The Dark Moon is the few days before a New Moon when the moon seems to be completely gone from the sky. Traditionally, some witches of the past told us not to cast magick or do ritual on the dark moon. But if you heed their warnings, you’ll never realize just how powerful the Dark Moon is. Here we give the serious caster two dark moon rituals: one for shadow work and the other to recall past lives.

Dark Moon Energy: Confronting the Abyss

While some people may be scared of doing magick or ritual on the Dark Moon, I recommend it for those who feel drawn to its power. The energy is akin to staring into the dark abyss and learning to love it. When the moon is dark, the night is even darker. This is a time to turn inward, look at our shadow selves, and bring our monsters into the light. Once they’ve been brought to the light, we see them for what they are and we can start the process of healing and integrating. The dark moon energy is also beneficial when performing past life regression and recall. It brings hidden things to the surface including past life memories.

Let’s not forget that certain deities were born of the darkness and are inextricably linked to the Dark Moon. Therefore, waiting for a Dark Moon to invoke these deities is beneficial and ultimately the best timing. A few of those deities may include Hecate, Lilith, Persephone, Aradia, The Morrigan, Anubis, Kali, etc.

A Dark Moon Scrying Ritual for Shadow Work

What You’ll Need:

  • A mirror or bowl of water
  • Black candle
  • Lighter/matches
  • Dragon’s Blood incense
  • Journal and pen

Warning: With shadow work, you’re bringing secrets, past memories, and sometimes PAINFUL memories to the surface. If you’re not prepared to deal with the reality of your decisions and intense emotions, it’s not time for you to do shadow work. There’s a polarity with shadow work on the Dark Moon that is undeniable: we wait until the darkest nights to bring out shadows “into the light”.

How to Perform the Scrying Shadows Dark Moon Ritual:

  1. For this dark moon ritual, you’re going to practice scrying to see your true shadows.
  2. Gather all your items, cleanse your space and cast your circle. Dim the lights. If you can do the entire ritual by candlelight only, that’s best.
  3. Light the black candle and put it close to the bowl of water or mirror so that the light reflects off of the water/mirror. Dedicate your black candle to the Dark Moon.
  4. Light the dragon’s blood incense and offer it to spirit of the moon.
  5. Next, get into your otherworldly state of mind through breath-work, ritual music, etc. (however you shift your consciousness is what you’ll do at this point in the ritual).
  6. Begin to soften your gaze and say, “By the Dark of the Moon, I turn inwards to reflect upon my darkness. The shadows, the secrets, the old wounds holding me back. My shadows will now be revealed to me so that I may heal.”
  7. Look at the candlelight in the mirror/water and allow images to play out. If you don’t see any direct images in the reflection of the light, that’s okay. Any images that pop up in your head are legitimate scrying results! Also, if you hear words or feel sensations, these are all things the Dark Moon is trying to show you.
  8. Sit in the darkness, watching the candlelight reflection for as long as you deem necessary or until the incense burns down.
  9. Blow out the candle and open your circle.
  10. Record your thoughts, any images seen, any sensations, etc. One shadow or more has been revealed to you. If you don’t understand right away, give it a few days and the answer will come to you.
  11. Shadows aren’t fun to deal with. Be prepared to do some soul searching and acknowledge the shadows for what they are. Then release them. Let them go. If you need to do a releasing ritual, now would be the time.

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Dark Moon Ritual to Recall Past Lives

What You’ll Need:

  • A deck of oracle or tarot cards
  • Candles and lighter/matches
  • An offering for the keepers of the Akashic Records (burn incense, bowl of water, etc.)
  • Journal and pen

How to Perform the Recall Past Lives Dark Moon Ritual:

  1. Cleanse your space and gather your tools. Cleanse your cards thoroughly.
  2. Cast your circle. Dim the lights. Candlelight is best for this dark moon ritual.
  3. Hold up the offering and say, “Keepers of the Akashic Records, I come to you now. Hear my call and accept this offering as a temporary ticket.”
  4. Get into your otherworldly state of consciousness and shuffle your cards until you feel they’re ready. Then say, “Keepers of the Akashic Records, I come to you now and ask that you reveal to me one of my past lives. May this past life bring me light in this life.”
  5. Place 5 cards face up and read them left to right.
  6. The first card will tell you the time period you lived in (prehistoric, modern, Colonial, Medieval, etc.)
  7. The second card will tell you the area of the world where you lived.
  8. The third card will tell you your occupation in that life.
  9. The fourth card will tell you what lesson you chose for that life but failed to learn.
  10. The fifth card will tell you how you died from that life.
  11. Look over each card carefully. Whatever pops into your mind first for each card is what your answer is. Write everything down. Even taking a picture of the reading may help you learn things later.
  12. When done, open the circle and thank the Keepers of the Akashic Records for revealing your past life to you. If you don’t receive all the information you seek, it will be revealed to you over the next few days.

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9 thoughts on “Dark Moon Rituals: Divination for Shadow Work & Past Lives

  1. You don’t understand what Shadow is at all. It cannot be driven away; it is a part of you that can only be integrated. Please refrain from giving advice that will only trigger internal conflicts.

    1. Hi, Alexandra. I’m curious if you read the entire article or just assumed that I don’t discuss integration? Here’s the part in which I do:
      “This is a time to turn inward, look at our shadow selves, and bring our monsters into the light. Once they’ve been brought to the light, we see them for what they are and we can start the process of healing and integrating. The dark moon energy is also beneficial when performing past life regression and recall. It brings hidden things to the surface including past life memories.”
      When I say “monsters”, it’s metaphorical. Symbolic. Of course there’s no getting rid of one’s shadow. But we can meet our shadows and learn to heal and integrate them. That’s the entire purpose of this article. Please direct me to your article on the shadow and shadow work, as you seem to be well educated in the matter. You must have content written and available?

  2. Hi I thank you for this article but does anyone know what the time period you lived in cards mean for the past time recall? I have never heard of this before and its fascinating. Does the major cards mean prehistoric, etc and the lesser cards means something else? I greatly appreciate the assistance.

  3. Which oracle card deck will be the best for this ritual as I can’t use tarot deck bcz it’s forbidden for me

  4. I was wondering how I could do this ritual while incorporating Hecate’s power into it? I’d like to do the past lives ritual with her guidance, any advice as to how I can do that? Thank you! Love the article!

    1. Ciel – don’t over-complicate it. You can literally just ask for her help while doing the ritual. Invoke her presence and ask for her guidance.

    2. What I do when calling Hecate in to help with a ritual, especially during the dark moon, look up Hecate correspondences and offering for her. This is from (Night time is the right time for Hekate: she only accepts offerings and petitions at night. All festivities, rituals, and ceremonies in her honor are held after dark. The only acceptable illumination is candles or torches.) She likes pomegranate as an offering, black candles. Friday the 13th in August is especially sacred, but any Friday the 13th is a good day. It can be done at anytime, but those are the best, especially during the Dark Moon Phase. Offerings and leftovers were placed outside the door or at a crossroads for Hekate and her hounds. Smaller, private offerings may be left at a crossroads, too. Place offerings on a plate or flat stone and leave them at a crossroads after dark. Make your invocation and then walk away without looking back. Do not return for the plate but consider it part of the offering. (In other words, don’t use a plate you wish to keep.) Encountering or hearing a dog is an indication that your petition has been heard. Other offering for her are Eggs, garlic, and honey (especially lavender honey); croissants and crescent shaped breads and pastries; candles; incense; images of dogs, especially black dogs; actions on behalf of dogs

    3. It’s not complicated, especially if you already work with her, leave an offering for her and invoke her with a prayer. It’s best to do these rituals at night time and even better with the dark moon. Blessed be <3

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