13+ BEST Hobbies for Witches

Hobbies for Witches: Gardening, Baking, Smithing and More

Witches have interests in a wide range of topics, activities, and hobbies. We’re not just focused on casting spells and celebrating the seasons. You can find us in the garden, library, restaurants, parks and basically anywhere natural magick is present. Sometimes we get bored and need a new hobby or topic to study. If you’re looking for a new activity to try out that’s also magical in its nature, here are our favorite hobbies for witches.

List of the BEST Hobbies for Witches

What we’ll cover in this witchy article:

  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Artwork
  • Sewing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Ghost Hunting
  • Kayaking
  • Genealogy
  • Divination
  • Crafts
  • Brewing
  • Beekeeping
  • Smithing / Metalworking
  • Horseback Riding

1. Gardening

What better way to connect with Mother Earth than to tend a garden? Gardening is one of the best hobbies for witches because it gets the witch outside, teaches her how to work with herbs, and cleanses her soul in a natural setting. Start gardening by growing a few pots of herbs like rosemary or basil. Try creating a fairy garden to work with the local nature spirits. Many gardening witches plant, maintain, and harvest their garden herbs by the phase of the moon. You can also create a traditional witch’s garden with plants like mugwort, foxglove, lavender, rosemary, wormwood and more.

Gardening is one of the best hobbies for witches because it gets the witch in tune with nature and brings familiars to her.

2. Cooking and Baking

For thousands of years, witches have been cooking for their family members and friends. Cooking is a form of alchemy in and of itself, and therefore is a powerful magic for any witch to learn. Keep a witch’s kitchen grimoire with all your favorite recipes, family heirloom recipes, and herbal notes. Pay homage to your ancestors’ hearthfires by lighting a red candle while cooking. Baking bread, cookies and desserts isn’t an easy hobby but it is fulfilling and magical in its nature. Stretch those kitchen witch muscles and make something you’ve never made before.

3. Traveling

How is traveling one of the best hobbies for witches? Traveling gets you out of your comfort zone, gets you in to nature, and brings you experiences with other cultures and traditions unlike any other hobby or past-time. Travel to the land of your ancestors, travel to historical sites with spiritual significance, or travel to beautiful natural landmarks like the Grand Canyon or Redwood Forest. As a Sagittarius witch, the urge to travel is strong so I follow that urge! You can, too! Go on a sacred pagan pilgrimage and see why traveling is SO important for spiritual and mental growth.

4. Hiking and Camping

Witches love nature: the elements, Mother Earth, the stars, the wildlife, etc. What better way to flex your pagan spiritual muscles than to go hiking? Hike in a forest or natural trails locally, or plan a once-of-a-lifetime hiking adventure somewhere you’ve always want to go! Camping is another great hobby for witches because it reminds us what life was like before modern technology. When you’re out in the wild, you’re given opportunities for adventure, connection, and spiritual experiences with Mother Earth.

5. Artwork

All witches have a creative bone in their bodies. We’re creative enough to divine messages from clouds and tarot cards, we’re creative enough to craft magical teas and oils, and so we are also creative in an artistic sense. Many witches enjoy painting pictures inspired by gods and goddesses and magic of all kinds. Other witches sculpt statues of witchy figures and symbols, and still others like working with clay and making magical pottery and jewelry. The more effort, thought, and creativity you put into your artwork, the more magical that piece will be. Express your witchy side through your artwork and inspire others to do the same!

Witches love creating things with their hands - artwork is no exception.
Many witches enjoy artwork as a hobby.

6. Sewing

A great hobby for witches is sewing. Use a sewing machine or hand-stitch together magical poppets, sachets and bags for spellwork, cloaks and capes for ritual-wear, etc. Sewing opens many opportunities for creative spell-work. Choose vintage fabrics to add a sense of the old world into your creations. Make aprons for kitchen witches (or for yourself) with alchemical and astrological fabric. You could even make special tablecloths to go with each sabbat.

7. Reading

I don’t know a single witch that doesn’t like to read. Because many of us are solitary practitioners, we learn much of our craft from books and online resources so reading is a MUST. Not to mention, many witches are bibliophiles and simply like the look and feel of a dusty library filled with old occult books and grimoires. So, if you don’t read much, now’s the time to refresh the skill and take up the hobby. I recommend reading vintage witchcraft books if you’ve run out of modern Wicca 101 books.

Reading is one of the best hobbies for witches for many reasons.
Every witch should be a reader.

8. Kayaking/Boating

For my outdoorsy water witches, why not take up the hobby of kayaking or boating? You can rent kayaks and go out on your local lake to enjoy the scenery and connect with the elements. Or go out on a friend’s boat for the day and do a little sight-seeing or fishing. I didn’t become a sea witch until I started going boating and now I’m addicted to the water! It’s a great hobby for witches plus gives you fresh air and a little exercise.

9. Writing

Writing is another great hobby for witches. Write your own spells and rituals, chants, and charms. Write in your Book of Shadows or grimoire. You can even write fictional stories and poetry inspired by witchcraft. Some witches even write online on personal witchy blogs or informative websites like patheos. However your preferred method, writing is another powerful form of magic for witches of all ages and walks of life. You can also look into automatic writing, if you’d like to combine your writing with a form of divination.

10. Ghost Hunting

Some witches are spirit-workers, which means they communicate and build magical relationships with spirits. If you’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night, a great hobby for witches is ghost hunting. There’s SO much equipment out there to use in paranormal investigations. And when you’re done investigating, you can always practice your cleansing skills (if the situation calls for it, of course). Ghost hunting goes with witchcraft like milk goes with cookies.

11. Genealogy

I didn’t realize when I started building my family tree online how rewarding it would be in regards to my witchcraft practice. Genealogy is the first and incredibly important step in connecting with one’s ancestors. Most witches now how important it is to call on one’s ancestors in times of trouble and in daily life. Genealogy opens the gate between you and your ancestors by giving you names, locations, and sometimes photographs of your blood ancestors who are willing to guide you in life and in the craft. If you’re REALLY lucky, you might even find a witch ancestor in your family tree.

Divination is a witchy hobby that will help grow your practice.
Divination is a witchy hobby that will help grow your practice.

12. Divination

Divination is a hobby for witches that provides a plethora of witchy choices. From tarot cards to palm reading, divination is a hobby for witches that sharpens our intuitive skills and brings us closer to the Divine. Tried something and didn’t like it? Try a different form of divination, there’s literally dozens! Runes, mirror scrying, cloud scrying, reading nature’s omens, oracle cards, pendulum dowsing and so much more.

13. Crafts

Magic is nearly all about creating something to influence our surroundings or path in life. Making something tangible with your hands with a spiritual intention in mind makes it that much more of an effective form of magic. For example – making soap specifically for New Moon cleansing rituals. Or making your own candles for candle magic. Some witches enjoy making besoms and bedazzling them. Some witches even enjoy crocheting and knitting hats, scarves, and other items with sigils, runes, and symbols on them. If you’re tired of the crafts you’re doing, try something new! And make your next craft with magical intention.

14. Brewing

Brewing beer and making wine are two hobbies for witches that date back thousands of years. In fact, in Medieval Times, women who brewed beer were often accused of witchcraft. There’s something magical about the entire brewing process: malting, milling, mashing, boiling, fermenting, and so on. If you prefer wine, consider making your own OR try making mead. Wine, beer, and mead are ancient beverages and link us to our ancestors from various cultures.

15. Beekeeping

Bees are majestic little creatures who have been doing what they do for millions of years. Long before humans decided to start keeping them. HOWEVER, bees are dying off at an alarming rate, and if you want to try out a little bravery this is your witchy hobby. If I had more land, I would be a beekeeper. A friend of mine keeps bees and runs a beekeeping business where she helps relocate hives to safer places. You can read more about her and the magic of honey here. Not to mention, ancient priestesses kept bees and considered it a sacred practice.

16. Smithing

Also known as metalworking, this is another ancient hobby for witches that have a thing for the fire element and alchemy. Back in the day, blacksmiths were considered shamans, of sorts. They had the ability to bend metal with fire, creating necessary tools and weapons that defended their their people. Consider metalworking to make unique magical amulets and talismans, knives, swords, belt buckles, etc.

17. Horseback Riding

Are you an animal lover? Have you always been drawn to horses? Take up horseback riding as your new hobby. It will take time and practice to learn how to handle, groom, care for and ride a horse. BUT I promise you, the work is worth it! Horses are magical creatures who glide in and out of the Otherworld with ease.

The BEST hobbies for witches include gardening, reading, divination, hiking, and more!

13 thoughts on “Hobbies for Witches: Gardening, Baking, Smithing and More

  1. I actually just discovered kayaking last year. I do about 8 of these and I am starting to do jewelry because both my daughter and mother are allergic to nickel. I crochet and knit,counter cross stitch.

  2. Other hobbies:
    Birdwatching [My favorite]
    Jewelry Making
    A Weird One but You Connect W\ the Water Element and I LOVE: Water skiing and wake boarding
    Collecting Rocks/Crystals

  3. Wow! Most of the things on this list I have done or am doing currently. Maybe I’ve been a witch longer than I have realized. :^)

  4. This was so much fun to read! I learned that 8 of these 13 hobbies are actually ones I actively participate in currently! It is my goal to someday garden. I live in an apartment now but someday when I have a yard, I want to do it. I feel like it will deeply enrich my cooking hobby to use ingredients I grew myself with love and care 💗

  5. I can’t draw, or paint, I do knit, crochet, and make jewelry out of wire and natural stones and other materials. I was surprised that you did not mention jewelry making.It is a handy skill to have for making amulets and talismans.

  6. I am 61 years old and Picean and started snorkeling last week. Hated being in the water all my life and now a new world has opened up.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring article! I have been feeling a little trapped the past few years and was in desperate need of ideas that don’t involve #1 being inside, and #2 anything that someone else could invite themselves into joining. (If that makes sense) I guess I just need some me time and room to stretch my magic and get my light shining again 🙂
    Really, your article has been incredibly helpful.
    Best wishes!

  8. Everything mentioned I do….my absolute favorites are reading, writing and crafting.
    Awesome information, Thank you and blessed be

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