19 Types of Witches: Green, Cosmic, Pagan and More

Witchcraft is such an integral part of my life, I don’t know what I’d do or be without it. Over the years, I’ve explored many different aspects of the craft. And it’s led me to believe that most witches are more than one type and typically change types as their practice matures. Many witches want to label themselves as a certain type of witch. Well, there are PLENTY types of witches to choose from. Here are just a few. Then read to the end and find out why it doesn’t truly matter!

First, What Is Witchcraft Today?

Witchcraft isn’t a Harry Potter fantasy movie. It also doesn’t require you to eat babies, smear your body in pig fat and howl at the full moon. Unless, of course, you really want it to (just kidding about the eating babies part). Modern witchcraft is the practice and, for some, the lifestyle of honoring nature and using the energies around us and within us to create real change. Many witches believe in a higher power, but that is truly not required to practice the craft. In fact, the great thing about being a witch is that YOU can make up your own practice and follow your OWN rules.

Onto the Types of Witches…

1. The Green Witch

This witch is drawn to all things green. Gardens, forests, and wilderness are the green witch’s sanctuary. A green witch is someone who works with the elements, the local land spirits, and all things green. The green witch is able to harness the energy of the natural sources around him or her by developing a close connection with local plants, trees, and wildlife as well as with the earth itself. Learn how to become a green witch.

2. The Kitchen Witch

A kitchen witch, also called a cottage or hearth witch, is someone who makes magic in the kitchen and in the home using food and everyday items as magical tools. The kitchen witch is able to center his or her energy through the making of magical meals and creating sacred space at home. By the hearth or oven is the kitchen witch’s sanctuary, as well as the herb garden. Kitchen witches work with kitchen gods, household fairies, ancestors, and others to aid their magical workings. Learn how to be a kitchen witch.

3. The Hedge Witch

A hedge witch is much more than just a witch who tends a garden hedge. He or she is much more than a witch who works with herbs and home remedies. The hedge witch is a symbolic hedge rider, meaning he or she crosses the “hedge” between this world and the spirit world. The practice of hedge witchery is very shamanic in nature. Are herbs used in the hedge witch’s practice? Yes! But the hedge witch’s main focus is lifting the veil between humans and spirits – being able to cross into the realm of the dead and the gods and come back again. Learn how to become a hedge witch.

4. The Hereditary Witch

One of the rare types of witches is the hereditary witch. A hereditary witch inherits his or her magical knowledge and practice from the generations before (mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, etc.) Debate as to whether the tradition is passed down over MANY generations, a few generations, or whether the tradition itself has to be verbally defined (by the family) as witchcraft circulates in the pagan community today. Learn the 15 Signs You Could Be a Hereditary Witch.

5. The Fairy Witch

The fairy witch is much like the green witch in many ways. HOWEVER, the fairy witch centers his or her practice on fairies (a.k.a. the sidhe, wee folk, good folk, etc.) For thousands of years, witches have had a deep connection with fairies. In the Dark Ages, witches were often accused of fraternizing with the fairy people. Some even claim they received their powers from the fairies. Learn more about Fairy Witches: The Age-Old Connection Between the Fay and Witchcraft.

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6. The Sea Witch

A sea witch, also called a water or ocean witch, is someone who makes magic by the seashore and uses the powers of the ocean to fuel their witchcraft. The sea witch is able to center his or her energy by the ocean, as well as use the ocean’s powers to heal, protect, cleanse, draw abundance, and more. The ocean, lakes, rivers, and creeks are the sea witch’s sanctuary. Learn how to be a sea witch in 6 steps.

7. The Tech Witch

One of the types of witches is the tech witch. The tech witch believes modern devices such as mobile phones, computers, vehicles, and even architecture, have their own associated spirits or gods. The tech witch also believes in embracing technology as an inherent part of spiritual growth and uses the computer to store a Book of Shadows or grimoire. Mobile witchy apps are used to look up magical and spiritual information. For tech witches in the city, buildings and vehicles stand in place of trees and other natural items. Get our list of the best FREE Witchy apps for Android.

8. The Folkloric Traditional Witch

A folkloric traditional witch seeks to mirror aspects of the witch from folk tales and historical documents (particularly Witch Trial documents). Within this definition, there is a lot of lee-way and open opportunity for the folkloric traditional witch to tailor his or her craft to meet his or her spiritual needs and unique path. Folkloric traditional witches may study and use folklore from their local area in their craft. They may also use folklore from the lands of their ancestors, or folklore from another region of interest.

9. The Solar Witch

Lots of witches be all about the moon life. Well, guess what? There’s solar witches too! Solar witches harness the sun’s energy to use in their magick and in their lives. This type of witch prefers to do his or her workings during the day – at sunrise, noon, or sunset. OR they may also prefer to use the seasons or the Wheel of the Year in their magical workings. In addition, the solar witch loves to sunbathe and be outside during the day to re-charge their batteries. Solar witches feel most energetic and alive during the day and love making sun tea, solar water, and using herbs and crystals that link to the sun.

10. The Lunar Witch

Just like the solar witch bases their practice on the sun, the lunar witch bases her practice on the moon. Moon phases are essential for the lunar witch’s spells and rituals, as well as self growth. Perhaps the lunar witch feels most alive and energetic at night. The lunar witch enjoys being outside on a full moon and casting her magick in the moonlight. He or she may use herbs and tools directly linked to the moon like mirrors, herbs like jasmine and moonflower, and moonstone.

11. Traditional Coven-based Witch

There are some witches who choose to be initiated into a coven. Most covens are of a certain tradition, often falling under the religion of Wicca. There are some covens out there who practice witchcraft, strictly, but most I’ve come across are Wiccan-based. You can find a local Wiccan coven typically through groups on FaceBook or through local metaphysical shops, etc. Be aware, most covens require you to go through an initiation of some kind and follow the rules as outlined.

12. Eclectic Witch as a Type of Witch

For many years I considered myself eclectic. Being this type of witch means you practice rituals, cast spells, and believe in different things from various traditions. And while that might seem like appropriation to many people these days, as long as you practice in a solitary fashion and with respect for closed traditions, it’s no problem.

13. Healing Witch

Some witches have a natural affinity for healing. Healing other people, themselves, animals, and the earth. I call witches who focus on the healing arts healing witches (obviously). This type of witch might study and practice magical and medicinal herbalism, folk remedies, alternative pain modalities, Reiki, cellular regeneration, cleansing rituals, health and fitness.

14. Music Witch

If you don’t go anywhere without your guitar, if you can’t LIVE without music and it permeates every aspect of your life and witchcraft you might be a musical witch. Music IS Magick. Each instrument is ruled by a different element, and many instruments have a magical history. Align your notes, tempo, etc. with specific runes, incantations, and messages. Musical witches use music to cast spells, as offerings to spirits, and as a crucial piece to their magical practice.

15. Art Witch

Just like musical witches live for music, art witches can’t go anywhere without their ART. They eat, breathe and LIVE art. Art witches cast their magic while they make art. They use a paintbrush as a wand, paints and mixed media as their magical tools, and canvases as the vehicle that carries their intentions into the universe.

16. Divination Witch

It should go as no surprise that some witches enjoy divination so much that it becomes the focal point of their craft. If you study and use divination tools as your major mode of magick, you might be a divination witch. Have an obsession with Tarot or Oracle Cards? Carry a bag of runes around with you wherever you go? Study some ancient form of divination that no one’s even heard of? Yep, I’m talking to you.

17. Cosmic Witch

This type of witch finds himself or herself longing to “go home” and be among the stars. Maybe you find the starseed concept resonates with you deeply. Maybe you have a lifelong addiction to astrology, astronomy, and all things aeronautics. If you find you don’t care about what happens here on earth as much as you do the planetary rotations, comets, and other galaxies, then you are a cosmic witch.

18. Grey Witch

A gray witch is a type of witch that classifies him/herself as being “between the good and dark” side of magic. Someone who straddles the lines between being magically moral and immoral. I understand this witch’s position, particularly now that our country is going downhill. Gray witches will be the ones to “hex the patriarchy”, or use magick to stand up for those in need, even if it’s to right a wrong in a way that some witches look down on.

19. Pagan Witch

A pagan witch is a witch that believes in the old ways of paganism. He or she incorporates the old pagan gods and goddesses into their practice. They have altars and shrines dedicated to Hecate, Cernunnos, Lilith and Artemis. They invoke Selene during their full moon rituals and call on the Green Man when hiking in the forest. Finding magick in pagan beliefs and old practices is what a pagan witch does. You might even consider yourself a specific kind of pagan, i.e. Celtic, Norse/Germanic, Hellenic, Egyptian/Kemetic, Slavic, or a combination of these. I consider myself a Celtic Norse pagan witch.

Types of Witches: Why It Doesn’t TRULY Matter…

There’s been a huge insurgence of people wanting to know what “type of witches” there are or what kind of witch they are or should be. We write a lot of articles here on Otherworldly Oracle that pertain to these “types of witches”, because it makes it easier for people who are looking for information to find it. This doesn’t mean that YOU have to choose a label for yourself. The label witch is truly enough…and more than enough! You don’t have to box yourself into one category or one type of witch. You can explore ALL the witchy realms and still have more to learn. We like labels in this day and age because it makes us feel like we have other people to connect with…or a place where we belong. But we don’t need labels. Keep that in mind.

Types of Witchcraft


  1. Luke Smith

    March 19, 2023 at 8:29 pm

    I like that you talked about how there are plenty of types of witches to choose from. I was watching an online video yesterday and I learned about the history of witchcraft. From what I’ve heard before, it seems witchcraft classes are being offered now even in the modern day.

  2. Ciera

    July 29, 2020 at 1:54 am

    Although I was really curious about the different types of witches, I am glad that you mentioned that we don’t have to have a label if we don’t want to. I definitely feel like I don’t fit in one “box” or label. Thanks!

  3. Shale

    July 8, 2019 at 6:41 pm

    I love the new rise the “Tech Witch”. It just goes to show how there’s a place for everyone in witchcraft. Thanks for the great article!

    1. 🖤Moodie💙

      September 1, 2021 at 10:19 pm

      Always will and always were a lunar witch 💙🖤💙🖤

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  5. Donio Chen

    February 20, 2019 at 2:42 am

    How can someone know Which type of Witches should be fit to him or her? Could you give me some piece of advices? Like I want to know who I am?

    1. admin

      February 20, 2019 at 5:04 pm

      It doesn’t matter the label you put on yourself. Start with a category you’re interested in – green witch = gardening or forests, kitchen witch = cooking and keeping house, hedge witch = trancework and meditation and dreams, etc. Choose something that peaks your interest and go for it. Then when you’re done with it, move on to a different topic.

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