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Gaia Goddess: 10 Ways to Work With the Great Earth Mother

The true mother that nurtures and protects us. Feeds us from her soil. Provides us a place to be safe and comforted. Our Mother Earth. To the ancient Greeks she was called Gaia. Today, many of us find we have an inseparable link to her. One that we’d like to explore further and possibly even work with Gaia Goddess of the Earth in our own lives and spiritual practices. Here we’ll tell Gaia’s story from ancient myth and modern lore, as well as teach you 10 ways to work with her loving, formidable energy on a daily basis.

First, Gaia Goddess of the Earth’s Origins

Gaia has no parents. She was born at the dawn of creation and therefore was burn unto herself. Though she is child to none, she is mother to all. Her name literally means earth, and depending on the person, she may be seen as the personification of earth, the spirit of earth, or an actual goddess who’s home is earth. In the beginning, there was chaos. Also called the void. Gaia birthed herself out of the chaos and became the first deity. And the Homeric Hymns to Ge confirm Gaia as the oldest of the gods.

Gaia Goddess of Earth has multiple names and epithets including Ge (as in geography), Anesidora (which means gift giver), Calligeneia (born beautiful), and Eurosternos (goddess with the broad chest). Depending on the region and her sacred site, she may be referred to as any of these names or epithets. She has Greek origins but may actually stem from older Neolithic earth goddesses from pre-Indo-European times. Comparisons between Gaia and the Anatolian goddess Cybele have been made, as well as between the Roman Terra and Gaia.

After Gaia emerged from the chaos and established herself as Earth, she created the sky (Uranus) and the sea (Oceanus). Then proceeded to create more children through her union with Uranus (sky). Following this union, Gaia has another union with Pontus and is also known to become impregnated through other Greek myths via a man’s semen falling onto the ground. One such tale is that of Zeus’ semen falling onto the earth then impregnating Gaia with centaurs. Gaia is the “All-Mother” of Greek mythology, as she births forth various deities, mythical creatures, nymphs, legendary figures, giants and cyclopes. She is the all-encompassing Mother of everything. She is the earth, after all.

Gaia Rebels…Against Everyone? For Her Children’s Sake

There’s something I’ve always loved about Gaia Goddess of Earth, it’s the fact she is downright rebellious and antagonistic. But I don’t think she means to be, necessarily. The rebelliousness comes down to one thing – her love for her children. And truly, I understand that. I would throw every single person under the bus if it meant protecting my children and giving them the best in life. And Gaia? She’s the same according to Greek mythology.

For instance, when Cronus swallows his children whole, he also tries to swallow Zeus. Zeus’ mother, Rhea, gives him to Gaia to raise as her own. And when Zeus grows up, he vows to save his siblings from Cronus’ belly. And guess who helps him? Gaia, of course. In this simple act, she’s seen as rebelling against her other son of whom is Cronus. But my opinion is it seems she knows Cronus’ act of killing off his children is wrong. And so Gaia aids her adopted son Zeus in defeating Cronus and rescuing his siblings, the Olympians. Who would later defeat the Titans and rise to power on Mount Olympus.

However, Gaia rebels against Zeus when he tries to enslave her children, the Titans. Scholarly sources call this “rebelling”, but to me, I see a mother who cares for all of her children equally and is trying her best to make this a fair fight. And keep everyone from being hurt. Sounds like an all-loving mother to me rather than an “antagonist”.

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Gaia’s Temples and Prophesying Priestesses

To be a priestess of the earth goddess means to dedicate oneself to her entirely. In ancient times, Gaia’s priestesses were called pythonesses, a direct reference to one of Gaia’s sacred animals the snake. Although in later years Apollo was the god behind the Oracle at Delphi, the myths say that Apollo essentially staged a coup of Delphi, slew Gaia’s serpent (python), and took over. Before Apollo’s seizure of the shrine, the pythonesses were said to inhale fumes that seeped out of a fissure in the earth. This is how they would receive divine messages and prophesy. This practice would continue through Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi times. Scholars believe their trance-like states were achieved through the inhalation of bay leaf fumes and other hallucinogens.

Gaia’s priestesses were also required to give up their sexual endeavors by vowing chastity. They were only allowed to have had sexual relations with one man. To give this side of themselves over to Gaia was an honor. The priestesses prophesied, cared for Gaia’s shrines, performed ritual and gave offerings to the earth goddess. We know of at least three ancient shrines dedicated to Gaia including one in Sparta, one in Aegae, and one image of Gaia in Demeter’s temple. Gaia’s image was typically made of wood, which seems appropriate to me.

How Does Gaia Manifest?

When Gaia appears in divine human form, she is frequently seen as a beautiful, matronly woman. Sometimes she wears a crown and a rich, emerald-green dress. Other times she is surrounded by wild animals or Carpi. In ancient sculptures and frescoes, she is seen rising up halfway out of the earth. In modern depictions, she’s a beautiful woman holding the earth in her arms as if its her newborn child. Or she is a green-skinned pregnant goddess and the earth serves as her full womb. Moreover, she sometimes has vines and greenery growing all over her and in her hair.

How to Know Gaia’s Calling You

I truly believe Gaia is the perfect deity for pagans who haven’t worked with other deities before. If you’re used to working purely with the earth, but want to start honoring deity in your practice, consider Gaia’s call. Sometimes this earth goddess might call to you. Here’s how you’ll know:

  • You start seeing Gaia’s image everywhere
  • Gardening becomes an obsession and a spiritual hobby for you
  • You’re drawn to Gaia’s name and what she represents
  • Snakes don’t scare you, in fact, you find them beautiful
  • Snakes are popping up in your dreams and visions
  • Gaia goddess of earth comes to you in your dreams and during meditation
  • You’re a new mother
  • You’ve started a new job in earth conservation and/or animal rescue

Gaia Goddess: Magical Correspondences

It’s hard to define specific correspondences to go with Gaia, because truly everything on the planet belongs to her. But if we had to list some, here they are:

WildlifeOfferingsStonesGods/Goddesses Allies
All treesHoneyMoss agateTerra
All plantsBarley cakesObsidianCybele
All animalsWaterBloodstoneDemeter

13 Ways To Work With Gaia Goddess of Earth

How you honor and connect with a deity is personal to you and you alone. Everyone’s spiritual path is different. And all are right. But here’s a few ways to work with Gaia Goddess of Earth:

1. Set Up a Shrine for Gaia

Setting aside a space for Gaia isn’t just nice, it’s taking the first step to connecting with her spirit. It’s like inviting a new friend over for dinner. Except, this new friend is the earth herself. On Gaia’s altar, keep the colors earthy like greens, browns, tans, and neutrals. Real and faux plants are great decorations and offerings to the Earth Mother. A wooden image or statue of Gaia is the perfect representation of her. Keep a bowl or cup of water and a bit of salt or soil on her altar. A cup for other offerings is nice too. Candles, incense, and any other items you feel represent Gaia are perfect for her sacred space.

2. Give to Gaia

Regular offerings to Gaia are helpful in appeasing her spirit and keeping the energy flowing. Traditionally, people offered honey, barley cakes, and pure water to Gaia. You can mimic they’re practices or give her whatever you feel drawn to give her. Any herbs, flowers, veggies or plants are sacred to her and make appropriate gifts. You don’t have to give every day. Just whenever you can.

3. Meditation

Set aside a little time every week to meditate with the specific intention of meeting Gaia in the astral realm. Guided meditations are helpful for work like this. And when you do get to meet her, ask her what you can do for her first. When we give to Gaia and the Earth, we receive ten-fold. Then write down your experiences with Gaia in meditation time.

4. Gardening

One of the most spiritual things you can do is tend to a garden. When we grow and care for plants throughout their life cycle, we see a side of life we might not ever have before. From planting, to sprouting, to blooming and fruiting, we see the birth, death and rebirth cycle in our own backyards. And through every small change in the garden and every bit of effort we put into it, we are connecting with Gaia and making her happy.

5. Conservation and Rescues

Because Gaia’s domain is the wild, untamed places and its wildlife, the ultimate act in Gaia’s name is conservation of the wild and/or rescuing animals. If you can join a conservation club or local animal rescue, do so and tell Gaia you’re doing it for her and for the earth. If you can’t join and give of your time, consider donating goods or money to your nearest organizations.

6. Hiking and Outdoor Activities

What better way to connect with Gaia Goddess of Earth than to get outside? Hiking, camping, and all outdoor activities give you a chance to be away from the electronics and in nature. It gives you a chance to calm down, slow down, and listen to the Divine. If you can’t hike or camp, simply taking a walk outside is plenty.

7. Being a Mother

If you are a mother, now is the time to fully embrace it. Gaia is the Mother of all..she nurtures and protects us. Honor her by invoking that motherly love and applying it to your life. If you’ve been considering having a baby and Gaia has come into your life, here’s your big sign.

8. Earth Element Magick

Gaia is the earth. Therefore when you cast earth element magick, you’re casting with the energy of Gaia. Some earthy magical practices include making spell bags and jars, herbalism, kitchen witchery, crystal healing, and working with the fae folk.

9. The Snake Symbol

The myths say Gaia was connected to the snake (or serpent). Utilize the snake as a symbol in your spiritual practice to evoke this goddess’ energy. Wear it as an amulet or talisman, keep snake sheds and use them in your witchcraft, and learn how to awaken your kundalini energy.

10. Read and Learn About Gaia

One of the most effective and important ways to connect with a deity is to read all you can about them. Read through the mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and other stories featuring Gaia. Books, online sources, and documentaries are a great way to learn about ancient Greek religion as well as Gaia. Keep a grimoire page dedicated to your studies and one dedicated to the Earth Goddess.

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