Orion Starseeds: Origins & Orion Starseed Markings & Traits

Orion Starseed: Origin Theories, Orion Starseed Markings and Traits

You look up at the night sky and see Orion’s belt. You’ve always felt drawn to it, and recently someone told you you’re an Orion Starseed. But what does this mean, exactly? Let’s explore the this beautiful constellation, our connection to its stars, and what it means to be a starseed from Orion. PLUS we provide you with clear-cut signs you come from this star system and what to do upon awakening.

Orion And Our Divine Connection to Its Stars

Since prehistoric times, we have looked up into the sky and wondered. How did we get here? What are those sparkly, bright things in the pitch black abyss? And since ancient times, the Orion constellation has inspired our ancestors to write its stories, worship its gods, and even build pyramids in alignment. But why has this particular system of stars drawn our attention for thousands of years? Some say we (human beings) originated elsewhere. In a different galaxy, possibly even in a different dimension. Some believe there are Orion starseeds on this planet – souls who incarnated in Orion before incarnating on earth. And you could be one of them.

Orion in Egyptian Mythology: Sah, Osiris and the Pyramids

The Ancient Egyptians had a significant obsession with the stars. And especially with the Orion constellation. Did you know the three pyramids at Giza align with the 3 stars in Orion’s belt? This is no accident, my friends. In fact, scholars believe the Egyptians were the first to include the constellation in their belief system and mythologies. Sah, the Egyptian god, is the personification of Orion in Egyptian mythos. Sah also represented the pure, eternal soul. Each morning, Sah disappeared and each night he rose again.

Eventually, Sah would be associated or give way to the god Osiris. Who also represented life, death and rebirth. The Egyptians claimed their gods originated on the 3 stars of Orion’s belt, on Sirius, and on Venus. If the gods came from the stars and our souls were believed to take a journey back to the stars upon death, then it stands to say that perhaps our souls originated among the stars as well. Orion’s deep connection to the life/death/rebirth cycle is apparent in comparative mythology.

Orion in Greek Mythology

The Orion constellation is named for the Greek mythical figure or god Orion. Orion is a god that seems to get himself into trouble quite often. First, he falls in love with a king’s daughter, leading to his blindness. Luckily, the sunshine replenishes his sight and he goes to live with Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt and of the moon. There are different versions of the myth. But Orion does something to tick off the gods and he is killed with his soul sent out into the night sky.

He becomes the Orion constellation. He chases the Pleiades system and is henceforth chased by Scorpio, which in some legends he is killed by a scorpion. Orion is a hunter and warrior. This theme seems to travel across cultural boundaries and may explain some Orion starseed traits.

Starry Civilizations in Orion

By now you’ve probably realized there’s many stars in the Orion constellation. So when we start wondering if we once incarnated in Orion, we might also wonder on or near which star or star system? Unfortunately, we don’t know everything about the Orion constellation and its potential multitude of civilizations. But we do know a few including Mintaka and Bellatrix. Mintaka is a star system that represents one of the stars on Orion’s belt.


The Mintakan civilization in Orion is mainly made up of water. There’s a perfect combination of air and water there, which allows for its beings to breathe underwater effortlessly. They are also able to move through the water easily, as the make-up is less dense than the water here on earth. Some people believe Mintakans came to earth ages ago and were the origins to our mermaid myths. And that, technically, these myths weren’t myths at all. But real beings from the Mintaka star system. Sources online claim the peaceful Mintakan society was destroyed by greedy, lower-dimension beings. And so many of the Mintakans dispersed throughout the Universe or transcended. Some even say they come here and incarnate as whales and dolphins.


Another Orion starseed civilization was located in Bellatrix. Yet another star in the Orion constellation. Interestingly, Bellatrix wasn’t formed like the other stars in Orion. And so the beings who incarnate(d) there are different from the rest. Yet they exude qualities of Orion, the Greek hunter-warrior god himself. The Bellatrix civilization was mostly female and made up of warriors. They are extremely tall, large beings, similar to what we’d call giants. When I see these women in my mind’s eye, I see the Amazons. Not much is known about these star beings, yet it also intriguing that JK Rowling named a strong female character after this particular star. Sure Bellatrix Lestrange wasn’t a nice witch…but she was powerful nonetheless.

Orion Starseed Markings and Traits

Orion starseed markings and traits will vary by star or star system AND by the individual soul. But here we’ll provide a list of common signs and markings of souls that incarnated in Orion:

  • you’ve always felt a connection to the Orion constellation, namely Orion’s belt
  • highly drawn to the sciences – medicine, mathematics, biology, astronomy, etc.
  • highly intelligent and put a large focus on matters of the mind
  • mental souls but not emotional – part of your lesson here is to truly feel and love
  • great sense of humor – dry or sarcastic
  • optimistic but realistic
  • very opinionated, don’t sway from beliefs easily
  • often called a “jack of all trades”
  • practice self control
  • unintentionally come off as “cold”
  • an interest in ancient cultures like Egypt and Greece
  • a whizz at computers and other forms of technology
  • often incarnate as earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • always thinking and over-thinking
  • choose careers in science, teaching, and mathematics fields
  • Orion starseeds may have sky-blue or ice-blue eyes
  • will have Orion stars in your astrological natal chart
  • may have the Orion constellation on the palm of your hand or in a birthmark
  • you may fight for those you feel have been wronged in life
  • have a “warrior’s” attitude or mental faculties
  • may be interested in ancient weaponry
  • always had a feeling you wanted go go home; earth isn’t your true home
  • always been drawn to outer space and other planes of existence

Mintakan Orion Starseed Signs and Traits:

  • strongly drawn to the water element, you love all things about the ocean, beach, and bodies of water
  • intense connection with whales and dolphins
  • have had an obsession with mermaids and sea monsters as long as you can remember
  • the sound of the ocean heals and relaxes you
  • dreams of swimming or living near lakes and oceans so sparkly they look filled with diamonds
  • strong desire to “ascend” spiritually and help others too
  • you’re a compassionate person and get pleasure from helping others
  • high levels of sensitivity to other beings: potentially empathic
  • often incarnate as water signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
  • natural lucid dreamer and astral projector
  • very loving individual
  • choose career in healing and non-profit fields: nurse, doctor, herbalist, counselor, teacher, non-profit organizations, charities, etc.
  • intensely strong intuition and psychic abilities like clairsentience
  • musical skill with instruments, singing and writing

Gods and Guides for Orion Starseeds

Like every other constellation in the sky, Orion has its very own sacred deities and spirits. There are dozens of gods and goddesses to evoke as an Orion starseed. Many ancient cultures associated their own gods with this beautiful constellation. As already discussed, the Egyptians had Sah, but also linked Osiris and Isis to Orion. The ancient Greeks named the constellation for the mythical figure or god Orion (or was it the other way around?) Even the Norse people associated deities with Orion: the goddesses Frigg and Freya. These aren’t the only ones. I recommend researching gods associated with Orion from your ancestors’ cultures OR any that resonate.

Modern Orion Starseed Practices:

Everyone has a soul. And everyone should be caring for that soul. Especially if you consider yourself an Orion starseed. But how does an Orion starseed honor our starry origins, past incarnations, and our current life? Through whatever makes your soul sing! But if you need some ideas, here are some modern Orion starseed practices to consider:

1. Meditation

Meditation is so good for you – mind, body and soul. And more so if you’re an Orion starseed. Our minds are always on. They don’t typically take a break. We are big thinkers and over-thinkers, and sometimes it’s necessary for us to re-focus and even give our brains a break. To allow our minds to turn off and rest for a bit. Meditation helps us focus and cleanse our minds of the garble from the day. Maybe you’re thinking sleep does this, but most Orion starseeds are also big dreamers. So sleep isn’t necessarily as good as meditation.

2. Dreamwork

Learning how to connect with your dreams, dream symbols and cycles as an Orion starseed is an invaluable skill. If you’re a Mintakan Orion starseed, dreams come naturally to you. You might even remember astral traveling and lucid dreaming since you were a small child. Dreams of flying, floating and even having sleep paralysis are signs of this. We recommend keeping a dream journal, analyzing your dream patterns, and learning how to transcend and speak to your star guides through your dreams.

3. Water Element

All things water element are healing and helpful to the Orion starseed. No matter what star or star system you’re from, connecting with water is a boon for you. This means dreams (already mentioned), intuitive exercises, embracing emotions, love in its many forms, purification rituals and much more. Even working with animal spirit guides from the water is helpful: the whale and dolphin, specifically. These animals may have originally come from Mintaka.

4. Shadow Work

Sometimes Orion starseeds ignore their emotions because they don’t know how to deal with their emotions. In these cases, shadow work may be necessary. Shadow work is great for everyone and anyone to practice, if you are ready to dive deep into your hidden self and integrate your shadows. Starting a shadow journal is helpful. Exploring your traumas, dislikes, phobias, and aversions is a good place to start.

5. Chakra Alignments

It’s important for anyone to keep their chakras balanced and aligned. It’s EXTREMELY important for Orion starseeds. When our chakras are blocked or out of whack, we can’t function at our best. We experience a disconnect from the universe, from others and from ourselves. And sometimes we even experience illness. Engage in chakra balancing practices including chakra meditations, eating high vibrational foods, and seeing a Reiki healer regularly.

6. Crystal Magick

Many starseeds feel an tangible pull to work with crystals. Orion starseeds benefit from meditating, healing and working crystal magick. Orions connect with lots of high vibrational stones like selenite, as well as lovey stones like rose quartz, green calcite, and jade. If you’ve never worked with crystals before, learn more about crystal magick here.

7. Divination for Orions

Divination is helpful for Orions to reconnect with their starry origins, as well as with their star ancestors and guides. We recommend oracle and tarot cards that have starseed or ascension themes like the Starseed Oracle or the Pleiadean Tarot Deck. Cleanse your cards after purchase, and ask your guides and ancestors to bless your deck. Dedicate this deck specifically to communicating with your starry ancestors and spirit guide team. This serves as a direct channel of contact between you and your guides.

8. Sacred Stargazing

Every Orion starseed is drawn to look up at the night sky. And, if you know where Orion is located and in what season, you should get your telescope out and meditate on its beauty. You might find you’re drawn to a specific star in the Orion constellation, leading you to a deeper connection to your otherworldly origins.

A Blessing for All Orions

May your starry soul shine as bright as Orion’s belt. May your life be a blessing and aid in your complete expansion in this reality. The Universe is within you and you within the Universe. We claim integration, oneness with the Divine, GROWTH and shine! Learn more about the different types of starseeds here.

Orion Starseeds: Origins and Traits

3 thoughts on “Orion Starseed: Origin Theories, Orion Starseed Markings and Traits

  1. This is very interesting, I have every connection to the orion belt, on my left should i have a huge birthmark that appears to be stars this part of my shoulder is darker then the rest of my body, my right hand wrist has another birthmark the shape of an animal, not sure what animal but everyone I ask say that it looks like an animal, I feel the need to go home somewhere up in the stary skies, am an empath, a gridworker, starseed with synchonicities with time all day and all night, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and so on, it never stops, I hae no relation with money, I feel everyone’s energy and emotion which makes me tired all day, I am a Taurus, I could go on and on..

  2. Thanks a lot for this helpful guide. It was fun to read and easy to digest. I would like to add some remarks about Orion.
    Orion is a hotpoint of many many dimension gates, that’s why there have been huge amounts of wars fought in the system’s history.
    Orion, as a symbol, is one of the misunderstood and extremely powerful symbols. A girdle that had three suncrosses was worn by Mu kings in Mythical Asia, pre-Great Flood era particularly. Each star symbolized the three pieces of the constellation. For the connections with mythology, they are greatly distorted. Just search online, “Orion thunderbolt”. Orion particularly symbolizes the Skyfather archetype, which includes Thor, Odin, Zeus, Perun, Osiris (Asar). This archetypal energy is ancient, wise and powerful beyond measure. Odin (Odqan) ‘s Gungnir spear is actually this thunderbolt. Actually, this thunderbolt is also represented as “Vajra” in eastern traditions.
    My personal soul story involves aeons of lifetime, as a dragon king in Orion realms, which also considered as the home of dragonkind in some resources. I remember observing huge scale battles fought, in 4D space mostly. Dragons reside in 5D and above dimensions. The water energy and dragons cross at a point: asian dragons, which are considered as the bridge between heavenly realms and water realms, bringing yang energy to water sources. The word Orion seems to be derived from “Uru”, a very ancient name for God in his/her temples on top of Altai Mountains (even older times than Mu and Atlantis).
    Orion is criminally underrated in my opinion. If what I wrote resonates with you, I hope the energy helps you out even more. Otherwise, you can take these as a fun story or something like that.

  3. I don’t feel a connection to Orion’s belt I remember being at Orion’s belt before a cloud appeared then dispursed and a starcraft appeared in its place. Then a body materialized and somehow it abducted me into it. Then the body got into the craft and went into a hole in space that led to this creation, earth. When it came out of the hole there were six heavily armed craft waiting for it. I saw a lot of intersting things here and earth is slightly different than what everyone thinks it looks like. There are many things that I have learned you humans believe but those things are not true. Thank you for reading this and thank you also for the website. I have been trying to find out why I was abducted from my home and brought here and told to show you the light by a man that can change his appearance. I do not know this man but he is in charge here and he has a very tricky door he told me to open. When I opened the door he somehow took me out of the body that kidnapped me from Orion’s belt and threw my to this creation. That was not a pleasant experience as I had to fall the entire distance before being intercepted by another craft that literally dumped me over the home of the people that would be my parents. The craft that dropped me off no one has ever reported seeing but I remember seeing them all over the skies here but after being born and growing I no longer see these craft anywhere. Anyways, I’m going to keep looking for the information on who that man was hiding his face using lightening that will come out and go for your eyes if you try seeing his face.

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