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How to Make a Simple Spell Bag Plus Dream Bag Tutorial

Put simply, a spell bag is a bag of ingredients put together for a specific magickal purpose. Reasons include: protection, love, health, abundance, fidelity, justice, friendship, etc. These charms are easy to make and are effective for those who have clear intentions. They’re easy to conceal, so nosy individuals who go poking around might not notice the spell bag in your pillowcase or car console. Learn how to make a spell bag here.

A Quick Note on Spell Bags & Intention

Anyone can make a simple spell bag as long as there’s belief. Spell bags are not evil, but it all depends on your intentions for the bag. For instance, if you want to make a spell bag for protection, how would this be a bad thing? It’s the spiritual equivalent of putting a security alarm on your home. But if a spell bag is crafted to hurt someone else, this could be considered “evil” by others. Ultimately, you determine right and wrong.

Bay and basil are easy to grow and great for spell bags!

1. Gather Your Ingredients

The first step is to gather the spell bag ingredients. What will you need first? The bag, of course! You can find small mesh bags or “sachets” on amazon or other sites, at Wal-Mart, Target, and sometimes the dollar store. Alternatively, you can make your own easily and without sewing. Gather an old handkerchief, towel, cloth napkin, or even a ripped/cut piece of an old t-shirt. You’ll need string or yarn to tie the bag together at the end.

Interior Ingredients

Next gather the ingredients for the interior of the spell bag. The ingredients don’t have to be fancy, in fact, they can be simple items found around the house or outside.

Ideas for spell bag ingredients:

  • Dried Herbs: choose herbs or spices (from your garden or spice cabinet) that correspond to the desired effect. For example – garlic for protection, rose petals for love, lavender for sleep. NOTE: make sure they are DRY, otherwise they may mold.
  • Stones/Crystals: put in stones or crystals, depending on your desired outcome. For example: rose quartz for self love, amethyst for intuition, selenite to connect with guides.
  • Coins/tokens: place coins or other small personal tokens in the spell bag that have importance to the outcome
  • Other ingredients: pictures, papers with intentions written, feathers, acorns, leaves, buttons, jewelry, beads, etc.

The choices for spell ingredients are completely up to you and what you are looking to bring into your life with the spell bag. If you feel it makes sense, include it!

Chickweed grows almost everywhere and is great for mojo bags, etc.
Chickweed grows in most backyards and is a great ingredient!

2. Cast the Spell & Put the Spell Bag Together

You have the ingredients and are ready to put your bag together, now what? Clear your mind and focus on your intention from the git-go. Then proceed.

Spell Bag Instructions:

  1. Cleanse your space: smoke-cleanse your space with sage or other purifying herbs, use your broom/besom to “sweep” away negative energy, light a white candle, ring a bell, etc.
  2. Have all of your supplies ready.
  3. Hold your bag in your receptive hand. Use your dominant hand to place ingredients in, one at a time. Think of your intention for the spell bag itself. Think of what each ingredient means and what kind of power it gives to the spell as you place them in the spell bag. If you are using a handkerchief or piece of fabric, lay it on a flat surface and place ingredients in the center. At the end of your spell, gather the corners and tie a string/yarn around the top portion to seal it up.
  4. Visualize your intention for the spell bag and hold the bag between both hands. Continue to visualize. Chanting and singing also infuse your spell with more energy.
  5. Depending on the intention, keep it wherever it makes sense. For example, if the goal is to protect you and your family, hang it on the front door. If it’s to help with dreams or insomnia, place it in your pillowcase. Etc.

NOTE: to amplify the effects, don’t forget to FEED it with more energy. Add more herbs, a few drops of oil, etc. to the bag each day/week. OR sing over the bag your intentions. The more energy you add, the more likely it will manifest.

How to Make a Dream Spell Bag

First, be aware that we don’t know how this dream spell will effect everyone. It will affect you differently than it may effect me or anyone else. You may have more intense or more peaceful dreams depending on where you are in your life, mentally and spiritually.

What You’ll Need:

  • small purple bag or sachet: purple represents dreams, intuition, and magick
  • snail shell (optional): connects us to the eternal cycle of the universe; in place of a snail shell, add a small token of something that reminds you of your dreams or intuition
  • Bay leaf: for prophetic abilities
  • Lavender: for peaceful, purifying sleep
  • Mugwort: for lucid and psychic dreams
  • Amethyst: to increase dreams

How to Make the Dream Spell Bag:

  1. Cleanse your bag, amethyst and small token if you haven’t yet. Smoke-cleansing is perfect for the job.
  2. Get into a relaxed, otherworldly state of mind by putting on music, dimming the lights and lighting a candle or two.
  3. Open the purple bag and whisper into it your intention.
  4. Take your piece of amethyst, hold it to your mouth and tell it what it’s job is, “to increase dreams”, etc.
  5. Place in the bag while also visualizing your dream spell bag increasing your intuitive dreams. See yourself waking up and talking about the amazing dream you had last night.
  6. Next tell the small token its job and place in the dream spell bag.
  7. Continue the same process for each of the ingredients until all of your ingredients are in the bag.
  8. Speak your intention into the bag, while still visualizing. Then tie the bag shut.
  9. Place under your pillow or beside your head on the nightstand.

What To Do Next With Your Dream Spell Bag

Once your dream spell bag has worked and brought you psychic dreams, what do you do then? We recommend using the dream spell bag for three moon cycles, then re-evaluating. Do you want to continue the dreams or take a break? If you want to continue, re-charge the bag by adding a couple drops of lavender oil or by charging it in

Uses & Versatility of Spell Bags

Personally, I think making a spell bag for an intention is one of the easiest forms of magick. The great thing about them is they can be used for so many purposes. They are incredibly versatile. And they can be used anywhere. These bags can be placed under the pillow/mattress, in the car, hung on doors or above beds, placed in an underwear/lingerie drawer, thrown into the bath (make sure the herbs are topically safe first), carried in the purse or around the neck, etc.

How to Make a Simple Spell Bag


  1. Anastasia Wolfstone

    May 7, 2019 at 1:09 am

    A great spell bag is basil and a coin(penny, nickle, or dime). Ask your guides or gods to help you have financial needs meet. Place in your billfold or wallet next to your credit card/debt card and folding money…it won’t make you rich, but it will help you have what you need when you need it. My great-grandmother passed this to my Grandmother who passed it on to me. My children have carried one since they started working and I did too. We have always had just what we needed when we needed it and I make them new ones about every six months and we always say thank you when we bury our old ones. I simply use cheesecloth a coin and basil, fold it tight asking for my guides to help me always have finances for my needs then place it in my wallet…it’s worked for over 35 years for me!

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