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Full Moon Ritual Ideas + Rituals for Healing and Love

When I look up at the Full Moon, I know she’s looking down on me. I feel her healing and loving vibrations gently lighting the night sky and touching my heart. The Full Moon is a time to manifest. It’s a time to make things happen. Here are MY personal full moon ritual ideas for healing and love, as well as a look at the full moon ritual herbs I use on a monthly basis.

Why is the Full Moon Powerful?

We hear lots of folks on Witchtok and social media talking about Full Moon rituals and how they’re so powerful. But do we just take this information at face value? Scientifically, the Full Moon is powerful as it has a pull on the ocean’s tides, as well as the woman’s womb. You’ve no doubt noticed how “looney” people get on the Full Moon on the roads and in general, right? There’s a scientific reason for this – we are made up of 60% or more of water. So of course we’d be affected by the Full Moon. Witches, wise folk, healers, and naturalists all know the potency of a Full Moon. And we would be wise to align ourselves with the Lunar Mother, as well.

Full Moon Ritual Ideas Using the 4 Elements

1. The Water Element

Every provoking full moon ritual idea typically involves the water element in some form. Why? Because the moon is directly related to water – it pulls on the ocean’s tides AND effects our lives because we’re made up of 60%+ water. Some types of full moon rituals with water include ritual baths, making moon water, and full moon baptisms. We will go into each of these in detail below.

Take a Ritual Bath on the Full Moon

IMO one of the best ways to get the most of the full moon’s magick is to take a ritual bath. It sounds super fancy but it doesn’t take much. All you need is a bathtub in a quiet space, and maybe some body-friendly herbs, salts, and oils to add to the bath. Some of our favorite ritual bathing herbs include rose, chamomile, lavender, calendula, and jasmine. If you don’t have these herbs just lying around, add a few drops of essential oils to the bath. Or maybe some epsom salts. At the very least, put on some relaxing, witchy music and burn a candle. Sit back and meditate.

Make Moon Water

Making Full Moon water is as easy as leaving a vessel of water out under the moonlight to soak up its rays and energy. We recommend using a glass jar or bottle with an airtight lid. Fill it nearly to the top then cap it. Set it out when the moon rises and bring it inside before the sunlight hits it. Some witches also enjoy adding herbs, crystals (non-soluble and non-toxic), etc. to their full moon water. Then use that water to cleanse your tools, altar, crystals, add it to your ritual bath, add a cup to your laundry, the choices are endless! Be careful drinking moon water, as water has the potential to collect microbes (bacteria, fungi, etc.) when left out too long.

2. The Fire Element

If you’re more of a fire person, that’s okay too! The fire element can be harnessed with candle rituals on the Full Moon that are SUPER effective! Bonfires are also fun as part of full moon ritual. What’s better than being outside, sitting by a fire, with the Full Moon’s light shining down on you? Fire scrying is part of having a full moon bonfire, or petition papers thrown into the fire under the moon’s gaze.

3. Full Moon Air Magick

Something that’s really fun and whimsical to do is to blow bubbles in the moonlight. Think I’m crazy? Give it a try. You’re combining multiple elements, air and water, in this easy ritual. If you have kids that can’t seem to give you any free time, get them involved. I don’t know a single kid or person who doesn’t enjoy blowing bubbles. Plus, allowing them to soak up the moon’s rays, then reading their flight patterns is magical and relaxing. If the bubbles aren’t your thing, scrying with smoke is an air element ritual OR simply go outside and let the breeze talk to you.

4. Full Moon Earth Rituals

Whenever I’m in the kitchen, I feel grounded. I feel close to my ancestors. And I feel closer to the earth. If you can’t get outside on the next esbat, consider making some magick in your kitchen. Brew a full moon tea, make moon cookies, or simply make an offering to your ancestors by way of the hearth. All full moon activities that invoke the earth element and your ancestors. If you don’t want to be in the kitchen, green witches should consider growing a moon garden with flowers that bloom in the full moon. Moonflower, night blooming jasmine, evening primrose, and night phlox are just a few amazing plants to add to your moon garden.

Charging Your Tools and Crystals in the Moonlight

A popular ritual nowadays, and for good reason, is to charge your crystals and tools in the full moon’s light. Place your crystals, stones, amulets, charm bags, and magical tools in a safe, dry place under the moonlight. Allow the moon to charge your beloved items with its loving, powerful vibrations. Then remove your items before the sun comes up. If you’d like to learn more about charging via the moonlight click here.

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Try This SIMPLE Full Moon Ritual for Healing the Soul

This full moon ritual for healing is specifically to heal a broken heart OR wounded soul. Have you been hurt and need inner healing? Time to heal yourself with the light of the Full Moon.

What You’ll Need:

  • Green or Blue clothing
  • Somewhere you can see the Full Moon

How to Perform the Ritual:

  1. Take a shower visualizing a white light cleansing your aura or cleanse yourself with smudge smoke.
  2. Dress in all blue or green clothing. Blue is linked to healing but gree is linked to the heart chakra (choose one or both!)
  3. Go outside to a place where you can see the Full Moon AND where you won’t be disturbed.
  4. Sit down or lie down, whatever is comfortable, and look up at the Full Moon.
  5. Feel the Full Moon’s healing light illuminating your entire being.
  6. Close your eyes and feel the moonlight move through you, from head to foot, soothing and healing any and all holes in your aura or soul.
  7. State, “with the light and love of the Full Moon, may my heart and soul be healed and shine bright tonight.” Repeat this prayer until you feel whole.

Full Moon Ritual for Love

Everyone wants to be loved and give love. The Full Moon is the perfect time for manifesting love in one’s life in a natural, healthy way. We’ve written this Full Moon Ritual for Love for those who want to attract the right kind of love into their lives. Try it out!

What You’ll Need:

  • Red candle
  • Vegetable or Olive Oil (what you have on-hand)
  • Powdered cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Needle or knife (for carving the candle)
  • Small muslin bag or sachet

How to Perform the Full Moon Love Ritual:

  1. Cleanse your ritual supplies and space where you’ll be working.
  2. Take your knife or pin and carve an odd number of qualities you’re looking for in a partner onto the candle itself (i.e. hard-worker, sweet, handsome, etc.) The whole time you perform this ritual, you’re visualizing and thinking about the kind of person you want to love and be loved by.
  3. Next, dip the candle in the oil OR use your hands to rub the oil from the bottom of the candle to the top and pointed directly at your heart (visualize love coming to you and your heart glowing bright red like the candle). Say, “Real love come to me. May it be pure and free.”
  4. Then roll the oiled candle in the cinnamon and sugar towards you. Say, “may our love be as potent as cinnamon and as sweet as sugar.”
  5. Light the candle and say more prayers, specifically stating the words you carved on the candle and what you want in a partner. Repeat the qualities at least three times. The more times you repeat it the better. Repetition of words generates more energy to fuel the ritual.
  6. Allow the candle to burn down all the way, then bag up the remnants after the wax has cooled.
  7. Keep the bag under your pillow for a full moon’s cycle.

Honoring & Invoking Moon Goddesses

Another great way to harness the power of the full moon is to honor and invoke a moon goddess. Going back thousands of years, nearly every ancient culture associated the moon (and planetary bodies) with their sacred deities. When we connect with a moon goddess, it gives us a personification of the moon and we may even relate to it better. On a more personal level. Here are a few moon goddesses to consider honoring on the full moon:

MORE Full Moon Ritual Ideas:

  • Divination of nearly any kind: Tarot, Oracle, Elder Futhark Runes, Witch’s Runes, Pendulum, Oomancy, Tea leaf reading, Mirror Scrying, Crystal Ball Scrying, Water Scrying, etc.
  • Perform a Sacred Goddess Dedication Ritual to dedicate yourself to the Moon Goddess of your calling
  • Make Moon Water to use in ritual, to cleanse and bless tools and sacred space
  • Try this Manifest Your Dreams Plant Spell that begins on the New Moon and manifests on the Full Moon
  • Cast simple Beauty Spells Using Your Perfume
  • Practice self care and self love and cast one of these Self Love Spells to Boost Your Confidence
  • The Full Moon is the BEST time to lay protective wards around your property or home
  • Try a Drawing Down the Moon Ritual
  • Swim in a safe, local body of water by moonlight
  • Call on and talk to your ancestors, allowing the full moon to guide their way to your space

Full Moon Ritual Herbs and Crystals

Working with the Full Moon has many benefits and will enhance your spiritual practice in many ways. Working with herbs and crystals that are specifically linked to the moon on the Full Moon will give any ritual a super boost of power. Any herb or mineral linked to the moon is appropriate for full moon rituals and include:

Yerba SantaSelenite
White sandalwoodOpal
GingerClear Quartz
Blue LotusClear Calcite
JasmineStar sapphire
MoonflowerBlue sapphire
MugwortBlue chalcedony
WillowPhantom quartz
VioletSilver (metal)

What you do with lunar ritual herbs and crystals is up to you and your creativity! Do your research and see what herbs are edible or non-edible, always be safe! You can drink full moon teas, use herbs to dress candles in candle rituals, bathe in full moon herbs that are safe on skin, and so much more.

Consider the Sign, Month, and Name of the Moon

Whatever ritual you decide upon, I also encourage you to look at the sign the moon will be in, as well as the month and season. All of these things can astrologically affect the moon’s energy and how YOU might feel it in your life and magical practice. In addition, the NAME of the Full Moon is a potent consideration. Why? Because it can tell you a lot about the energy of the moon and how you can harness those vibrations to bring about change. For example, the Full Hunter’s Moon is called such because it was a time the Native American hunters hunted game before the Winter months. This is a Full Moon for you to “hunt” your intentions and make them a reality.

Full Moon Ritual Ideas for Healing and Love PLUS List of Full Moon Ritual Herbs!!!


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