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Spell Timing: Times of the Day to Cast and Manifest

Being drawn to the moon is a good thing, but it doesn’t help to have to wait for the moon phase to change if you need to cast and manifest today. Correspond your magick to the days of the week OR learn how to use the times of the day. Here we teach you spell timing for the sunrise, noon hour, sunset, midnight and witching hour to perform rituals and cast spells.

Spell Timing: POWERFUL Sunrise Magick

If you’re an early riser, getting up for sunrise won’t be difficult. But if you’re not an early riser, you might have to change your routine to cast some powerful magick with the sun’s waking hour. How does the sunrise fuel our intentions? “It’s always darkest before the dawn”, according to Florence Welch. So if you need to start something new and have the sun shine its light on a dark or confusing matter, this is potent sunrise magick. Sunrise magical intentions include: new opportunities, new love, peace, healing, new friendship, career change or promotions, financial relief, and spiritual enlightenment.

Amplifying Noon Spells and Rituals

I’ve always look at the noon hour as splitting the day in half. Noon and midnight are liminal hours (in-between hours). Noon hour magick is about balance but it can also be used to amplify any magical intention, particularly when drawing things to you like love, success, money, etc. Begin any intentional drawing spell before noon and end it at the noon hour. Any intentions to get rid of something or banish something start at the noon hour and end after (i.e. banishing bad habits, toxic relationships, etc.) The noon magical hour brings balance to any situation and amplifies any intention.

Sunset Spell Timing for Saying Goodbye

Any chapter of your life you’re ready to release can be done so at sunset. When the sun sets on the day, it will also set on your old way of life, old relationship, old job, etc. If you need to bury a spell or its remnants, its wise to bury it in the west, where the sun will set on it daily. Sunset magick is all about saying goodbye and banishing things from your life. It can bring peace and healing, as well as protection from enemies and intrusion. Sunset magical intentions include: banishing, binding, healing, protection, peace, rest and more.

The Midnight Hour for Spell Timing

The midnight hour has long been associated with the paranormal and witchcraft. Midnight is the start of a new twenty-four hour day AND it seems to be the time when the spirit world begins to stir. The energy changes when midnight rolls around. Similar to starting intention-positive spells before noon and ending at noon, you can do the same with midnight spells. And conversely, to banish or get rid of something start at midnight and finish after. When the hour hand of the clock is moving up towards 12, we grow intentions. When they’re moving down towards 6, we cast releasing intentions.

The Witching Hour: Folklore and Divination

Have you ever had a string of nights where you woke up at 3 AM every night? There’s something powerful about the hour between 3 and 4 in the morning. For centuries this hour’s been known as the Witching Hour. It’s also called the Devil’s Hour and the Un-holy Hour according to old folklore. The most paranormal activity, including spirits, ghouls, vampires, and witches sabbaths, were once said to happen between three and four AM. There are many theories why this hour is so formidable, needless to say, if you are awake during the Witching Hour, cast a circle (or create sacred space) and throw some tarot cards or runes down and see what happens! The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is truly at its thinnest.

And Yet Another Way to Do Things…

If none of these times work for you, there’s yet another way to cast your magick – numerology. Each number, therefore time of day, has its own sacred meaning. Research what each number means and coordinate your magical intentions with the number/hour of the day appropriate. And again, if this doesn’t work for you, maybe you have certain times of the day that are sacred to you. Use those, too!

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Spell Timing: Times of the Day to Cast and Manifest


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