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Goddess Spirituality: Ways of the Divine Feminine for the Modern Woman

Goddess spirituality isn’t a new concept. It’s been around since the beginning of time. Worship of the Divine Feminine fizzled out after the rise of the Church in the Dark Ages but is making a come-back. Here we teach you about goddess spirituality and how the Divine Feminine can enhance your spiritual practice and your life overall.

What is Goddess Spirituality?

Religion is a set of beliefs with rules and often a sacred book that doles out these rules. Spirituality is a personal belief and experience in the Divine or something bigger and within the individual. It has no dogma or a particular sacred book. Spirituality is what the individual makes of it. Goddess spirituality is a spiritual practice that centers around the Divine Feminine (an aspect of God that’s been stifled for many centuries). Women and men can practice goddess spirituality as it is beneficial for everyone!

What beliefs are part of Goddess spirituality?

As said before, spiritual beliefs and values will vary by individual; however, most who follow a path of the Divine Feminine believe in a Goddess, multiple goddesses, or in the female energy of the Divine/God. Some consider themselves Pagan, while others are still Christian or some other religion. You can still be religious but follow a path of goddess spirituality. Even Christianity has a female aspect of God that’s been covered for centuries – research Shekina, the female Holy Spirit if you’d like to learn more. Or read about Mother Mary and her part of the Divine Feminine. Those following a goddess spiritual path also believe the Divine Feminine lives within all of us.

The Divine Feminine is within all of us.

Where to Start with Goddess Spirituality

1. Read: If you’re brand new to the concept, or if you’re ready to commit to the path, the first place to start is to research and read. Look into various goddesses of the past in cultures of interest:

  • Greek: Artemis, Selene, Aphrodite, Athena
  • Egyptian: Bastet, Isis, Hathor, Nut
  • Roman: Juno, Diana, Venus
  • Norse: Freya, Frigga, the Valkyries
  • African: Oshun, Oya, Yemaya
  • Native American: Spider Grandmother, Buffalo Calf Woman
  • Celtic: Brigid, Cerridwen, Rhiannon, Morgan Le Fay
  • Ancient Christian: Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Shekina (Holy Spirit), Sophia

Also, read any and all books you can get your hands on about goddess spirituality and the Divine Feminine. A few examples are below:

  • Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh Amara
  • Goddess Alive: Inviting Celtic and Norse Goddesses Into Your Life by Michelle Skye
  • You Are a Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and Transform by Sophie Bashford
  • Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess

2. Commune with Nature and the Universe

When the Divine Feminine was stifled, society lost its connection with nature. Many lost their reverence for Mother Earth and the Universe. Because the earth was associated with the goddess, surely the earth was evil just as goddess-worship. Now, to take revive the Divine Feminine, we must commune with nature. We must find it sacred again. Spend time with Mother Earth. Listen to her voice in the sounds of the animals and in the elements. Study the secrets of the Universe and therefore the secrets of the Goddess.

Commune with nature and commune with the Goddess

3. Think and Act Like a Goddess

The goddess, Divine Feminine, is a part of you. She is within you. So start acting like it! This means creating a healthy life for yourself – no more bad habits, toxic relationships, or fear. More self love, good decisions and healthy habits! When faced with tough decisions, ask yourself, what would a Goddess do? Remember, goddesses aren’t always love and light. Sometimes they have to stand up and fight – in these instances, invoke warrior goddesses like the Morrigan or Sekhmet.

4. Divine Feminine Sacred Space, Ritual & Meditation

If you wish to have a place where you can focus on goddess spirituality, create an altar or sacred space for the goddess. This can be a shelf, a corner of the kitchen counter, a nightstand, wherever! It can even be portable, like a bag or small box of sacred items. Place a representation (or more) of the Divine Feminine on your altar or sacred space. Statues, photos, and paintings are all great representations. In addition, candles, incense, and crystals can be placed or kept in your goddess sacred space.

Rituals and meditation can involve the goddess on many levels and in whatever way resonates. There are dozens of guided meditations on YouTube, some involving the goddess, to try out. Add goddess chants to your rituals. Goddesses are represented on oracle and tarot cards, too!

5. Embracing EVERY Part of Ourselves

We are at a critical point in time throughout the world but specifically in the United States when the patriarchy is trying to quiet the Divine Feminine. It’s sad, but it’s true. We have religious officials and politicians who seek to attack our bodies, as females, and therefore control our minds. It’s not a new concept. Or action. It’s a tale as old as time. Keep our bodies controlled, keep our minds controlled, keep us in quiet servitude. And the patriarchy is free to continue ruling the earth in tyranny, war, and hatred.

I’m tired of it, aren’t you? It’s time to embrace every part of our feminine selves – body, mind and soul. And stand up for ourselves. Embrace the Goddess within and without.

How the Divine Feminine Can Change Your Life

For hundreds of years we’ve been told to stifle our feminine qualities – emotion, intuition, dreams, and healing. NOW is the time to reclaim the Divine Feminine. By engaging in goddess spirituality, your life will change for the better. Why? Because we are souls and souls need balance – yin and yang. Dark and light. Male and female. And when one aspect of ourselves is denied, we are imbalanced and invite illness and misfortune into our lives. By acknowleding the Divine Feminine, we acknowledge ALL aspect of the Divine and of ourselves and find ourselves on the path of healing and wholeness.

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