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Witches Runes: Their History, Meanings + How to Make & Read Your Own!

One of my favorite divination methods and one that I recommend to beginners is the witches runes. There are a couple different kinds of runes, and sometimes the witches runes get confused with the Elder futhark. But they are MUCH different from one another. Here, I’ll share the history and meaning of witches runes PLUS teach you how to make and read your own set!

The Mysterious History of Witches Runes

Witches runes are fairly new compared to the ancient Norse runic alphabet known as the Elder futhark OR the ancient Ogham alphabet. I’ve researched and researched and can’t find a solid source as to the Witches runes’ true origins. All sources say they are a modern version of a magical alphabet invented specifically for witches’ divination purposes. Theories abound as to the witches’ runes history, but all agree they were probably invented in the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries.

13 Witches Runes Meanings

I’ve seen some people use eight and ten witches’ runes, but in my humble opinion, thirteen is the magical number. Why? Historically, thirteen has been a sacred number to witches because of the thirteen lunar phases per year and traditionally thirteen witches per coven. So I prefer to use the thirteen witches runes. I will provide you all with MY interpretation of each witches rune meanings; HOWEVER, keep in mind it’s up to you to determine what each rune truly means in a reading.

1. The Sun: growth, new beginnings, fertility, prosperity, solar magic, god

When this witches rune pops up in a reading, I typically smile. The sun means different things to different people; however, the fact that it sustains the planet also means it sustains our lives and brings an abundance of good things.

2. The Moon: Intuition, the goddess, dreams, psychic abilities, emotions, love, healing, shadow work

The Moon witch rune pops up in a reading to prompt us to look deeper below the surface. It asks us to use our intuition, look into our dreams, and connect with our emotional side.

3. Flight: travel, birds, communication, messages from the other side, soaring at great heights, fast moving, news

The Flight Rune brings otherworldly news or reminds us of some form of communication, be it spoken or written. Birds are sacred animals and messengers to the heavens and to the gods.

4. Rings: bonding, alliance, marriage, teams, family

This witches rune indicates an issue, be it good or bad, with family, co-workers, friends, etc. Bonding on different levels is also the message.

5. Trinity: Triple goddess, life/death/rebirth, trinity, love – romance

Some people read this witches rune as a flower – new life, birth, fertility, love. I tend to read it more like the triquetra – life/death/rebirth cycles, triple goddess, etc. It’s completely up to you how YOU interpret these!

6. Woman: womb and vagina, creativity, birthing, motherhood, femininity, yoni

I read this rune as the Divine Feminine in us and all around us. One’s womb is full, with a baby physically, OR with a creative idea or project.

7. Man: Male, phallus, arrow, action, fertility, virility, strength, aggression, justice, goals

The yin and yang – male and female are represented in the witches’ runes for a reason. There’s duality on every level in the universe. The man rune is the arrow, the phallus, and represents all things masculine.

8. Harvest: abundance, reaping, manifesting, wealth, family security, finances

What happens during the harvest? We collect all we’ve been growing. This rune represents manifestation and reaping the rewards. Finances and security.

9. Crossroads: decisions, blocked paths, opportunities, the space between, spirits

The crossroads as a symbol and as an actual place are powerful. When we reach a crossroads in our lives, we have to make a decision. There may be a new path presented to us or our paths might be blocked.

10. Waves: Ocean, land of the dead, purification, water, emotions, healing

Water is one of those elements that either draws people or scares them…or both. It’s the element of change, creation, destruction, nourishment, and represents so much in a reading. Purification is also a big indication.

11. Star: guidance, a light in the darkness, wishes, gifts, other worlds, astrology

When you look up at the stars, how do you feel? Incorporate that into your readings when the star witches’ rune shows up. The star is indeed a gift and grants wishes to some. It may be a guiding light to others lost in the darkness.

12. Scythe: the reaping, death, waning, end of an era, releasing and clearing

The scythe may seem scary to some, like the Death card in a tarot reading. BUT the scythe also means an end to something that needs to be released. It could mean clearing and letting go.

13. Eye: third eye, seeing the truth, clairvoyance, someone’s watching, the evil eye and protection

This rune is my favorite. The all-seeing eye. It represents seeing things unseen, also seeing the beauty in things others don’t. Can also be a warning of the evil eye or someone watching.

How to Make Your Own Witches Runes

I didn’t come up with the idea of turning seashells into witches’ runes. I’ve seen many a witch take the opportunity to turn collected shells into something special. AND I capitalized on it! You can, too! Gather 13 seashells or stones, of relatively similar size and shape, then draw or paint a witches rune on each. I painted my shells blue to honor the water element even more AND used gold for the actual runes. Get creative and store them in a special bag.

Tips on How to Bond With Your Witch Runes

Just by creating your own witches runes set is enough to imbue it with your own energy and absorb some of its own. But you can also sleep with them under your pillow or sit and hold them in your hands while watching TV, etc. Do a reading for yourself once a day or as often as you can. You’ll find this method of divination easy to learn and poignant.

How to Read Witches Runes

I recommend writing down each witches’ runes meanings, particularly how YOU interpret them. Then refer to this until you’ve memorized their meanings. In addition, you’ll find once you perform a few readings your intuition will kick in and their meanings may change on a per reading basis! Here’s a few ways to cast the witches runes:

  • Pull one witches rune from the bag
  • Hold the runes in your hands then drop them on a cloth or soft surface and interpret the ones face up
  • Pull three witches runes: one past, present, and future and interpret
  • Dump them out of the bag onto a cloth or soft surface and interpret what’s up and/or down

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  1. Jan

    June 12, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    Thank you. This information os very helpful. Just got a set as i was drawn to them. And now i know why ;)0

  2. Jacqueline baker

    March 31, 2022 at 2:25 pm

    Hello and Thankyou for sharing your knowledge as well as the way you explained ( fabulous) also the lesson on making one’s own , my name is Jackie, if u get a chance I am a slight confused on the first explanation, it says ,select one tune hold in hand then dump the others in cloth, dies tat include the iam still holding in my hand? My apologies for the confusions , Love n light to you and yours🦋

    1. Candyss

      June 2, 2022 at 1:32 pm

      Hi! They are all separate ways to cast (or read) runes.. 💗 hope that helps!

  3. Rachel (Think Green witch, don't really love labels)

    July 19, 2021 at 2:36 am

    Thank you so much. I truly aligned and understand your interpretation of the runes. I feel confident in knowing they are just metaphoric pictures and can be interpreted in whichever fashion the runes associated pictures strike in us. Very cool. Thank you. Blessed Be🌛❤🌜

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