How to Write Spells Step by Step for Beginners

How to Write Spells Step by Step for Beginners

One of the best, most exciting things about being a witch is casting spells. When we first begin casting spells, many of us use pre-written spells found in books or online. And while that is a great way to hone your new-found magical skills, the best way to harness energy and connect to your craft is by writing your own spells. Without further adieu – here’s how to write spells step by step for beginners.

First, Why Should You Write Your Own Spells?

To answer this question, there’s a couple of answers. First, writing your own spells means you’re tailoring your magick to meet your own personal needs rather than just copying from a book. And secondly, it helps you in expanding your craft knowledge. For example, if we pull a spell from a book that has ingredients local to the writer, you may not be able to get some of those exact items. By writing your own spell, you can tap into your own resources from your home and from the land around you. You might even go about foraging for some of your magical ingredients. Things like local plants, flowers, roots, stones, animal curious and more.

Now, How to Begin Writing Your Spells

1. Write Down Your Intention

The first thing when figuring out how to write spells is to figure out your intention for the spell. This is what you’re casting a spell for. Is it because you need a new job? Protection for your home? To attract a new love? Justice in a court case? There are hundreds of reasons to cast a spell, but your intention should be ONE solid, clear intention. Write it down once you think it through.

Examples of CLEAR Spell Intentions:

  • a full-time job with flexible hours and good pay (in the career field of your choice)
  • extra money this month to pay your bills and have a little extra spending cash
  • spiritual and physical protection of your home and family members
  • to safely increase your astral projection abilities
  • to attract a lover that will treat you in such and such ways (insert what you’re looking for in a lover here)

The Importance of Writing Spells with Clear Intentions

You see, sometimes we cast spells for vague intentions and the spell might work, but might backfire in some way because the intention wasn’t clear to begin with. For example, once I cast a spell for abundance. Well, my family saw that abundance in nearly every aspect of our lives: money (yay!) but also an abundance of illness in the family and an abundance of other issues all at the same time. A clear intention would have been: grant my family monetary abundance this year so that we may pay our bills and have extra money for a vacation. Seems excessive, you have to be clear and concise when you write spells and then cast them.

2. Decide On Your Timing

Timing in witchcraft is almost everything (they say). It adds a power to your spells that you might not get otherwise. How you time your spells is up to you, but some ways include: moon phases, seasons/sabbats, days of the week, hours of the day, and astrological events. Witches and magicians have used magical timing for thousands of years. Don’t skip on this step when you write spells.

Update: in the same breath, there will be times when you come up with a spell on-the-fly. And you might need to do that spell immediately. In this case, don’t get caught up on the timing. Just let it flow.

3. Decide on the Type of Spell

When learning how to write spells, one of the most important things to decide is the TYPE of spell to cast. If you haven’t figured out your “style” of witchcraft, my suggestion is this – use your zodiac element to inspire your work. For example, I am a Sagittarius which means I’m the fire element. Fire magick is typically my most successful which includes: candle spells, magical cooking, etc. If you’re a Pisces this means you’re a water element, and maybe you should try a magical bath, a dip in a local body of water, making a potion, etc. The type of spell you cast should also compliment the intention of your spell.

4. Spell Ingredients

Depending on the intention and type of spell, you’ll next decide and write down your spell’s ingredients and supplies. For instance, if I want to do a candle spell, I’ll need a candle & candle holder/plate and matches. I’d also add to my candle spell oils to dress the candle, herbs to roll the candle in, and maybe a stone to place near the candle, etc. Write your ingredients and supplies down.

5. Instructions

Now you’ll write down your spell’s instructions. Write your spell down step by step so when you’re in the middle of the spell you don’t get confused. Don’t forget that casting a spell also requires you to raise energy that will fuel the spell with your intentions and magick. What I mean by this is: chanting or praying repeatedly (usually 3-13 times, odd numbers), dancing to raise the energy, using emotion or visualization. So whatever instructions you write for your spell, be sure you are raising energy in some way. At the end of the spell, release the energy (open the circle, etc.)

Should You Write Spells Calling On Deities & Ancestors?

Please be aware that not all spells you find on the internet call upon a god/goddess or ancestors. This is because many modern witches either don’t realize the power of this OR they choose not to acknowledge spirits in their craft. While the choice is yours, I’ll tell you that it is powerful to write spells that call upon your gods and ancestors. Witches of the past also called upon the gods, the ancestors, nature spirits, familiars and more to aid in their spells and ritual work. NOT calling on spirits to aid your spells means you are using only your energy or harnessing energy from an essentially unknown source.

How To Write Spells With Gods and Ancestors

If you choose to write spells that call on the gods, make sure to provide an offering to them during the spell. You can do this directly before casting the spell. Call them in while presenting your offerings. Show them gratitude. When your done with your spell, allow them leave. Always be aware of who you’re calling on in your magick. You should develop a relationship with this god/goddess before asking them for a favor.

Note: Preliminary and Post Steps When Writing Spells

Keep in mind, before casting a spell, there are preliminary steps. One must cleanse him/herself, cleanse the space being used, and cast a circle. You can write these steps into your spells at the beginning of the instructions, if you have a hard time remembering them in the moment. After a while, these preliminary steps will come second nature and you won’t have to write them in your spells. Following the spell, don’t forget to release the circle and energy raised, as well as ground yourself by eating bread and/or using a grounding technique.

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