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Lunar Witch: 13 POWERFUL Ways to Practice Moon Magick

A witch is a witch, right? Well, yes but there are many witches who gravitate to a certain realm of witchcraft. There are green witches which are those who enjoy being in nature and working with all things green in their practice. Then there are kitchen witches, which you can guess they enjoy working their magical spells and rituals hearthside. Then there are hedge witches and cosmic witches. Gray witches and crystal witches. But in this post, we will dive into the mystical, magical world of the Lunar Witch. We will learn what a Lunar Witch practices, believes, and incorporates into their magical lifestyle.

First, What makes a witch a Lunar Witch?

First, let’s define a witch. A witch is a person who believes in and engages in a magical practice in order to create change in their lives. With that knowledge, we can define a lunar witch as being a witch who practices magic focusing on the energy and cycles of the moon.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean the lunar witch only uses the moon’s energy. They might draw off of other energies and incorporate other forms of magic into their practice. It simply means they have a heavy concentration on the Moon.

Signs that you are already a Lunar Witch

If you’re here, maybe you already know you’re a lunar witch. Or maybe you’re curious if this might be the magical practice for you. Here are a few signs that you are already a lunar witch in your heart (keep in mind you don’t have to have any of these signs to start practicing lunar magic. These are merely suggestions):

  • You’ve always been drawn to and in awe of the Moon
  • You tend to feel the cycles of the Moon emotionally and physically
  • You’ve worked with or are interesting in working with lunar deities like Hecate, Manu, Selene, Artemis, Diana, Thoth, etc.
  • When the Moon is full, you’re that person who has to stare up into it and will tell everyone around you, “look how beautiful the moon is tonight!” (I know because I’m one of those people LOL)
  • You might be a Cancer, a zodiac sign that is ruled by the Moon
  • You’ve always felt more a live at night or are called a “night owl”
  • You prefer silver over gold (silver is the lunar metal)

13 Ways to Practice Moon Magick for the Lunar Witch

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…what you practice in your personal tradition is YOUR choice. This is why I’m a solitary practitioner. Because I honestly can’t stand having anyone above me telling me what to believe or practice. That being said, these are merely suggestions of lunar witch practices you might consider incorporating into your magic.

1. Aligning to the Cycles of the Moon

When you’re a lunar witch, your practice and your life will align to the cycles of the moon naturally. I actually believe that if you’re a witch in general you’ll likely fall in-tune with the moon. What I mean by this is this – when it’s a New Moon, you’ll feel it. When it’s a Full Moon, you’ll feel it. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically. You’ll become so in-tune that you’ll even feel when the moon shifts into a new phase.

If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s as simple as paying attention to the moon’s phases. Go outside and look at the moon. If you don’t know what phase it’s in, there are literally apps that you can download to keep track! Eventually, you won’t need the app anymore. You’ll almost instinctively know.

2. Moon Cycle Magic

Lunar witches will frequently schedule and plan their rituals and magical workings according to the moon’s phase. Each phase brings a different intention or energy to your spell. For example, the New Moon (also called the Dark Moon) is great for drawing new energy into your life. Like new love, a new job, etc. The waxing moon is great for setting intentions and feeding those intentions. The Full Moon is for manifesting. And the Waning Moon is for clearing and removing things from your life. There’s much more to it. But that’s the basic breakdown.

You can learn more about each moon’s phase and its magic at my posts here:

3. Working with Lunar Gods and Goddesses

Often those who follow a lunar path will naturally be drawn to OR called by moon gods and goddesses. A few moon goddesses include Artemis, Hecate, Selene, Diana, Devana, Luna, and the Wiccan Triple Goddess. The moon gods include Thoth, Mani, and Khonsu. How you connect with each deity is up to you. We have a full archive of gods and goddesses and how to work with each here on the website, if you’re interested in learning more.

4. Moon Garden and Herbalism

If you have a green thumb or just want to try your hand at gardening, consider growing a moon garden. It doesn’t have to be huge or elaborate. In fact, it can be as small as a few pots on a balcony if that’s what you have. There are plenty of plants and herbs that bloom during the Full Moon and/or are ruled by the moon. For instance, moonflower blooms at night. And mugwort is an herb that is ruled by the Moon.

I recommend researching what plants will grow well in your growing zone. You might even have native plants that bloom in the moonlight or are aligned with the moon that will grow easily in your garden. Then you can use them to work your lunar magic! Just please be aware that some plants are indeed toxic and shouldn’t be touched/eaten, etc. Always do your research first!

5. Lunar Nutrition and Kitchen Magick

Can you incorporate lunar smagic into your food and drinks on a daily basis? Sure you can! Everything we eat comes from the earth. And literally every plant is ruled by a planetary body like the moon. Research your favorite veggies, fruits, and herbs and then incorporate those more into your diet.

In addition, you might want to create a feast on a special Full Moon using our moon themed menu here. There are so many foods that even LOOK like the moon that are super fun to make.

6. Water Element Magic

To be in alignment with the moon, the lunar witch is also naturally in alignment with the element of water. The moon governs this element. If you’ve never worked with element magic before, now’s your chance. Water element magic is as simple or as involved as you’d like it to be. Something as simple as brewing a magical tea or taking a bath is a water element ritual. And also lunar magic.

7. What is YOUR Moon Sign?

Do you know your moon sign? Do you know what a moon sign is? Everyone has a sun sign (which we often refer to as our “sign”) AND a moon sign! If you don’t know what your moon sign is, you can find out by going to Cafe Astrology. Knowing your moon sign will give you a better understanding of yourself and how to work more of the moon’s magic into your personal practice. We also talk about moon signs in our podcast here:

8. Birthday Moon Phase

Okay, so this is different than your moon sign. Your moon PHASE is what moon phase was occurring on the day you were born. Two different things. You can figure your moon phase out by going to MoonGiant.

Knowing what phase you were born under will also provide clarity about yourself and how this particular moon phase will boost your magical workings. For example, I have always felt energized and powerful on a New Moon. But I never understood why until I learned I was born under a New Moon! Now I work a lot of my magic under that phase for this reason.

9. Lunar Witches Enjoy Making Moon Water

Have you ever made moon water? If you haven’t, now’s the time to try. Don’t forget to experiment with your moon water too. Try making it on different moon phases, during different seasons and different zodiac signs. You can even add certain crystals, herbs, and salts to the moon water and see what different results you get. I enjoy using moon water to cleanse my altar and tools, as an additive to my laundry, in my ritual baths, and more!

10. Ritual Baths

Taking a ritual bath is not only cleansing but relaxing and empowering. It’s one of this lunar witch’s favorite things to do. If you have a window in your bathroom, open it and gaze at the moon at the same time you’re bathing. Ritual baths are great at cleansing your aura, calming the nerves, and resetting your energetic vibration. They’re also used in dedication rituals, sort of like baptisms, and to bring love, money, success, etc. into your life. Because the water is ruled by the Moon, ritual baths connect us to its energy.

11. Divination by Moonlight

Doing divination by the light of the moon is an otherworldly experience. All you need is your divination tool and some other form of light like a candle or lantern. Reading tarot, oracle, and runes are all a potent practice by moonlight. But I think you’ll find mirror and water scrying to be that much more powerful when done under the Full Moon.

12. Exploring Lunar Eclipses

If you’re online in the witchcraft community, you’ve no doubt heard mixed opinions on whether a witch should practice magic on a lunar eclipse. Some say “no, don’t do it. The energy is too chaotic”. While others say lunar eclipses are the strongest time to perform ritual and cast spells. I say this – explore lunar eclipses at your own leisure.

Start small with charging crystals or making lunar eclipse water. Then work up to divination and rituals under the lunar eclipse to see how you feel and the results. If you don’t vibe with the energy, don’t do it. But if you do, whoop!

13. Your North Node and South Node

Just like you have a moon sign, there are other markers in your birth chart that are linked to the moon. Two of those others are your north node and south node. Your north node represents your life path including your passions, talents, and purpose. It also has to do with your past lives and lessons to be learned. Your south node represents what makes you feel the most secure internally, your habits and instincts. By learning and exploring these aspects of yourself, you are connecting more fully to the Moon and its impact on your life.

Lunar Witch Practices and Rituals

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