from their environment. Just like us! So it’s critical to cleanse your crystals and stones when they’ve come from a manufacturer or shop of any kind. Purifying your new crystals strips it of negative energy and frees it for you to experience its unique vibrations.

Cleanse Crystals with the Elements

Use the four elements to cleanse your crystals and stones. This is the simplest and most effective way, in my humble opinion.

1. Earth

Cleansing crystals with the earth element can be done in a few ways. Bury your new crystals or stones in your garden or in a flower pot. Leave them there over-night or whenever you feel they’re ready. Cover them in a bowl of sea salt for thorough purification. Salt has been used for centuries in many rituals and practices, and it is just as useful in cleansing crystals.

2. Air / Smoke

Cleansing crystals with the element of air is usually done by using the smoke of burning sage, cedar, or some other type of cleansing herb or incense. Take the crystal or stone and wave it through the smoke. Visualize the smoke cleansing the stone of residual energies and filling it with white light, positive energy.

3. Fire & Body Heat

Sometimes its appropriate to cleanse crystals by fire or flame. Many stones change or are damaged in heat, so do your research before exposing your crystals to flames. If you’d like to use your body’s warmth as an alternative to fire, simply hold the stone in your projective hand (the hand you write with) until you feel heat from your body pushing into the stone. Once you let the stone go, it will be very hot. This is when you know your body heat has purified the crystal.

4. Water

To cleanse crystals with water, take them to a local creek, river, spring, lake or ocean. Keep them in your hands or set them in a bowl and let the water wash over and surround them. Imagine all negative energy running out into the water, leaving them clean and clear. You can also use holy water, moon water, or herbal infusions to cleanse your crystals and stones. Simply pour it over the stones or soak the crystals in the water. Take them out when you feel they have been cleansed.

Please Note: some crystals and stones dissolve or dim in the water. Selenite is one example of a crystal that literally dissolves/sloughs off when soaked in water. Do your research before exposing your crystals to water for long periods of time!

Cleanse crystals in the 4 elements or sunlight or moonlight.

Cleansing & Charging Crystals by Solar and Lunar Light

If you prefer, solar and lunar light are also cleansing and charging natural sources. So, if you leave your crystals in the moonlight, not only does it cleanse them, it charges them with lunar vibrations. Same with the sun.

5. Solar Cleanse

To use solar light in cleansing your crystals, leave your stones and crystals in a bowl outside where it will be untouched by human hands but directly in the sunlight. Leave them there for a day or however long you feel it takes to remove the stones’ residual energies. Be careful! Some stones will lose their color if exposed to extreme temperatures/sunlight for too long.

6. Lunar Cleanse

To use lunar light to cleanse crystals, leave the crystals outside be bathed in full moonlight or put them in a windowsill to be touched by the moon light. Full moon light is best when performing a lunar cleansing of crystals. It also charges the crystals while purifying them. I also enjoy cleansing/charging my amulets, talismans and tools in the full moonlight.

7. Eclipses Cleanse Crystals, Too!

If you are lucky enough to experience an eclipse (solar or lunar), this is the most powerful way to cleanse & charge your crystals and stones. Leave them out in a bowl so they soak up the eclipse energy and be cleansed of all residual energy simultaneously.

EXCEPTION: the only exception I’ve found when it comes to cleansing crystals and stones is finding a stone or rock in nature. I.E. a rock in a creek, a crystal stuck in the side of a mountain, etc. If you feel it could have been touched or discarded by someone else, it’s still important to cleanse.

Cleanse crystals in solar or lunar light and it also charges them!

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  1. Margaret

    August 8, 2021 at 4:42 am

    What if it may be from a shop where it could have been spiritually cleansed before? I got some from a shop that sold crystals, candles with Reiki energy in them, and bundles of herbs for smudging?

    1. kitty fields

      August 13, 2021 at 7:58 am

      Im sure many of them do cleanse but how would you know for sure?

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  3. Kbird

    July 30, 2020 at 3:11 pm

    LOVE this! I’m new, so having this spelled out for me and explained in this way was very helpful.

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