How to Make Money Bowls

Money Bowls: How to Craft & Cast a Money Bowl Spell

It’s no secret that money is the way we survive. It buys everything. Maybe you find yourself in a tight spot. You need to pay the bills. And then some. And what about that vacation you were hoping to finally take this Summer? You’re working yourself to the bone and still need just a bit more. Here’s the first thing I’ll tell you, gratitude works. Every day I sit down and tell myself what I’m thankful for. And I tell myself I have everything I could ever need. Yes, it’s law of attraction, but it’s worked for me for years. Second, if I’m wanting to push things forward with a deal or attract a little more money, I use money spells like a money bowl. Here I’ll teach you how to craft and cast a money bowl spell.

What is a Money Bowl?

In recent years, a trend has hit the witchcraft community – money bowls. A money bowl is what is sounds like – a bowl that’s used to magically attract prosperity. I like to say it’s sort of like a money jar but open and easier to feed with further ingredients and intentions. It is likely inspired by or stemming from the Feng Shui prosperity bowl, which is a bowl of ingredients, sometimes including a small Buddha statue meant to draw prosperity into a household. But, truth be told, using a money jar, bowl, or other vessel to attract more money is a folk magic method used in many cultures worldwide.

There are SO many ways to make a money bowl and what you decide to put in your money bowl is totally up to you. That being said, you’re here to learn, so we’ll teach you how to make a money bowl and use it to bring more money into your bank account and life.

How It Works

Money bowls can be placed in the home OR in the workplace as a magical magnet for money. This type of magic works sympathetically – by placing a few dollars and coins into the bowl, you’re telling the Universe you have money. Therefore, you attract more money. Like draws like. As far as the money bowl’s origins, I’ve seen nods to Feng Shui and other Far Eastern practices, but I haven’t found a solid source to say the money bowl belongs to one culture or another. As far as I can tell, it’s a modern practice loosely based on older ones. Whatever its origins…it works. I compare the money bowl in ways to the vision board, a popular manifestation tool. If you keep it somewhere you can see it everyday, you feed it with more and more energy. More energy = manifesting more money.

Ideas for Ingredients for Your Money Bowl

What you choose to put in your money bowl is entirely up to what you believe draws money towards you. We suggest using a green or clear bowl, but we’ve also seen people use gold and silver bowls since money and prosperity are linked to gold and silver too. But again, use what you have. There are some traditional ingredients that go inside of a money bowl that seem to be universal in the witchcraft community, but otherwise, you are free to use what you like. Here are some ideas:

  • A bowl (fireproof is best. And if you can find a gold or green bowl, these work wonders to draw in money. Also consider what your bowl is made out of. If it’s glass or porcelain, these materials are connected to earth and sea – favorable for money spells. If it’s wood, this is also earth and helpful in drawing prosperity)
  • Rice (traditional and draws money and prosperity into the home)
  • Dollar bills and coins (also traditional and represents the money you’re drawing in)
  • Candles (small candles like tealights and votives are best. I find white, gold and green candles work a charm!)
  • Gold and green glitter (totally optional)
  • Herbs that draw money: basil, cinnamon, chamomile, mint, sunflower petals, grains, corn, peas, etc. (it’s best these are dry and loose leaf so that you can sprinkle on top or mix into your other bowl’s ingredients)
  • Stones and crystals associated with prosperity: pyrite, moss agate, green jade, clear quartz, amazonite, emerald, peridot, bloodstone, etc.
  • Pictures and other small representations of money
  • Keys (to unlock the door to success)
  • Seeds and pinecones (representing fertility and prosperity)
My money bowl
One of my money bowls with candles, rice, split peas, stones and more.

Timing – Is choosing an exact magical timing necessary?

There have been SO many times that I did not time my spells. If I was in dire need of something and couldn’t wait for the moon or even the sun to change, I would simply just do it. And, to be honest, those spells almost always manifested anyway. However, magical timing is effective. And when you pair it with your intentions, ingredients, and raised energy, your spell becomes that much more powerful.

Timing for a money spell like this one can be one of many times: by day of the week (Sunday), by moon phase (Waxing or Full), by hour of the day (sunrise or midnight), by season (Spring and Summer), or even by sabbat (Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, etc.) The choice is YOURS.

Maybe you’re wondering, when should I make a money bowl? As in, will this technique work for my situation? My answer is this – if you’re struggling to make extra money for that trip you’re dying to go on. Or if you just need a little extra in savings, a money bowl is a healthy and effective spell option. It will bring in extra money over a longer period of time, rather than a lump sum in one fail swoop. If you need QUICK money NOW to pay an upcoming bill, a money spell like a candle spell or jar spell is best. To put it simply, to bring in a steady flow of money, opt for the bowl. For a quick burst of money, go with a jar or candle spell.

How to Make a Money Bowl

Putting your money bowl together will be simple and fun. And the great part about it is that this spell keeps going. It’s not just a one-time thing and you’ll likely enjoy adding more and more ingredients to it. The more attention you give your money bowl, the more money it will bring into your home and life.

  1. Gather your ingredients and set the magical mood with music, incense, candles, etc.
  2. Cleanse your space and tools.
  3. Add the base of your money bowl (your base is the main ingredient you’ll pour into the bottom of the money bowl. We like using rice, but we’ve seen other witches use rocks, sugar, salt, and other herb powders to do the job). As you add your base ingredient, begin focusing on drawing in money. You can chant, sing, pray, or simply visualize your intentions.
  4. Next, and while continuing your visualization or song/chant/prayer, add your next money bowl ingredient. For example, your loose leaf herbs, glitter, stones, coins and dollar bills.
  5. Lastly, place your candles in the base of your money bowl and light them. Say, “candlelight, glowing bright, fill my bank account with money over the next year’s nights.” You can tailor this saying to meet your preferences. And also, be aware, not all base ingredients in your money bowl will be safe for an open flame. Consider using small candle holders that you can place inside if this is a concern.
  6. Let your candles burn down all the way if they are tealights. If they are votives, you can burn them down however far you’d like and then re-light them to feed your money bowl with more energy. See more about that below.
  7. Now place your money bowl somewhere you feel it will work to draw the most money. For example, next to the front door of your home or business or in your home office.

How to Continue to Feed Your Money Bowl

The idea behind a money bowl spell isn’t just that it’s used once and forgotten. The idea behind this spell is that it will continue to bring you money as long as you continue to feed it with attention and energy. There’s a few ways to feed your money spell.

  1. Feed your money bowl with coins and dollar bills. As you receive a coin or bill, add it to the bowl and watch it come back to you threefold!
  2. Sprinkle oils over top of your money bowl ingredients. Oils that draw money are best, for example cinnamon, basil, myrrh.
  3. Burn down new candles in it once a week or once a month, whatever you prefer. The fire feeds the ingredients and your intentions.
  4. Sing, chant, or pray over it to feed it with your intentions

What To Do With It After

Some folks wonder, after their money spell has come to fruition and it feels like its time to retire their bowl and ingredients, what do you do with it? There’s a few options here. I recommend pitching any rice or base ingredient OR burying it in the East so that the sun will rise on your manifested money ever more. Or, if you choose to keep some of it, keep it in a small jar on your altar or in your office so that any leftover money-drawing energy will continue to work.

Depending on the state of the other ingredients, you might like to keep some of them and re-use them for other money spells. Items you can cleanse and re-use include stones and crystals, coins, keys, and other hard objects. Things to bury or pitch are rice, herbal powders and remnants, candle and wax remnants, etc.

And what about the bowl itself? Can you re-use it for other money spells or other magical purposes? Absolutely! In fact, the bowl I used recently is one that I’ve also used for many other rituals and spell workings. I just make sure to clean it out thoroughly and then purify it before using it again.

Want to be able to print this info and add to your grimoire? Click one of the images below:

How to make a money bowl to draw in money

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