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5 HEX BREAKING Baths: How to Break a Curse with a Ritual Bath

There are many ways a hex or curse can affect your life. (Learn the signs you’re cursed or hexed here.) But the most important thing is to break the hex or curse that’s been placed on you. You don’t need a conjure-woman or witch to do this for you. You can do it yourself with a powerful hex-breaking ritual bath. We teach you how to take 4 of our favorite baths to break a curse here.

First, Let Me Tell You How Someone Tried to Hex Me…

One of the risk factors for being cursed is if you’re a witch who has ties with other witches (be they friends or acquaintances). Well, I’ve been a witch in the online witch community for 10 years or more (a witch even longer), so I’ve gained some friends and acquaintances over the years. I’ve also dealt with people who don’t like me or troll me, but six months ago I got my first real threatening email.

The first email was written by a woman who called herself the Queen of England (I kid you not) and gave herself authority over all witches. It was a long email but to put it in a nutshell – she told me I had to stop writing online or else I’d have her and the “King” to answer to. She claimed I was spreading misinformation and that I should run everything by her before publishing it online (or I’d pay the price). Well, I typically ignore these emails but this one got my goat. I emailed her back and said I would never stop writing and I dared her to try to stop me. She threatened me again. And I replied and said I’d report her for harassment if she continued to contact me.

Signs of Bad Juju

Following this woman’s crazy emails, strange things happened within a 2 day span of time. A plant I’ve had in the yard forever died randomly with no explanation. I began finding broken glass in the front yard. I accidentally killed a lizard that was sitting inside my living room window (seemingly peering in at me). I had a string of bad luck (car problems, etc.). I began wondering if I was just being paranoid. So I ignored the signs.

The Letter

The next day, after more random weird things happening, I received a letter in my mailbox from someone overseas. The person seemed desperate and wanted me to do an inappropriate spell for him/her. Immediately, I feared for my privacy and my family’s safety. How did this person find my physical address? He must have put in the time to research my full name and location and then hone in on my physical address. The thoughts starting running through my head – what if he comes here? What if someone else finds out where I am and shows up at the house? I have a family to protect! Maybe I should stop writing about the occult and paganism online.

Then it hit me.

This is exactly what this person wanted – for me to stop writing online. Ah, well, not today. Not ever. It dawned on me that my ancestors had been sending me signs over the past few days that this woman was trying to curse me. Unfortunately for her, my connection with my ancestors gives me power and strength to defeat my enemies. Plus years of practicing the craft helps, too. First, I took a Hex-breaking ritual bath.

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How Does a Bath Break a Hex or Curse?

Whether you’re running into a string of bad luck, injury, or illness, you might start thinking you’ve been hexed or cursed. The truth of the matter is that most people hex themselves with bad decisions. OR they’re dealing with a karmic contract of some kind. So if you’re life is going down the tubes and you’re blaming everyone around you, it’s time to start looking at yourself. Your own decisions. And how you can change your life for the better. In addition to getting your life right, releasing bad habits and toxic people, taking ritual baths are a spiritual way of cleansing one’s aura. And, let’s admit it, they just make us feel better overall.

The Power of the Water Element

There’s a reason religions have baptized their followers in water for thousands of years. Water is a powerful purifier and healer. We are made up of at least sixty percent of water and therefore have an inevitable connection to it. Whether we like it or not, we require water to live. In addition to the physical benefits of drinking water and bathing in it, there are spiritual benefits as well. Water is a purifier and cleanser in the spiritual – it removes energetic buildup in one’s aura and energy centers. Essentially, what it does in the physical is mirrored in the spiritual. So taking a ritual bath isn’t just symbolic, it’s also literal.

5 Hex-Breaking Baths

1. The Holy Trinity Bath to Break a Curse

My favorite and one I’ve used a few times is what I call the Holy Trinity bath. It’s called the Holy Trinity because of three specific herbs that have powerful hex-breaking properties: basil, rue, and rosemary.

(WARNING: Rue can cause rashes for certain people – do a skin check FIRST before bathing in RUE).

All three herbs are purifiers and are historically linked to the Divine. In American folk magic, these three herbs are used in combination to uncross a person. When infused in a bath, with a few candles lit, and heartfelt prayer, they break curses. Depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs, you can say whatever you feel is necessary.

A powerful hex-breaking Bible verse is Psalms 37:1-2 “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.”

2. Break a Curse with a Lemon & Coffee Bath

Sound strange to add coffee and lemon to a bath? I assure you, it’s not! A hex breaking bath with coffee and lemon is powerfully effective when repeated over the course of 7 full days. Add a cup of lemon juice and a cup of coffee to the bath and soak for 15 minutes or more, praying and visualizing white light breaking through curses or hexes on you. Lemon is known as a universal purifier and coffee is cleansing plus speeds up any ritual process in the spiritual realms.

Bathing in the ocean is a delightful way to break a curse.
The ocean is the most powerful hex-breaking bath you’ll ever take. It’s water AND salt, both purifying elements.

3. Hex-Breaking Salt Baths

Salt is traditionally known to cleanse energetic debris, absorb negativity, and protect from evil forces. When sprinkled into a ritual bath, it works to cleanse the aura, break curses, and protect from future negative intrusions. Epsom salts are specifically great for hex breaking baths and are purchased for fairly cheap at the grocery store or pharmacy. Plus it does wonders physically for your skin!

4. Modern Hex-Breaking Ritual Bath

Essential oils have become quite popular these days and for good reason. If you have these oils on-hand, by all means, use them! Be sure to dilute with a carrier oil BEFORE adding any oils to a curse-breaking bath. Dilute 6 drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil. Learn more about the safety of essential oils here. A few essential oils to use in your hex-breaking bath include: lavender (which has a soothing, purifying effect) and eucalyptus. Place crystals with cleansing properties around the bathtub for extra oomph: black tourmaline absorbs negative energies, obsidian has a grounding effect and selenite calls in white light.

5. 7 Waves Ocean Curse-Breaking Ritual

If you live near the ocean or are visiting the ocean soon, this is probably the MOST potent hex-breaking bath you’ll ever take. Go to the ocean before sunrise. As the sun rises, go out into the water. Let seven waves crash over your head. Feel the cleansing, curse-breaking power of the ocean. The salt. The water. It frees us of our bonds. Leave the ocean and your worries and negative energy behind you.

Essential Parts to a Ritual Curse-Breaking Bath: MUST READ!

A curse breaking bath consists of essential parts: the bath itself with hex breaking ingredients PLUS your heart and mind. While bathing, visualize white light and love radiating through you and breaking curses clinging to your aura. Bathe from head to foot, pouring the water over the crown of your head to rinse. You should also be PRAYING to whatever divine energy you believe in for relief. At the end of a curse breaking bath, stand up and towel dry from head to foot in a downwards motion. This pushes negative energy off instead of drawing it towards you. Then repeat for 3 or 7 days for severe hexes.

We want to also tell you that if you’re experiencing a rough point in your life, and you’ve taken a ritual bath. And it seems like it’s not getting better, this could be because you’re still engaging in activities that brought on the bad luck or curse in the first place. Consider the negative decisions you’re making that could be drawing this energy to you. Some negative-energy drawing things include: smoking, doing drugs, alcoholism, hanging out with negative, toxic people, being in an abusive relationship, abusing others, etc. If you’ve taken the bath and it’s not doing the trick, it’s time to make major life changes. No amount of magick will counteract bad life decisions.

Curse Breaking Bath TIP: make sure you clean your tub thoroughly after performing a hex breaking bath! You don’t want that energy lingering for someone else to pick it up!

Then I made a witch bottle.

In my panic to rid myself of this woman’s attempted curses, I consulted a witch friend who reminded me this is exactly what a witch bottle was for! DUH! I’d read about witch bottles for years and knew how to make it, just never had the need before. So, that’s what I did as the last part to counteract this woman’s attempted hex. I made a traditional witch’s bottle (with personal effects and all), burned a black candle on top to seal it, then buried it. If you’ve ever made a traditional witch’s bottle, you’ll know why I say magic sometimes isn’t pretty – sometimes it’s downright nasty.

Sometimes we need to protect ourselves.

Following this intense experience, there were no more emails, no more letters, no more bad luck. BUT I believe if I’d let the fear in, the woman’s attempt to hex me would have taken hold. Fear fuels curses. So if you feel you’ve been hexed or cursed, there’s no need to fear. Remember you have the power to defeat your enemies, particularly with the help of your ancestors. Do what you need to do to counteract the bad juju and then LET IT GO. Also, sometimes we get comfortable and forget the need to cleanse and protect ourselves and our homes. Don’t forget this – it’s important for all witches.

We’re a Fan of Ritual Baths:


  1. June

    October 11, 2023 at 8:09 pm

    Hello, my ex is sending bad energy (black magic) on a daily basis. He uses his phone for that and I can’t sleep.
    I take salt bath , it helps. I don’t know how to protect myself from these energies they are sending. Can you help me ?

    1. kitty fields

      October 14, 2023 at 7:29 pm

      Cleansing, warding, and return to sender spell. Read this:

  2. Eva

    September 29, 2023 at 8:50 am

    Hi Kitty,
    I found your page and really need some help and advice. You probably get alot of messages but I pray you read this and can help as this involves life and death, and ancestors curse. I never believed but do now. Please if you can please email me. I’m begging please help me.
    Thank you, I hope to heat from you.
    Eva Long

  3. Mary Martinez

    January 21, 2023 at 5:15 pm

    How you break a curse when it your husband niece that did it she promise him she was go split us up an we have took bath but nothing is working an we are so down on our luck money just go threw our hand so what can we do to lift its off us

  4. L

    January 14, 2023 at 9:17 am

    Thank you for the hex breaking bath. Can pure sea salt be used instead of epsom ?

  5. Tita

    December 3, 2022 at 12:23 am

    Thank you for the great information

  6. Kingsley

    October 9, 2020 at 10:13 pm

    Powerful and beautiful

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