How to Become a Hedge Witch

How to Become a HEDGE Witch: 14 Essential Steps

A tea kettle whistling on the stove top. A garden full of magical herbs. Your curled up on your favorite comfy chair, listening to otherworldly music, connecting with the spirit world with ease. You are a hedge witch. Sometimes this comes naturally to folks, while other times we have to learn how to become a hedge witch. In this article, we’ll teach you what practices a hedge witch includes in her daily life and craft.

What is a Hedge Witch, Exactly?

A hedge witch is much more than just a witch who tends a garden hedge. He or she is much more than a witch who works with herbs and home remedies. The hedge witch is a symbolic hedge rider, meaning he or she straddles and often crosses the “hedge” between this world and the spirit world. The practice of hedge witchery is indelibly shamanic in nature. Are herbs used in the hedge witch’s practice? Yes! But the hedge witch’s main focus is on lifting the veil between humans and spirits – being able to cross into the realm of the dead and the gods and come back again.

You might find that you yourself are naturally a hedge witch and don’t even have to learn how to practice this form of witchcraft. Here are the signs you’re a hedge witch. So how do we begin to learn how to become a hedge witch. Or better yet, how do we practice hedge witchery?

How to Become a Hedge Witch

1. Meditation

Some people don’t want to hear how important meditation is, but I’m here to tell you it’s essential. Meditation gives us the ability to turn off our busy, mundane minds and reach out with our souls to connect with the spiritual world. It is in this “alpha state”, as Laurie Cabot calls it, where we are able to receive visions and messages from the gods and spirits, clear blockages in our chakras and energy fields, and travel to other realms on spiritual missions. Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Start out with FREE guided meditations on YouTube, Spotify, etc. and go from there. 

2. Dreamwork

Just as important as meditation is the ability to dream. Can’t remember your dreams? Start by keeping a dream journal. Set it on your nightstand and every morning when you wake up, write down anything you remember from that night. Even if its just bits and pieces of dreams or only feelings. You’ll notice after making a habit of this that your dream recall will become increasingly better until you’re remembering three or more dreams a night! The hedge witch who meditates also dreams easily and vice versa – dreams and meditation are connected, after all. It is within our dreams we are also able to receive messages, recall past lives, travel to other realms, and heal.

3. Trance

Along the same lines as meditation is the ability to go into a trance. The hedge witch will learn the ability to put on shamanic drumming and switch his or her mind into the trance-state. This is pretty much like entering the alpha state of mind using a mental trigger, so to speak. Some say a difference between trance and meditation is that trance is deeper and allows you to “journey” up and down the World Tree as opposed to meditation which is mostly a state of relaxation. I disagree. I believe meditation can take you into a deep trance if you allow it, but getting into a trance using shamanic drumming or dancing is also achievable with practice. Try different things – dancing, shamanic music of different kinds, etc. and see what puts you into that open mind where your soul journeys or you acquire strong visions, etc.

4. Herbs

Most people believe you can learn how to become a hedge witch by learning and working with herbs. This is a part of being a hedge witch but not the main practice. Herbs can be used to enhance your hedge witch practice, but, to be honest, I’ve found they aren’t required to cross the hedge. That being said, some of the hedge witch herbs include herbs that can be made into smudge bundles and then used to clear space before meditation, trance, or ritual. Hedge witches learn which herbs are made into teas before bed to induce dreaming. Herbal salves and oils can be made and used to anoint the witch’s power points before meditation, shapeshifting, etc. It takes many years to learn herbs (a lifetime truly) so do your research thoroughly before taking herbs internally or applying topically. 

Growing a Hedge Witch’s Garden

The term “hedge witch” is symbolic but the symbolism came from somewhere, right? Back in the day, witches were thought to tend an actual plant-hedge that separated her space from the world outside. So to be a hedge witch means to be able to cross the hedge between the physical and spiritual, but it also means you have an intimate knowledge of plants and gardening. Learning to grow your own herbs in pots or a full-blown garden is beneficial to your practice, even if you can only afford to grow a few herbs. 

5. Genus Loci

Hedge witches are often solitary witches with a deep love and reverence for their environment. This means they get outside, they work with the plants and trees in their local area, and they get to know the wildlife on a personal, soul-level. Connecting with the genus loci (spirits of place) is an essential part of learning how to become a hedge witch. These spirits will act as guides and guardians for you in the spiritual realm and can be called upon when the hedge witch is in need of strength, protection, healing, etc. So get to know your local spirits – the trees, plants, rivers, oceans, mountains, hills, animals, and insects.

A genius loci profile is a page in your grimoire or Book of Shadows that details the land spirits in your area. The trees, plants, insects, birds, mammals, amphibians, landscape (river/mountain/etc), and climate. By understanding the land where you live, you get to know the land’s spirits (the genius loci). Every tree, plant, insect, bird, etc. has a spirit, and the hedge witch knows this. Read more about genius loci here.

Listen to our podcast on the Genius Loci to learn more:

6. Shapeshifting

The hedge witch has the ability to shapeshift. I don’t necessarily mean a werewolf or selkie, per se, but let me explain. Shapeshifting is a shamanic skill dating back thousands of years and was performed by witches for centuries. During the Dark Ages, witches confessed to being shapeshifters in order to perform their magic. A good example is the Scottish witch Isobel Gowdie. Emma Wilby, a modern witchcraft scholar, wrote an entire book on the confessions of this woman. Some of Isobel’s confessions discussed her ability to shift into the form of a hare. Shapeshifting is also a way to journey into the other realms in disguise and protected from other beings who could do you harm. Put it this way – you could slip through someone’s garden as a rabbit more undetected than as a full-grown human being, right? Same thing with crossing the hedge into the otherworld.

How to Start Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting occurs in dreams, astral projection, in meditation and trance. Sometimes it’ll happen naturally, without your willing it to be so, while other times you will want to try it yourself. During meditation try holding a feather, bone, or some other animal item in your hand. Focus on the energy, the life, and the soul of that particular animal. This is the beginning to learning how to shapeshift – getting into the mind and “body” of the being you want to shift into. 

7. Flying Ointments

The hedge witch engages in many trance-like states and rituals including “flying” to other realms. This is done in conjunction with dreamwork and trance ritual – making your own flying ointment is a powerful experience. Do your research on what herbs and oils will work best together. Read our article here for non-toxic recipes and the history of flying ointments. The idea that witches can fly comes from the old school witches using flying ointments to put them in an otherworldly state of mind. 

8. Connect to the Land Via Local Parks and Forests

If you live in an urban or suburban setting, you might not have a lot of backyard or garden. Not a problem! Most cities and suburban areas have local parks or nature preserves. If not, try a local cemetery (often they are the only places left in a city with a little bit of peace and nature!) If you decide to visit the cemetery, check out how to protect yourself spiritually here. Once you’re in nature, observe, record, and just be still. Allow the land to speak to you through the animals, insects, plants and landscape.

Hedge and green witches should visit local parks and forests.

9. Divination

Something that’s aided me in working with the land where I live is to use divination to speak with the spirits of place. I’ve talked to nature spirits in my garden and also at a local park. A pendulum is helpful for this, tarot cards, or whatever form of divination you prefer. Be sure to cleanse before and after a session. And take notes!

10. Local Workshops

Where I live, we have workshops and classes for almost anything you can think of. This includes gardening, bee-keeping, urban homesteading, and more! Look into your local libraries, universities, nature centers, etc. to see what they offer. By learning how to garden, homestead, or bee-keep, you are learning how to intimately care for the land where you live. And making the genius loci happy.

11. Learn Your Local History and Landmarks

The land carries memories of the past, believe it or not. It remembers things like war, illness, life, death, fire and tragedies of all kinds. Dig into the history of the land where you live. Who lived there before you? What events took place before you lived there? Are there any historic or natural landmarks in your area you can visit? Once there, use your divination skills to speak with the spirits. Leave biodegradable offerings to show your gratitude. Or even take your time to pick up litter and care for the land where you live.

Hedge witches should visit local historical and natural landmarks.
What historical landmarks are near you?

12. Support Wildlife

There’s so many ways to support your local wildlife. It sounds crazy, but most people don’t care about their local wildlife. As a green or hedge witch, you should! Wildlife teaches us so much, particularly when it comes to paganism and the craft. By growing native plants, you support local wildlife like the pollinators (butterflies, birds, bees, etc.) If you see a hurt animal or bird, call a local bird/animal rescue. Stop using pesticides and chemicals in your yard. And many more.

13. Find Local Ley Lines

Ever heard of a ley line? If we look at some of the world’s ancient sites on a map, we can draw straight lines between one and another. These lines end up forming a grid-like pattern across the entire globe. Ley lines are energetic roadways across the globe that the ancients knew well. They’re all over the place! Look up a ley line map and see if you have a local ley line to visit. Take your pendulum or cards with you! Read more about ley lines here.

14. Offerings to the Spirits

In addition to caring for local wildlife, leaving biodegradable offerings to the local land spirits helps one connect. It shows your gratitude and humility. Biodegradable means things like: flowers, eggs, organic fruit (GMO and non-organic fruit doesn’t biodegrade quickly!), vegetables, herbs, etc. You can also use sticks and stones, things from nature, and draw mandalas or symbols as offerings.

What’s the Purpose of a Hedge Witch?

Now that you’ve learned how to become a hedge witch or hedge rider, maybe you’re wondering what’s the point to it. Hedge witches are the modern version of the village healer, wise woman, or shaman from the old days. They learn how to travel into the other realms to gain spiritual knowledge for others and for themselves. They also learn how to use this knowledge and their knowledge of herbs to heal, protect, and advise others in need. A hedge witch acts as a mediator between the human world and the spirit world. Not everyone has the ability to cross the hedge and speak to the spirits and gods, do they? This is the purpose of the hedge witch. 

Learn how to become a hedge witch in 6 steps.

61 thoughts on “How to Become a HEDGE Witch: 14 Essential Steps

    1. I have just started with witchcrafts and i really dont know how to find the right path for me.. Can someone give me some advice? 🙂

  1. For as long as I can remember I have had vivid dreams I could remember. I also have been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was a child only to learn this year that I was experiencing the vibrational state of astral projection. Since then I have astral projected a few times yet I’ve still not found my purpose in doing so. I also often can mention someone or think of them and they reach out to me or I see them. This happens more often than it can be coincidental as it is several times a week. My best friend has joked I “summon” people. I have always believed more heavily in what is seen as the supernatural and connected with nature. I am more at peace camping under the stars in the middle of nowhere by a river than anywhere else. It’s my solace. I know that I am more in tune with people in my life’s emotions as everyone comes to me for help (I often get drained from this and need time to recover) but I am trying to figure out why that may be. I do not have a guide or mentor I can turn to in my life but I feel as though my ability to astral projection and other things. Is anyone able to help?

      1. Then welcome! <3

        Being a witch means you practice (and want to practice) witchcraft of some form. If you don't want to be a witch, you don't have to be. On a similar note, if you want to be a witch, then do it! Nobody is born with the capacity or incapacity to practice witchcraft, though some may feel more drawn to it than others.
        If you do feel you want to be a witch, do some research~ You don't have to know your path right away. I've been practicing for most of my life and finally recently identified myself as a Green Witch.
        Different things to research are the history of occult practice (note, a distinction between the words "cult" and "occult", an occult is not a cult) and witchcraft, different uses for herbs and crystals, different pantheons and deities (most people start with Greek), and Sabbaths. You'll find something that interests you, and if not, browse for more~

        Good luck bein a witch~ <3 we welcome you

  2. I’ve been having a battle with this recently, I grew up in a heavily christian household but nothing ever sat right with me. I always had been drawn to all things mystical and spiritual and during recent years have found myself to see shadow people. I speak of them nonchalantly because their visits are sparse and I can never pin their intent. I don’t know for sure whether I’m a hedge witch or a witch at all but I believe this closest describes how I feel and what I want to understand more. If there are any more experienced hedge witches that might be able to help me out or tell me how they discovered themselves to be hedge witches my instagram is _j.bby_
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. Anyone can be a witch, deep down we all have psychic abilities that may lie dormant. We can all manipulate energy and use Magick, we just have to practice.

    2. I just read “many lives, many masters” by Brian Weiss .. it’s a quick but amazing read about a Christian woman and her having many past lives. It sounds like it could help Filios you!

      1. I have read that book. It’s absolutely a great read. Gets you thinking and questioning your belief system. Loved it.

  3. I think this is my place in witchcraft but I don’t know where to start. if anyone could help me, my insta is: bri.cicero and my snap is unicorn_pufff
    if you need my number, i would be happy to give it to you

  4. Hi, I’m just barely starting to think about practicing witch craft but I’m just not sure where to start! Help please. I’m very interested

    1. I too, am fairly new, however, I have found that for the last year, a lot of research has helped me. I have delved into both the Christian Abraham world as well as the world of Mother nature herself. I would have to say that it depends on you and your journey. Each witch is different, even in a generalized craft. After studying for the last year, I am still an eclectic witch (a witch that is in a bit of everything). I have dreams of things that can and sometimes does happen. I know when those who are close to me pass to the other side. I have feelings I cannot explain and I have a major green thumb to the point that my house and yard are becoming jungles. My own neighbor one day told me that I’m like Mother nature herself. I am forever giving her food that I grew, or herbs and sometimes tinctures or rubs for whatever is ailing her. I can talk with animals and understand them. I have butterflies, bees and grasshoppers landing on me constantly throughout the summer. So, all in all, I would suggest starting at the beginning and do your research first. Second, and most important, get outside and feel nature. Be one with it. Meditate outside and listen to the sounds around you. It is here, where you will find the door to the journey of your spiritual path. And always be wary when using magic. Remember, for every action there is a reaction. Once, I cast a spell on my home to protect it from the blasting snow and wind. It worked great except for one slight problem… I sent the storm north to my friends home by accident… every action has a reaction… Good luck and may you find your journey a great one that is fulfilling and full of joy and happiness!

      1. Hey I have just read your comment and actually a little curious about this thing Is witchcraft and magick real? like really real ? ….and were you like a legacy , belonged to some witchcraft community or something …if not how long did it took you to do magick to feel it …..

      2. im having trouble becoming a hedge witch is there any websites you used? any things you bought? anything that you really reccomend doing.???

      1. Hello Krissy I would love some advice.. I’m looking to become a Hedge Witch.. I have such a helpful spirit and I’ve practiced meditation on and off throughout my whole life. I’ve always been a highly active dreamer, often remembering many dreams every single night. This resonated with me and I’d love advice. Thanks so much <3

      2. hello krissy hope you are fine.hey i really need some one to tell me how should i start.please help me i am lost…

      3. Hello! I’m very young and just starting witchcraft, I think this is my place as witch because I’ve always been a strong outdoor lover, and have been collecting crystals, shells, and have been keeping an herb garden for my whole life. Do you think this could be right? And if it is, where do I start?

      4. I would like to know a little more about this in the words off some one who is experienced and knows their stuff also if you could email me I would very much appreciate it

    1. Hi, I’m a newbie.. I’m pretty sure I’m a hedge witch 🙂 if you want to talk, That’s be great to see what other people are doing!! My number is +17577590405

    1. Sean, I’m sorry you feel left out. There are few men out there who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, and I’m so happy that you have voiced how you feel. I only know of one male witch, (warlock) and that would be my fiance. He is much like a hedge witch, however he is more in tune with his family and close friends. When he dreams, they are real feeling to him, but they are in black and white, where as mine are in color. He has had to awaken me 4 times from very violent dreams that felt very real to me, even after I was awakened. Do you have any questions you want to ask?

      1. Hi, I have been feeling for a while and thinking on things that i have grown with and experienced that have me thinking I have this certain power or ancestry I’m not completely aware of. I have had experiences with astral projections, one that was very vivid, others where I spoke with relatives that have passed away and those talks felt very real and hard to be made up. Similarly i have had strange situations where it felt like visions or so since very little all this have happened but until now im putting things together. I would like to learn and understand more to see if I would be a good hedge witch, I study medicine and have always been drawn to kids, birth and helping others. I would like some advice.

  5. For many years I have attempted to blend my two beliefs , christianity and wicca and the road travelled hasn’t been without its twists and turns.,but having faith and believing that this world is something to be loved and protected,a gift from God combined with the wiccan belief that we are to honor ,understand and live in peace here ,with each other , works for others as well as myself! With much thanks and bright blessings to all………….Maureen

    1. For many years I’ve been confused as well as I’ve been trying to Herbal Remedies and crystals but I also believe they all come from God. It is like being a Christian which is very weird and contradicts itself but when you look back to the gnostics it seemed like they believed in reincarnation and much more spiritual matters than we thought

    2. My personal beliefs blend the two as best I can. I think it helps to remember the man Jesus and the belief system of Christianity developed kind of separately. If I remember my history correctly the bible was cobbled together from important texts about 300 years after the crucifixion by a bunch of church officials. I guess I take the essence of the teachings (“Just be nice”) and leave a lot of the dogma behind if it isn’t helpful. I’ve heard buddhism discussed this way too…take what is useful, discard the rest. BTW I am nowhere close to being a witch but I find it facinating to learn and easy to blend into my own philosophy. But I’m a weirdo. You could be quite different.

  6. I personally don’t like labels, and I have always hated being called a witch. Corinthians explains about spiritual gifts God bestowed on some. So why is that hard for some to accept. But being called a witch isn’t.?

    1. I agree with you, but I base most of my articles off of common searches people do online. While I believe you’re born a witch and stay one for many lives, I like to help people learn various kinds of magic.

    2. I didn’t realise I was witch until recently… so I feel like I am learning some parts whereas others are my natural inclination. Hedge witch and proud…

      1. How did you exactly became a witch ? Live how long it took you to be one ? Does being a hedge witch leads you to some disadvantages … something like that

    3. Well, that may be true but, for some people they dont know what they are and i believe that if you practice it, u can do it…

    4. Yes, I totally agree as I was born a witch or as this article calls me a Hedge Witch and from age 3 I was scared to death of what I deemed a curse, NOT GIFTS AT ALL !! My Lil Irish grandmother heard my parents talking about me and my fears so she had a private talk with me and told me then to tell NO ONE, NOT EVEN MY PARENTS & I NEVER TOLD MY PARENTS WHO ARE BOTH DECEASED NOW. Her reasons were 1st they’ll say your crazy and in the 60s crazy people were tortured or they’d say I was lying and beat my butt Lol Seeing & hearing spirit’s and shadow people scares a Lil kid! ! & if my Gram hadn’t helped me I probably would be crazy Lol See this was my inheritance from Gram’s ,her female side of family to me. I learned my Nature skills from her, about herbs, lots of fun stuff but also FEELING THE EMOTIONS OF SPIRIT’S & THE LIVING is VERY DRAINING at times. Not to mention that Spirit’s don’t wait on an invite most times. You can’t read or study to Become a Hedge Witch or any kind of witch. People now think it’s Soooo cool so they wanna be a witch too Lol I commune with animal spirit’s often and that’s a real gift I do enjoy often but not all Spirit’s are nice folks so NEVER WISH FOR WHAT YOU CAN’T HANDLE !! I was taught how to protect myself and how to block energy of evil, bad spirits. But you have to be GIFTED TO USE THAT GIFT OR BORN A WITCH !! Study of medicinal herbs is a tiny part but also changes from region,country,climate etc etc Look, in NO WAY do I think it’s cool to be born a witch, it’s HARD !! & NOBODY CHOOSE HARD WORK LOL Nobody chooses to be Soooo different Ya can’t tell anyone !! Read away ladies but beware the Spirit’s you may allow into your home or your life, they aren’t all nice though they may at 1st appear to be. Then you’ll need a born witch to clear your home or your life of this evil. It’s taken me up to a solid week of hard work to clear out strong evil that I DIDN’T LET IN TO BEGIN WITH. I could tell you all that there’s NO SCHOOL ON WITCHCRAFT THAT IS BENEFICIAL TO ANYONE. AND EVERY BORN WITCH has different gifts inheritance from their past family and pas lives. There’s No 1 God but a Great Creator of All, we never die, we are reincarnated always, no Hell exists except 1 we create for ourselves !! So if your very much into Christian belief system You can’t be a witch because That means a lot of Pagan stuff that goes against your belief system. Even Native American beliefs were Pagan. All Christen Holidays come from the Pagan Beliefs, not Christianity. Google Pope Climentine 3rd who basicly got his boys together to create the 1st Christian Bible, that’s why there’s Dead Sea Scrolls, hidden so that group wouldn’t destroy their beliefs. Be Proud of who and what you ARE !! TRYING to be something your not will cause you nothing but grief, the Creator doesn’t make mistakes, YOUR ALL BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE, YOU ALL HAVE GIFTS, WORK ON THOSE !!

      1. Hey there 😊. I just want to ask something if you can answer me please respond to me quickly Your saying that being a hedge witch can be dangerous .. is it true ? Have you ever been through something like that ? Will things ever get out of your hands…..
        If you can answer me leave a comment

  7. This was very helpful, I have been calling myself a green/hedge witch for some time, though after reading this article I know in my heart I am truly a hedgewitch and have been throughout my life. Thank you for this article summarizing the qualities relative to the hedge witch. I am called to this path and am finally practicing on a more conscious level vs just having meditative and dream experiences and wondering what it all means and what to do with it. I am proud to come out of the broom closet finally , even to myself! I didn’t have a reference for what my life has been until the last several years when my awareness shifted to an internal exploration with a very gifted energy worker. She really opened me up allowing my gifts to blossom. I have the confidence now that I am on a path and The unfolding is as it should be. I look forward to continuing this path and “joining” my sister (and brother!) hedgewitches along the way in a “solitary community “. I love the virtual world for that!!

    1. I toldely get it I just got that feeling that I’m a hedgewitch and I can’t believe that I can inbrace this omg I’m so happy 😊

      1. Hi!! I’ve been looking into witchcraft lately, and I think I’ve found my calling as a hedge witch. Every since I was young, once in a while I would have a dream that seemed so realistic. Then, a few weeks, months, or possibly even years later, it would actually happen. I always forget the dream in the middle time, but when the event happens I know it was in my dream, and it’s more than just deja vu. Anyways, I’m still a teenager and just beginning, so I’m looking for a mentor or guide to help me. My insta is lil_wolf125 if anyone would like to reach out. Thanks!

  8. This article is wonderful. All these years I have been a hedge witch…now I know why I’ve been flying as a bird and waking with my shoulders moving like wings. Always knew I was a witch but my awakening as a clairvoyant psychic has me busy. 🌹

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