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Air Element: Air Magical Properties & Air Spells for the Beginner Witch

The air element is powerful in so many ways. In Wicca and other western magical traditions, it is one of the 5 major elements from which all life is sustained. From a gust of wind to a gentle exhale, witches use the air element in their magick and spiritual practice for many different purposes. Learn all about the air element, air magical properties, simple air spells and more here.

Air Magical Properties

Depending on the tradition and even the individual, air magical properties will vary. When the air element means communication or activation to one person, it may mean emotions and abundance to another. These are meant to be guidelines; adjust as needed.

Direction: East
Substance: Wind, Mist, Fog, Clouds, Spirit, Ether, Breeze, Hurricane, Tornado, Spoken Word, Whisper, Breath, Music
Prana: breathing, breath of life (Hindu)
Qi: air, energy flow, breath (Chinese)
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Planets: Jupiter and Mercury
Air Magical Properties: communication (spoken and written), travel, whimsy, writing, activation, movement, business contracts/agreements, mental strength and memory, purification, music and healing.
Air Animals: birds, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, bats, flying insects, flying squirrels, any flying animal
Colors: White, yellow, silver
Magical Tools: feathers, bells, incense, wand, leaves, wind chimes, wings, fans, musical instruments, besom, bubbles
Magical Creatures with air magical properties: winged fairies like pixies, phoenix, dragons, pegasus, sylphs
Plants with Air Magical Properties: air plants (like spanish moss), mimosa, alder, aspen, birch, dandelion, lavender, fennel, lungwort

Simple Air Spells and Magick

If you are an air zodiac sign, your most powerful magick will facilitate the air element to make change. Air spells don’t have to be complicated, unless you want them to be. Here are some easy ways to cast air spells and harness the energy of the air element:

  • make a wish while blowing bubbles OR divine a message using bubbles
  • burn incense as offering to the gods and to manifest your intentions
  • write your air spell on a piece of paper, take it to the top of a cliff, let it blow away in the wind
  • keep a magical grimoire or book of shadows
  • make a wish and blow out the birthday candles
  • smoke-cleanse your home with burning herbs to rid it of negativity
  • blow a dandelion seed-head and make a wish
  • balloon magick (although not recommended for the environment nowadays)
  • storm magick: harnessing the energy of a storm to manifest your air spell
  • cloud scrying: divination using the patterns in clouds to tell the future
  • cloud bursting: moving air with the power of your mind
  • whispering air spells into the wind
  • working with air element fairies and spirits
  • volunteering your time or resources to a local bird rescue (the energy you offer to these creatures may help manifest your intentions)
  • automatic writing
  • writing and reciting poetry
  • learning and playing an instrument (particularly woodwind, flutes or stringed)
  • singing your intentions
  • chanting your intentions
  • daily words of affirmation
  • feather magick: divination or spells

The Unique Magick of the Air Element

The air element works in conjunction with all other elements to sustain life on this planet. Think about how air works with the others: air fuels fire, moves earth, makes clouds with water. You may notice how some of the air element’s magical properties and associations cross over with the elements. That’s because they all work together flawlessly in the circle of life. As for air, we inhale and exhale air, it cools us off, but it can also be destructive and blow down houses. Without air, we would not survive. Air is whirling, twirling, twisting, freeing. Whipping, swirling, caressing, calling, kissing, misting, clouding, flying. Speak it into existence, whisper it into the wind.

Air Element Exercises for the Beginner Witch

As a witch or magical practitioners, you will commune and connect with all 5 elements over the span of your lifetime. Sometimes you’ll love one element over the others. But you should explore all elements in the same regard. With the air element, study the air magical properties. Write them down in your grimoire or Book of Shadows. Learn about incense and smudging. Work with a bell and wind chimes. Take time to dive into breathing techniques. Understand the very essence of air. You can eat things that relate to air. Wear the colors of air. Study the animals and plants associated with air.

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The Air Element for Beginner Witches: Air Magical Properties and Air Spells


  1. Lolly

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    Air, my name, birthstone, spirit animal are all air!

  2. Margaret

    July 22, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    As a Gemini, I am most connected with air element. Which also connects to my favorite animal being a bird. I really LOVED all the ideas for spells, thank u so much! Also:at every house I’ve lived in, there has been lavender.

    1. Anonymous 2

      November 9, 2021 at 6:11 pm

      Same here!

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    this was very helpful thx

  4. Leaf

    July 8, 2020 at 12:36 am

    Thanks for the read
    I hope more people get into the elements, we are made up of the elements (and spirit)
    so it’s good to get to know your main element and work with it. It can bring you closer to others who have the same main element.

  5. debby

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    I love the air, have to have a fan on every night even in the winter 🌈

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      July 3, 2020 at 12:22 am

      I am definitely air no doubt

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