TOP 10 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2018!

The Otherworldly Oracle website was established in May of 2018. It’s been a wild and exciting year, and the website has taken off and been successful because of readers like you. Starting out with a several hundred views in the month of May, we’re ending the year with nearly 3,000 views a day which equals approx. 90,000 views a month! We produce content based on what the readers enjoy most, so thank you to all of our magical patrons. If you missed any of the top 10 posts, check them out and let us know YOUR favorite!

Otherworldly Oracle’s Top 10 Posts

Witch birthmarks come from past lives. Learn more about the physical signs of being a witch.
  1. Could I Be a Witch? Telltale PHYSICAL Signs of Being a Witch

Our most popular post since it was released in August 2018, continues to be the most visited blog post nearly every day.

Excerpt: While people say there are no physical signs of being a witch, I beg to differ. Our physical DNA carries memories of our past lives, whether passed down through ancestral bloodline or personal karmic memory. Keep in mind, witches come in all genders, shapes, sizes, cultures, and more! 

Modern Day Fashion: Witchy Bohemian Clothing & How to Wear Magick

2. Modern Day Witch Fashion & How to Wear Your Magick!

Another super popular blog, this one focuses on the aesthetics of being a modern day witch including how to wear your magick on a daily basis. 

Excerpt: While they say witches don’t have a certain “look”, they are forgetting one important thing – the way you dress can be a powerful form of magick! Just as witches use candles and tools to project intentions into the universe, clothing and jewelry can also be used to manifest your desires. Don’t think of it like witches have to look a certain way, think of clothing as another exciting ritual to perform on a daily basis. You have to get dressed, right? 

The tech witch needs these witchy apps!

3. Technopaganism: Best Free Witchy Apps for Android

Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days, so why not use it to your witchy advantage? 

Excerpt: Here’s my list of the best FREE witchy apps, including mobile apps for tarot, crystals, herbs, astrology, and spells. I have personally downloaded and tested each one and compiled my favorites for you here. Find these apps in the Google Playstore for Android. 

How to Become a Hedge Witch

4. How to Become a Hedge Witch: 6 Essential Steps

We hope this article cleared up the mystery surrounding hedge witchery. It surely became a quick favorite on the blog. 

Excerpt: There’s been a misconception about what a hedge witch is and isn’t in the pagan community. In this article, I’ll clear up the misconceptions as well as teach you the essential steps on how to become a hedge witch. 

Are you a natural witch? Do you possess any of the 7 natural witch abilities?

5. Natural Witch Abilities: Were You Born With Magical Powers?

The term “natural witch” floats around the internet often. I believe if you’re a witch, you were born that way and more than likely possess at least one of these abilities!

Excerpt: A topic that causes debate in the witchy community every time:  are we born with natural witch abilities or are they learned and cultivated? I believe certain people are born with magical skills or abilities that others might not be born with. Some might have three or four, some might only have one. And some witches have none but learn these magical skills over their lifetimes. Either way – it’s okay! However, I’ve found that nearly every witch I’ve met was drawn to the craft because of one of these natural abilities they already possessed. I’ll bet you have at least one if not more of these natural witch abilities!

List of 30+ simple daily pagan rituals for everyday paganism

6. Everyday Paganism: List of 30+ Simple Daily Pagan Rituals

A popular post with good reason. We are bombarded with responsibilities in modern times and need to know how to tend to our spirits too!

Excerpt: Sometimes we are too busy with the mundane to cater to our spirituality. But there are ways to include simple daily pagan rituals into your routine without a fuss. You don’t have to do every single one every day, pick and choose a few you could fit into your schedule and try to remember them. The key is to create a habit of your daily pagan rituals so that you don’t forget or don’t feel too guilty if you do!

10 Real Historical Witches Houses and Cottages

7. 10 REAL Historical Witches Houses, Cottages, and Caves

This post went viral right around Halloween. Instead of visiting a haunted house, visit a historical witch’s house!

Excerpt: Ever wondered what real historical witches houses and cottages look like? Often we think of spooky Victorian houses, houses made of candy, and cabins on the hill as witches houses. But some witches lived in castles, caves, and old city buildings. Take a journey with me to England, Scotland, Ireland, and the U.S. to the scariest and most intriguing witches houses on the block.

Ancestral Witchcraft Series: Database of Witch Bloodlines

8. Ancestral Witchcraft: Witch Bloodline Names from Salem, Scotland, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia

It seems everyone wants proof they come from a line of witches. Well, even if your family names aren’t included here, you most likely have a witch in your family somewhere down the line!

Excerpt: If you’ve ever wondered if you descend from a line of witches, you could be right! Do you have a family tree you can access? If so, finding your witch ancestors will be easy.

Beginner Wiccans, Pagans, and Witches: Books, Steps, Resources

9. For the Beginner Pagan, Wiccan, & Witch: Tips & Resources to Get Started

Excerpt: A question that is asked often in the pagan community is, “how do I become Wiccan/Witch/Pagan?” And while there are literally hundreds of online resources and books, the beginner pagan is seemingly more confused than ever. Here’s where to start in Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism, including beginner witchcraft books, pagan books, Wicca resources and simple steps to get you started on your unique pagan path.

The ULTIMATE Witchy Shopping List on Amazon!

10. The ULTIMATE Amazon Witchy Shopping List for the Holidays 2018

I realized most people shop on Amazon for the holidays…so why not build a witchy shopping list for Amazon shoppers?

Here I’ve compiled the ULTIMATE list of Amazon witchy gifts for the holidays including the most coveted tarot and oracle card decks, new non-fiction and fiction witchcraft books, crystal must-haves, tea and tea accessories, AND modern kitchen witchgadgets. Add them to your Amazon shopping cart or wish list for easy witchy shopping this holiday season!

Excerpt: Here I’ve compiled the ULTIMATE list of Amazon witchy gifts for the holidays including the most coveted tarot and oracle card decks, new non-fiction and fiction witchcraft books, crystal must-haves, tea and tea accessories, AND modern kitchen witch gadgets. Add them to your Amazon shopping cart or wish list for easy witchy shopping this holiday season!

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