Selene Goddess of the Moon: 13 Ways to Work With Her

Selene Goddess of the Moon: 13 Ways to Work With Her

When I look at a beautiful Full Moon, I know I’m not alone. The Divine Feminine’s force vibrates through the moon, down through the lunar beams and into our hearts. Over time, there have been hundreds of magical lunar deities come and go, but one particular name is still spoken today – Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Here we get to know the goddess Selene better and learn how to work with her in our spiritual practice.

Who is Selene, Goddess of the Moon?

Selene Goddess of the moon is a deity in the Greek pantheon. Her name means “bright” or “gleaming”. Her other name, Mene, translates to moon and is the root of our words month, menses, and menstruation. She is a sister of Helios (a solar god) and Eos (goddess of the dawn), and daughter to Hyperion and Thea. When the moon rises in the night sky, Selene is waving hello from her silver chariot pulled by two great white horses. Illustrations depict her as a beautiful woman wearing a moon crown and a flowing veil.

While often linked to Artemis and Hecate, two other Greek moon goddesses, Selene is different. She’s considered the personification of the moon itself, not merely a deity who rules over it. Because Selene is the moon, her domain is the ocean, the night sky plus all lunar magic: healing, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, emotions, and much more!

Selene’s Domain and Magical Associations

OceanHorseMoonflowerMoon water
Lunar magicBullLavenderWine

Selene and Endymion

One of the great Greek mythic love stories is that of Selene and Endymion. One night, Selene looked down from the heavens and fell in love with a mortal man named Endymion. He was so beautiful in his eternal sleep, she couldn’t help but stare at him for hours on end. Some sources claim Selene enchanted Endymion, cursing him with an eternal sleep just so that she could watch him each night. While others say that Endymion pursued Hera and so was cursed by Zeus instead. Still others say Endymion chose an eternal, deathless sleep and Selene fell for him because of his beauty and peacefulness.

No matter the actual origin story, one thing is clear – Selene’s passion and love for Endymion. Interestingly, one scholar Max Muller, surmises that Endymion was actually a personification of the Sun. And their story is a romantic spin on the Sun and Moon’s dance in the sky. Endymion’s name, after all, translates to “dive” and could refer to the Sun’s dive into the ocean each evening. So if Endymion spends his time in an eternal sleep, then the moon might think the same of the sun. It’s a timeless love story and proves to us the beauty in the universe.

The Moon Goddess’s Lessons for Modern Women

What do you wish to learn from the moon? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been entranced by the Full Moon since I was a little girl. It always felt feminine to me. Selene Goddess of the Moon teaches modern women to be intimate with their own bodies and menstrual cycles. As women, our reproductive systems are linked to the phases of the moon and therefore to Selene herself. As the moon waxes, so do our wombs. When the moon is full, our wombs are ready for implantation. Then when the moon wanes, our wombs shed and wane too. Our femininity is the goddess within and the moon shining through us.

Selene the Moon Goddess also brings to her followers a flood of intuition, the ability to dream and interpret dreams, and divination powers. Once you begin working with her, your dreams might come more frequently and even be more intense. Keep a journal or grimoire dedicated to your dream work and write down as many dreams as you remember. Then go back and take notes on how these dreams relate to your daily life and to your relationship with the moon goddess.

Goddess of the Moon

Ways to Work With the Moon Goddess, Selene

Working with or getting to know a moon goddess like Selene is a slow yet enchanting process. If you already feel a connection to the moon, the process may be even easier. Study the moon’s phases and how they affect the earth, ocean, and human beings. Look up your moon sign if you don’t know it and understand how your moon sign plays into your daily life, emotions, and relationships. Immerse yourself in the moonlight as often as possible.

1. Read and Study

When getting to know Selene, the best preliminary step is to read as much as you can about the moon goddess. Online sources, books on Greek mythology and folklore, whatever you can get your hands on. She’s mentioned in Hesiod’s Theogony, in the Homeric Hymn to Selene, and in Lucian’s Icaromenippus (among other myths). We also recommend familiarizing yourself with ancient Greek history and culture as this will only enhance your connection with Selene.

2. An Altar for the Goddess Selene

One of the most effective ways of working with a goddess like Selene is to set up an altar or a space on your altar dedicated solely to her. A painting of the moon, a moon goddess statue, or even a few pieces of moonstone are a perfect representation of Selene. Horses, silver, and white are great for Selene altar decorations. Dedicate your altar space to her and tell her it was built in her honor. Cleanse and refresh your altar and its decorations on the Full Moon (or your preferred moon phase) on a regular basis.

3. Regular Offerings

Leave an offering of selenite, moonstones, silver, moon water, a small horse figurine or drawing, a poem, etc. to appease her. Do this as often as you’d like. Remember, relationships are built by communication and giving – receiving equal exchanges. We like to refresh our water offerings daily, if possible, but at least every few days. In addition, Selene may enjoy traditional Greek foods and wine.

4. A Selene Goddess Full Moon Ritual

If you want to dedicate yourself in the moon goddess’ service, try this Selene Goddess Full Moon Ritual:

What You’ll Need:

  1. Silver or glass bowl or vase
  2. Silver or white dress or robe
  3. A clean bathtub
  4. Timing: Full Moon

What To Do:

  1. Fill your silver or glass bowl with filtered/purified water OR collected rain or spring water.
  2. Set it outside on the Full Moon somewhere where the moon’s rays will touch the water itself.
  3. Leave it to be charged in the Full Moon light for 3 hours.
  4. Bring the vase/bowl inside. Prepare a bath. You may add herbs associated with the moon, if you so choose.
  5. Pour about a cup of the moon water from the silver vase/bowl into the bathtub and say, “Selene, Goddess of the Moon, Lunar deity of love and light, may your healing, feminine power flow through the water and fill me with wisdom, intuition, and connect me to the Divine Feminine. So be it.”
  6. Turn down the lights, bathe in the moon charged bath water and emerge anew.
  7. Wear the white or silver robe/gown for the rest of the night. You have dedicated yourself to the Moon Goddess’ service.
  8. Save the moon water to cleanse and charge your moon altar and tools.

5. Make Magick with Moon Water

Moon water is easy and fun to collect. Fill a glass or silver vessel with water and place outside to soak up the moonlight at night. You’ll mostly hear people collecting on a Full Moon, but I say try making moon water for each moon phase. Then use it as offering to Selene OR in your rituals and spells. Take note of how each moon water amplified your results.

6. Water Scrying

Because the moon is intricately linked to the water, performing water scrying sessions to speak to Selene is a great way to connect with her. The old school way is to fill a silver bowl with water and take it outside at night. Allow the moon’s reflection to show in the water and ask Selene for a message. Then allow images, thoughts, words, etc. to pop up in your mind. Record what Selene says to you.

7. Horseback Riding for Selene

We often suggest animal stewardship when working with specific gods and goddesses. Why? Because most ancient deities were intimately connected to the earth and its wildlife – both plants and animals. Selene’s sacred animals are the horse, bull and mule. If you don’t want to start a mule farm, consider going horseback riding. Bless the horse in Selene’s name and you’ll feel her blessings.

8. Working Magick on Mondays

Since Monday is named for the Moon, it is also the sacred day of Selene. Work your magick on Mondays – cast spells, perform divination, and contact Selene on this day. Notice after working with Selene for some time how your feelings about Mondays change. Perhaps you dislike Mondays (like many humans who work a M-F job). It won’t be too long you’ll find yourself looking forward to Monday as Selene’s day.

9. Sea Witchcraft

Myths that speak of Selene also talk about her connection with the ocean. We know the moon’s phases pull on the tides and affect the wildlife in the ocean. As they also affect us and our emotions as human beings. By practicing sea witchcraft, you invoke Selene’s very essence. Incorporate the water element into your rituals, go to the beach, collect seashells and coral, cleanse yourself in the ocean’s waters, etc.

10. Moon Gazing

You’ve familiarized yourself with Selene’s mythos, her consorts, domains and the moon phases overall. You’ve sat outside and watched the moon for hours upon hours, letting the silvery rays fall all around you. Letting the lunar energy inspire you. Awaken you. If you’d like to take your moon gazing to the next level, get a telescope. This especially comes in handy when you want to get a closer look at a Blue Moon, Blood Moon, lunar eclipse, etc. And you’ll get to see Selene more up-close-and-personal.

11. Growing a Moon Garden

Believe it or not, there are many plants that grow and bloom under the moon’s rays rather than the sun’s. Any plant that blossoms or fruits under the moon is sacred to Selene Goddess of the Moon. For obvious reasons. But if you really want to please her, grow a moon garden in her name. Here are a few moon plants to incorporate: moonflower (super easy to grow especially in Summer and in warm climates), night blooming jasmine, angel’s trumpets (be careful, they can be toxic), evening primrose, tuberose, gardenia, night phlox and night gladiolus. Here’s a few more.

12. Working with Moonstone & Silver

Again, working with any crystals closely linked to the moon means working with Selene’s energy. But truthfully, I’ve found the best luck working with moonstone and silver. When I want to invoke Selene’s energy, I wear a moonstone ring. I’m blessed in that the moonstone is laid in silver. But if you can’t find my exact ring, carrying a moonstone in your pocket or purse will do wonderfully too. In addition, silver is under Selene’s domain and helpful when seeking relationship with her.

13. 13 Lunar Cycles

You know how most people are running around afraid of the number 13? Did you also know the moon cycles thirteen times in a lunar year? The number 13 was once a sacred number to many ancient cultures. This is undoubtedly because many people once followed a lunar calendar instead of a solar calendar. By working with the number 13 in your craft, you are honoring the 13 lunar cycles and therefore our beloved moon goddess.

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Working with the Bright Lady, Selene Goddess of the Moon

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  1. I always got dreams about moon and any time I got attack from my enemies Is like powers falls from the moon to destroy my enemies and when the attack is heavy the powers decents from the sun to destroy my enemies in the dreams

  2. Hello, I’ve always been attracted to the moon and everything related, so I wanted to start praising / working with Selene, but something bothers me… I can’t see the moon from my home. I can’t even recharge my crystals under the moonlight, let alone make moon water.. Would it be an inconvenience?

  3. Weird how the moon and earth is always female while the sun is male. The sun is the center of the solar system and the moon and planets revolve around it lol. Gotta love how that works :/
    I got a piece of selenite today, it’s polished in a ball and all the little inclusions make it look JUST like the moon, it’s crazy. So I was like “hey selenite is named after Selene!” And then found this article XD

    1. I’ve been using tarot a lot lately, I always get a card that is moon related or something related to Selene. The Moon card keeps appearing, then when I was trying to communicate with my spirit guides. I asked for their name, then a got 3 cards that can spell both Luna and Selene. I had a dog named Luna, 2/3 of the cards had a dog on them. Then a couple days ago a girl by the name of Luna started talking to me. Yesterday, I asked if she could show herself in the form of a horse. A friend sent me a picture of a bonfire she was at. The fire was shaped like a reering horse. I’d honestly really like to get advice on this.

  4. I think I might be being claimed by Selene, I’ve always been attracted to the moon, moonstones, and I have a very strong sense of intuition and extremely vivid dreams. Do you have any advice or know what’s going on?

    1. Same here! Ever since I was little I always have wanted to talk with the moon almost, because of how much I praise it. It’s so beautiful. Well around six months ago, I found out about witchcraft, and along with it comes Wiccan and Paganism. So here I am. I will work with her to see. You should too!

      1. Im pretty new to all this I feel I should say but Ive been expanding my knowledge and trying to connect with my spirit guides. And Im inclined to think the same. Ive been getting signs that Selene has a message for me or is trying to contact me, never considered shes claiming me. My spiritual practice has always been instinctual, Ive always felt drawn to the moon and just so happens my alter/work space has many of her prefered items……should I try working with her? I would love to, Im just kinda new to this.

    1. We have shower rituals on the website. You can search in the search box on our site for shower rituals and find them.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful ideas on how to honour Selene, apparently already was with the moonstones I have on my altar🙏🏾🙏🏾🌒🌙

  6. hi my name is angelous and I want to give my loyalty to selene but will she accept me for being a man?

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