The O Method: What is it and how to do it to manifest

The O Method: How to Manifest With the Power of Your O

A big trend on witchtok in recent months is this thing called the O Method. Supposedly lots of young witches are using this mystical practice in order to manifest their intentions and every desire. From bringing in more money to haunting a future lover’s dreams. But what in the heck is the O Method? And is this something new or has it been around since the first time the first witch cast her first spell? Here we’ll find out what the O method actually is and explore how to use this magical practice to manifest YOUR every intention!

First, What IS the O Method, Exactly?

First, let’s define the O Method. The O in O Method stands for orgasm. The O Method is when an individual uses the power of their orgasms to push their intentions into the Ether in such a way that it manifests in this physical reality. When we get down to it, the O Method is nothing new…although the recent trend on WitchTok makes it seem like something new and noteworthy. The O Method is essentially sex magick…repackaged. It is using the power of the energy that is built up and released during sex or masturbation in order to manifest one’s needs and desires.

You might be thinking this sounds silly, but hear me out. Nearly every ritual or spell we perform or cast is made up of intentional, focused energy. When we release that spell upon the world, the energy is released and sent to its final destination to bring about whatever change it is you wanted in the first place. Sex magick (the O Method) works in the exact same way. Except it is using the power of the body and mind to manifest those intentions instead of items like candles and crystals. Although, technically, these spell ingredients could be added to your atmosphere while using the O Method.

What is Sex Magick? The Bare Bones (The Basics) of the O Method

So let’s break the basics down. How does a single orgasm generate such power? Sex magick is a form of magick that has been around for (probably) thousands of years. We know it’s been actively and openly discussed since Aleister Crowley began discussing it in the early nineteen hundreds. I would venture to say his version of sex magick probably looked a lot different than what we are doing today (for reasons I won’t get into here but you can read my article on him here). Today, the O Method (a.k.a. sex magick) relies on the energy generated during sex or masturbation to fuel a spell or magical intentions. Our bodies are sacred. They are powerful in so many ways, and sex is just one of the many ways we can use our bodies to make magick.

Having healthy, regular sex is beneficial to the body, mind and soul in many ways. For the body, sex lowers blood pressure, boosts our immune systems, helps us sleep better and reduces our risk for heart disease ( In the spiritual sense, sex aids in opening and realigning our lower chakras including the sacral and root. And when these chakras are in alignment, we feel grounded and rooted in Mother Earth. We allow our creative juices to flow easier too (juice pun intended). As for our emotional health, being intimate with a partner physically and emotionally allows us to trust and confide in that person. We join our bodies, minds and souls.

Manifest THESE Intentions

There are certain intentions that are easier to manifest with the O method than others. This is because this form of magick tends to draw things towards you rather than ridding you of things. One of the popular intentions going around WitchTok was to have “him dream about you” later that night. A few young women claimed after using the self O Method, the target gentleman dreamed about her that same night. I believe with the right amount of energy and focus, you can make anything happen with this method.

Here are a few intentions you can manifest using this powerful ritual:

  • Drawing new love into your life
  • Increasing passion and lust in a relationship
  • Drawing money and prosperity to you
  • Creating new pathways to career success
  • Breaking through blockages
  • Healing anxiety, stress, etc.
  • Manifesting beauty in all forms
  • Increasing psychic abilities

Intentions that I would NOT focus on with the O Method include things like releasing rituals, cord cutting rituals, banishing/exorcising, return to sender / reversal spells, cursing, etc.

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Perfecting the O Method With Yourself, First

Obviously sex with yourself will be a little different than sex with a partner. All the power lies in your hands or toys. The choice is yours. But the key is to have an intense orgasm, and if you can hold off for awhile, even better.

  1. Choose the right timing to align with your intentions (i.e. the waxing moon to grow your bank account, bring new love, etc.). Or choose one of the fertility sabbats like Beltane for an extra bang for your f*ck.)
  2. Cleanse yourself and your space (if you can) beforehand (optional) and any toys you might choose to use. This means a cleansing ritual bath or shower and also smoke-cleansing or clearing the space in which you’ll pleasure yourself.
  3. Next, turn on music or whatever gets you in the mood. While you’re setting up your space, visualize your intention manifesting. Or already have manifested. Hold this image as long as you can. You can say it out loud or even chant it too.
  4. While you masturbate, envision the power in your body melting/merging with the power of your heart and mind. See it or feel it as a divine, brilliant bright liquid building up inside of you. Once you feel the intensity of this, visualize your intentions again.
  5. Then as you climax, release your intention and your vision and power at the same time as your body releases.
  6. Your intention and energy has now burst forth from you into the world.

Before Making Sex Magick With a Partner

There’s two preliminary things to consider with sex magick: is your partner willing to aid in your magical endeavors? Or will you make magick without your partner knowing? In this regard, some folks say we’re getting into moral issues. I say if your partner is going to have sex with you anyway and is having a good time, why do they have to know you’re harnessing your orgasm as a means to manifest? HOWEVER, if your partner is down to get down and manifest your intentions along with you, even better. Tip: hang onto that person!

How to Manifest with the O Method with a Partner

Okay let’s talk about sex baby. How do you use sex or the O Method to manifest your intentions? There’s a few different ways, but here’s my recommendation:

  1. Choose the right timing to align with your intentions (i.e. the waxing moon to grow your bank account, grow your love for one another. Or choose one of the fertility sabbats like Beltane for an extra bang for your f*ck.)
  2. Cleanse yourself and your space (if you can) beforehand. This means a cleansing ritual bath or shower and also smoke-cleansing or clearing the space in which you’ll do the naughty.
  3. Set the mood with music, aromatherapy or incense, or whatever gets you and your partner in the mood (obviously some people aren’t into gushy stuff like romantic music. If you prefer whips and chains, I’m not here to judge. Go for it.)
  4. Before you and your partner begin, visualize your intentions manifesting. Whatever it is that you want to happen in your life, see it in your mind’s eye. See it as if it’s already happened. Hold that image for as long as you can. It’s best to do this before having sex, because you’ll want to focus on your partner at that point.
  5. If you enjoy lingerie, match the color of your teddy or thigh highs with your magical intentions. For example, green or gold for money. Red to ignite passion.
  6. Next, let the night or moment unfold as it will. Focus on pleasing your partner and in turn being pleased. Revel in the moment. Don’t worry so much about your magick. You don’t want to focus so much on your spell that you forget your partner. The magick is in the energy and intimacy generated between the two of you. Also you might not reach climax if you’re constantly focusing on your magical intentions.
  7. The big moment here, and when you’ll push your intentions into the universe, is when you reach climax. Envision your intention like a wave or a ray of light moving down from your crown to your root chakra. Then when you reach climax, release it into the universe at the same time. This is the O Method.

Magical Ways to Increase Your Libido

What if your sex drive is lacking? What if you just don’t feel the urge but you’re still interested in sex magick? The higher your libido, the more power that will be behind your O when you release it. So, if the libido is lacking, try boosting your drive in a few natural ways. There are some magical and mundane ways to increase your libido and help attract your lover:

  • For men: take ashwaganda gummies, get better sleep, eat more bananas and avocadoes, drink more water, exercise and raise your vibrations
  • For women: drink red hibiscus tea, lavender tea, bathe in lavender, damiana, drink more water, cook and serve aphrodisiacs to your lover, exercise and raise your vibrations
What is the O Method? Plus tutorial

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