Fairy Knot Magic: A Witch’s Ladder to Attract the Fay

At Beltane, the Green Man returns to the woods bringing fertility and wild growth. The fairies also make their grand return. But if you live in the suburbs or city, how can you attract the Fay if you don’t have an innately wild or natural setting close-by? Here we teach our Bella Donna members how to make a witch’s ladder to cast fairy knot magic that will attract the Fay to your suburban yard/garden OR city balcony/windowsill.

Fairy Knot Magic: Make a Witch’s Ladder for Garden or Window

Fairies love a few things in particular: gardens, wildlife, wilderness, sweets and shiny things. With that in mind, if you live in the suburbs and have a small garden or yard, you can hang this witch’s ladder there. If you live in the city, hanging it from a balcony or in a window will attract the Fay too! Just be careful where you’re inviting them in…they are mischievous creatures.

What You’ll Need:

  • String, ribbon, or twine (2 ft or more – it depends on how long you want to make your witch’s ladder)
  • Trinkets: small sparkly items to attract the Fay (5 for every other knot you’ll make or 9 for every knot)
  • Some examples of small trinkets for your fairy knot magic include: seashells, crystal pendants, sun catchers, feathers, bells, beads

How to Make Your Fairy Witch’s Ladder

  1. Gather all materials and cleanse your space if you so choose.
  2. Turn on whimsical music or nature sounds if you’re inside (if you can be outside to make the witch’s ladder, even better!)
  3. Start by making a knot at one end of the ribbon, while knotting the ribbon say “By knot of one, my fairy spell has begun” and add your first trinket to the knot.
  4. Then moving down the ribbon 3-5 inches approx. Tie a second knot and say, “by know of two, good folk I call on you.”
  5. Move down another 3-5 inches approx and tie your next trinket into the third knot and say, “by knot of three, at my garden/windowsill/balcony live free.”
  6. On the fourth knot, say “by knot of four, ye witch’s ladder is your door.”
  7. On the fifth knot add another trinket, tie and say, “by knot of five, with your help may my magic thrive.”
  8. On the sixth knot, tie and say, “may my garden/window/balcony act as your betwixt.”
  9. On the seventh knot, add another trinket, tie and say, “by knot of seven, may my garden/window/balcony be a serene, fairy heaven.”
  10. On the eighth knot, tie and say, “by knot of eight, sweet fairies, come now and don’t be late.”
  11. On the ninth knot, add your last trinket and say, “by knot of nine, my fairy spell is true and divine.”
  12. Then say, “so be it.”
  13. Hang your fairy witch’s ladder in a tree in your garden, from your balcony or windowsill to attract the Fay.

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    I live n the mountains an I know I’ve seen fairys

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