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Sea Magic: Water Magic, Seashells, Sand, and More!

The sea has captivated us since the beginning of time. The waves soothe us. The sand beneath our feet grounds us. People say the sea calls to them when they are not close to it. The ocean waters are powerful and bridge the gap between our world and the spirit-world. There are numerous superstitions, myths, and tales on this topic. The beach, be it by the ocean, sea, or lake, is a liminal space where magic abounds. A place where the spirits meet willingly and unabashedly. A place where earth, sea, and sky meld in one glorious conjunction. Use the sea’s power to manifest: abundance, healing, love, friendship, release, and more. Learn about sea magic and water magic below.

Sea Magic: Beachcombing for Ocean Treasures

One of my favorite things to do on the beach is beachcombing. Similar to foraging in a forest, yet it yields different kinds of magical objects. In the forest we find plants, barks, berries, wildlife, flowers, rocks, and more. But on the beach there are seashells, coral, hag-stones, driftwood, feathers, and sea glass. Many of us collect these things and never use them to aid in our water magic. We let them sit around in a drawer or photo album to serve as mementos. And that’s okay, too! But don’t forget, the power of the ocean is imbued in these items found on the seashore.

Seashells Magical Properties

When gathered from the beach seashells have various magical properties, including: love, fertility, healing, emotions, intuition, and dreams. Look up the seashell online and identify the kind, which makes it that much more powerful! For example, the shell of an oyster draws love into one’s life. After all, oysters are known as powerful aphrodisiacs. Or maybe you found a perfect spiral shell – spirals are the symbol of eternal life and therefore this seashell is connected to past life work.

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Sand’s Magical Properties

When gathered from the beach and kept in a jar, place the sand anywhere around the house to bring the invoke powerful water magic. Set it on your altar. Use the sand to draw a magical circle for a sea ceremony or sabbat. Put the sand in spell bags, along with herbs, and charge it to manifest your goals.

Feathers Magical Properties

Feathers are always a fun find, no matter the location. When they’re found at the beach, they represent seabirds like the gull, heron, osprey, egret, sandpiper, pelican, etc. Look up what bird the feather came from for added oomph in your sea magic. Place feathers on an altar, in a dreamcatcher, or wear as a charm. Feathers are reminders that someone on the other side is watching, and they also represent a connection to the heavens. Use a large feather as an old fashioned quill to write your wishes on a piece of paper.

Driftwood and Seaglass Magical Properties

These are two common things found at the seashore. Make driftwood into chimes or decorations. Place it on an altar or decorate it and turn it into a wand or staff. Put seaglass into bottles or jars or weave it into jewelry. Seaglass is a representation of transformation by the elements, a “return to the sea”. Use it in times when you need a direction-change.

The simplest sea magic there is - water magic.

Simple Water Magic

Don’t forget the basic beach activities are magical in and of themselves! By swimming in the ocean, you become one with the water element. This is water magic at its simplest! Ocean water purifies your body and soul of residual negative energy. While swimming, visualize all anxiety and negativity washed away and absorbed by the ocean’s healing waters. While laying in the sand, feel the sun’s warmth on your skin and give thanks to the sun for its life-giving light. By simply visiting the beach, you are connecting with all four elements (water, earth, air, and fire).

Sand Castles

Another fun beach activity is building sand castles. Who didn’t enjoy building sand castles as a kid? Adults build sand castles, too! While building your sand castle, charge it with your intentions or goals. Watch it get swept out to the sea, along with your wish, and ask the ocean to help that wish manifest in reality. Writing your wishes or dreams in the sand has the same effect. Trust the ocean with your intentions. Water magic is strong elemental magic.

Please Note!

Tread lightly – don’t leave cigarette butts, plastic wrappers, floats, toys, straws or cans on the beach. These pollute the environment and make it dirty for the next visitor. More importantly litter physically harms the wildlife! Straws are found regularly stuck in sea turtles’ noses. Plastic can holders get stuck around seagulls’ necks. Pick up after yourself. Be thankful and only leave footprints in the sand.

Magical Sea Creatures

Another fun bit of sea magic is to connect with sea-life. Really dive into it (pun intended) and call upon an undine or mermaid to aid in water magic. Mermaids are great for dream magic, but be careful not to trust them too much. They are tricksters! They open a portal to the spiritual world, but don’t trust they won’t close it on you once you’ve gone inside! Decorate with dolphins, whales, or turtles and bring the sea magic to life in your sacred space. Spend time with these amazing sea animals by studying them and donating to a conservation fund. If you live near the beach and can aid in returning sea turtle babies to the sea, join a local group and help out! Learn about the sea witch’s familiars here.

Sea Magic with Sea Gods and Goddesses

If you really want to dive into sea magick (pun intended), consider working with and honoring a sea god or sea goddess. Some of the more popular deities linked to the sea include: Poseidon, Triton, Manannan Mac Lir, Lyr, Yemaya, and Cliodhna. Sea gods and goddesses bring prosperity, fertility, creativity, love, and help increase your intuition and dreams. Set up an altar with seashells, sand, and all the beach goodies you’ve collected. Then place a representation of your sea god/goddess and leave appropriate offerings on a regular basis. The more you work with your deity the more you’ll get out of the relationship. 

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