Empathic Spectrum Series: Spectrum & Shielding

The Empath Series: Empathic Spectrum & Shielding

In the Empathic Spectrum Series by Allorah Rayne, Allorah discusses in detail what it means to be an empath, the different forms of the empathic spectrum, how to shield yourself as an empath, how to cut cords and much more.

Is Everyone an Empath?

Every time you turn around someone is proclaiming that they are an Empath. The truth is, we all have the capacity to empathize with those around us, it’s human nature. However, empathic ability exists on a spectrum. The higher on the spectrum you travel, the more the ability is heightened and changes form.

Empathy is the ability to place yourself in someone else’s shoes quite literally. Empathy allows us to cry with someone when they experience loss or to feel a mother’s joy when she first sets her eyes upon her newborn babe.

There are 3 forms of empathic ability including HSPs, empaths and clairsentients.
3 Forms of Empathic ability include HSP, empaths and clairsentients.

The Empathic Spectrum: 3 Forms of Empathic Ability

Empathic ability exists on a spectrum. Within this spectrum are three main categories of ability: High Sensing Person, Empath, and Clairsentient. Though they have similarities, each distinguishes itself from the others in subtle, but important, ways.

Today we are going to look at the 3 most common classifications on the empathic spectrum, how to distinguish one from the other, and basic protection methods for public venues that are applicable to adults.

**Teens and children may experience what is listed here but the empathic spectrum can manifest differently for tiny humans. I will cover this in a separate installment in this article series**

1. High Sensing Person – HSP

The High Sensing Person, or HSP, is the first stop on the spectrum. HSPs have a higher capacity to take in and process external stimuli connected to the five physical senses. They see, hear, taste, smell, and touch things to a far greater depth than non-HSP’s. Ordinary things may cause them great discomfort. For instance, a television turned to a volume of 5 is just as assaulting to their ears as a non-HSP whose television volume is 35. Because of their incredible ability to detect a greater range of external stimuli, they are acutely aware of changes in body language and voice inflection. These traits easily allow them to become dialed in to the emotions of those around them.

An empath is different from an HSP in that they can empathize more with others to a higher level.

2. Empath

Those who are classified as an Empath harness the abilities of the HSP with a few discerning qualities. Empaths can empathize with others more extensively than your average muggle or HSP. One of the things that sets Empaths apart from those below them on the empathic spectrum is they literally absorb the emotions or ailments of those around them.

Physical & Mental Signs You’re an Empath

Another distinguishable sign of an Empath is they suffer physically and/or mentally for no physiological reason. For example, you may have sudden onset of seizures due to emotional overload. While the HSP takes in and processes extra stimuli, an Empath does the same to an even greater extent but, instead of processing, they absorb it. They take on the emotions of others to the point their physical vessel cannot house it all. This leads to build up, which can then lead to illness. DO NOT self-diagnose a physical or mental illness. Always see a medical professional to ensure what you’re experiencing has no physiological basis before concluding it’s an Empath byproduct.

Someone who is an Empath may:

  • Feel drunk in bars when not drinking themselves
  • Feel the illnesses of those with physical ailments within their own body
  • Read the energy and emotions of a person by reading their writing
  • Feel a strong aversion to violent or dramatic movies and TV preferring not to watch them, especially non-fiction works like documentaries and news stories
  • Attract people, even strangers, who tell their life stories and traumas in depth hoping for your guidance and support
  • Experience emotions that have no foundation within themselves. For example, feeling enraged, sad, or anxious without reason.
  • Feel overly drained or overly energized by spending time in public places
  • Affect others with their own emotions
  • Easily see auric fields in detail
  • Attract animals and easily connect with them
Clairsentients gain information about people from the feelings they receive.
Clairsentiene means “clear feeling”.

3. Clairsentience

When empathic ability goes beyond the classification of Empath, we reach Clairsentience. Clairsentience means ‘clear feeling’ and is distinguished from the Empath in a few ways. The most definitive difference is the ability of the clairsentient to gain information about a person from the feelings received. Empathic spectrum abilities are not limited to the living. They also extend to the deceased. One of my personal clairsentient experiences occurred in a graveyard.

A Personal Clairsentient Experience

I knew the family that owned the cemetery and the history behind the people buried there. I was given no information going into the graveyard. I felt the presence of a male child spirit and the presence of a woman standing next to two side by side headstones. I didn’t inspect the gravestones for names. I felt the physical symptoms of drowning from the male and a deep depressive sadness from the female. It felt like the boy had been drowned by his mother. The next day I inquired with the owner of the cemetery and told her what I felt. She confirmed what I had felt about the boy and woman was exactly what happened.

A Clairsentient’s Physical Alarms

Another trait of the clairsentient is to get physical symptoms, and even physical alarms, upon feeling energy shifts. For example, getting gooseflesh when encountering negative energy or emotions. I personally get a vibrating sensation throughout my entire body when my clairsentience is trying to alert me. 

How to Survive as an HSP, Empath and Clairsentient

Being on the empathic spectrum can have a dark side, especially for the unaware. Dealing with your own emotions is tough. Dealing with those of everyone you create an energetic cord to, living or dead, is beyond exhausting. Unaware, or unbalanced, feelers can form addictions easily. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, escapism, relationships, sex, spirituality, food, and anything else you can think of. They can also suffer for years with physical and mental ailments that were never theirs to begin with. The good news is, there is something the empath, HSP and clairsentient can do!

Empaths, HSPs and Clairsentients MUST Shield!

It’s extremely important to learn how to protect yourself and your energetic body if you believe you are a feeler of any kind. The first rule of empath spectrum club is SHIELD! Any social location can be taxing for those who feel more than the average muggle but are inevitably unavoidable unless you’re a complete recluse. Before venturing out into the world, set up a personal shield. When you’re first learning how to create a shield, it’s a process of trial and error. Sometimes it’ll be too thick, sometimes too thin. It takes practice, but once you know how to create your shield, the process takes one to ten minutes depending on the person.

Empaths MUST shield

To create a personal shield:

  1. Ground and center.
  2. Enter a quiet, calm, meditative state.
  3. Envision a bubble, walls, or enclosure of some kind taking shape around you. It can be made of colored light, bricks, metal, or any other constructive material you would like. This is the most difficult step. Remember when you’re constructing that whatever materials you choose translate on an energetic level. If you use bricks or metal, for instance, you’ll feel very little of the world around you. While that may be appealing at first, most empath spectrum feelers find they feel completely unplugged from their world and panic when going from over-feeling to numbness. I recommend using a more pliable material and adding layers if you find it’s too thin and not helpful.

Keep in mind – those you have thick energetic cords to will still be able to penetrate your shield. Parents still feel their children, romantic partners still feel one another, and anyone else you have a strong energetic tie to. If you make your shield too thick, feelings will be muffled but not gone.

How often should I shield?

Your shield can be used on a day to day basis. For this I recommend setting up a pliable shield that you can easily make thick or thin depending who you’re around. You may decide that you love it and keep it on all the time, or you may decide that you only need it for social settings. Once you have your shield in place, simply go about your business.

When you place an energetic shield, you’ll gain greater ability to discern whose unwanted emotions or illnesses you’re picking up on, who’s trying to drain your energy (purposely or unintentionally), and which emotions are TRULY your own. You may be surprised just how many things you carry that don’t belong to you. Do yourself a favor and unpack those unwanted suitcases!

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Coming Next Month in the Empathic Series…

I hope you have gained more insight into empathy and the discerning traits of the three major steps along the empathic spectrum. Coming next month in the Empathic Spectrum Series: Cutting Cords and Transmuting Energy.

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  1. I absolutely love the differences and have been able to tell them as I practice more and more daily. Shielding has become such a priority most days because I work in a fast paced restaurant with many people daily. It is draining. I recently tried the shielding posted and it was very effective! I did not feel as drained the night of and slept great! Enjoyed this very much!

  2. Wow. This was very informative. I used to wonder what those “vibrations” were all about. So much is starting to make sense. The info on shield i could have used decades ago. So much to medidate on

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