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Mountain Witch: 3 Ways to Use Mountain Magick In Your Practice

When the mountains call, we must answer. There’s something otherworldly about the mountains. Something that draws us in, beckoning us closer and closer. Is it that the mountains reach high into the heavens? Or maybe their immovable strength and gigantic size? For thousands of years, people have wondered at the magnificence of the mountains. And witches have harnessed mountain energy and manifested with their strength and wisdom. Learn how to practice mountain witchcraft and be a mountain witch here.

Intro to Mountain Magick

Mountains feature in numerous myths, often being a place where people have spiritual awakenings and meet with the Divine. When Jesus needed a place to pray and meditate, he went to Mount Olive. When Usui was gifted with the Universal energy of Reiki he was on Mount Kurama. To the ancient Celts and Germanic tribes, the mountains were a holy place of the gods. Rituals were performed on mountains. Fast forward to late Medieval Times and superstitions about mountains abounded: witches met on mountains, the dead were present on the mountains, and much more. Mountains are the life-giving, nourishing bosom of Mother Earth and should be treated as such. You can use the magic of the mountains to cleanse, heal, and manifest.

Lake Grinnell at Glacier National Park

1. Simple Mountain Witchery: Hiking, Meditation, and Air

If you are fortunate to live in the mountains, be thankful. You have a plethora of magical properties at your footsteps. Go for a hike in the mountains. Bring a survival backpack with necessities and keep to the trails. Bring a friend or two to stay safe. In areas with bears, don’t forget the bear spray. While we don’t want to hurt our furry friends, we also want to keep ourselves safe.

During your hike, take in your surroundings. Breathe in the fresh mountain air. Eat lunch at a beautiful spot overlooking the scenery. Take pictures of the view. Dip your feet into the water. Appreciate the elements on your mountain journey – fire is the sun’s warmth on your face. Air is all around you. Earth is beneath your feet. Water runs down the mountain. Take some time to meditate. Sit with your eyes closed and listen to the mountain. Mountains ground us, but also lift us into the heavens to connect with the gods.

The Air Element in Mountain Witchcraft

All four elements are in the mountains, but the most prominent is Air. The air element is linked to communication, luck, freedom, study, travel, knowledge, and recovering things that have been lost. If you are feeling too grounded and are looking to re-connect with the gods, working with the Air Element is essential and can easily be done on top of a mountain. If you are looking to manifest something in any of the Air Element arenas, the mountains will help bring the mountain witch’s intentions to reality. Consequently, if you have lung or respiratory problems, the Air Element heals.

Glacier National Park

2. Mountain Foraging and the Mountain Witch

If you are lucky enough to live close to the mountains, forage for magical mountain items. It should go without saying that whatever you forage, you should have a keen awareness of its identification. If you don’t know the plant, use gloves when handling and don’t make use of it in food, medicine, or topically without consulting a local herbalist. That being said, foraging is not only fun it’s educational. Forage your magical ingredients from the mountains to add powerful items to your magical inventory.

Pine needles, Cones, and Rocks

Collect pine needles from the forest floor, wrap into bundles, and burn in smudging rituals to purify sacred space. Gather pinecones, acorns, and seed pods and place around the home to attract abundance. Place on the altar for Autumn and Winter decor. Take a few small rocks and carry them in your pocket when you need a boost of power in a tough situation.


Pick and arrange wildflowers in a bouquet on your kitchen table, altar, or dresser. Or dry them, press them in an album or mountain witch’s grimoire, or frame and hang them on the wall. Foragers and wildcrafters use wildflowers to make cheery summer wreaths to hang on their front doors. This invites positive earth energy into your home. Dried flower petals can be added to spell bags, jars, baths, and used to dress spell candles.

Bear grass wildflowers

3. The Mountain Witch Communes with Mountain Spirits

Mountains are a place where spirits abound. Think of the myths and folklore about creatures that live in the mountains – dwarves, dragons, nymphs, goblins, fairies, ghosts, and Bigfoot. Mountains harbor magical and mysterious beings, mostly because the mountains are difficult for humans to inhabit. Only the strongest of individuals make a life and home for themselves in the mountains. Witches also have strong ties to the mountains, as it was thought they would fly to the top to hold their meetings. If you need strength and wisdom in your life, invoke the spirit of the mountain. Do this by trekking the mountains lightly, leaving your footprints and a prayer.

Commune with the mountain spirits by being present and paying attention to the subtle signs they give you. They speak to the mountain witch through random bird feathers on the trail. Maybe the spirits of the mountain will send you a specific animal with a message. Or you could even dream about the mountain spirits as you sleep. Be open to what the mountain has to say. Native Americans believed the mountains once talked, but now no one listens. Be the one who is ready to listen and learn.


Mountain Witchery is Worth the Effort

Take a trip to the mountains and there’s an entire, huge magical cabinet right at your fingertips! While it might take work to forage for ingredients in the mountains than buying them from a store, the mountain witch connects with the earth in a way the ancestors did. You are sharing your energy with the earth itself. You will be much more connected to the gifts you’ve foraged and therefore those ingredients will be more powerful in whatever intention you seek to manifest. Not only will you find plants and trees in the mountains, you’ll find moss, rocks, feathers, bones, mushrooms, and more! Most importantly, you will find inspiration and enlightenment. Bring a bag or basket with you for collecting and never take more than you need.

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