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The Empath Series: Cord Cutting and Energy Transmutation

In the first installment of the Empath Series, Allorah Rayne covered what the empath spectrum is and how to shield for those who are HSP, Empath, and Clairsentient. Moving forward in the series, this month’s installment details cord cutting and the transmutation of energy.

What Are Cords and Cord Cutting?

Everywhere we go we are constantly creating energetic connections to others through social exchanges in our daily lives. For those on the empath spectrum, total strangers are compelled to connect with us because we are a beacon to those in need of empathy. These cords are created whenever we engage in a social interaction that requires our emotional energy. And often cord cutting is necessary for our wellbeing.

Cords Vary in Strength…

Cords created between us and other individuals vary in strength. The more we engage with someone emotionally, and the closer we become, the stronger the energetic link (cord). This bond allows those on the empath spectrum to gain greater information at a more rapid rate about an individual through feeling.

Toxic Relationship Cords

The connection between family members, partners, and close friends are typically the strongest and most complex emotional bonds we carry. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to sever a toxic relationship with those closest to us no matter how bad the situation gets. But there is good news – you are in total control.

Cord cutting is a helpful practice for empaths.

Cord Cutting Exercise

Below is an exercise in cutting cords:

  1. Ground and center yourself in an area you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes
  2. Visualize your etheric (energetic) body and the cords that run from you to those in your life. Some will appear as thin strings, some as thick ropes, and some as metal chains perhaps. The way the cord appears to you will give you insight into the strength and health of your connections.
  3. If you are unsure who the cord belongs to, follow the cord to the other end to discover whose energy is attached on the other end.
  4. Once you have analyzed your connections, select the ones that no longer serve you and visualize yourself cutting these cords. You can visualize a giant pair of scissors, a chainsaw, an athame, or any other cutting tool you feel you need to employ based on the size of the cord.
  5. You can choose to cut thin string connections all at once as they are relatively easily to dismiss. Thicker connections take more time and energy. In fact, they may take more than one cord cutting to release – especially if they belong to someone who is or was close to you.
  6. While you are in visualization say either out loud or in your mind something such as: “I release what no longer serves my best and highest interest. I am grateful for what this connection has taught me but now I leave you with love for your best and highest good.”
  7. When you have finished this process, analyze your etheric body again to ensure you’ve cut all the cords you wish to release.
  8. Roll your head from side to side and open your eyes when ready. You should feel refreshed and a whole lot lighter!

How Often Should You Practice Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting can be, and is most beneficial, when done every day. If you have a morning or bedtime routine or ritual, work it into that. When you first start it can take 15-30 minutes to complete but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do it more quickly.

Energy Transmutation

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed someone upset and wish you could lessen their pain? Calm someone who is angry or agitated? Make someone smile who’s having a bad day? For the empath spectrum gifted, energy transmutation is truly possible.

Transmutation & Distance

While cord cutting is effective, it isn’t always practical when you’re out and about. People on the empath spectrum have the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. Energy transmutation can be done over great distances though, the further apart you are, the longer the delay. It’s like how the internet existed on dial up. Even though you’re connected, the individual pages (or in this case energies) are slower to transfer. The fastest transfers take place when two people are in the same place at the same time.

A healthy empath practices energy transmutation often.

How to Transmute Energy

  1. Visualize in your mind’s eye the etheric bodies of you and the other person you are wanting to assist. Create a cord between yourself and the other person. Take note of what their energy field looks like. I personally see energy in color.
  2. The cord you create will act as an energetic vacuum. When you are ready, extract the funky energy from their energetic field as best as you are able without depleting your own energy.
  3. Visualize the negative energy coming through the cord to you. As it comes, place it in the chakra you most connect your empath spectrum to. For some this is the heart, but the solar plexus and sacral chakras are quite popular for empath spectrum folks as well. I use my solar plexus.
  4. As the energy comes into your empath spectrum chakra, visualize that your chakra is open, active, swirling and transforming this negative energy to positive energy. Do this by thinking of the opposing energy to your negative energy. For example, if someone is agitated or angry, transmute the energy to calm or peace.
  5. Your chakra should beam so bright it almost appears white hot during the transformation process. Do not rush this process as you do not want to get stuck taking this energy into yourself. Make sure it is completely transmuted before the next step.
  6. Once you have shifted the negative energy to positive energy, send the energy back to the original owner. Visualize the positive energy traveling back down the cord your created and into the person’s auric field and chakras. I usually aim for the heart or solar plexus along with casting a bubble over their auric field.
  7. Once you have finished, cut the cord you created to ensure that you don’t carry their emotional state with you in any way.

Best Ways to Use Energy Transmutation

Transmutation is great for is temporary relief until other healing modalities, such as reiki or counseling, can be obtained. This is also not a substitute for professional help from a medical doctor of any kind.

Cases Where Transmutation Isn’t Advised

This method is not a miracle cure for those with deep emotional wounds. Do not employ this technique in the instance of those with co-dependent tendencies. If you have co-dependent tendencies, you’re better off employing a different method called energetic grounding and flushing (which is next month’s installment). If, at any point, you attempt transmutation and you feel uncomfortable, stop. That’s a sign that you aren’t ready in some way to undertake this process.

It Takes Practice!

The process of transmutation takes a lot of energetic focus and concentration. It can wear you out if you are not well practiced. Start small and work your way up to more intense emotional transmutation attempts. I have practiced cord cutting and energy transmutation for years and I have seen it work lots of times. But, like anything other skill, it takes practice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get your desired result the first time, keep trying, and I guarantee you’ll hit your mark.

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Energy transmutation and cord cutting are two effective practices for those on the empath spectrum.

About Allorah Rayne, Wayfaring Witch

Allorah Rayne is a practitioner of amnestic wayfaring witchcraft and has been part of the online spiritual community since 2012. Her introduction to Tarot was the age of nine and she pursued more intensive learning at fifteen. Allorah is the founder of Wayfaring Witch © where she offers occult readings, mentorship, and supplies. She is also the co-founder of Spread This, Witches!, a community centered divination organization. Contact Allorah on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube or by E-mail at


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  5. 2-Leaf Clover

    December 5, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    I’ve tried to do the cord cutting but I still feel smothered by emotions when I think of my ex-boyfriend. It’s been over 6 months that e made it clear he was done. After 15 years I’m still so devastated & I feel so betrayed from all the secrets he kept from me. Still, I feel compelled to call him (even tho he has me blocked on everything)! Am I that co-defendant that I can’t let go of a jerk that’s treated me like crap for more than 10 years?! I’d take him back if he ever came for me- KNOWING what an unhappy life I had with him. Since we broke up my whole world seems darker & heavier. I feel like I have a negative attachment on me 24/7. I lost 30 lbs- now I’m so skinny I look sick- (That has gotten better, as I’m up 8 lbs). I cry at the drop of a pin, stay cooped up in my room. My daughter & grandbaby live with me. I lost my job- I’ve done it for 18+ years & now have no interest in it anymore.

    I also buy stuff I don’t need. It makes me feel better for some reason. Like I saved so much money on pink zebra duct tape but what am I going to do with 6 rolls?

    Do u think I need mental help? I did express my concerns to my dr & she just said, “You’ll get better! You don’t need him anyway!”

    But I feel like I am slowly dying without him. It’s the worst heart ache Ive ever felt in my life. I’m 49 years old so been around the block a few times…

    Is there a way one of you kind folks could visualize cutting my cord to George? I have pics If that helps… I gotta get better. I can’t stand myself! Also, if anyone knows how to draw away heavy energy off me I’d love u forever! I am willing to send my cell # or what ever personal info or belonging I’d need to get back to my old self!
    I’ve been soaking in a salt bath for 2 hours, nxt I’m going to smudge my self. I can’t concentrate long enuf to meditate or I’d love that!! I’m a nervous energy person with anxiety & I just want my space right now.
    Thank you for blessings or prayers you might send my way! I’m so interested in learning more about this!
    So shall it be! ✌🏻🌙❤️⚖️⚜️🍀☯️✨
    Blessings to you & sorry about writing the book! Desperate for understanding at this point.

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