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Earth Element: Earth Magical Properties & Earth Magic for New Witches

The earth element is powerful in so many ways. In Wicca and other western magical traditions, it is one of the 5 major elements from which all life is sustained. The earth is inherently our mother. From a blade of grass to a mighty mountain, witches use the earth element in their magick and spiritual practice for many different purposes. Learn all about the earth element, earth magical properties, simple earth spells and more here.

Earth Magical Properties

Depending on the tradition and even the individual, earth magical properties will vary. When the earth element means growth and grounding to one person, it may mean death and psychic abilities to another. These are meant to be guidelines; adjust as needed.

Direction: North
Substance: Tree, soil, plant, fungus, cave, mountain, ground, forest, grove, canyon, field, farm, garden, park, mine, basement, hole, crater, nursery, kitchen
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Planets: Earth
Earth Magical Properties: growth, femininity, prosperity, birth, fertility, stability, grounding, employment, finances, death, motherhood, sustenance
Earth Animals: deer, cow, dog, worm, gopher, mole, rat, horse, squirrel, ant, pig, goat, wolf, coyote
Colors: Green, brown, black
Magical Tools: salt, pentacle, stones/crystals
Magical Creatures with earth magical properties: gnomes, dwarves, garden fae, trolls, giants, dryads

Deities associated with the earth element: Gaia, Maia, Demeter, Modron, The Morrigan, Dea Matres, Pacha Mama, Cybele, Ceres, Sif, Jord, Mother Earth/Nature, Cernunnos, Green Man, Oak and Holly Kings
Plants with Earth Magical Properties: oak, patchouli, vetivert, moss, lichen, nuts, roots, potatoes, tumeric, ginger, cedar, hawthorn, elder

Simple Earth Magic and Spells

If you are an earth zodiac sign, your most powerful magick will facilitate the earth element to make change. Earth magic doesn’t have to be complicated, unless you want it to be. Here are some easy ways to cast earth magic and harness the energy of the earth element:

  • growing and maintaining a magical garden
  • making herbal infusions and brews
  • burying spells i.e. witch’s bottles and jars
  • using different kinds of dirt and sand in your spells
  • kitchen witchcraft: cooking, baking, herbalism, crafting
  • mountain witchcraft: working with the energies of the mountain
  • herbal offerings to the gods and ancestors
  • making spell bags with herbs and crystals
  • growing a plant intended to manifest magical intentions
  • using salt to cleanse your sacred space
  • divination with ogham staves, rune stones and crystals
  • healing with crystals and stones and herbs
  • working with gnomes, garden fairies, etc.
  • aligning and balancing your root and heart chakras
  • working with the magick of trees
  • hiking and camping
  • carving and woodworking
  • crafting magical wreaths
  • wearing and using earth element colors in your magick

The Unique Magick of the Earth Element

The earth element works in conjunction with all other elements to sustain life on this planet. In fact, it IS the planet. Think about how earth works with the others: earth feeds fire, requires water for growth, produces air (trees/plants) in conjunction with water. But can also suffocate fire and air and impede water. We live on the earth, our feet and homes planted in the soil, and grow our food in the earth. Without earth, we would not survive. Earth is nurturing, grounding, loving, growing, replenishing, moving, sowing, and reaping.

Earth Element Exercises

As a witch, you will commune and connect with all 5 elements over the span of your lifetime. Sometimes you’ll love one element over the others. But you should explore all elements in the same regard. With the earth element, study the earth magical properties. Write them down in your grimoire or Book of Shadows. Learn about plants and trees. Work with herbs and crystals. Take time to dive into grounding techniques. Understand the very essence of earth. You can eat things that relate to earth (nearly everything). Wear the colors of earth. Take a trip to a cave system or forest.

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