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How to Remove Negative Energy from Office Spaces

Working a job can be stressful. Tell me if this isn’t how you feel. You’re cooped up in a building all day, five plus days a week, with little sunlight. You sit in front of your computer screen and barely go outside to re-charge. Maybe you even have a co-worker who visits your cubicle or desk, bringing her drama and negative energy along with her. When she leaves, her negativity lingers in the air and sometimes sinks its claws into you. Then you find yourself in a crappy mood the rest of the day, carrying it home and spreading it to the rest of the family. Time to learn how to remove negative energy from office spaces. 

How to Remove Negative Energy from Office Space

  • Sound: nature sounds, singing bowls, native flutes
  • Crystals and stones
  • White light visualization
  • Essential oils
  • Indoor plants
  • Salt

1. Cleansing Office Space with Sound

You can’t effectively learn how to remove negative energy from office spaces without using sound of some kind. If you have your own office, or if you can stay after hours when no one else is around, play nature sounds to cleanse the negative vibes. Nature sounds with a cleansing effect include:  rain, ocean waves, babbling brooks, and wind. Tibetan singing bowls and Native flutes are great for cleansing negative energy too. Find nature sounds and Tibetan singing bowl music on spotify, iTunes, Pandora, SoundCloud, and virtually any other music service on the market today. If you have your own Tibetan singing bowl, the effect is even more powerful! Try to repeat this routine once a month, if possible. 

2. Energy-Absorbing Crystals

Another easy and effective way of cleansing negative energy from your work space is by using crystals. Some crystals have the unique ability of absorbing negative energy in the environment. My favorites for this job include:  black tourmaline, black onyx, and black obsidian. Black stones and crystals draw in the negative vibes and ground them before they even touch you. Black tourmaline is particularly successful in soaking up negative energy radiating from technology like computers, cell phones, TVs and more. Keep a small black tourmaline stone next to your work computer at all times. 

Positive-vibe Crystals for the Office

When we remove something from the environment, like negative vibes, we should replace it with something else – positive vibes. The best stones for bringing positive vibes into a workspace include:  selenite, rose quartz, turquoise, jade and citrine. Selenite is a high vibrational stone, which means it constantly emits positive, angelic energy. This also means it never needs to be cleansed as it is self-cleansing. Rose quartz is the love stone – it promotes compassion and peace in the workplace (both things every workplace desperately needs more of!) Turquoise helps stimulate conversation and friendly bonding in the workplace, and jade brings feelings of ease in stressful situations. Citrine is an energizer and joy-bearer. You can keep this stones and crystals on your desk, on a shelf, or leave them in a drawer and pull them out when needed. Wearing these crystals to work is also quite effective.

Keep a bowl of crystals for astral projection, etc. by your bedside.

3. White Light Visualization

Let’s say you forget everything I taught you in how to remove negative energy from office spaces. Let’s say you just take ONE thing away from this article. It will be this – white light visualization. This method is as easy as you closing your eyes, breathing in and out mindfully for a few breaths. Imagine a white light that penetrates your entire being and radiates out from your body into the atmosphere around you. Visualize it encircling your desk. This white light acts not only as a protective barrier between you and the negative vibes around you, but it also cleanses you and your space of negative vibes that are already there. Keep the image in your mind for as long as you can. Use this visualization technique as often as necessary. 

4. Essential Oils for Positivity

Here we’ll learn how to remove negative energy from office spaces using aroma. Most of us don’t have the ability to smudge with sage in our office space. A. because most people might complain about the smoke and the smell and B. because it might set off the smoke alarms or fire sprinklers. Then everyone would REALLY be in a funky mood. Instead, consider diffusing essential oils at your desk. This is particularly easy if you have your own office space, but even if you don’t, ask your nearest co-workers if they mind the scent. If diffusing the oil is too much for your co-workers, dab a little bit of the essential oil on your sleeves or sprinkle some on your desk.

Peppermint, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, rose, eucalyptus and orange are all wonderful cleansing essential oils to remove negative energy from an office space. Another effective method is to drop some of the essential oil on a rag or paper towel and rub it over your desk and workspace. Smells amazing and cleanses the negative vibes!

5. Peace-making Office Plants

People often forget one of the best things for a closed space – live plants! You might be thinking, my space is too dark for a plant to thrive. Well, you’re wrong! There are plants that live well in low light and medium light. Plants not only provide us with life-giving oxygen, they also clean the negative vibes out of the air. Some indoor plants that can handle low light include:  ZZ plant, ivy, pothos, philodendron, and lucky bamboo. Peace lilies do well in low light, cleanse negative energy and transmute it into peaceful, loving energy. Perfect for the stress-inducing workplace! Consider this – if you have a co-worker whom regularly causes stress in your life, why not gift him or her a peace lily? Not only are you showing you care about their well-being, but the plant itself will help absorb negative energy before they even leave their desk!

6. Salt

Salt is one of the most effective negative-energy absorbing ingredients there is. No, you probably can’t spread it over the threshold to your office or cubile. However, a bowl of salt on your office desk or even a small container of salt in your desk drawer will work wonders. If it’s in a container, make sure you open the container while you’re there so that the salt can absorb any negativity near you. If you’re allowed to have lamps on your desk, consider a Himalayan salt lamp. This lamp has a nice, relaxing glow to it PLUS the particles it releases are said to cleanse the air of negative energy!

After You Leave Work for the Day…

So many people get caught up in their job as if its their entire life. It’s not. You have more to live for than a paycheck. You are more than a paycheck. You deserve happiness and positiveness and so do your co-workers (as hard as that might be to admit). When you leave your office space for the day, leave the stress and drama behind you too. Don’t bring it home and let it affect your home life. If you are still angry or feeling drained of energy during the ride home from work, when you get home – do yourself and your family a favor. Ground that negative energy by touching the nearest tree or by simply wiping your feet at the door. While you touch the tree or wipe your feet, say to yourself that you’re grounding the negative energy from your office and then let it go. You are free to enjoy your life without your office’s negativity keeping you down. I hope I’ve successfully taught you how to remove negative energy from office spaces. We all need more happy co-workers to work with!

How to Remove Negative Energy from Office Spaces



  1. SNelson

    October 16, 2021 at 11:27 am

    This article was extremely insightful with useful information. I will be able to implement these tools/techniques immediately. Thank you so much!

  2. Dawn Hales

    April 15, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    That was so helpful thank you, I work with a really negative woman who is so horrible to me

    Thank you definitely trying these

    1. admin

      April 16, 2019 at 1:31 pm

      Dawn – Please try these out and let us know!

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