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Basil Magic: 12 POWERFUL Ways to Use Basil in Your Craft

Everybody’s talking that rosemary magic, and I’m over here like what about the basil? Seriously, basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow, the tastiest to eat, AND has multiple magical properties and uses. Learn all about basil magic here.

What is Basil and Why Is It SO Magical?

Basil, Ocimum basilicum, is a bright green Mediterranean herb that’s not only edible but also magical. It’s an herb yet it can be eaten as if it’s a vegetable. Basil is easy to grow with lots of sun and water and makes a tasty addition to so many meals! In addition to its many culinary and a few medicinal uses, basil is versatile in the craft. Here’s 8 ways you can use basil magic to fuel your intentions:

1. Money Basil Pesto

Since basil is so tasty and aromatic, using it in your kitchen Witchery seems a no-brainer. A basil pesto is delicious on pizza, poultry, and more. While you’re making the pesto, visualize drawing in money. Then when you eat it, visualize dollar signs.

2. Basil-lined Pockets

Basil has money-drawing properties so add three leaves to your wallet, purse, piggy bank, or even line your pockets with it before a big career move, etc.

3. Basil Magic in the Bath

When combined with cleansing herbs like rosemary and rue, basil packs a big punch. It works to remove hexes, break down barriers, and cleanse the individual of negative energy and entities. Add it to the ritual bath and submerge entirely to feel its effects.

4. Basil Tea

While it’s not my favorite way to consume basil, basil tea is powerful in its own regard. The bright green color of basil links it to our heart chakra, which is also a bright shade of emerald. Drinking basil tea will help align, unblock and open your heart chakra for those who need an emotional boost or cleansing.

5. Spell Bags and Bottles

Dried basil leaves have so many uses. One of the easiest ways to use basil in your magic is to add them to your spell bags, jars and bottles. They’re useful in money spells (as previously mentioned), but also for love, fidelity, banishing and cleansing purposes.

6. Magical Powders

Add dried basil to your home protection powders then spread across the thresholds and windowsills to deter evil and promote positive vibes in the home.

7. Herbal Oils And Ointments

Infuse basil into oils and use the oil to anoint candles for candle magic, anoint your doorways and windows, or your chakra points before meditation.

8. Sacred Space Sprays

Make your own herbal spray using a basil infusion and a little witch hazel, bottle it and spray it around your sacred space to cleanse and bring blessings. It can also be used to spray your entire house and raise the vibrations.

9. Salads and Sandwiches

Basil is delicious when added to a salad. You’ll get a pop of flavor amidst lettuce, spinach and greens. Or add it to a grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of tomato. Make these easy basil recipes regularly and eat to draw new love, promote fidelity, draw good luck and money.

10. Basil Magic: Front Door Wash

Having turmoil, illness or conflict in the home? Make an infusion of basil, sage and rosemary and wash your front door from bottom to top. This front door wash cleanses but also promotes peace and prosperity in the home.

11. Hang in the Kitchen

Grow basil in a pot or in your garden. Basil is bi-annual so after a few years it will go to seed. Once this happens, harvest the entire plant and hang upside in your kitchen. This basil bouquet will ward off evil and bring blessings to the hearth.

12. Herb Butter Spread

Add basil to butter and spread it over fresh baked bread, roasted vegetables and more. One of the fairies’ favorite offerings is bread and butter. And if the butter has basil in it, they’ll really love you.


If I could recommend growing one herb only it would be basil. The versatility, the taste, the aroma of basil is enough for any witch to grow it in the garden. It’s pretty pest-resilient and needs more water than other herbs but still easy to grow. It’s also safe to have around children and pets. And it grows easily in pots or in the ground!

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