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3 SIMPLE Beauty Spells Using Perfume As Magick

Why are beauty spells even a thing? Because everyone wants to feel attractive. Everyone wants to feel loved. And everyone wants to feel powerful, including being seductive, lovable and envied. It’s a desire as old as time itself. And what’s one thing that many of us wear to make us feel and smell more attractive? In this article, we will teach you how to cast 3 simple beauty spells using the magick of perfume.

What is Perfume Magick?

How can perfume be a magical thing? The actual origins of perfume are sacred and magical. The word per-fume literally means personal fumigation. Fumigation means smoke. So, if we travel back to ancient times, the original perfumes were plants that were burned and then wafted over an individual to spiritually cleanse and make them smell good! Today, we can use perfumes for mundane and magickal reasons, just like our ancient ancestors.

Beauty Spell #1: Aphrodisiac Aroma

What is an aphrodisiac? An aphrodisiac is a food, drink or other item that causes sexual desire or attraction. Can’t a perfume or cologne do the same thing? Think about how that old lover made you swoon when he/she walked by wearing a sensual perfume. Now, YOU are going to emulate this.

Beauty Spell #1 Ingredients:

  • Your favorite perfume
  • To perform on a Waxing or Full Moon

Beauty Spell #1 Instructions:

  1. First, think about where you want to attract a lover. You’ll perform this beauty spell directly before traveling to that place, wherever that may be (a restaurant, club, meeting, workplace, etc.)
  2. Next, be sure to do this on a Waxing or Full Moon (day or night). After you’ve showered, stand in the mirror with your favorite perfume in hand.
  3. Visualize beauty and sexual attraction literally oozing from your pores. Now, hold your perfume in-hand, visualize it glowing with vibrant Reddish-pink light.
  4. Say “sacred perfume I wear today. Help me swing and sway. And attract the right lover’s attention as it may.” Say this 3 times total.
  5. Spray the perfume three times on your body – once on your neck and one spray on each wrist.
Beauty spells are as easy as wearing perfume with intention.

Beauty Spell #2 Essential Oil on Leather

If you don’t own a leather bracelet or tie, now’s the time to get one. You can find them cheap online and in stores. I use a simple leather band that ties around my wrist for this beauty spell.


  • Safe topical essential oil associated with beauty and love (i.e. lavender, rose, jasmine, etc.)
  • Leather bracelet/band
  • Full Moon


  1. This is a different variation of the aphrodisiac aroma spell in number 1 but uses an essential oil and a charmed bracelet.
  2. First, leave your bracelet and essential oil to charge in the light of a Full Moon.
  3. Next, on a day when you want to feel extra beautiful and attractive, dab a few drops of the essential oil onto your leather bracelet/band. (if you’re concerned about the oil being safe topically, mix it with a carrier oil such as olive or sunflower oil first)
  4. As you put the bracelet on your wrist or tie it around your arm, say 3 times, “by band and scent, I consent to allow the universe’s beauty to use me as residence. For today and always.”
  5. The rest of the day, wear your perfumed band, and tell yourself how beautiful you truly are – inside and out.
Get out your perfumes and see what kind of beauty spells you can craft!

Beauty Spell #3 The Magick in YOUR Perfumes

Instead of me giving you another beauty spell to gain power and attraction, why not making up your own by doing the following:

  1. Get out all of your perfumes and body sprays.
  2. Grab a piece of paper and a pen.
  3. Write down all of your perfume names and body spray names.
  4. Look on the bottles to see if you can identify the ingredients in each perfume/body spray.
  5. If you see any of the natural ingredients, write these down. (For example: Coco Chanel has aromas of coriander, mandarin orange, peach, jasmine and bulgarian rose)
  6. If you don’t see their ingredients, a quick google search will give you an idea.
  7. Once you find the ingredients, record them.
  8. Now, look at what herbs/oils/scents have what magical properties. OR use your intuition and pick a few that mirror the “image” you want to portray in your beauty spell. (For example: the rose in Coco Chanel draws love, mandarin orange will make you seem more energetic and vibrant, etc.)
  9. Choose ONE perfume that matches the image you want to portray on a certain day.
  10. Then, after showering, spray yourself with this perfume, all the while imagining your spraying yourself with your magical intention. You can also write a poem/chant to use while spraying yourself with your favorite perfume for added effect.

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