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Beaver Moon Meaning Plus 3 Moon Rituals to Change Your LIFE

The last harvest has passed. Mother Earth is retreating into herself in preparation for a long Winter ahead. And even though Samhain the sabbat is over, the season of Samhain continues and the ancestors continue to walk among us. In the United States, many of us are celebrating Thanksgiving and showing our gratitude for our family and the prosperous years we’ve had. In addition, around this time in November is the Full Beaver Moon. Here we’ll learn of the Beaver Moon meaning, offer some powerful full moon rituals, and magical correspondences.

First, What is the Beaver Moon Meaning?

Where did the name Full Beaver Moon come from? Is this an ancient name for the Full Moon or something more modern? The Beaver Moon meaning is just about how it sounds – a Full Moon in which the beavers take to their shelters to over-Winter. The Full Beaver Moon occurs in the month of November. This year, in 2023, the Full Beaver Moon will occur on November 27th in the Northern Hemisphere. Which makes it the Full Moon following the powerful last harvest sabbat we call Samhain.

The Full Beaver Moon is a name that was given to this particular Full Moon because of the activity of the Beaver but also because this was a time when trapping beavers was easiest. It’s pretty brutal to think of such a thing now, but at one time, beaver pelts were used to keep indigenous and early settlers warm during the Winter season. There are other names for the Beaver Moon depending on the indigenous tribe and region of North America including the Digging Moon (think of foraging animals), Whitefish Moon (fish spawning season), Deer Rutting Moon (deer mating season), and Frost Moon (it’s getting chilly!).

The Full Beaver Moon’s Unique Energy

Every Full Moon is powerful and unique in its own way. The Full Beaver Moon meaning is potent and lends itself to the rare energy that occurs on this night. Similar to the Full Hunter’s Moon, we feel an urge to manifest…to “catch” the positive energy of what we’ve been after in our careers and relationships. We feel that last push to harvest our intentions before the Winter season comes. There’s still lots of ACTIVE energy in our environment and in our minds and souls. The more passive energy will come next month when the Winter Solstice approaches.

What happens on a Full Beaver Moon? What can magical people expect of that night?

It should go without saying that if you are a magical individual and also work in the community, to be prepared for emotions to run high. And for things to be a little chaotic. Most nurses and police officers know Full Moon nights tend to be the busiest and craziest each month. And the Full Beaver Moon sandwiched between Samhain and Yule? I can guarantee there will be some lunacy on the road and in community facilities. If you can schedule your shifts around the Full Beaver Moon, I recommend it!

On a Full Beaver Moon, not only are human beings pulled in different directions because of the strong lunar energy, but so is the wildlife and any spirits roaming about. A long time ago, we talked in detail about how the Full Moon affects paranormal activity. About how the Full Moon brings the waters closer to us which in turn brings the spirit world closer to ours. Water is a vehicle for spirits, ancestors, gods, and the like. So it makes sense how the Full Beaver Moon would increase spirit activity…particularly being during a time when the “veil” is already thin. In addition, this might be a time when you might honor the Alfablot, the Norse ancestral ritual of sacrifice. Making this Full Moon a connection to the ancestors, as well.

Are you a witch or magical practitioner? Here’s what to expect…

I know there’s plenty of folks who believe our ancestors only visit around Samhain the sabbat proper. That is a very powerful time and allows for the doors between this world and the spirit world to be opened easily. However, believing only Samhain is an ancestral time is adhering onlly to a Celtic viewpoint. In other cultures, particularly Norse and Germanic, the veil was thinnest the nearer we approached the Winter Solstice. So, don’t think that those ancestors are leaving right away, they’ll likely be just as active on this Full Moon as the last. And on through Yule.

The week leading up to this Full Moon, you’ll likely experience some restless nights of sleep. Dreams about spirits, ancestors, and the dead may arise. You might notice little signs being sent to you like angel numbers, songs that remind you of someone you lost, and animal omens. Divination like Tarot, runes, and pendulums are a great way to easily speak to your ancestors and familiars on this Full Beaver Moon. You might also feel an urge to clean and declutter the house one more time before Winter hits. And to start your preparations for the Winter Solstice / Christmas holidays.

The Beaver prepares for Winter by sheltering at this Full Moon.

Full Beaver Moon Magical Correspondences

The Full Beaver Moon in November has its own potent magical correspondences of which you can weave into your daily routine and rituals on this night to amplify your intentions.

BurdockCandlesAnimal omensObsidianBeaverBrown
ValerianMoon WaterSelenomancySeleniteWolfRed
MugwortBath SaltsTarot CardsAngeliteOwlYellow

3 Powerful Rituals Harnessing the Beaver Moon Meaning and MAGICK

The Full Beaver Moon is a time to dig into your last bit of Autumn energy to manifest your desires and achieve your goals before Winter comes. Here are three different Beaver Moon rituals to consider, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Full Beaver Moon Ritual: The Beaver Bag to Bring in More Money

Let’s face it. The economy worldwide isn’t the greatest. And some of us are struggling to make ends meet. If you haven’t tried money magic yet, now’s your chance on the Full Beaver Moon. The powerful harvesting/manifesting energy on this Full Moon should be used to your advantage! Here’s one of my favorite Full Moon Money rituals:

What You’ll Need:

  • A small sachet or muslin bag
  • Dirt from the yard/parking lot of a bank (if you can only acquire a rock, that works too!)
  • Goldstone
  • One dollar bill
  • Marker/pencil

What to do:

  1. Gather your supplies. Cleanse your space and yourself as you see fit.
  2. Turn on music, light incense, and provide offering if you feel it’s necessary.
  3. Mark your one dollar bill with a x300 or x500 (whatever amount you are looking to acquire quickly) and visualize this money being deposited into your bank account while rolling the dollar bill towards yourself.
  4. Place the dollar bill into the small bag.
  5. Next, sprinkle a palmful of bank dirt over the dollar bill, still visualizing and/or speaking out loud your intentions. I recommend coming up with a chant or prayer before casting the spell, that way you know what you’re going to say and you can even have it rhyme which puts more power behind your working.
  6. Last, place your goldstone in the bag and tie it shut.
  7. Place the bag where you feel it will draw the most energy i.e. on the front door, near your computer or in your office, or carry in your purse until the money is manifested.

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Full Beaver Moon Cleansing Ritual to Prepare Your Home for Winter

One of the most effective ways of preparing for Winter and adding a sense of peace to the household is to do a cleaning/decluttering/cleansing on the Full Beaver Moon. Yes, the Full Moon is for manifesting, but this particular Full Moon lays the foundation for the Winter holidays and season to come. So…cleansing is more than appropriate.

What You’ll Need:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Trash bags and boxes
  • Smoke cleansing herb bundle
  • Broom

What to Do:

  1. Open the windows and let some fresh air in.
  2. Start by decluttering your home: cabinets, pantries, closets, garage, attic, etc. Get rid of trash and donate reusable, gently used items to your local thrift store/charity.
  3. Then clean your home from top to bottom: windows, window treatments, dusting furniture, dusting fans, wiping down baseboards, light switches, doorknobs, cleaning linens, fluffing pillows, etc. until you feel your house is the cleanest its been in a season! While I’m cleaning, I enjoy listening to magical music, burning incense, and diffusing essential oils to really make it feel like I’m shaking up old energy.
  4. Last, cleanse your home spiritually with a smoke bundle, bell, broom/besom, or simmer pot. Whatever you feel drawn to use to cleanse your home of negative energy, do it.
  5. Then invite back in positive energy and your guides for the rest of the season into the Winter season.

Full Beaver Moon Ritual to Manifest Career Success

As the year draws closer to the end, many of us look back at what we’ve accomplished so far. And some of us wonder if it’s time to make a career change or push for more in the career we are in. Use the Full Beaver Moon as a time to manifest your success…wherever that may lead you. Try this ritual bath:

What You’ll Need:

What to do:

  1. Gather your supplies. Cleanse your space as you see fit.
  2. Turn on music, light incense, and provide offering if you feel it’s necessary.
  3. Draw your bath, all the while begin to think about what career success looks like to you. Focus on those thoughts and imagine what you will look like in a powerful, successful position.
  4. Add the salt, chamomile, and moon water to the bath. With each ingredient, tell it what its job is. For example, “salt is for purifying my body, mind, and soul. Chamomile is to bring me success this Fall. And moon water, connects me to the Moon Full.”
  5. Soak in the tub. Close your eyes and really see yourself in the position of your dreams – really think about how you would look, the money in your bank account, the home you’ve always wanted, etc. Speak your goal out loud 3 times.
  6. When you’re ready, ascend out of the tub and dry yourself off from feet moving upward. You’re drawing prosperous career energy from the earth into your aura.
  7. Clean out the tub and throw the chamomile in the compost OR bury it in by the front door.

More Magical Activities for the Full Beaver Moon

The sky is the limit when it comes to all of the magical things you can do on a Beaver Moon. Here are a few more ideas to harness the magick of the Beaver Moon Meaning:

  • Divination to speak with one’s ancestors
  • Make Full Moon Water and save for future rituals
  • Charge your crystals and tools in the moonlight
  • Study your moon sign and its meaning to your life and magick
  • Make an Esbat Full Moon Feast and invite your friends over
  • Mirror scrying to see into the Spirit realm or see the future
  • Foraging: be like the animals preparing for Winter and go foraging for magical items
  • Cleanse and refresh your altar to prepare for Yule / Winter Solstice
  • Go for a walk in the forest, graveyard, park, or to the crossroads
Full Beaver Moon Meaning in November and Rituals

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