3 POWERFUL Attract Love Spells and Rituals

5 POWERFUL Attract Love Spells and Rituals

In this post by Allorah Rayne, she presents us with 5 powerful attract love spells and rituals. Timely just before Valentine’s Day and Lupercalia! Please see the end of the article to read more of Allorah’s writing and where to learn more about her practice.

Valentine’s Day IS Lupercalia

It’s that time of year again! Some of us love it and some of us loathe it. Valentine’s Day. The day of love, sex and, for some, loneliness. Well, the good news is I’m about to enlighten you on the pagan origins of Valentine’s day and how love magick isn’t just for the coupled.

Valentine’s Day has pagan roots in the Lupercalia festival. Lupercalia was an ancient Roman festival held around February 15th each year, filled with sexual debauchery to release fertility and healing in the hopes of warding off evil spirits and cleansing the city. If you can’t get on board with the consumerist notions of Valentine’s day, perhaps you’d like to celebrate Lupercalia with some good ole fashioned attract love spells.

A Note on Love Spells & Ethics

Love magick is controversial when a practitioner wishes to cast a spell to bring a lover back to them, break up a relationship, or to dominate a love interest. Personally, I’ll cast love magick with my partner’s permission, but I choose not to cast love spells which affect another person because of my personal ethics. The core of love spells affecting another is, for all intents and purposes, an attempt to control their mind. For me, that just sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary drama and responsibility I don’t want. However, many people have no issue whatsoever in casting love spells which affect other parties.

Solo Love Spells Are Powerful!

Love spells aren’t restricted to romantic partnerships. They include self-love, fertility, and sex (masturbation) magick which can all be performed solo. I have no ethical qualms with this type of love magick. In fact, some of the most powerful workings I have ever cast have been solo love spells. Try the O Method, which is a self love (sex) ritual practice that’s recently gone viral on WitchTok. So in honor of Valentine’s Day/Lupercalia, here are some attract love spells you can perform pulled from various styles of witchcraft.

Attract Love Spell #1: Cauldron of Love

This spell is a spell with no designated target. It falls under the category of solo love magick. Sometimes we wonder why we aren’t meeting the right person or continuously find ourselves in bad relationships. Sometimes we become so focused on what we DON’T want that we forget to tell the universe what we DO want. This spell will help you effectively communicate your desires to the universe.


  • Cauldron
  • Pink, white, and red chime candle
  • Rose petals
  • Petition paper and pen
  • Come to Me Oil
  • Van Van Oil
  • Attraction Oil


  1. Write down everything you want in a partner including physical, mental, and emotional characteristics
  2. Fold the petition paper and write your name three times in each direction, one over top of the other
  3. When your petition is finished, anoint it with a drop of each oil
  4. Place rose petals in a ring around cauldron
  5. Carve your name on all three candles (you can also include a personal power symbol)
  6. Anoint white candle with Van Van Oil
  7. Dress pink candle in Attraction Oil
  8. Dress red candle in Come to Me Oil
  9. Place all three candles (chime) into cauldron (fix to cauldron by melting the bottom of the candle until the hot wax can adhere to the cauldron)
  10. Recite Psalm 45, Psalm 23, or your intentions over your altar and petition
  11. Light all three candles in order of white, pink, red
  12. Hold your intention and place your petition paper in the flames to send it into the universe
  13. Burn candles completely and divine the wax if you wish
  14. For disposal, I have found that natural running water works best for this working to continue to charge it with flowing energy

Attract Love Spell #2: Self Love Ritual Milk Bath

Self-love ritual baths are just like Valentine’s Day – they are something we should be celebrating all year long but tend to slack on as life gets chaotic. We are often too busy going and doing that we forget to stop and celebrate/honor ourselves. This ritual bath is designed to give you a moments pause from all the craziness and remember that you are spiritual creature having a human experience. And remember, when we love ourselves we open ourselves up to love from others.


  • Self-love herbs: white and pink roses, lavender, chamomile, angelica root, rue, tea, unicorn root, lovage, lemon grass, patchouli, passionflower, etc.
  • Muslin bag or empty tea bag
  • Music playing device
  • Two cups of milk
  • 1 cup pink Himalayan salt
  • Lavender, rose, rose geranium, frankincense, basil, bergamot (a mixture of at least 3) essential oils
  • 1 oz. of coconut oil
  • 4 white pillar candles


  1. Place the 4 white pillar candles around the bathtub and light
  2. Run the bath water and place muslin bag, essential oils, milk, and salt under the running water
  3. Stir the bath clockwise and recite an incantation designed to bring in self-love and connection to the universe
  4. Turn out the lights and turn on meditative music
  5. Submerge yourself into the water
  6. Close your eyes and focus on feelings of confidence, gratitude, connection, love, and achieving your highest self while releasing what weighs you down
  7. Remain in the tub as long as you need to feel revitalized
  8. When finished, drain the water and throw the used herbs back onto the earth
  9. Tip: remain naked or in as little clothing as possible until the following morning if possible

Attract Love Spell #3: Sweet Jar

Sweet jars (aka honey or sugar jars) have existed among Hoodoo and other folk practitioners for years. The aim of a sweet jar is to sweeten a situation or person to you. This can be a lover, a friend, a co-worker, or a situation that you need to work in your favor. For the purposes of this article, we will explore a sweet jar meant to ‘sweeten someone to you’ romantically who is not an ex-partner.


  • Jar with lid
  • Honey, sugar, molasses, or syrup (the stickier the filler, the slower but longer-lasting affect the jar will have)
  • Plate or small piece of tin foil big enough to slide under the jar to catch candle wax
  • Red candle (chime)
  • Photo of Mary or The Lovers Tarot Card
  • Herbs for love attraction: roses, lovage, hawthorn, high john the conqueror, cat nip, magnetic sand, whiskey, hibiscus, lavender, etc.
  • Personal Concerns: photograph, hair, fingernails, or anything that signifies the person you wish to sweeten to you
  • Lodestone
  • Van Van Oil
  • Come to Me Oil

NOTE: These ingredients are just a base. Get creative with your jar. Anything that is considered to be sweet, or symbolic of sweetness, can be added for power. For example, a candy heart that says, ‘Be Mine’ or dirt from a wedding venue.


  1. Focus on the person you wish to sweeten
  2. Place jar with lid off onto plate or tin foil
  3. Place photo of Mary or The Lovers tarot card onto your altar
  4. Place all ingredients into the jar including 6 drops of Van Van and 6 drops of Come to Me oil
  5. Fill jar with sweetener leaving 1/3 of the jar empty and the top
  6. Seal the jar with its lid
  7. Inscribe candle with targets name and other symbols for attraction
  8. Dress red candle with Come to Me and Van Van Oils
  9. Melt the bottom of the candle just enough so that you can fix it to the top of the jar
  10. Recite Psalm 45 or recite your intentions however you wish to do so
  11. You may also wish to clap, chime a bell, drum, use a rattle or whichever way you choose to breathe life into your spell work
  12. Light the wick of the red candle and allow to burn fully
  13. When the candle is finished, divine the wax if you wish
  14. Continue to shake or rock the jar every day for as long as you wish it to work

Love Spell #4: Aphrodisiac Aroma

What is an aphrodisiac? An aphrodisiac is a food, drink or other item that causes sexual desire or attraction. Can’t a perfume or cologne do the same thing? Think about how that old lover made you swoon when he/she walked by wearing a sensual perfume. Now, YOU are going to emulate this.

Beauty Spell #1 Ingredients:

  • Your favorite perfume
  • To perform on a Waxing or Full Moon

Beauty Spell #1 Instructions:

  1. First, think about where you want to attract a lover. You’ll perform this beauty spell directly before traveling to that place, wherever that may be (a restaurant, club, meeting, workplace, etc.)
  2. Next, be sure to do this on a Waxing or Full Moon (day or night). After you’ve showered, stand in the mirror with your favorite perfume in hand.
  3. Visualize beauty and sexual attraction literally oozing from your pores. Now, hold your perfume in-hand, visualize it glowing with vibrant Reddish-pink light.
  4. Say “sacred perfume I wear today. Help me swing and sway. And attract the right lover’s attention as it may.” Say this 3 times total.
  5. Spray the perfume three times on your body – once on your neck and one spray on each wrist.

Attract Love Spell #5: Essential Oil on Leather

If you don’t own a leather bracelet or tie, now’s the time to get one. You can find them cheap online and in stores. I use a simple leather band that ties around my wrist for this beauty spell.


  • Safe topical essential oil associated with beauty and love (i.e. lavender, rose, jasmine, etc.)
  • Leather bracelet/band
  • Full Moon


  1. This is a different variation of the aphrodisiac aroma spell in number 1 but uses an essential oil and a charmed bracelet.
  2. First, leave your bracelet and essential oil to charge in the light of a Full Moon.
  3. Next, on a day when you want to feel extra beautiful and attractive, dab a few drops of the essential oil onto your leather bracelet/band. (if you’re concerned about the oil being safe topically, mix it with a carrier oil such as olive or sunflower oil first)
  4. As you put the bracelet on your wrist or tie it around your arm, say 3 times, “by band and scent, I consent to allow the universe’s beauty to use me as residence. For today and always.”
  5. The rest of the day, wear your perfumed band, and tell yourself how beautiful you truly are – inside and out.

Wrapping It Up…

Though this is just scratching the surface of love magick, they are each spells that I have used and can vouch for as being successful. Love or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to magickal practitioners of the power that love holds for each of us whether we have a partner or are flying solo. Love magick does not require a partner and can be done at any time of the year. I personally do not know a more potent or important spell working than spells that aim to increase love for one’s self.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and maybe even learned a little something. Happy Lupercalia to you all and I’ll be seeing you next time!

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