A regular part of my spiritual protection ritual is spreading powders over my thresholds. This is a part of what I call “sealing” my household from negative forces. I make my own home protection powders and their ingredients vary from month to month depending on what I have on-hand. Let’s learn about threshold magick and why home protection powder is so important. PLUS I’ll teach you how to make your own!

First, Why Are Thresholds So Magical?

A threshold is a doorframe or windowsill to your home. The weird thing about them is, when you think about it, they are neither inside nor outside…they are sort of in-between. And being that they are in-between here and there, this means they are “liminal”. Liminal spaces are magical because they bridge the gap between two worlds – two dimensions, if you will. Liminal “in-between” spaces in nature are the edge of a forest, a shoreline, a cliff. Folklore repeatedly tells us how magical these in-between places are. Places where spirits gather and mystical things happen. The same goes for the thresholds of one’s home – it’s neither here nor there. And spirits and energy can get “stuck” in liminal spaces.

In Scott Cunningham’s book The Magical Household, he discusses the importance of thresholds. He prompts the reader to open their front door half-way (during twilight hours) and peer through it. That you just may see something otherworldly, somehow being produced by the liminal space of the threshold. Cunningham also challenges us to step into the threshold and feel what it’s like to be neither inside nor outside. Give it a try!

Threshold magic involves spirits, energy and locks.
Threshold magic is ancient and powerful.

Carry Her Over the Threshold!

It’s been a superstition for many years that spirits linger on the thresholds of homes and businesses. This is why there are traditions around the threshold. One such tradition is when a newlywed couple step into their new home for the first time – the groom is supposed to carry the bride over the threshold. Why? Because new brides were susceptible to spirit energy and spirits lingered in the doorways. On another note, energy gets stuck in places like corners and shut doors, so it makes sense that negative energy can build up in the thresholds of closed doors and windows.

The Threshold Protects Us

Although the thresholds to our homes can collect energy and spirits, we have to remember when they are cleansed and charged with intention they also protect us. Most thresholds have a door or window or some kind of enclosure to keep our homes sealed from the outside. Our doors and windows protect us from harsh weather conditions, temperature changes, and even from intruders. Whether animal or human. Therefore, thresholds are an integral part of home protection magick. When we open our door, we open it to risks but also to opportunities.

Home Protection Powders for Thresholds

I’ve been using my own home protection powders for years and they work wonders to not only seal your house from negative forces but to also absorb any negative forces lingering in the thresholds. Don’t go out and spend money on making your home protection powder. Use what you have on-hand. Your ancestors did.

Home Protection Powder: Red Brick Dust

A staple home protection powder in American folk magick traditions to ward off enemies and bring prosperity is red brick dust. You can make your own – learn how to make red brick dust here. If you can’t make your own, you can purchase red brick dust online. BUT I really recommend making your own home protection powders (they’re that much more powerful when you put your energy into them!) I recently ran out of my red brick dust, and I’m sad because it is POWERFUL stuff.

Red brick dust is a powerful home protection powder for thresholds.
Making red brick dust copyright otherworldly oracle

Salt as Home Protection Powder

This is one ingredient that most everyone should have in their house. SALT. If all you have on-hand is a container of salt, then use it. Salt is known for its magical effects of purification and protection and has been for centuries. Witches’ black salt and even pink salt work well and have their own magical properties to enhance your home’s protective shield. Sprinkle over the thresholds of your home OR encircle your property with kosher, sea, black, pink, red, or table salt. Whatever you feel drawn to use.

Cascarilla and Crabshell Powders

Also used often in American folk magic traditions is cascarilla powder. Cascarilla powder is made of ground dried eggshells. It has natural protective qualities and therefore has been used by Conjurers and Hoodoo practitioners for hundreds of years in protection spells and charms. Crabshell powder can also be used as a home protection powder and spread over the thresholds. Next time you use a lot of eggs or eat crabs, save the shells. Wash and dry them. Then grind them to a fine powder and save them for protective sealing.

My personal home protection powder recipe.

My Personal Home Protection Powder Recipe for Thresholds

What you’ll need:

  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Basil
  • Bay
  • Thorns cut from the bush (rose, honey locust, cactus, bougainvillea, etc.)
  • Salt
  • Mortar and pestle

What to do:

Blend all of your ingredients together in a mortar and pestle. If you don’t have all of these ingredients or you grow your own herbs, substitute with what ingredients you have that carry a protective quality. While you’re blending, pray over the ingredients. Tell them what their job is. Then spread the home protection powder across your thresholds, starting at the front door, moving clockwise around the house, then ending at the front door. When you spread your powder, spread it from left to right and pray over it each time. Once you’ve ended back at your front door, say something like, “by the power of my ancestors, gods and guides, this home is sealed from negative forces and all enemies. So be it.”

More Herbs & Materials to Use in Home Protection Powder

As we always say, you should use what you have on hand to make your own home protection powder. Here’s a few more examples of what you can use that has protective properties:

  • Pepper: black, white, pink, etc.
  • Cumin
  • Chili Powder
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Red chili flakes
  • Curry
  • Oregano
  • Hot sauce (mix it into the powder or use as a liquid protective ingredient)
  • Thorns (careful not to put in a doorway where people walk barefoot)
  • Agrimony
  • Angelica
  • Graveyard, Churchyard or Backyard Dirt
  • Cinnamon
  • Ashes (from the fireplace, firepit, herb bundles or burnt petition papers)
  • Lavender
  • Cast Iron Skillet Scrapings
  • Seeds
  • Simmer Pot remnants

How Often Should We Refresh Our Protective Powders?

I’d like to tell you that I refresh my home protection powders every Full Moon. But that would be a lie. What I actually do is wait until I notice the powders disappearing. And, truthfully, it doesn’t matter what the moon is doing at that time, I’ll go ahead and refresh it. You can lay more on top of the old powder OR sweep it up and lay the new powder down. It’s truly up to what you feel is best for your household. I find the sweeping process to be cleansing and it makes me feel as if I’m removing any lingering energy the powder has absorbed.

A Funny TRUE Story

Just a funny TRUE story about protection powders and doorways. Once we had a pest control man visit the house for service (don’t worry we do the all-natural way!) and he was very observant of everything outside and inside the home. He pointed some powder out to me on the threshold of our front door and said, “looks like you’ve spread some diatomaceous earth on your front door here, Ma’am. Is that to keep the pillbugs out the house?” In fact, it was a home protection powder I had just laid at the last Full Moon. I replied, “sure is!”

Home Protection Powders to Seal Thresholds

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  1. This is super helpful! Thank you so much! This may be a silly question. I did wonder if I could brew the ingredients and have it in a spray bottle to go over the all thresholds? I’m very worried to leave salt in front of my door and windows due to the fox’s and cats around the neighbourhood. I wouldnt want to harm them in the process of protecting my home.

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