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8 REAL Reasons Your Magic Fails and How to Fix It

What happens when your magic frustratingly doesn’t work? You put your intention out there, you gathered the ingredients, you timed it right, and then you performed the ritual. And then you waited. Nothing happened. OR the opposite of what you wanted was the result. There could be many reasons, but we teach you the 8 main reasons your magic fails PLUS how to fix it below!

When Your Spell Goes Flop…

You’ve plotted, planned, gathered, cast, and waited. And waited and waited. Nothing happens. Truly, having a spell or ritual fail happens to everyone. To the best of us. While other times, we see results almost immediately. Why is this? There are many reasons, of which we will detail below, but I want to first say to you – don’t be so hard on yourself if your spell flops. No one is perfect and magic takes practice. Sometimes it comes naturally, other times it’s likened to squeezing juice out of a potato. Dust yourself off and try again, witch.

Eight Reasons Your Magic Fails

1. No Follow-Through

Something I’ve seen a LOT in the online magical community is people who perform rituals, cast spells, and then wait for their intention to manifest. And wait. And wait. Then they ask if they can do the same magic again expecting the initial intended result. My question is – have you followed through with fueling your magic in the PHYSICAL realm? What I mean by this is – you can perform a new job ritual but if you don’t follow it up with footwork like applying to jobs, networking, etc. this is a reason your magic fails. Intention and energy in the spiritual realm must be mirrored with intention and energy in the physical realm. As above, so below.

2. Not Enough Energy Raised

This kind of goes along with number one, but sometimes not enough energy is raised during the ritual process. For example, how many times (honestly) have you made a wish and blown out the birthday candles and the wish ACTUALLY come true? Yes, there’s energy with the thought in your mind then the action of blowing out the flame, but is that enough to set into a motion a big wish? Learn how to fix this problem in the last section.

3. You Second-Guess Yourself

Not knowing what you truly want and casting a spell or performing a ritual for your intention is a great way to have nothing happen. Or to have your magic do something different than you imagined. Make sure you know what you want before making magic to acquire it. If you think you’ll second-guess yourself, don’t do the ritual or cast the spell.

4. Magical Recklessness

It’s the new thing that everyone says. “It doesn’t matter as long as the intention is there.” Sorry, I hate to break it to you. But magic is more than that. Sure, intention is HUGE. But if you’re wanting to manifest real results, you’ll probably be calling on help from allies: gods and goddesses, ancestors, guides, angels, and/or energy from plants, crystals and the elements. Each have their own consciousness and energetic vibrations. Always acknowledge and understand the energies you plan to work with to make your magic. Don’t call on two goddesses from two different pantheons during a love ritual if you don’t know them intimately. Research the supplies and tools you plan to use.

Magical recklessness may make your magic go awry in many ways. Not to mention it can sometimes be physically dangerous – i.e. you ingest a plant that may be toxic or interact with a medication you’re taking. Or you didn’t research how to safely use charcoal disks and loose incense and start a fire! Do your due diligence, folks.

5. Attracting the Wrong Energy

The fact of the matter is this – there are entities out there that are attracted to magic. It’s like a bright light and they’re the moths. Don’t let those moths get into your sacred space. For this reason, I always remind people cleansing, sealing, and warding practices should be done on a regular basis. If you’re making magic and not cleansing before and sometimes after, you may attract the wrong kind of energies and they can mess with your magical results! It can get messy.

6. Not Understanding the WHY

This reason your magic fails goes hand-in-hand with being magically mindful (and not reckless) – understand the WHY behind your magical rituals, charms, etc. Why are you taking this ritual bath? Why are you smudging the house? How do these herbs work to open your third eye? Understanding the WHY is CRUCIAL to magical success and manifestation. Always question things – always question yourself!

7. Stuck in a Negative Mindset

If you’re making magic but you’re a negative person, and you’re expecting positive results, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Shocker, right? What we think becomes reality. If you’re constantly living in a state of fear, anxiety, depression, etc. you’re blocking your own magic! Fear disconnects us from the divine – from the universal energy that we tap into when we make magic. When we make magic and are overall a positive, forward thinker, we are connected to the divine and allow energy to flow freely. Therefore, manifestation baby!

8. It’s Just Not the Time

The last reason your magic fails may be a bit disappointing, but it’s true nevertheless. Sometimes you can do all the magical things right and still see no results or different results than you expected. It doesn’t matter if you did everything perfectly, the magic doesn’t work. This is because its just not the time for you to have that expensive car or move to a new state. The universe, your guides, your gods and ancestors, etc. all look out for you. And sometimes what you WANT to happen isn’t what’s BEST for your growth. So…MAGIC BLOCKED.

How to Fix Your Failed Magic

Addressing each reason for magic failing, here’s how to fix the problems:

  • No Follow Through: when you do something that sets your intention in motion in the spiritual you should feed or fuel your magic in the physical. Looking for a new lover? Put yourself out there! Go to social events, sign up for those dating sites, etc. Don’t be lazy, y’all!
  • Not Enough Energy Raised: just saying a chant over a candle and letting it burn might not be enough energy to manifest your intentions. Raise more energy by chanting over and over, by feeling the energy in you and around you and channeling that into your ritual. Dancing, singing, praying, and visualization are all great ways to raise energy for magical purposes. Then channel and release it! Sometimes it’s helpful to cast a spell and repeat it 3x over. Some witches even do the same spell for 7 to 9 days. Or more. Consider repeating to generate more power.
  • You Second Guess Yourself: here’s how to fix this problem. Know what you want and why you want it, clearly. Then once you’ve made the magic, don’t second guess it. If you second guess yourself, maybe you shouldn’t have made the magic to begin with.
  • Magical Recklessness: there’s been many times I’ve intuitively put herbs and stones together for a ritual without looking up every single herb’s “properties” and the spell has worked. But this is also because I’ve already worked with these herbs and stones and understand their core vibrations. If you have no clue what an herb is used for or its energy, do your research first. The same goes with invoking gods and spirits – research and develop a relationship with those deities before invoking them into your inner circle. Just a little time and effort goes a long way magically!
  • Attracted the wrong energy: this is why it’s so important to set up a regular magical maintenance routine for protection! Magical maintenance should be done monthly including: a full house cleansing, self cleansing, sealing of thresholds, and warding (warding can be done every 3 months). When you make magic, ritual or spells, you should cleanse before the ritual and set up some form of magical protection (shield, cast a circle, call in your guides, something!) Otherwise you run the risk of letting the wrong spirits in.
  • Not understanding the WHY: if you don’t understand why you’re doing something, why do it? Just because a book or someone told you to do it this way? That’s a sure-fire way to miss an important aspect of magic. Always ask why.
  • Stuck in a negative mindset: this seems like a difficult one to break through, but it’s actually quite simple. Change the way you think. What you think, you create and become. Recognize when you’re having a negative thought and redirect your mind to something positive. Being stuck in a negative mindset will negatively affect your magic and your life! Also, meditation, exercise, sleep, and eating well help break out of negative mindsets.
  • It’s just not the time: recognize it might not be the right time for you to have what you are asking for. The universe has other plans. Try again later!
Eight Reasons why magic fails and how to fix it

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