Moon Sign Meanings: Plus What the Moon Represents in Astrology

Moon Sign Meanings: The Moon’s Power & YOUR Moon Sign

The Moon has long fascinated humankind and guided us along our evolution. It has guided night voyages by sea and has been the subject of many legends and truths such as the turning of werewolves and the birth of more babies than any other time of the month. The Moon in astrology, and more specifically, within the western astrological natal chart, is just as mesmerizing and awe inspiring. Here, we explore what the moon means in astrology, plus define all moon sign meanings.

What does the moon in astrology represent?

The Emotional Self and Relationships

It is who we are at our deepest emotional level. Everything that exists beyond the surface. The moon’s placement within our natal chart can show us what we deeply care about and how we are most likely to respond to situations and relationships emotionally. It can also show us how to cope with our own emotions as well as our toxic coping mechanisms. In intimate relationships, knowing your moon sign and its inner workings enables you to find a partner who compliments your temperament. For example, if your moon is in a fire sign and your partner’s is in a water sign you may either balance each other out or completely misunderstand one another emotionally. Knowing your moon sign and the moon sign of others is also helpful to understand the inner emotional workings of your relationships with parents, children, family and friends.

Cycles of Life and Nature

We can see the cycles of birth, life, and death within the phases of the moon. Astrologically, we can also derive our internal cycles by the moon’s placement within our natal chart. The moon is associated with water and is responsible for cycles in nature. Its gravitational pull affects the water on earth. Everything from the tides to the emptying of the womb, whether by menstrual cycle or by the birth of a baby. Humans are also 70% water. It’s no coincidence that every nurse and doctor know that full moons bring chaos.

Feminine energy and Maternal Influences

The moon is the cosmic symbol of the womb and is associated with many goddesses across the globe. If you follow any type of path that involves goddess worship you have no doubt heard of the triple goddess. The Moon is a cosmic symbol for the maiden, mother, and crone in it’s new, full, and dark phases. Astrologically, we can tell what kind of relationship we will have or have had with our biological mother or primary mother figure by the moon’s house and sign. We can also gain a sense of what we may be like in a motherly role.

The Subconscious and Intuition

If the moon is responsible for everything beyond the surface than it’s no surprise that the subconscious is included within the moon’s domain. Our psyche, dreams, and intuitive abilities are all linked to the moon. Astrologically there are multiple planets, placements, and aspects that can help you interpret your natural psychic abilities and the moon is certainly counted among them. The house and sign the moon resides in can show you what type of dreamer you are (vivid to seemingly non-existent), how you handle things on a psychological level, and the best avenues by which to access your intuitive gifts.

Childhood and Basic Needs

The moon in astrology can also reveal the type of childhood you have likely experienced. The house, sign, and aspects to the moon show where on the childhood trauma spectrum you call home – from tumultuous to happily ever after. It also is a symbol for what your most basic needs are, how you seek to fulfill them, and if you are likely successful at doing so in your adulthood. These are things you enjoy and that bring emotional fulfilment. The moon in astrology can also reveal if your most basic needs in childhood were unfulfilled or neglected by your primary caregiver.

How do I find my moon sign?

Your moon sign is calculated in your natal chart by your birth date and time. The moon changes signs approximately every 2.5 days. If you are a born on a day when the moon changes signs knowing your birth time is important for calculating an accurate moon sign. For example, the moon changed from Pisces to Aries on my birthday but because of the time I was born, I am a Pisces moon by 1.5 degrees. There are a load of free natal chart calculators on the internet but I find the calculators at and to be the most versatile and accurate. Astroseek also has a moon phase calendar that can show you the sign of the moon for every day in the month you were born to determine if/when the moon changed signs on your day of birth. If you’re unsure of your exact birth time and the moon didn’t change signs on the day you were born, you don’t need your exact birth time to know your moon sign.

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Moon Sign Meanings: What Does Your Moon Sign Say About You?

Aries Moon Sign Meaning

Those with an Aries moon put a great deal of stock into the ability to express their emotions and creativity authentically and openly. They are independent self-motivators who are impatient and hot tempered at their worst and passionate activists and trail blazers at their best. Either way they must expel the fire inside them or spontaneously combust. Aries’ moon people have a basic need for action and to be challenged. They are passionate in their pursuits and must have everything yesterday. Dependence, or even relying on others in group settings, is usually seen as a weakness or an offense to these fire moons. Aries are also highly competitive and may become bord easily if their emotional world is too predictable or steady. They may start debates and arguments for self-entertainment. When suffering, Aries moon folks prefer to handle their problems in solitude without input from the outside world.

In childhood, it is likely that these natives were forced by their maternal figures to become independent from an early age. They may also see their caregivers as independent, passionate, impatient, and highly volatile. On the flip side, those with an Aries moon are super protective as parents and personify the lioness protecting and teaching her cubs. Aries moon mothers will ensure their children are independent from themselves but will also be ready to go to war on their behalf when necessary.

Taurus Moon Sign Meaning

The Moon sign meaning in Taurus is capable of reaching its highest expression and potential under this sign. Those with this moon sign have a love of comfort, pleasure, luxury, and materialism. Taurean moons struggle with change because they like being in their comfort zone where they feel the most safe and secure. Because Taurus’ native house is the house of acquisition and value, Taurus moon people are often emotionally affected by personal objects. They can become attached to material goods and have problems releasing items which hold emotional significance. The acquisition of items also makes people in this moon sign feel a sense of stability and control emotionally. Those with a Taurus moon likely invented the phrase retail therapy. This combined with being an elemental earth sign makes property ownership important to these individuals. In their negative, these natives can become hoarders due to their fear of lack and scarcity of resources. However, these individuals are naturals at drawing resources to themselves and are great manifesters if they can stifle their fears.

You will also find with Taurean moon individuals that they either have a solid and unshakable sense of self-worth or struggle to define their value to the world. When suffering, these individuals will seek to indulge in debauchery, overeating, overspending, and just going overboard in general. However, they are practical in their emotional approach and tend to deal with their issues and meet their needs well alone. They will also engage in creative pursuits such as visual art, music, and writing to work through their emotional obstacles.

The maternal figures to this moon sign are likely archetypical homemakers providing all the comforts of childhood. In the negative, your maternal figures may have been exceedingly stubborn and hard to deal with when your point of view was different from theirs. You may view your mother as stable, steady, and secure. Conversely, you may view your caregivers as someone who put their own comfort above yours in childhood. As maternal figures, these moon signs will be devoted to their children, have a romantic air about them, and be a warm, tranquil, and comforting presence.

Gemini Moon Sign Meaning

The sign of duality brings its trademark quality to this moon sign meaning. Those with their moon in Gemini flow easily in social settings appearing laid back and laissez-faire. However, they are also prone to volatile shifts in mood though if you’re not in their inner circle, you likely won’t see it. Gemini moons are most fulfilled when they are investigating their external world and making connections between ideas and/or people. Gemini is an elemental Air sign and ruled by Mercury. The Gemini moon mind must be stimulated at all times and loves to juggle multiple things at any given time. They are insatiable in their curiosity and talk more than most other signs as communication is of utmost importance.

Gemini moon individuals suffer from emotional restlessness more so than most other signs. When they become emotionally restless they will seek to reinvent themselves. Gemini moons also tend to suffer from anxiety and stress and will unwittingly manipulate people by aiming to please them. They will tell you what they think you want to hear vs. what is actually the truth. They are also indecisive by nature simply because they have no issue changing their opinion on a matter when given new information. In fact, Gemini moon people often suffer from feeling deeply misunderstood because often times they have don’t even know what they want or need on an emotional level.

Those with this moon sign meaning see their maternal figures as those who provided mental and emotional stimuli and activities in childhood. You view your maternal figures as people who are less motherly and more like an annoying sibling that you were responsible for raising, at least in part. They may be emotionally immature or childlike in their behaviour. Growing into an adult this instilled the qualities of adaptability and quick learning. As a maternal figure, the Gemini Moon is a great listener to their children and makes them feel seen and understood. They will push their kids to explore and learn about the world around them, how to communicate, and how to multi-task. The Gemini moon really believes in teaching their kids that life’s about who you know and not necessarily how much you know. In the negative, they may talk over their children unwittingly discounting their child’s perspective and provide a plethora of solutions to life’s problems without giving a definitive answer. Those with this moon should also be conscious of sudden shifts in mood and quick schedule changes.

Cancer Moon Sign Meaning

The moon is at home in Cancer as it’s the signs ruling planet. Individuals with this moon nurture those they come in contact with as well as require nurturing from others to feel emotionally fulfilled. They are deeply emotional and naturally empathic feeling the emotional currents of individuals and groups around them. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and seemingly why those of the Cancer moon may appear closed off. It may also make their moods unpredictable and erratic. However, Cancer moons tend to have great senses of humour and often use them as a defence mechanism. They are also exceedingly sensitive and intuitive. Many Cancer moons are psychically gifted in multiple Clair abilities when the moon is otherwise unencumbered in the natal chart. Because of their deep emotionality, they are attached and devoted to those closest to them as they seek intimacy and security in every interaction. In the negative, this can lead to possessive behaviour, co-dependence, and an inability to let go of people, places, and experiences for which they have created an emotional bond.

Cancer moons may also be prone to emotional manipulation of others whether intended or unintended to fulfil their basic needs or to protect themselves when they feel vulnerable. With the moon in Cancer these people love being of service to others within the caring professions like medicine, psychology, and personal assisting. Cancer moons are wistfully nostalgic. So much so that they may idealize the past or create a version of the past that suits their nostalgic perspective. When wounded, Cancer moons typically retreat into their personal sanctuaries and may indulge in substances and self-sabotage (drinking, drug use, food, etc.)

Maternal figures for Cancer moons are bonded strongly whether positive or negative. You may see your caregivers as nurturing and intuitive but also as suffering from extreme mood swings or emotional erraticism. This produces and adult who can carry the burden of believing their actions can calm the emotional storms of their caregivers and a strong fear of emotional abandonment. This makes it extremely difficult to break away from your original family unit as an adult. As a maternal figure, you likely nurture your children and are concerned with providing them a safe haven within the home. However, you also hover over your children and may see them as an extension of yourself in the extreme negative.

Leo Moon Sign Meaning

Leo moon people tend to be larger than life to those in their close circle as well as to complete strangers. They just can’t help it that their energy is sensed the moment they enter a room and that their personal style is flawless. They are the life of the party and always ready to have a good time. Those with a Leo moon value attention, admiration, recognition, and generosity above most other qualities. Leo moon individuals go above and beyond for those they love in their loyalty and generosity no matter the cost. In fact, many of them will experience financial hardship seeking to purchase pleasurable items and experiences for themselves and those in their inner circle.

Emotionally, those with a Leo moon need to be showered with attention and adoration by their partners in order to feel a sense of safety. Sometimes this can translate as jealousy, vanity, or impulsivity in trying to gain recognition and a pat on the back from their partners and others. If unconscious of these factors, the Leo moon can attract shallow relationships and partners who are far more idealised than what they present to the world in reality. Exceedingly optimistic, Leo moon’s can convince you to make s’mores while watching your house crumble from a fire. They also have a need to act with dignity and integrity at all times and will get hurt if they feel they are being ignored, playing emotional games, or not being given credit where credit is due. In the extreme negative, Leo moon’s can seek the attention and admiration they desire by any means necessary – Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch anyone? – enough said. 

In childhood, the Leo moon maternal figures likely pushed them into the limelight from a young age promoting dignity and grace. Overzealous caregivers who believe their child to be the best at any activity they promote propelling them towards success without considering deeper emotional needs. Failure was likely not an option for you. Appearance to the outside world may be placed in importance above personal feelings and hurt. As caregivers, Leo moon parents strive to shower their children with attention and gifts and overestimate their child’s abilities. However, they will teach their children to the definition of true loyalty, to stand up for the underdog against injustices and how to use their determination to achieve success.

Virgo Moon Sign Meaning

The moon in Virgo appears more analytical and rational than in touch with their emotions. When faced with emotional situations they may appear to go on auto pilot taking care of all the practical tasks associated with the situation as a way to work through their emotions. When confided in, these people will break a situation down into its individual components to then try to reconstruct the problem so that it ends in a workable solution. Virgo moons can appear be workaholics because of their meticulous attention to detail and need for perfectionism. In fact, perfectionism is a need for the Virgo moon that appears elusive no matter how hard they chase it. Virgo moon people need to feel helpful and useful to others to experience emotional fulfilment. It gives them a sense of safety and purpose.

As an earth sign, the Virgo moon is the most likely to wake up at 2AM and drive 12 hours to reach their best friend who has just experienced a break up. Anything those closest to them need is no trouble for the Virgo moon to provide. When sought for advice they may come across as brutally honest or harsh. This is because they can compartmentalize problems and take the emotion factor out of any scenario. They are highly intelligent, dependent on routine, and reserved in their self-expression unless completely comfortable. If you have a Virgo moon you may suffer from shyness around strangers and feelings of inadequacy due to your constant need of perfection around you and inside you. Feelings of inadequacy may also make it difficult to receive affection from others.

Your childhood may have been a constant game of trying to please your maternal figures with little success. It is likely you see it as your caregivers wanting you to deliver more than you were capable of leading to a wound of never feeling quite good enough. As a result, you may also avoid emotionality and instead preferring to analyse every situation and relationship to the point of emotional suppression. This can and does lead to anxiety as well as disease in the body. The body and mind are inextricably linked and when a Virgo moon becomes overwhelmed, they are likely to suffer from physical illness. It is likely you are most soothed and gain the most pleasure by engaging in work. Clarity and order gained through mundane tasks and the teachings of your caregivers fulfil your need for security. As a maternal figure, you will likely concern yourself with the organization and small details of your children’s daily lives ensuring the lunches are made, the permission forms are signed, and the dues are paid. You may set unrealistic expectations or goals for your children but will also sit with them to come up with a plan on how to accomplish what you expect from them.

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Libra Moon Sign Meaning

Those with the moon in Libra seek beauty and harmony in all things. This includes their associations, homes, and material possessions. Everything in the world of the Libra moon must be beautiful as beautiful is equated with good. Avoiding confrontation in favour of diplomacy, Libra moons will do whatever it takes to appease all parties or aspects of a situation as they view discourse as harmful rather than a necessary part of relational growth. If they cannot avoid confrontation, their indecisiveness and ability to see all angels of a scenario make them formidable opponents in debate. They can also unconsciously allow someone else to influence their opinions and get them to change their mind on any given topic. They want to support others’ points of view and so can easily change their stance on an issue if they feel it’s more important to side with a friend rather than take a lone stand. Libra moons are charming, persuasive, and balanced in their temperament.

Libra moon people often experience living with their partner or marriage earlier than other signs. This is because in order to feel a sense of emotional security and reinforcement Libra moons need to be in the company of others, often strongly disliking being alone. These people are rarely spotted flying solo and often draw emotional validation from others. The Libra moon often puts the needs of others above their own even to their detriment. They may be unable to recognize and separate their own wants and needs from the wants and needs of others.

Libra moon children often suffer from wounds surrounding upstaging and competition from their caregivers. Think Stifler’s Mom only lasting you’re your whole adulthood. Or perhaps you and your maternal figure engaged in the same skill, like singing, and every time you sang a solo she would come in and sing louder than you. The classic one-upper. Often in childhood those with Libra moons are caught between two parents who don’t get along whether living under the same roof or going through a separation. They take it upon themselves to play mediator to the parents in hopes for peace. It is likely that your maternal figure wanted a partnership ideal that was seemingly just out of her grasp. You also probably view your caregivers as social and diplomatic by any means necessary. As maternal figures, Libra moons can cause a lack of security and stability for their children by being too indecisive, overly indulgent, or by giving in too easily to the demands of tiny humans. However, they will also instil in them what beauty and justice mean and how to be charming and persuasive. They are also likely to teach their children lessons by allowing them to have experiences and deciding for themselves their definitions of right and wrong.

Scorpio Moon Sign Meaning

The moon in Scorpio gives an intensity and depth to its native unlike any other sign of the zodiac. The sign of the scorpion, they are always digging into the depths of their emotions and the inner world and psyche of others. Because of their need for emotional intensity, they can be your best friend or your worst enemy or both in one. Often Scorpio moons tend to look for partners they can connect with on a deep and intimate level. Shallow relationships and idle chit chat bore these natives to tears. As they dig, they reveal the inner workings of those around them and are able to see flaws and spot weaknesses. When not on your side, Scorpio moons can expose and exploit these flaws in an effort to get revenge or seize control. Control is another aspect of this watery moon sign. Whether it’s control over themselves or control over others, Scorpio’s exert an eerie amount of control in their lives and the lives of others. The need for control stems from a fear of betrayal. While they are also the best secret keepers of the zodiac, they won’t hesitate to trade in secrets if it will make them feel more in control over a situation.

Scorpio moons are highly sensual and sexual needing intensity in the bedroom as well as their inner and outer worlds. They are also natural sceptics and never trust what they are told without verifying the validity of a story or presented facts. Scorpio moon’s fear of betrayal makes it difficult for them to forgive past indiscretions by others when they feel they’ve been wronged. That’s because, in their most positive aspect, once they decide to trust you they will turn their stinger outward in your defence 100% of the time. Scorpio moons are also naturally psychic and most specialize in spirit work if they delve into the occult. Many present themselves to the outer world as dark, moody, complex, and mysterious as they are obsessive, possessive, and investigative. While many refer to this placement as the making of scientists and psychopaths, Scorpio moon people teach the rest of the world how to express their inner most desires, no matter how taboo, completely uninhibited – even if they are always a little paranoid of being stabbed in the back.

Scorpio moon children likely had a maternal figure who suffered tragic losses or who was unwilling to fulfil their needs. You may view your caregivers as people who emotionally betrayed you and left you to your own devices due to their own crises. There may be a deep wound associated with feeling unwanted. And yet, you may also feel that your mother was too possessive and dramatic. This leads to an adulthood in which you retain skepticism to your detriment believing everyone has an ulterior motive. As a maternal figure, you will likely teach your children not to take anyone at their word and how to research and explore the depths on their own. Their welcome to the world may be traumatic as may have been your birth. You will also teach them how to spot weakness in others as well as how to hide theirs. Most importantly you will show them how to express themselves and move through the world uninhibited by the opinions of others.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Meaning

Sagittarius moon people seek emotional fulfillment in knowledge, freedom, and adventure. The most philosophical of the signs, they place great value on expanding their horizons with new experiences and an array of broad subjects. They are the lifelong students in search of the best philosophies and undiscovered knowledge. They also can make excellent teachers. Many of these Sagittarian moon folks hold unconventional job titles that allow them the opportunity to travel, experience different cultures, and to go on independent adventures. Also, many famous pioneers such as Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, and Justin Timberlake have their moon in Sagittarius pushing the boundaries of their fields of interest. Highly optimistic, these natives are never held down for long by obstacles because they always have the mind set that there is a big bright beautiful tomorrow just around the bend. Many of them are naturally lucky if they do get into trouble and can smell like a rose even in a field of manure.

Sagittarian moons are highly productive, adaptable, goal-oriented, and gifted improvisors able to achieve whatever it is they set their mind to. They are gifted comedians and generally are the ones to crank up the party. In their negative they can go overboard in partying too hard. They can also be too clingy to their freedom and forget their commitments. This moon sign is often late to events and despise jealousy and possessiveness in relationships. They may suffer from a deep fear of FOMO and are unable to commit to a singular relationship until they fully mature. Sagittarian moons will likely seek escape to new adventures when hurt or under stress.

The maternal figures in the Sagittarian moon’s childhood are usually lifelong learners who sought to gain enlightenment because of and even in the face of trying life circumstances. You may view your caregivers as fun-loving and adventurous always up for trying something new and different. They may also have lacked some parenting skills in favour of being your friend rather than your parent. As a maternal figure you will teach your kids a sense of personal freedom and introduce them to the importance of higher and experiential learning. You will show them how to have a good time, a good sense of humour, and how to see the world with optimism.

Capricorn Moon Sign Meaning

Capricorn moons can be surmised in a singular word: composure. These natives almost never lose their cool, or if they do, they do so out of the sight of others. Appearing to be out of control or emotionally unhinged is a Capricorn moon’s worst fear and regarded as weakness in themselves and others. They pride themselves on having their emotions grounded in reality. Capricorn moons also value obligation, respect, structure, ambition, and caution. You won’t find a Capricorn moon taking unnecessary risks and when they take risks at all they ensure they have a safety net should things not go to plan. Just as Scorpio moons aim to gain control, Capricorn moons embody emotional control to a level not seen in other moon signs. They can be emotionally complex and sensitive when hurt but their ability to hide their true emotions is unmatched. They may appear cold and distant and leave you wondering if they truly feel anything at all.

Capricorn moons have a basic need to be ambitious and productive in seeking to achieve realistic and practical goals which they find emotionally fulfilling. Because their self-worth is strongly linked to their sense of achievement, feeling criticised, rejected, or utterly defeated can send them in a downward spiral of depression and/or substance abuse. Meeting a Capricorn moon’s achievement expectations may feel impossible but it’s the same standard they hold themselves to. Many of these natives may fear allowing themselves to have fun lest they create emotional interdependence with others. They are reluctant to ask for help or to experience genuine kindness. Most of all, those with a Capricorn moon desire status, security and external approval for their achievements. In relationships, these individuals can appear to be frigid or at the very least dislike public displays of affection on a regular basis. However, they are hard workers, will accomplish any task they deem themselves obligated to, and will provide real world solutions to practical problems.

In childhood, those with a Capricorn moon may have experienced a maternal figure who was cold and distant or very strict in the structure and discipline of the household. It is likely you were raised learning a strong sense of obligation and repressed self-expression. Appearing to be out of control, even in childhood, was likely a no option and you learned early on that no one is going to hand you the keys to the kingdom so you better learn how to go out and do it yourself. Your caregivers may also have appeared to be limited in some way emotionally unable to love you with all of their ability. As a maternal figure, you will teach your kids how to problem solve, achieve success, and maintain their composure in a world that loves to exploit weakness. You may also show your children what it means to be cautiously optimistic and how to plan for every possible scenario.

Aquarius Moon Sign Meaning

Aquarius moons are known for their eccentric ways and for good reason. This moon sign is commonly known as the sign of anarchists and black sheep. They dance outside the bounds of the norm and march to the beat of their own drum. Aquarius moons are here to question the status quo and challenge the institutions in existence. They observe and question in hope of dismantling all that is toxic and harmful to their fellow human beings. They find fulfillment in independence and taking the unconventional road. John Lennon was an Aquarius moon and he was known for rebelling against the system and leading an unconventional existence questioning the status quo.

In relationships, Aquarius moons need a ton of freedom and expect the same in return. Not only do they loath negative emotions like jealousy, possession, and emotional dependence – they fear it so much they believe themselves to be above these emotions and may fall victim to spiritual and emotional bypassing. Aquarian moons may lack attachment whatsoever. They can be very stubborn and fickle and a collector of friends from all walks of life. They are rarely ever judgemental of others or swayed to go against the nature of who they are to appease someone else’s opinion of them.

In childhood the Aquarius moon likely experienced their maternal figure as a trail blazer concerned more with the plight of man kind and less about taking care of daily responsibilities. Aquarius moon’s view their caregivers as people who taught them how to let their freak flag fly without judgement but who neglected to provide them with clean clothes or money for school field trips. In it’s very negative aspect, this could even mean suffering from childhood neglect. Your relationship with maternal figures may improve significantly from your teen years into your adulthood.

Pisces Moon Sign Meaning

The Pisces moon sign meaning equals a place for psychics, rescuers, dreamers, and delusions. Those with the moon in Pisces can come across as whimsical in their appearance and almost telepathic with those they are close to. They are deeply empathic, most to the point of clairsentience, and can feel the subtle energies within any room. They are sponges that can pick up other people’s emotions and display compassion better than any other moon sign. However, unlike the Cancer moon, Pisces moon natives instinctively know when they are weighed down by energies that are not their own and will seek reclusion to recharge. Because they are so highly attuned to the emotions and suffering of others they can be naïve believing anyone’s stories of hardship and lose themselves in the suffering of others if they are not careful. In fact, they can often be found helping those they deem less fortunate and taking on the emotionally difficult occupations.

The Pisces moon is also home to escape artists. They readily move through the world as if this world were just a dream and can be masters of conscious disassociation when badly hurt sometimes expressing their emotions through visual art, writing, or music. In their extreme negative they can develop substance abuse problems trying to disassociate from their emotional wounds. They are emotionally passionate in their personal pursuits and are blessed with an odd and light-hearted sense of humour.  Piscean moon people have a rich imagination and inner world often feeling and expressing emotion in an abstract and complex way. Though they may seem distant, they are really just sorting out their emotions on another plane of existence. Physically most Piscean moons have otherworldly qualities to either their physical bodies or their energies – there is something not of this world about them. In relationships this moon sign can stay long past when they should have ended the relationship simply to save their partner’s feelings. They are also romantic and sentimental. In the negative, they can idealise their partners with unrealistic expectations and become frustrated when their expectations are not met. Piscean moons are also spiritual and desire to connect spiritually with their intimate partners.

The Piscean moon’s views their maternal figure as one of two polarities: either a saint who sacrificed her wants and desires selflessly or as a wounded soul that needed to be cared for emotionally or otherwise by their children. You may also experience an uncanny psychic connection with your caregiver and have trouble keeping boundaries with them. As an adult these natives will be drawn to people and situation which require caretaking or will carry the burden of the wound of never feeling cared for enough constantly looking for ways in which they can get the care didn’t receive as children. As a maternal figure you may show passion and compassion for your children on an intuitive and instinctive level. You will teach them how to use their imagination to escape the harsh realities of the world and how to be an emotional support to others – especially those who have been cast out of society. Most importantly you will raise them with a sense of emotional intelligence making them wise beyond their years.

Moon sign meanings in astrology

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  1. I am a cusp baby (April 22nd) and it says I have a Libra moon. I am NOTHING like that! I fit the ARIES to a T! I don’t think these charts work for those on the cusp!

    1. They do work for cusps because even cusp babies have exact natal charts. I am a cusp baby myself (Sept 22nd) but when my birth chart is calculated I am absolutely a Virgo Sun and a Pisces Moon. Now, what decan the moon and sun rest in matters as well as each decan is ruled by a different sign. Each zodiac sign is divided into 3 decans each measuring 10°. If your moon falls in Libra’s third decan, it’s ruled by Gemini/Mercury. If it falls in the second decan its ruled by Aquarius/Uranus. It is also very important that you have the exact birth time to get an accurate chart, especially for those born on a cusp. The change of a few hours would change my sun and moon.

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