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Button, Scissor & Needle Magic: Old School Ways of Bringing Change

No need to spend hundreds on magical tools and ingredients. And why? Because you already have everything you could ever need in your house! In this article, we teach you how to do button magic, needle spells and how to use scissors in your magic. These are mostly old American folk magic customs with some modern adaptations. And if you love to sew, you’ll most definitely enjoy our suggestions.

Button Magic

Who knew buttons are magical little tools? Our ancestors did, of course! Did your grandmother or aunt keep a tin or container of random buttoms? Mine did and gifted to me. At the time, I wondered why a tin of buttons was so important. Now I know. If you were blessed with a tin of buttons from your family, keep it and make use of it!

Button Magical Properties

Why are buttons magical? Think of their physical function – they keep clothing and linens closed….therefore protecting what is underneath from weather, illness, dirt, etc. So automatically, with buttons think protection and comfort. Also, buttons are tools that sit on a threshold. YES. The threshold between us and the outside world! So they are also useful in spirit work.

1. A Button Magic Charm Necklace

Back in the day our ancestors collected and saved buttons. If you have a collection of buttons, you can make a magical button necklace. Or what was once called a wishing necklace. For each button you string onto the necklace, pray over it your intention. Different colors for different intentions, etc. Make it fun and be creative!

2. Button Magic With Bags and Bottles

Buttons are great to add to shaker jars. When you shake the jar, they make awesome sounds! For me, part of the allure of a shaker jar is not only the prayer while shaking, but the sensory stimulation. The sounds release energy along with your prayers. Also, buttons can be added to spell bottles and bags. Again, choose colors and styles matching your intentions. Think of the button’s job in the spell as “buttoning” up the situation.

3. Button Superstitions

Gifting buttons to newlyweds, or anyone for that matter, brought luck to the receiver. But buttons weren’t always lucky to our ancestors. Back in the day, if you came across a black button in your path, NEVER pick it up! It was supposedly a sign of bad luck or a curse. I don’t think most of us come across buttons in our paths but if I do, I’ll be sure to leave it where it lies.

4. Warding Evil Spirits and Witchcraft with a Jar of Buttons

Place a cup, bowl, or jar of buttons next to your front door to ward off evil spirits and witches from coming into your home. They will be forced to stop and count the buttons, therefore being distracted from their original intention of intrusion. This is an old folk magic technique.

Button magic is an old school form of folk magic

Needle and Pin: Magical Uses & Properties

If you enjoy sewing, you’ll be happy to know needles and pins also have magical uses. First, their magical properties. Needles and pins are small phallic objects. So they can be used in fertility magic! Pins and needles also have an ouch factor to them; therefore, they can be used in protection and baneful magic. And to “penetrate” or “stick a pin” in a situation. Here’s a few ways to use those sticky little things:

1. Needles and Magical Sewing

A far obvious way to use needles in your magic is to enchant them and use them to patch up holes in clothing, create poppets, tarot bags, herbal pillows and more! They also work cohesively with button magic. Simply cleanse them and charge them in the moonlight. Be sure to only use them for your magical sewing purposes, though. Use separate needles for mundane tasks.

2. Pins in Candle Magic

Ever hear of carving your intentions into a candle then burning it? Needles and pins can be cleansed and used to carve symbols, letters, numbers, shapes, etc. into the candle’s wax. In some traditions, pins are stuck directly into the candle for various baneful purposes. BUT they can also be used if you’re burning a large candle in a period of multiple days. Section off the candle and put pins into each section to determine where you’ll stop the candle spell each time you burn it, until it’s all the way burned.

Pin and needle magic is as simple as pinning a cushion to vent your frustrations!
Jab your pin cushion to release frustration!

Scissors: Magical Properties and SIMPLE Folk Rituals

Using scissors is another old school form of sympathetic magic similar to needle and button magic. Sympathetic magic is basically when you use like to attract like. So we use scissors to “cut” through situations and sever ties that bind. Here’s a few examples of folk scissor magic:

1. Labor Pains and Scissors

In the U.S. Deep South, scissors are used in folk magic and medicine. Granny midwives in Florida placed scissors under a laboring mother’s bed to “cut the pains”. If you’re in pain (any kind) and laid up in bed, you can do the same!

2. Scissor Magic and Cord Cutting

Ever hard of cord cutting rituals? Cord cutting is a meditation / visualization where one tunes into their aura and locates emotional and mental “cords” or ties to other individuals. These cords can hinder one’s growth and even cause emotional blockages and illness. Using scissors to visualize cutting your cords is helpful, but obviously be careful and keep your eyes open while doing so!

3. Scissors in Practical Magic

In addition to using scissors in sympathetic magic, they obviously have a practical use as well. Cleanse and charge a separate pair of scissors to use in harvesting herbs from your garden. Use enchanted scissors with magical sewing of poppets, spell bags, cloaks, tarot bags, and more. If you need to cut petition paper, string, and many other spell items, scissors can be used in place of a traditional athame or boline.

Buttons, needles and scissor magic is simple and effective.

Make Button Magic, Needle and Scissor Magic Your Own

Remember, your magic is unique to you and your practice. Use your creativity, your heart, and your passion to use scissors, needles, and buttons how you deem fit. Try different ways to use these household tools in your magical practice.

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