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Drawing Down the STARS Ritual To Connect With the Cosmos

This ritual is ethereal, uplifting and inspired from an old school Wiccan tradition called Drawing Down the Moon. Drawing Down the Moon is when a priestess of a coven calls upon the Moon Goddess to take up presence within her body. She invokes the goddess and takes on her energy within. For this Drawing Down the Stars Ritual, you will invoke the energy of a star of your choice.

The Drawing Down the Stars Ritual

Before performing the ritual, decide which star or constellation to invoke. Choose a star based on your zodiac sign or star you were born under. For instance, if you’re a Scorpio you might choose a star in the Scorpius constellation. Or you can check the star you were born under here and invoke it during ritual. OR if you know you are a starseed and you know your starseed origins, choose a star from that constellation.

Why Try the Drawing Down the Stars Ritual?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel there’s enough rituals or talk about how to magically and spiritually connect with the stars or Cosmos. I see a lot of moon rituals and spells, but very little star rituals and spells. It’s important to connect with the stars if you are a starseed, if you feel drawn to the night sky, and if you want to absorb just a slice of what the universe has to offer. Drawing down the stars will energize, revitalize, heal and empower you.

What You’ll Need:

  • Crystal pyramid (1-3” wide): type of your choice but I recommend clear quartz, selenite, Amethyst, lepidolite or lapis lazuli
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • Charcoal disk, charcoal disk tongs, and ceramic/fire-safe container
  • Star anise pod (1)
  • A quiet, solitary place outside under the stars (where you won’t be disturbed by anyone)

How to Perform the Drawing Down the Stars Ritual

  1. Choose a night when the sky is clear of clouds or pollution, etc. When you can best see the sky in your location. A Full Moon also helps.
  2. Gather your supplies.
  3. Cleanse yourself via a ritual bath or shower. Or via smoke-cleansing.
  4. Cleanse your supplies via your chosen method. It’s important to cleanse the crystal pyramid! Also the container you’re using to burn the star anise.
  5. Go outside to your chosen safe, quiet place.
  6. Locate your chosen star or star location in the sky. It’s easiest if you use a mobile app like SkyView, etc.
  7. Mark the star’s location physically by placing your crystal pyramid as close to the spot as possible. For example, if your star is directly above you, place the pyramid directly in front of where you’re standing. If it’s facing due east, place your pyramid in the east. You’ll have to make a mental note of exactly where in the sky your star is located, as you won’t be able to completely mark it out with a pyramid and you also won’t be able to use your device through the entire Star ritual.
  8. Light your charcoal and place in your fire safe dish using tongs. Research how to safely use charcoal disks and loose incense if you’re unsure!
  9. Next Place your star anise pod on the burning charcoal while saying,
    “Stella Industria. Te Invoco. Stella Industria. Te Invoco. Stella Industria. Te Invoco. Tibi munera.” This is Latin for “Star energy. I invoke thee. Star energy. I invoke thee. Star energy. I invoke thee. A gift for you.” I find lately saying things in Latin or another language makes the ritual that much more ethereal.
  10. Let the star anise pod smolder for a few seconds, sit/stand quietly and watch the smoke snake its way into the ether and dissipate into the sky.
  11. Hold your finger in the smoke for a second, then touch the same finger to your third eye. Say, “Tertio oculum ad Stellam. Ad tertium oculus Stella.”
  12. Set down your incense and vessel close by but out of your way. Let the star anise pod continue to burn.
  13. Put on your headphones and listen to the star seed unity tones provided here. Or choose your own binaural beats or star tunes with an ethereal vibe.
  14. Lay down and stare up into the sky, in the direction of your chosen star. Place your crystal pyramid over your third eye.
  15. At this point, you should be visualizing the star’s energy shining down on you and meeting the crystal pyramid’s point then traveling into your third eye. This is the process of invoking and absorbing the cosmic energy that is the ALL.
  16. Just be in the moment for as long as you feel necessary.
  17. You may feel relaxed and floaty, or you may feel energetic and ready to run a race. Either way, let that feeling be what it is. Let the energy of the stars give you visions, whisper words, tingle your senses, etc.
  18. When you’re done, you will return the star’s energy to it by visualizing a stream of white, starry light leaving your third eye, traveling through the pyramid, projecting back into the sky towards your chosen star. Don’t rush this process, take as much time as you need to feel the transfer of energy.
  19. Thank your chosen star by saying, “pulchra stella, gratus sum.”
  20. Clean up your area.
  21. Ground the Extra energy you’ve received from the star by eating something heavy like bread and/or via a grounding meditation.
  22. Keep the crystal pyramid in a black cloth or dark space and use it when you perform any other star spells or rituals.

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