Amulets & Talismans: How to Enchant Jewelry and Charms

Amulets and Talismans: How to Enchant Jewelry & Charms for Protection

Have you ever had a lucky rabbit’s foot? A coin that your grandpa gave you that seems to bring money in, just when you need it? There’s a unique kind of magick behind these charms we wear. Witches and sorcerers love their magical jewelry. Have you ever known a witch who doesn’t wear jingling rings on her fingers and toes? How about a sorcerer who doesn’t wear amulets and talismans? There’s a reason witches love their charms, necklaces, and anklets – they use them to ward off negativity, draw love and money, connect to the divine, and more. Learn how to enchant jewelry for magical purposes here!

Amulets and Talismans: What Are They and How Are They Different?

People think amulets and talismans are the same thing. They aren’t. While they are both charms and/or jewelry worn for magical purposes, they serve two different purposes. An amulet is charmed jewelry worn to WARD off anything the individual wants to keep away. A talisman DRAWS something towards the individual. For example, an obsidian pendant is worn and charged to ward off evil. While a jade bracelet is charged to draw love towards the individual.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the difference between amulets and talismans, so think of it this way: A for AMULET and AWAY. And T for Talisman and TOWARDS.

Ancient Amulets and Talismans: A Magical History

Protective charms and jewelry have been around for thousands of years, and we have archaeological proof from every corner of the world.

Amulets and Talismans in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians believed strongly in gods, spirits and in magic. They believed the gods could fill certain places and objects with their power. The gods’ presence was felt in large places like in the Nile River and in a multitude of sacred temples. But they could also be felt in something as small as an amulet or talisman. Every aspect of an Egyptian amulet or talisman was important and meant something to its owner, down to the color, size, and image. Scarab amulets were particularly popular, as well as amulets depicting particular gods like Isis or Ra. You can see an array of Egyptian amulets and talimans here and in person at the Met Museum.

Amulets from the Bronze and Viking Ages

In November of 2022, a construction company began a new housing development project in Southwestern Sweden. And they “unearthed a metal amulet in the shape of Mjolnir, the Norse god Thor’s hammer,” according to The Norse amulet is now being housed in the Halland Museum of Cultural History. There’s some speculation as to why this amulet may have been worn during the Viking Age, but as magical practitioners, we know people wore these charms to invoke the protection of their gods. Thor was considered a god that protected the common folk and seafarers, and thus his amulet was likely worn often by many folks before the Christianization of Sweden.

Another amulet was discovered in 2022 in Siberia. This ancient amulet is particularly interesting because it’s made of human bone and is accredited to the Bronze Age Tagar culture. There, next to an ancient woman’s body, archaeologists discovered a necklace made of bronze and carnelian beads, boar tusk and a fragment of human rib bone. You can read more about the excavation site and the woman next to whom they discovered the amulet here.

An amulet like the nazar wards off the evil eye.
Nazar amulet wards off evil eye

What is the Nazar Amulet?

The Nazar amulet, pictured above, is a symbol that’s been used for thousands of years, with evidence dating to the 16th century BC. The obvious eye depiction in this amulet is used to ward off the “evil eye”. This amulet originates in ancient Mesopotamia and has gained recent popularity in Modern Turkey and throughout the world.

Personally, I use the Nazar amulet in my vehicle and it has been quite effective as a warding device. It works to deflect envy and ill will knowingly or unknowingly cast against a person…sometimes with just a “look”. I’ve also worn it as a bracelet, anklet, necklace and belly button ring. The interesting thing about the Nazar is that once it’s absorbed a good amount of negative energy, it literally becomes heavy and breaks its chain. At this point, it’s time to get a new one.

Types of Protective Amulets

Literally anything you wear can be enchanted for a magical reason and considered a protective amulet. Any necklaces, chains, bracelets, anklets, earrings, body jewelry, or even sewn into clothing or etched into shoes. The choice is yours, but here are some examples:

  • Crystals and stones: turquoise, obsidian, tiger’s eye, tourmaline, hematite, fire agate, jasper, jet, amethyst, etc.
  • Sigils and symbols: protective sigils, Elder furthark runes, witch’s runes, ancient symbols, Celtic, Helm of Awe, crosses, Nazar amulet, Mjolnir, hamsa/evil eye wards, etc.
  • Protective Totems/Animal Guardians: pictures/symbols with protective animals like the wolf, bear, tiger, lion, hawk, dog, etc.
  • Lockets or pendants with ancestors’ or deities’ photos/images

Hagstone ~ Holeystone from the GULF of Mexico ~ Sea Witch Amulet


Listing is for ONE Hagstone / Holeystone / Faerie Stone hand collected by Otherworldly Oracle from the Gulf of Mexico. Can be hung or carried as a protective amulet. Also useful to “see” the spirit world and potent in divination. SEE THE FAERIE REALM when you look through the hole!

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Types of Talismans for Love, Abundance, Etc.

In opposition to an amulet warding off illness, luck, or evil, the talisman serves to draw something towards the witch/magician. YES, you can wear both! They don’t serve to cancel one another out, unless you are asking for the exact thing you’re warding off (which I hope you wouldn’t be asking for illness/evil!) Types of talismans are similar to amulets and are up to your imagination and preferences:

  • Stones and crystals to draw intentions: jade and rose quartz for love, amethyst for psychic abilities and dreams, bloodstone for health and fertility, moss agate for monetary abundance, etc.
  • Sigils and symbols to draw intentions: sigils for love and health/success, Elder futhark runes for family and finances, witch’s runes for deity connection and divination, etc.
  • Pendants/images of gods and goddesses and spirits who draw intentions towards the individual: Aphrodite for love/passion, Ganesha for financial abundance and well-being, Freya for fertility and love, Odin for wisdom, Thor for strength, etc.

How to Enchant Jewelry for Amulet and Talismanic Purposes

So, you have your favorite piece of jewelry (be it new or old), and you want to turn it into an amulet or talisman. Here’s the step-by-step process of how to enchant jewelry for magical purposes:

  1. First, establish if your jewelry or garment will be an amulet (to ward something off) or as a talisman (to draw something towards you).
  2. Next, cleanse the item using smudge smoke, water, by burying it in the earth/bowl of salt, or whatever cleansing method you prefer and won’t damage the item.
  3. Select the appropriate timing to charge the amulet or talisman. For example: if you want to enchant jewelry to draw love into your life, choose the Full Moon. If you want to make an amulet to ward off evil, choose the Waning Moon, etc.
  4. Once the timing is right, get into a relaxed, ritual-working state of mind and hold the amulet/talisman between your hands.
  5. Whatever is your intention for the amulet/talisman, visualize in your mind’s eye. Hold this visualization and let your energy pour into the item for as long as you can (I typically give it 10-15 minutes total).
  6. Lastly, set the amulet/talisman somewhere it can soak up the moon’s rays overnight.
  7. In the morning, pick up your amulet/talisman and tell it its purpose. “You are an amulet to ward off evil spirits and energy. Henceforth this is your purpose.”

Re-charge your amulet/talisman once a month or whenever you deem fit. Follow the same process, or at least charge it in the appropriate moonlight. This is an easy and effective way to enchant jewelry for many different reasons. You can use this same process to enchant patches for clothing, shoes, bags, hats, etc. Anything worn can be enchanted and made into amulets and talismans.

What If You Don’t Have Jewelry to Enchant?

What if you don’t have a piece of jewelry to enchant and make an amulet? You don’t need jewelry to make an amulet or talisman. Charge a small crystal or stone with your intention and carry in your pocket or purse. Use anything that is small and means something to you. An acorn acts as a talisman to draw strength and wisdom. A seashell brings creativity, intuition and fertility. A small picture of an ancestor can be carried in your wallet for protection. Use your intuition and what you feel drawn to when it comes to finding your amulet.

What if Your Amulet or Talisman Breaks?

It’s interesting to note that sometimes evil eye amulets will be the first to break or tarnish. I’ve noticed this pattern particularly with the nazar, whenever I wear, carry, or display it in my car or windows. To me, if your amulet breaks and it was charged with protective intentions, this means its done its job. At this point, I typically bury it. With the nazar or evil eye amulets, it’s almost like they’ve absorbed too much negative energy and can’t handle anymore. So, to me, burying it and retiring it for good is the best way to go.

Other amulets, however, may be able to be re-used for other purposes if you so choose. You’ll definitely want to cleanse them thoroughly and recharge them for your intended purposes. If it happens to be an heirloom necklace or item, I wouldn’t get rid of it. I would cleanse and use it again. Or perhaps leave it on your altar to have your guides instill positive energy into it.

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  1. Where i live it’s hard to see the moon, usually hidden behind others houses or clouds, is there another way to charge overnight?

  2. By the way, what are the appropriate moon phases for charging the talisman or amulets?
    Here are the list of talisman or amulets I’ll be using and wearing,
    – Black tourmaline necklace for warding off negative or evil energy.
    • Black tourmaline Angel figurine for improving mental health, and spiritual health.
    • Eye of Horus Ring in the color black to connect with my spirit and develop psychic abilities.
    • Triple Moon & Pentacle necklace for connecting with my darkness/dark side and develop psychic abilities.

    1. You can charge it under the full moon but here’s what I’d do if you’re looking to be detailed down to the moon phase:
      1. for warding – full moon
      2. for improving health – new or waxing moon
      3. to connect with spirit and develop psychic abilities – full moon
      4. to connect with shadows/darkness and develop abilities – dark moon

  3. Hello there, I’m new to witchcraft and following the path of an art witch I want to do tarot readings and someday create my own tarot card decks, do sigil magick, develop my psychic abilities, and etc. Here’s my question. Are there any alternatives to charge the talisman or amulet than receiving energy from the moon? There will be times the moon isn’t out in my time zone and area.

    1. Yes, just to the same things on the steps and it would be good if you could add a rune or sigil into it / mark it

  4. I’m wanting to make and charge some friendship bracelets to ward away unwanted attention can this method be used for long time charming so I wouldn’t need to recharge them ( as my friends don’t understand any of this magick and I wouldn’t want to worry them)

    1. Use runes and sigils for (almost) permanent use , if its a rune it will last longer than a sigil because of its history 🙂

    2. I personally would think that friendship bracelets would be a good item for this because they are tied on and fall off once they have wear n tear. Then should or would be replaced

    1. You can try but I think using one object to draw something towards you and push something away will just cancel the energy out completely. It should do one or the other.

    2. Yes and No but also kind of. In the simplest of explanations, intention is the only thing that matters but Intending takes on a different meaning when dealing in sorcery. More experience and a tutor help

  5. Can it be any kind of jewelery? My and twin flame want to enchante necklace (koi fish) to make connections between them or something like that. We live in far distance and want to feel closer to each other thanks to necklace. That’s gonna work, right?😅

    1. A talisman/amulet can be any type of jewelry you wish. It can be something meaningful (like something hand crafted or gifted from a loved one).

  6. So every 10 years, something major happens in my life. Usually during the years ending with 7. For me those events were negative and life threatening. Is there anything out there that can cure that —–dare i say—-CURSE i have ?

    1. There is not an exact way to un-curse and anything * including yourself * but i would say to keep protective things around you , draw runes/sigils on your hand , keep protective crystals ( like black agate and amethyst ) , keep evil eye jewelry around , and keep and make spell/intentions/and ect. to keep you safe

  7. I am new to this
    I need a protection spell to ward me and my beloved ones from any evil or painful experience
    Do you have something related to that?

    1. Go to the search box on our website and search for protection. there are plenty of articles with spells for protection.

  8. Thanks you for this wonderful article, I had learnt many new things. What is best stone for attract money as your experience?

  9. I am wanting to make a protection amulet for my son, who is hypersensitive to other energies. He is going to be away from me for all of June, I know he will be susceptible during that time. When is the best time to enchant it?

  10. Is there anything specific that you could use to enhance the enchantment of a talisman?
    Also I intent to make my diamond ring into an evil warding amulet. I seem to attract unwanted attention.

    1. charging in the moonlight. set it next to a crystal to amplify the effects. pour your own energy into it by holding it in your hands and visualizing white light or whatever your intention is filling the talisman.

  11. Thank you for the information! Very helpful, I was planning on getting a matching tattoo with my coven on 31st October and also hoping this could be a tasilman? What are your thoughts?

  12. hey! i have a new necklace that is in the shape of an upside down crescent, a downwars-facing moon. Do you have any suggestions on what kind of “moon” or “lunar” enchantments? its also white. thank you!

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